If you haven’t seen Death Note, then you probably should cause even if you don’t like anime I’m pretty sure you’d enjoy this one. I’ve reached if for the first time since I saw if originally a few years ago and i love it even more now ✨🍎 #drawing #illustration #doodle #liners #markers #deathnote #llawliet #kira #lightyagami #ryuk #shinigami

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SUPERPOWER AU!!! i saw takaoka have some sick ass lightning powers in my dream and punch korosensei into the sun and i woke up with the idea

i literally cannot think of powers for the other chars some suggestiONS WOULD BE NICE ILL DRAW THEM I PROMISE

i also thought that itd be cool n kinda cute if they had a lil detail that hints or relates to their power

some details under the cut!

and by “scheme” i mean this

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Is IchikaAbarai “older” than KazuiKurosaki?

Seen a post before (sorry im lazy to find and reblog) that Kazui is not more or less than 5 years old. We dont see him fullbody unlike we did little Nemu and Ichika. So we dont know how tall he is. But judging by his chubby cheeks and fingers he’s not older than 5 or 6 years old, 7 max. 

From the 10 year timeskip, I can see how Rukia and Renji must have gotten married before Ichigo and Orihime. First, unlike the two, they are not going to school anymore. They are well established shinigami’s in SS. The feeling was mutual also. All they needed was the confession which Im sure Renji did after the battle. Of course Rukia said “yes”. The only obstacle I see is Byakuya’s blessing which Renji got since the SS arc, the man indeed proven himself worthy of Rukia in Byakuya’s eyes.

As for Ichigo and Orihime, it took a tad bit more time coz we all know how slow Ichigo can be in that department. But I think they got together not long before or after graduating high school. Surely with the help of the entire gang nudging his back “if he dont ask to walk her home now someone else might” kind of scenario. Of course they had to plan it out too like Ichigo moving out of the clinic, maybe living with her and going to college as well as Orihime. So no baby Kazui yet in like 4 years they are studying in college and dating at the same time.

Just my thoughts, what u guys think? How old really is precious baby Kazui?

cute family pic from hiyiri

nouran-turtle-artist  asked:

Next time an explosion is set close by, don't come near it !!!!!!! *cries*

I was trying to get away from it!

How was I supposed to know that Leo and Karai and Shinigami were setting bombs up? Setting bombs in places is way more of a Raph thing.

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Do you think that Kazui Kurosaki is even more powerful Shinigami then his father

Ehh, I can’t know for sure but I don’t think so, I mean not at this moment, ichigo has had training and stuff, and was son of a pure blood Quincy (mixed with a little bit of hollow) but then as he had a child with a human (Orihime) that would make Kazui a mixed blooded Quincy (like what katagiri was) with shinigami powers, then again I don’t think orihimes powers can be passed in a hereditary way, but that’s just my point of view

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Would it be too crazy to suggest that Grell is not a natural redhead? Since their butler form ( I headcanoned as their human form) has brown hair, is it possibe?

Originally posted by the-crimson-red-reaper

That’s not crazy at all, Anon. I also think that butler Grell is closer to Grell’s human form in many ways. When human, I think Grell might have been much meeker, nervous, and unsure - so the idea that Grell might have looked more like butler Grell is perfectly plausible.

Now, is Grell’s hair naturally red now? I read a theory somewhere that the shinigami’s appearance upon their rebirth has something to do with who they are - so the wild red hair and shark like teeth fit Grell’s wild personality. I like that theory and tend to stick with it. However, if Grell didn’t naturally have red hair, dying it a very noticeable, wild color fits with her personality.

Interesting headcanon, Anon.

I think I need some adult!Kazui fanart/fanfic (or at least 15yr+)…

He’s gonna look so handsome AND adorable at the same time!!! Kazui is gonna be the kindest shinigami ever I’m calling it! (with mama Orihime’s puppy eyes and papa Ichigo’s handsome build, Kazui has great potential)

If it wasn’t so late here I would gladly make a whole list of powers for this neat superpower AU from @nidaime-shinigami but I really wanted to go to be earlier today so

I will just talk about my favorite character since I’ve thought about it a lot (someone once mentioned an AssClass x BnHA crossover in the tag so of course I’ve thought about it)

Mimura have this power nicknamed “Director’s field”, that target everyone including himself within a 20-25 meter circle around him (around 65-80 feet)

in that field, he can project visual and auditory illusions ; everyone in the perimeter can see/hear them, he can’t choose specific people, and given he’s also targeted by this power it can be pretty delicate (you want to play a prank and put everyone in the dark ? Good, but you can’t see either !). 

People outside his power’s field don’t see or hear any illusion, so long-distance power users are a weakness to this. Same with people whose power include a different sensory imput (great sense of smell, natural thermo-vision…)

Because those are illusions, machines can’t detect those. This can be either a drawback (all those special effects he could have done himself when filming !) or an advantage (when you suspect you’re under surveillance, this can be great to pass around secret messages, though it’s more of an one-way communication… He could use it to help others cheat during exams though).

His illusions can create light, so in perfect darkness, he can’t make visual illusions. Similarly, he can’t create silence, so his auditory illusions can be covered by loud noises.

The bigger/louder an illusion the more energy-expensive. The energy required is also proportional to the number of people in his field.

Basically, it’s a power that can get really creative, but that have a lot of disadvantages. For now, Mimura’s trying to control his field’s limits (both augmenting them and reducing them) and the complexity of what he’s creating.

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Even after what Shinigami did, you have to admit, her look is pretty cool! -Novs

Oh yes I completely agree! I love the lipstick and the hair! She’s so pretty!

I mean, look at her! How am I supposed to compete with eye shadow like that?!

Please don’t look at my bare eyelids, Shinigami.

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Is Raph still uptet with you about being dark Leo? He was mad.

Dark Leo? That title makes me sound like an assassin of the Footclan…

Yes, he was mad with me. I let him and the team down by not telling them what I was up to with Karai and Shinigami. That ended up getting Donnie hurt. So I understood his anger.

We’re okay now. As far as I know.


In case anyone was wondering why Orbital 7 was saying “Green Onion Ramen”

Secretly he loves Shoujo Beat ( how else would you explain his romantic tendancies xF!) And I wanted to keep the whole “shinigami & soul stealing gimmick we had goin on for Kaito. XD IF ANYONE OT THIS REFERENCE WITHOUT ME HAVIN TO SHOW THIS VID. I LOVE YOU AND YOU HAVE GREAT TASTE IN ANIME/MANGAKAS 8D! ♥