“Asian eyes makeup.”
Warning: Rant ahead, proceed with caution.
I’m not even touching this as a Bang Yongguk fan, no matter how much i want to.
I’m calling this out as an Asian woman who, during a brief stint in an american high school, got ridiculed by then Caucasian schoolmates because of my ‘chinky eyes’ and called me and my cousin asian prostitutes when we wore kimono in school.
Look at how the tides have turned.
I guess it wasn’t as famous back then because if it is, i would have been asked tips on how to make their eyes look like mine instead of just pulling it at the corners.
Seriously. Asian eyes isn’t even a thing. Do you know how diverse Asia is? How much people’s looks vary from one region to another?
I’m not going to go too deep because this will turn into a 10 page rant.
Don’t. Just don’t.
Sigh. The type that carries all the disappointment and frustration that I felt, and still feel, about this.

  • Super Junior: We back! SJ in the house!
  • VIXX: We back again now, this is real fantasy, 'cause I ain't playin' around, V-I-X-X
  • 2PM: 2. P. M.
  • BIGBANG: BIGBANG, BIGBANG, we back again one more time say no way, no way
  • SHINee: *dramatic whisper* SHINee's back~
  • EXO: E-X-O
  • B.A.P: B - A - P let's go!
  • U-KISS: U-KISS and Brave Sound. You know it's BRAAAAAAVE
  • BEAST: There's a Beaaaast IN THE CUBE!
  • MONSTA X: Monsta, Monsta X!
  • Block B: Block B in the house, Z and pop time music, it's officially over now
  • Teen Top: Teen Top we gon' rock it drop it top it ain't no stop it pop it
  • JYJ: Brand new JYJ, another history
  • Seventeen: Seventeeeeeeeeeen YUP!
  • Taeyang: My name is T to the A to the E, Y A N G
  • G-Dragon: Brand new GD! I'm all by myself, but it's so good
  • PSY: My name is P-S-Y, hanguk mallo Park-Jae-Sang
  • JYP: *dramatic whisper* JYP~
  • B1A4: B. 1. AAAAAAAA. 4 4 4
  • M.I.B: M.I.B - is - back
  • Girls' Generation: We're the girls, we're the Girls' Generation!
  • 4Minute: 4Minute and Brave Sound! Leggo!
  • SISTAR: Rock it like this, rock it rock it like this SISTAR!
  • Wonder Girls: JYP and the Wonder Giiiiiirls we're back!
  • AOA: A-O-A! Brave Sound, drop it!
  • 2NE1: I go by the name CL, we're 2NE1!
  • Hello Venus: H-E-L-L-O Venus, H-E-L-L-O Venus, H-E-L-L-O Venus, H-E-L-L-O Hello Venus!
  • BLACKPINK: Black to the Pink!
  • Hyuna: H-Y-U-N keurigo A!
  • Miss A: JYP introducing made in Asia...Miss A!
  • TWICE: Better think about it TWICE!
  • Unnies: JYP introducing the Unnies!
  • G.NA: She's back, you already know, the sexiest, that's right it's G.NA baby!
  • Stellar: *whisper* Stellar~
  • BULLDOK: Eh oh eh oh B-U-L-L-D-O-K girl
  • Triple T: Hyoyeon, Min, Kwon...AND JYP!
  • And then K.A.R.D:
  • 1st song: It's K
  • 2nd song: A
  • 3rd song: R
  • a bonus bc we all love it:

Junjin spotted on Instagram:

hyoungjunp: #박콧털 #알바 #신화 #전진 정도는 써줘야하는거아냐~ ㅋ 동생고생한다고 도와주는 충재형~인줄 알았으나 ㅎ 이래야 너랑술을빨리마실꺼아냐~라 말하는형 #이쁜술집 #분위기좋은술집 #여자들이좋아하는술집 #논현맛집 #강남맛집 #한국식이자카야 #한식 #맛스타그램 #먹스타그램 #럽스타그램 #다이어트 #diet #sexy #grey #hiphop #dance #fashion #model #ootd #daily #tattoo #party #클럽 #친구 #macho

hyoungjunp: #박콧털 #홍보 #대사 #신화 #전진 #박충재 #살충재 #형 #이쁜술집 #한식 #맛스타그램 #먹스타그램 #럽스타그램 #다이어트 #diet #sexy #grey #hiphop #dance #fashion #model #ootd #daily #tattoo #party #클럽 #친구 #macho

I was tagged by @1runw1thwolves212. Rules: list 10 songs you’re vibing and tag 10 mutuals (I’m sorry I can’t, @1runw1thwolves212 tagged most of my mutuals)

Warning: There will be a large amount of Kpop (BTS mostly) in my list.

