A new promotional poster for EPISODE ONE, the official remake of Detective Conan’s first chapter, with new scenes and animation !

This poster is badass ! Sinichi and Gin in the same picture, flying APTX and a dark suit for our hero. It almost looks like he joined the Black Org ! XD

Source: Blog del Tantei-Kid

Volume 18:

“I’m gonna run right into this burning building to save a person.”

“Okay but wear a helmet so your hair doesn’t catch on fire.”

Volume 61:

“I’m gonna break into this apartment where a hostage is slowly dying of thirst/hunger, since the kidnapper apparently hasn’t even been there since forever.”

“No that’s T O O  D A N G E R O U S for you. What if the kidnapper, whom we just established to not be there, attacks you?”

Is it just me, or did he used to have a lot more faith in Ran’s ability to handle situations…?

  • Kaito: Shinichi why don't you like sweet things?
  • Sonoko: Because he's boring
  • Haibara: Because he's bitter and salty instead
  • Heiji: Because he hates feeling like a child ;)
  • Shinichi: I feel attacked