WE DO Knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU Part 17 Full Translation.

The Ceremony


Soul Society.

6th sector - Kuchiki clan ceremonial shrine.

Many shinigami were gathered at both sides of the path extending between the gate of the shrine to the shrine itself. Some came rushing in their usual shihakushou, others wore their hair up and were dressed in beautiful kimonos.

Because there is no god in Soul Society, religious shrines or temples do not exist within the Seireitei. Many people revere the Soul King like a god, however he is only a King, not a god. In Rukongai, several temples have been built to enshrine the gods and buddhas that the residents had worshipped during their lifetime, and all of them are temples into which the residents had brought over their beliefs from the Human World. The Kuchiki clan have built a shrine in front of a mausoleum dedicated to the spirit of their ancestors, it is used as a venue for rituals and ceremonies. From family meetings to wedding celebrations and funerals, every possible Kuchiki clan event is held at this shrine.

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It’s bad enough whitewashing an anime series that has no particular link to Japan other than its setting, but when the plot revolves around Japanese culture and religion, and one of the central characters is a Shinigami, you’re just gonna ruin it.


vowgan  asked:

So, I was never quite certain. Are siren powers magic based? Are they the result of advanced technology? Or somewhere in between?

a mystery

Originally posted by funkpunkandrollmuhfucka2

Nah but really the best answer I can give you atm is it’s most likely magic. Just the lore of the EMR world. It’s there because it’s part of the story and the world that was built for it. I don’t think we really have an answer to it either.

It’s the same way how Steven Universe has their Crystal Gems, how Bleach has their Shinigamis, Naruto their ninjas, the Walking Dead their Walkers etc.


seelcudoom  asked:

you know what would have been way better then this adaption of deathnote? make it a sequal, set it 20 years after lights death, Neer probobly founded a specialised task force should more death note incidents pop up, either ryuuk or a new shinigami gets bored and decides to repeat the kira thing, this time in america, in which the protagonist takes up the title of kira but is notable different in how they handle it do to cultural differences, fucking boom way better idea

Honestly????? A sequel story in which there’s an american kira who’s inspired by the Original Kira who has to work by american politics would be really interesting….. more interesting then fucking…. fucking Light Turner

there could be a whole thing about an older Near trying to stop them and it could be established that Near’s the one who beat the old Kira and idk. Anything but LIGHT TURNER

So.. Netflix is in the process of whitewashing Death Note into a 1950s Disney fairy tale. 

“Hello, I’m Ryuk *insert whatever American version of the name will be* and I’m your Fairy God Parent! Here’s an appropriation mcguffin, go wild, son!” 

Also, even putting aside the multitudes of problems that arise if a piece of fiction ingrained in a specific culture is taken out of it…

(like, Shinigami is a very distinctly East Asian figure of folklore, culture and religions, what would be the alternative? A guardian angel or demon? Lucifer himself, he seems popular at the moment? 

Light’s sense of justice and entire outlook on the wold is shaped by Japanese culture and justice system, it’s an integral part of his character. Japanese iron-clad firearm ban? The justice system? Police structure? Yeah, so different it’s almost like US and Japan are on the opposite sides of the planet.)

Even if we put all that aside, whom do you think Light is gonna murder in cold blood? If you follow the story – overwhelmingly criminals, people who have been convicted, people imprisoned right now. Who do US prisons have more than anyone else? Right, black people. And Latinx people. And other minorities. 

And L is also cast to look like a black kid wearing a hoody and a face mask. The character who’s canonical story line inevitably culminates in a murder. 

Does that remind anyone of anything? Sure does. There is a word for all of this. A very specific word.