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Can you update the Dragon tag?

yes i can

Dragon Bound by DaytonBowen (1/1 | 1,663 | PG13)

Derek had no idea how he ended up here. He was a prince, the head of the royal guard, a skilled warrior who had taken on and defeated all manner of foe from man to… well technically he hadn’t beat that dragon but nobody knew that. The point was he should not be trapped in a crumbling tower of a derelict castle like some virginal maiden. What was he supposed to do, wait for a knight in shinning armor to rescue him? He was the goddamn knight.

Quit Dragon Me Around by WonderWolf (1/1 | 6,783 | PG13)

Stiles makes the mistake of taking Derek’s sword and now the grumpy werewolf seems determined to stop him from stealing and landing himself in jail.

Stiles is not pleased. He’s also starving.

(Or the one in which Derek has good intentions, but little understanding of how Dragon biology works. He just wants the cute mole-speckled kid to be safe).

“Five meals, Scott. Derek Hale has stopped me from eating five meals. I can’t believe he’s really trying to kill me over stealing his sword. That’s so petty of him. It isn’t like I meant to steal it,” Stiles complains.

“You kind of did mean to, dude,” Scott adds unhelpfully.

“But you don’t understand, Scott. It-”

“Just smelled so good? I know, you’ve said that like fifty times over the past two weeks,” Scott says.

“This is the equivalent of him stealing my lunch money, right? Thanks to him, I didn’t have a meal this week. Or last week! He’s a bully, is what he is. A nice smelling, douchebag of a bully.”

Starset by sasha_bo (10/10 | 32,737 | G)

Paranormals of all shapes and sizes now freely exsist in the open and cohabit towns with humans. Somehow Derek was the one para who ended up with a dragon shifter stalker. A dragon shifter stalker who is the worst stalker to ever stalk.

Dragon!Derek wants to hoard Stiles by fanabana (1/1 | 1,256 | G)

Derek felt like a failure of a dragon. His hoard was pathetic. It wasn’t that he couldn’t hoard more valuable items that what he has; it’s that he doesn’t want to. He always feels compelled to collect his strange little baubles and scraps of paper and he doesn’t know why.

The Chosen One by Red_Eyed_Wizard (1/? | 1,109 | NR)

Stiles was sick and tired of being out on research duty with Danny, Lydia, and Mason. Not to mention the teens ever growing restlessness, which was only growing with his power. And then there was one of his alphas. Derek. Just thinking his name made the room grow hot around the boy. Any way, he couldn’t take it any more. So at 11:30 he left the loft, telling his friends that he was getting some fresh air. Little did he know, the newest creatures in beacon hills had different plans for him.

Tattoos and Teeth by tesha198 (30/? | 38,769 | NC17)

Stiles’ power is progressing quickly. So quickly it threatens to consume him if he can’t get it under control. Then, on a pack mission, Stiles get’s roasted - literally - by a Dragon. He should be dead. Except he’s not. What he is, is slightly charred and left with a massive tattoo spanning most of his body. A tattoo of a Dragon. A tattoo of a Dragon that comes to life and frankly doesn’t like Derek very much at all. The result is a very pissed off Derek and a faction of hunters now bent on using Stiles for their cause or killing him. Can Stiles balance his growing power, a jealous Derek, and a group bent on claiming his life?

Son of Saur and Syn by Reena (8/8 | 148,081 | NC17)

In the year 995 AN Queen Claudia Stilinski rules in Sylune, the capital of the Holy Kingdom. That year she gives birth to twins, Princes Stuart and Stiles Stilinski, two golden-eyed boys whose fates were bound from the very first second. Queen Claudia is famous for being a just monarch who hatched a very old dragon egg in her youth, thus pushed the extinction of dragons at least a century.

Time passes and in 1013 AN, the Northerners, represented by the Hales; and the southerners, represented by the Argents, compete for influence in court now that the Princes are coming of age. Their rivalry is at its peak in this era, since the dragon’s presence brought the Argent family back to Sylune.

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Knight in shinning Armour

The air was cool during your walk home, causing your body to shiver. It was the beginning of fall, which meant the walks to and from work were gorgeous and you could never get enough. The sun had set already and the glow of the moon reflected off the water in a way you hoped you never forgot. As you were walking, you noticed a group of people, huddled around one of the few light posts that actually worked in town. You just kept walking and when you got closer you sped up just a little because historically, when you’re a woman, walking alone at night, people just think that it’s okay to cat call and make you feel nervous about doing anything alone at night. You had managed to walk past unnoticed, until a guy in a yellow parka turned and yelled.

“Hey sweet thang, where you going so fast?”

Another joined in

“yeah, don’t you want to see what a man looks like?”