  1. Baepsae by BTS (English names: silver spoon and crow-tit (a type of small bird))
  2. Blood, Sweat and Tears by BTS. (Sexiness aside, this song is pretty darn amazing without taking into consideration the MV)
  3. Spring Day by BTS. (Literally one of the sweetest songs I have ever heard, and I’d already listened to entry 8 on my list)
  4. The Last by Agust D. (Seriously makes me feel so much I can’t even function)
  5. We Don’t Talk Anymore cover by Jungkook of BTS. (His voice is amazing)
  6. Playing With Fire by Blackpink. (Ikr finally a not BTS song)
  7. Eusha! Eusha! by Shinhwa. (Omg so cute and old, the music video makes me smile like an idiot)
  8. Memory by Shinhwa. (First time I saw the MV I cried, okay! It’s just so feelsy and was the song that made me fall in love with Shinhwa and opened my eyes to Kpop)
  9. Venus and This Love by Shinhwa. (Okay, cue the cheating. I can’t decide between them and I’m pretty sure I heard somewhere that This Love is a sort of sequel to Venus. So sue me, I’m cheating)
  10. Brand New by Shinhwa. (Mostly because it’s catchy af and for some reason Dongwan just looks so attractive to me in the MV)

@Regrann from @ullys_kim - 2000.09.02 All your dreams

#신화 #shinhwa #3th #음악캠프 #allyourdreams
#에릭 #이민우 #김동완 #신혜성 #전진 #앤디

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Coffee Truck for Dongwan & Cyrano’s cast:

Musical_cyrano’s twitter:

Kim Dong Wan Cyrano, Thanks to the doubled stuff and start practicing hard again!  Thank you 🍖& ☕️. Thanks❤️
Thank you to Hong Woo-jin Le Bret. You have been a daily lively correspondent.

musical_jinwoo: 뮤지컬 시라노의 동완시라노 서포터~~~~^^
잘마시고 잘먹을게요! 형!!! 근데 형 솔로 데뷔 10주년!!! 진짜 축하해요 형!!!
#신화 #김동완 #솔로대뷔10주년 #김동완서포터즈 #김동완서포터즈x느낌굿 #스테이크 #카페차 #뮤지컬 #뮤지컬시라노 #뮤지컬배우 #뮤지컬배우김동완 #신화김동완

musical_jinwoo: 동완형! 사랑해요 잘먹을게요!!!!^^ #신화 #김동완 #솔로대뷔10주년 #김동완서포터즈 #김동완서포터즈x느낌굿 #스테이크 #카페차 #뮤지컬 #뮤지컬시라노 #뮤지컬배우 #뮤지컬배우김동완 #신화김동완

musical_jinwoo: 스테이크!!!!김동완 짱!!!!!! #신화 #김동완 #솔로대뷔10주년 #김동완서포터즈 #김동완서포터즈x느낌굿 #스테이크 #카페차 #뮤지컬 #뮤지컬시라노 #뮤지컬배우 #뮤지컬배우김동완 #신화김동완

A post shared by 커피와그랬대 (@coffeegreate) on May 25, 2017 at 9:01pm PDT

coffeegreate: #예쁜구름을품은하늘
#김동완서포터즈 #느낌굿 분들께서
뮤지컬 #시라노 연습실로
#커그 #커피차 #섬머스페셜세트 #팥빙수
#생과일스무디 #수제그릭요거트 #스테이크 #간식 #선물 #머그컵 #수제청 #슈가쿠키
기타 등등 현장에 대형마트를 차리심bbb

솔로데뷔 10주년 맞으신 #김동완 배우님을 위해 정말 겁나 엄청나게 준비해 주셨답니다
컵홀더까지 제작해 오시고!👍👍👍
배우님, 정말 팔순까지 겁나 정정하셔야 하실듯😄
커그도 응원드려요~
그리고 10주년도 축하드려용😙

