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+I hope jaebum gets well soon

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Bias Music Tag!

THIS LOOKS FUN. I’ll go with Namjoon :D

You meet your bias for the first time. This song describes the mood. Open Your Heart, Madonna. WELL OKAY. Interesting start.

Your bias’ first opinion of you.  Boombayah - Blackpink. Is…is this good?

Your first opinion of your bias.  Fire - BTS. AY. BURNITUP.

The song playing in the restaurant for the first date. Do Better - Y Teen. What kind of restaurant is this?

The song in the background for your first hand holding.  Pillowtalk - Zayn. OH MY GOD WHY

When you have to say goodbye to them for their overseas schedule. You Dont Own Me - Grace. I’M CACKLING

Song that describes your chemistry with your bias. Overdose - EXO-K. All righty.

When they say you two should take a break.  Mama - EXO-K. Well damn y’all.

Your first kiss.  Perfect man - Shinhwa  /rolls away

The song they dedicate to you.  Come In Closer - Blue October. That’s kind of cute. Until you listen to the lyrics.

They say I love you.  Fire in the Heavens - 3oh!3. Intense.

The Song that plays at your wedding.  House of Cards (Full Length Edition) - BTS. WHAT A HORRIBLE WEDDING SONG NO

Your couple song. Aphrodite - B.I.G. …sure

19. “Another credit card?!”

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“You maxxed out another one of my credit cards?” Dongwan threw the bill on the table before running an exasperated hand through his short locks. “This is the second one in two months!” 

“But babe-”

“No buts,” He silenced you with a finger. “Whatever it is this time, take it back.” Seeming finished with the issue, your boyfriend stood and walked away. 

“What if I can’t?” You called out. Dongwan stopped in his tracks, turning to stare at you.

“What do you mean ‘you can’t’?” His arms crossed over his chest.

At that moment, you stood and stripped off your dress, revealing your latest purchase - a lacy bra and panty set in the deepest of crimsons. Through fluttering lashes, you saw Dongwan gulp in despair. 

“I was thinking of surprising you with it a little differently,” you spoke up, breaking the long silence.

Dongwan neared you, snatching you by the waist. “This is fine,” he said, pressing a hard kiss against your lips.

URL in song titles

THANK YOU @mcscott ILY <3<3<3<3

Scar Tissue - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Everything She Wants - Wham!


Yesterday - The Beatles

Dani California - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Everlong - Foo Fighters

American Idiot - Green Day

This Love - SHINHWA

Helena - My Chemical Romance

Ego - Big Bang

Ark in the Storm - D’espairsRay

Tourner Dans Le Vide - Indila 

Evil Angel - Breaking Benjamin

Ready to Go! - Panic! At the Disco

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                                 “we laugh at myth, or relegate it to children’s books,
                            because we are afraid of it. afraid of what it says about us.”

SHINHWA KRP is an urban fantasy roleplay that takes place on the island of Jeju-do and focuses on East/South-East Asian mythology.

                                         WELCOME TO THE ISLAND


MV for one of shinhwa’s earlier songs in their 2nd album, Forever With You. Shot by/Starring Eric n Junjin.

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dUdeDudedudeDUDE JIN IS SILVER HAIRED!!!!!!!!!!! OMG also i havent been keeping tabs on them since like uh.................. bon voyage started

Oh my god… Since bon voyage started? Then you missed Agust D
Yes he does… HYYH era has ended. In September we have a Japanese comeback. This also happened. Bon Voyage ended… hmm… And there is ISAC coming up on the 29th and V will not be attending. Oh and Kookie was in the Masked Singer as the Fencing Man and ofc he won and there was also KCON LA…Aaa and Kookie was also on Celebrity Bromance with Shinhwa’s Minwoo. And ofc Summer Package Dubai came out. It was a blessing. That is all i think…
Legends in the Kpop realm, Shinhwa have built themselves a name. Not only as the longest running boy group in South Korea, but as talented artists. Acting as a role model for the groups that followed, Shinhwa is continuously referenced to this day. Whether that be in terms of vocal or dance covers, it is clear they have not lost their momentum. Now step into a land of nostalgia as I count down my all-time favourite dance performances by the kings themselves.

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Почему я раньше не слушала такую замечательную группу? Во время своего отпуска пересмотрела много шоу с ними,они очень талантливые. Теперь буду следить за деятельностью этой группы😍

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