The best thing about death note is probably the fact that it took like the three smartest people on earth, an entire police task force, the mafia, the FBI and a team literally designed to take down kira (and maybe even a couple of shinigamis dependant how you look at it) years to take down a kid with a notebook, a slightly unstable lawyer, a news reporter and a girl that’s just in it for the hell of it and yet Naomi practically figured it out before the second book had even finished

  • L: *eating, as usual*
  • Matsuda: But Ryuzaki!!! hOW are you going to eVeR catch Kira?!?!
  • Light: *tries not to look like he's eavesdropping*
  • L: Catching Kira will be a...
  • L: *dramatically pausing*
  • L: Piece of cake.
  • Light: *deeply inhales*
  • Light: That's it Ryuk, I don't give a fUCK anymore, give me the shinigami eyes he's dying rIGHT NOW.
The Undertaker and 2CT

So, Real!Ciel is a bizarre doll right? 
We literally saw him die while Our!Ciel was in the cage. 
Plus, this would make sense now: 

Did Undertaker keep him asleep or something while perfecting his way of creating dolls? 

Also, why is the Undertaker so obsessed over the Phantomhives?
Remember this theory? He’s obviously so attached to Vincent… but also to the kids and maybe Claudia too. 

Who is the Undertaker? Vincent’s dad? Or Claudia’s dad? Or something else?
He might be related to Ciel, since there’s something about his family we still do not know: