[News] Mention of Shinhwa in boy group brand ranking article

[Brand Reputation] Boy group February brand index: BTS at #1 … Big BAng, BTOB, EXO, Infinite, SHINee follow

(Refer to this article for details, Shinhwa at #16)


Rank     Boy Group
1               BTS
2             Big Bang
3              BTOB
4               EXO
5             Infinite
6             SHINee
7              B2ST
8           Teen Top
9          Super Junior
10           Block B
11             JYJ
12            2PM
13            B1A4
14            TVXQ
15            B.A.P.
16           Shinhwa
17             ZE:A
18             2AM
19          FT Island
20           MBLAQ

(Graph: Blue - 2016 January / Red - 2016 February / Green Dot - Increases and Decreases)

Source: News Town

[News] Mention of Shinhwa in article about EXID concert

EXID: “Our role model is Shinhwa..we made an oral agreement to sing as a group even 10 years from now”

[Photo and content omitted]

The EXID members mentioned, “Our role model is Shinhwa. We made an oral agreement to keep EXID together even if we come to promote individually 10 years from now. I think we’ll remain singers. Forever.”


Source: Osen


Dongwan spotted on Instagram

1. 동완형님 정말 좋은사람♡(술먹으라고 용돈줘서 그런거아님) #신화창조 #신화 

The first pic is not related to the wedding

Apparently the I Live alone’s members went to a wedding together

2. 나는 언제쯤 결혼해서 무지개 회원님들의 축하를 받을 수 있을까아😭😭 feat.조형기쌤 #무지개가족

3. 꺄 주말에 만나 더 반가운 우리 무지개 회원님들💕
동완회원님의 달달한 축가까지 최고다요👍👍
임찬피디님의 히~임찬 새출발을 축복합니다👏👏
#나혼자산다 #으리으리 #회원님들짱짱 #나는언제 #부럽다요

A video posted by KyunSso (@kyunsso) on Feb 14, 2016 at 3:07am PST

4. #친척오빠 #결혼식 갔다 귀호강(+눈호강😳 #김동완 오빠님은 역시 잘생😳) #축가 #지금이순간