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[News] Kim Dongwan to appear on ‘Moorim School’...first drama role in three years

Shinhwa’s Kim Dongwan will be appearing on the KBS 2TV Mon-Tue drama ‘Moorim School’ to show off his martial arts skills.

According to staff who commented on the 13th, Kim Dongwan will appear in ‘Moorim School’ from its 10th episode to air on the 16th as Kang Taeoh. The role will be Kim’s first since his appearance in KBS 1TV drama ‘Cheer Up, Mr. Kim!’ in 2013.

In the recently released photos, Kim Dongwan is shown in neat taekwondo garb, proudly watching his students show off their moves and also showing examples of his own. He seems to melt seamlessly into the context of the drama, heightening anticipation toward his role.

President Hwang Musong (played by Shin Hyeonjun) opens the martial arts contest that was held in place of the school’s final exams to make graduates and martial artists eligible, and asks Taeoh to teach the school’s special class in this important time.

President Hwang believes that Taeoh, who scored full marks in the top class for all four years of his school life and won numerous awards in international martial arts contests in his time, will rally the students and make them stronger. The legendary alumni Taeoh will thus return to school to correct the students’ flaws and give advice as a loving senior and teacher.

Kim Dongwan, the one of the first acting-dols, is said to have even attended classes at an action school for the role. He will be donning a taekwondo uniform for the first time since he filmed his movie ‘Spinkick’, which premiered in 2004.

The staff commented, “We were able to have a good time shooting his scenes because Kim Dongwan gave us so much positive energy. He was the perfect fit for Kang Taeoh, coming to the drama in its time of need. He will be shunned by Yoon Siwoo (played by Lee Hyunwoo) and Wang Chiang (played by Lee Hongbin) as he is the first love of Shim Sunduk (played by Seo Yeji), but he will still be teaching a lot to the youths of Moorim. We hope viewers will be looking forward to his appearance.”

Source: Star News

[Agency Notice] “Mania of Mania” Event 
Dear mania merchandise-loving Jun Jin’s Girls, we will be holding a “mania of mania” mania merchandise photo event to thank you for your manic love.
1. Period : 2016 February 14 0:00 ~ February 28 24:00
2. How to Participate :
1) Please send a photo showing you using your mania merchandise (At least 1 item) to the following e-mail address.
2) E-mail address : junjin. fan @ gmail .com
3) E-mail Title : [Mania] Name / Birth Date / Contact Information ex) [Mania] Park Choongjae / 800819 / 010-1998-0324 /
4) E-mail Content : Name / Birth Date / Contact Information / E-mail Address / Address 
+ a photo of you using your mania merchandise
3. Available for : All purchasers of the mania merchandise (Full set or Individual purchase) 
4. Prize : 1 full-size stand of Mister Jun Jin (We consider those who have purchased the mania merchandise to have the courage to display one of these stands in their homes.)
5. Winners to be Announced : 2016 March 4 (Fri) 
6. How Winners are Chosen : We will send the photos to Mister Jun Jin, who will hand pick the two winners 
7. Tip on How to Win : Try to tickle Mister Jun Jin’s humor…. (Which I still aren’t sure on how to do.)

(※ Please ask the agency on how to join if you are an overseas fan looking to participate. This is merely a direct translation of the original notice.)

Source: Jun Jin’s Official Facebook


More details on Dongwan’s cameo appearance in ‘Moorim School’

As we said in our previous post Dongwan will make a cameo appearance KBS drama ‘Moorim School’ as a  taekwondo’s teacher.
He will be Kang Tae Oh on this coming February 16th (Moorim School’s episode 10).

Comme nous l’avons précédemment dit, Dongwan fera une apparence furtive dans le drama ‘Moorim School’ de KBS en tan que professeur de taekwondo.
Il sera Kang Tae Oh à partir de ce mardi 16 février (L’épisode 10 du drama).

[Tweet] 160212-13 CI Ent. Tweets

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[Kim Dongwan] News 1 - Kim Dongwan on ‘I Live Alone’: “I exercise to enjoy my free time better”

#Shinhwa #KimDongwan #ShinhwaChangjo #ILiveAlone #Self-Improvement

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[Kim Dongwan] Star News - Kim Dongwan to appear on ‘Moorim School’…first drama role in three years (Link to article on ‘Moorim School’)

#Shinhwa #KimDongwan #ShinhwaChangjo #MoorimSchool #KangTaeoh

Source: CI Entertainment Twitter


BANGTAN - Perfect Man by Shinhwa | MBC Gayo 2015


BTS × SHINHWA ‘Perfect Man’ (still not over it)