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Speaking about the Shinigami, is Eric and Alan still in the manga or anime? And are Eric, Alan, Othello, Sascha, and Rudger around Ronald's age range? They seem to be youngish looking. I do admit that Grell does look like a Goddess and that Undertaker's current look, makes him look like a God, himself. I think that Grell and UT don't have to be a god and goddess of just death.

Eric and Alan are only shown in a single panel in the manga, and that’s when Sascha is talking to Ludger/Rudgar about reapers who desert their posts. It’s presented to us in such a way as to suggest that their timeline had already ended; by the time we meet Sascha and Ludger/Rudgar, Erik and Alan have already deserted their posts… and have already died. In the anime, they are shown in just one scene during “The Story of Will the Reaper” OVA… sitting next to each other on a bench at work, their death scythes (together) next to them. So… they are alive when those new recruits arrive and tour the London branch of the reaper offices… but dead by the events of the Blue Sect arc.

I think Sascha is younger than the rest (actually, I think he’s still in training and might not even have a death scythe yet…). Otherwise, it’s really hard to figure out the ages of reapers. It’s not just a matter of how long they have been reapers (though that’s easier to hazard a guess at), it’s a matter of what age they were when they died (and whatever process is used to recruit suicide victims to be reapers).

Grell would be flattered by the comparison to a goddess.

Undertaker might laugh at the comparison to a god, though I have a theory his character design makes huge references to Thoth (from Egyptian mythology). This works alongside theories regarding the Ankou of French folklore, Cedric Rotherwood of Ivanhoe… and both Nippolyte and Dr. Andonuts of Mother3….

Ooh, Tales of TMNT

Yay, ‘Mirage’ homage yet again!
(Okay, look, I was salty about Leo alone killing Shredder, but that too is a direct Mirage homage, so I’m over it, Mirage is the original and Eastman himself is involved with the Nick show, so okay)

Point One: For gods’ sakes, give Mikey fewer ‘clownish butt monkey’ moments and more ‘badass adorable’ moments. He’s deadly and amazing, you understand. He gets upset and angry too. He’s smart and capable and he should be taken seriously. Hahaha, we know that won’t happen, it only happens in fanfiction. I have ADHD too, I know how his brain likes to all over the place and it seems like we’re never paying attention or we laugh at weird moments, but Mikey listens and empathizes and he knows things, okay?
Point Two: If there isn’t some Leo/Mikey fluff bonding over that whole spiritual intuition thing with Ghost Dad Splinter I’m going to be bitter.
Point Three: Mikey and Shinigami must become best friends who play video games, eat ice cream, read comics, and love their cats. I’ll take it if the writers try for a romance, but they at least should have Shini be bisexual with Karai, I mean, look at how they smile at each other, those beautiful murder ladies. Well, this is what fanfiction is for I guess.
Point Four: More genuine B-Team love. Less Donnie scolding Mikey and more Donnie deciding Mikey is smart enough to help out. Monogrammed lab coats! Mikey actually enjoying learning physics because he has a Dimension X brain.
Point Five: It’s obvious that Donnie and April have become good friends. Really really good friends who hug a lot. Same with April and Casey. I’m not killing any ships, but I don’t think they’ve launched in canon either. Too bad. Then again, everybody is a teenager, and teenagers are full of hormones and hope. Again, this is why fanfiction.
Point Six: Maybe Leo and Raph will fight a little less. *cough* Maybe Raph will stop smacking Mikey. *cough* Maybe Raph can be less broody? Because if I had Chompy as a pet I’d never stop smiling.