You couldn’t take their taunts any longer and you made your mistake. You stopped to reply.

“Why don’t you all stick it where the sun don’t shine? Also, dude in the camo get-up, you probably have never hunting so why don’t you just back off the camo.” You had begun walking away, not caring that you might have come off as a bitch, sometimes it’s just what you have to do in these situations. In your haste, you didn’t notice that both yellow parka guy and camo dude had chased after you. One of them grabbed your arms and the other grabbed your legs.

“You bitch. Your gunna pay for what you said.” Both of them threw you to the ground, causing you to land on a rock square in the middle of your back. Pain surged throughout your body and before you knew it, the two men where on top of you, yelling and hitting you. One was trying to rip your pants down when you heard the loud booming voice of your fiancée, Bam.

“GET THE HELL AWAY FROM HER!” Soon both men were off of you and running away like little kids who just got caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Once Bam knew that the guys weren’t coming back he ran to you. “Baby, are you okay? Sweetheart, can you look at me? Its okay, I’m right here. It’s okay.” Your face had already begun to swell up like a balloon but you didn’t want to take your eyes off of Bam, no matter how much it hurt to keep your eyes open. You needed to know that he was right there, that he was going to help protect you from anyone

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How did you meet Honeydew? It has to be quite the story; A Dwarf and a Spaceman is quite an odd pairing indeed. Yet you two are always so close, How did you and your Honeydew end up like that?

-smiles fondly-

I crashed onto Minecraftia by accident, not my most prideful achievement, my ship was totalled and I didn’t think I’d actually be able to get out of the wreckage- given I was trapped between a support beam and… well, a sink.

I really don’t know how the sink ended up beside the control panel, I really wasn’t in a place to question it, sinks bloody hurt though.

When I finally was about to admit defeat, (to my own ship, now humiliating is that?) when I heard probably the most ridiculous noise I’d ever heard.

“OI! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YA DOIN’ ALMOST FLATTENING A DWARF LIKE THAT!?” Ah yes, the sound of my knight in shinning armour. 

Honeydew ended up dragging me out off the wreckage and I was too weak from blood loss to fight so I tried to surrender, (I’m not completely stupid, the guy just lifted a support beam like a fallen tree branch like hell am I fighting that with most of my blood painting the floor) but the little bearded bastard kept going on and on about how crazy I am and how I look like total shit.

I ended up kicking him down a hill and we became best friends after he managed to climb back up, we were practically inseparable. Literally, he took to carrying me around when I refused to walk.

The rest is history, really.

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Match up request please? I'm 5'7 with long, dark wavy hair and green eyes, and I prefer men. I'm an INFJ and a Pisces (creative/intuitive towards other people, but can also be slightly escapist/lazy if unmotivated) I tend to be more reserved, but not unengaged, around large crowds, and need time at home to unwind from work/social events. I love to cook, watch tv, and play the piano. I dislike wishy-washy/indecisive people, but love those who are dependable/can have passionate discussions with.

Your match is, Chikage Rokujo!

Step right up and meet your knight in shinning armor. Or at least that is what he thinks anyway, You want a dependable man, here he is. No one will mess with you, and if they do then they are gonna have hell to pay.  He would enjoy your cooking and would be down for dates where you stay in and watch tv.. Though expect to have some dates where you go out to dinner, as he is gonna want to to treat you. Though I don’t see him making you hang out in a huge group, Other than meeting his gang once or twice.

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kk what are your nicknames for dave?

“Okay! Let’s see… Sugarstud, sugar daddy, Davey, sweetums, sweetheart, and my knight in shinning armor~! That last one and Davey are my favorite!”

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What do you mean by no one trying to love you?

I just I dunno if it’s cause I’m fuckied but I can’t help to realise that. No one ever makes an effort with me . Maybe it’s unfair to be cold and still expect everyone to be your knight in shinning amour but I dunno it hit me hard tonight and I’m feeling a bit shitty tbh

Shin: The Knight

He is tall with a perfect gray hair. Beautiful yet his heart is cold. His words are deep as sea. His lips say it all figuratively. He is not at rest. His eyes are violet, telling me stories about a world of treachery and lies. He is numb but aware. His soul is tainted, clean-shaven with a delicate pale perfect skin. He’s German with enticing evil smile. The way he speaks, the way he talks about outlawed notion, his articulation, the way he collects knowledge I never knew before… conquered my unfaithful mind. I wish I could kiss him before.

“I was beyond his soul. I’d pledge and sacrifice my life to him to protect the imperfection of his majesty. He could reside in my safe core and slumber in my comforting hands.”

