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When you’re dieting, but someone makes your favorite food...

so everyone has been posting their feelings about cafk and this is completely self indulgent to get it off my chest but–

where to stART

ji woon

JI WOON HOW ABOUT HIM WELL. I don’t think he’s a bad character. I’ve seen characters like him often. and his past did suck so I feel he is understandable and his actions after the fact make sense. but it does not dismiss the fact that he prejudiced against ha won repeatedly and insulted her repeatedly. saying he didn’t know about ha won’s past and situation is barely an argument okay. so yeah he knows about it now, but has yet to apologize for his harsh words to her in the beginning. also, he said he was going after ha won afterhye ji said she wanted ha won gone from hyun min’s side. so it feels to me their relationship was built on a lie as of now and ji woon’s blinding love for hye ji. so if him and ha won are to work, that issue should be addressed.

hyun min

hyun min is definitely one of my faves I’m not going to lie, but imo he has more raw chemistry with ha won and has expressed regret after yelling at her to the point where he couldn’t even think straight and went to apologize even if he didn’t necessarily succeed. I do understand the concern that ha won is just a “toy” to him however and wouldn’t be against it if ha won was with ji woon but he continued to try or if it takes forever for him to prove himself that he has genuine feelings for ha won. but I have seen a good amount of chemistry, character and relationship development between the two and I do root for him so–sue me. but it’s not blind I have reasons sO MANY REASONS

seo woo

I love seo woo so much you have no idea my soN. he deserves happiness bc he’s so bright and just he shINES AND GLIMMERS LIKE A STAR. I can’t see him as a big romantic candidate though but like that friend you go to bc your crush (or crushes) is also his cousin (or his cousins) and they’re being annoying and you need remind yourself that not alL THE KANG’S ARE IDIOTS. I just want him to live and eat and be healthy okay

hye ji

hye ji…is not a bad character. her situation is real but I am not particularly fond of her. not just because she’s competition for the one I’m rooting for, but bc she deserves better and I just wish she could fiND SOMEONE TO TREAT HER WELL AND FEED HER WELL AND MAKE HER SMILE BC SHE SMILES SO BRIGHTLY. buuuut she seems dead set on fighting for hyun min so. it all rlly boils down to her saying she wants ha won gone from hyun min’s side bc that’s not fair play and honestly what has ha won done to her. she literally got dragged into this and I get she doesn’t know that but she has never once been actively rude to her like hyun min is constantly. and people saying that hyun min is still in love with her and that’s why he’s rude to her…umm???? like that’s a thing children do in grade school and while he is immature I don’t see him doing that? like he is interested in ha won but does not make fun of her at all. hye ji shouldn’t be with someone that acts like hyun min acts. I am not saying ji woon either just someone–anyone–else.

ha won

maybe she should just be herself and the writers shouldn’t portray her as weak and she can just be hersELF AND FIND A JOB AND THEN WORRY ABOUT WHICH COUSIN TO DATE. MAYBE THINGS WILL BE MORE CLEAR. JUST PUT HER THROUGH COLLEGE FIRST. although I understand it wouldn’t be a drama then really

yoon sung

why can’t it be him. he’s young. he’s handsome. he’s more than suitable. hE CAN COOK AND KICK ASS. why can’t it be him.

My attention when pretties walk on and off the screen...

“A long, long time ago, there was a kind and beautiful girl named Cinderella. Cinderella was always abused by her stepmother and stepsisters. But on one fateful day, she met a wonderful prince and thus, she lived happily ever after… Yeah, as if! Cinderellas nowadays don't have time to meet princes because of their damned part-time jobs. And on top of that, “princes" nowadays are just huge assholes. They all have Casanova complexes, and are all so damn haughty!”