Your Soulmate

Everyone says your soulmate is someone you can’t imagine being without. Someone who can make you smile and forget the worst even on your darkest days. Someone who can make you dream of some of the most extraordinary things.
In my eyes your soulmate is someone you can imagine living without, but would just rather now. Your soulmate can make you laugh on your hardest day, but can also help you realize that everything happens for a reason and help you work through that bad day. Your soulmate is someone who doesn’t just make you dream of the ordinary, but makes you dream of the ordinary with them. Your soulmate isn’t going to be some knight in shinning armour. They aren’t going to be some prince/princess to take you away from the tower you are stuck in. They are someone who will rescue you in the dirtiest armour they have so they will always feel brighter with you. They decide its better to stay in the tower with someone you love than run away from it and try and build something new. Your soulmate will be with you no matter the consequences.
Your soulmate should be your best friend.

Who remembers the fantastic messages Disney Channel movies used to have? “I can slay my own dragons, I can dream my own dreams. My knight in shinning armor is me.” “I won’t be bored, waiting for a prince to come and save me, I’d rather rescue myself.” I don’t think shows/TV movies like The Cheetah Girls, Lizzy McGuire, That’s So Raven, and Phil of the Future were given enough credit at all for the positivity they radiated. A lot of TV shows today are just mindless crap… Girl Meets World has set the bar pretty high again though, but mostly because of the returning Boy Meets World cast. #90sKid #DisneyChannel #LateNightRant #LateNightThoughts #WhyTheCheetahGirls #CheetahGirls #LizzyMcGuire #ThatsSoRavenPhilofTheFuture #WhatHappenedToTV #ThisShit #Youtube #MusicVideo

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marner and strome

Send Me Two Players

Since I got 2 requests regarding Dylan and Mitch, I’m making two parts. This is PART ONE, which contains which I’d prefer, and PART TWO, contains why I think the other boy would be great for the role as well b/c well - they’re both cuties.

go on a road trip with || Strome ; I saw a clip of him from Draft Year with McDavid when they went around that forest and did all that sketchy shit with ziplining and that and he really knew what he was doing. That being said, I think that would be really fun to go with him out somewhere in the kinda-wilderness (like a cabin on a mountain) b/c he’d know what he was doing and I’d know I wouldn’t fall and break my leg or something.

take to prom || Marner ; He is actually the biggest cutie in my book, and I’d love to make a bunch of puns about him begin my ‘knight in shinning armor’ the whole night. I love his smile and I think he’d look absolutely adorable in a prom photo omg. I’ve also never gone to a dance or something like that so he looks like the kind who would treat it real lightly and help you be comfortable with the whole thing bc/ hes’ so lighthearted.

buy a puppy with || Marner ; I feel like Mitch is just like a big child and he’d love to roll around on the ground and play with the puppy A LOT. He’d surely have enough energy to keep up with him/her too, and that would be great b/c I don’t ever have enough energy for puppies - barely enough for older dogs to prefer to sit around, haha. I think it would be a good balance.

make cupcakes for || Strome ; He has, from what I’ve seen, a lot of pressure on his shoulders being with McDavid in Erie and all, so I think it would be just the best to surprise him with cupcakes after a game to make him smile! Esp after he comes to AZ and endures a couple of brutal games b/c hey, it’s the ‘Yotes - it’s gonna happen.

let pick the music in the car || Strome ; Both are pretty big country boys (hey no problem by me lol) I think, but it’d be fun to have Dylan pick the music and then he’d sing quietly along b/c he’d probs be embarrassed about you hearing him sing. This is goals though, lol.

who’s hoodie i’d “accidentally steal” || Strome ; I’d love it to be one of those cute ones that are player specific w/ their number on it. I’d prefer it to be AZ bc I don’t like Erie but I’d take either bc he’S SO TALL AND IT’D BE SO BAGGY AND NICE.

Okay this one was HELLA HARD but I literally LOVED answering it! Thank you!!

#TBT to Halloween of 2013 in Ft. Lauderdale with my boy @kristianz81 how time flies.. He’s now in D.R living and working and I’m in NYC. Even in different parts of the world, friendships can survive if you allow… I’m sure when we see eachother again, it will pick up right where we left off. Costume by @kiddmadonny I told people I was a literal “Knight in shinning Armor” #halloween2013 #fun #friends #memories #body

Not anymore

No, I’m not going to wait around anymore for something good to happen to me. I’m gonna do it myself and not wait for a knight in shinning armour to do it for me. I’m going to be independent but ask for help when I need it. Being independent doesn’t mean you never need help. We sometimes need help and it just takes maturity whether you ask for it or allow yourself to drown by yourself. I know it’s a long road but we can do this. I hope I can keep this mentality. There’s going to be a few bumps on the way where I’ll doubt myself but I’ll pick myself back up