A post shared by 커피와그랬대 (@coffeegreate) on May 25, 2017 at 9:22pm PDT

coffeegreate: #김동완 솔로데뷔 10주년 축하
#시라노 연습실 서포트
인성갑bbbb 김동완♥배우님♥
젠틀젠틀 꿀다정♥ 넘나 멋지심요❤️❤️❤️
김동완!!김동완!! 연호하시는 배우님들bbbb
지금껏 했던 수많은 #커피차 서폿 중
손꼽을만큼 신나는 현장입니다
#어마무시 #김동완 #forever👍👍👍👍

A post shared by 커피와그랬대 (@coffeegreate) on May 26, 2017 at 5:12am PDT

coffeegreate: #예쁜미소를품은동완
#동완이와함께한 #행복한시간
#김동완서포터즈 #느낌굿 분들께서
#뮤지컬 #시라노 연습실로
#커그 #커피차 #섬머스페셜세트 #팥빙수
#생과일스무디 #수제그릭요거트 #스테이크 #간식 #선물 #머그컵 #수제청 #슈가쿠키
기타 등등등 👏👏👏
뭔가 굉장히 포근하고 따스함 가득한 멋진남자♥ 김동완배우님이십니다♥♥
오늘 센스쟁이 팬분들께서 컵홀더 제작부터 나열하기도 힘들만큼 간식부터 선물까지 정말 엄청나게 준비해 주셨는데요👍👍👍 선물 때문이 아니라ㅋㅋ 보시기 전 저 멀리 건물안에서 부터
배우님들 우르르 나오시는데 누가 먼저라고 할 것 없이 다 함께 김동완!김동완!! 우렁차게
연호해 주셔서 커그 완전깜놀ㅋㅋ
힙합 콘서트장인줄ㅋㅋ
다른 배우님들 사이에 김배우님♥ 어마무시한 인기의 비결이 동완님의 따스한 인간미라는 것을 알기까지 그리 오랜 시간이 필요치 않았답니다ㅎ
한 눈에 뵙기에도 #대인배 김동완bbb 배우님들과 격없이 어울리시는데 뭔가 굉장히 고품격이시며
젠틀젠틀 자연스럽게 온 몸에서 뿜어져 나오는 동완님의 향기? 포스 아우라?!
왠지 대부같은 느낌적인 느낌bbbbb
범접할 수 없는 배우님의 품격이 느껴져서
오늘 첨 김배우님을 영접한 커그, 그저 감탄사만 외쳤다는bbbbbb
배우님♥ 아아 연하게 #시퍼보틀 에 시원하게 가득 담아 드렸는데요
놀라시며 고마워 하시고 다른 배우님들과 동완님♥ 예전 댄스영상 보시며
이야기꽃도 피우시고ㅎ 넘 즐거워 해주셔서
빌딩숲이라 그늘지고 바람까지 세게 불어
밖에 서 있기 추운 날씨였는데요,, #수제팥빙수 와 #수제그릭요거트
한 분이 주문하시더니 맛있다고 금새 소문이 나서ㅋ 딸기빙수까지 많이들 드셨어요ㅎ
대형마트를 옮겨 오신 것 처럼 어마무시한 서폿시전해 주신 애정 넘치시는 팬분들♥
쌀쌀한 날씨에 정말 수고 많으셨구요:)
커그 믿고 맡겨 주시고 김동완배우님♥
모시게 해 주셔서 감사합니다:)
맛있게 드셔 주시고 즐건서폿 될 수 있도록 시종일관 우렁찬 함성으로 함께 달려 주신 에인절 #시라노 팀
정말 감사했구요bbb
멋진 공연 좋은 성과 기대할게요!!
그리고 누구보다 눈부시게 빛나셨던
김동완 배우님♥ 지금껏 그래오셨던 것 처럼 앞으로의 10년도 더할나위 없이
멋진 시간, 행복만 가득한 시간되시길
격하게 응원드려요♥
#사람이먼저다👍👍👍 #진짜사나이 #눈부신남자
#완전멋진 #김동완 #forever

A post shared by Sung jin_ (@iris_lovej) on May 26, 2017 at 4:46am PDT

iris_lovej: 정말 넘치는 사랑 받으면서 연습하고 있습니다 ~~^^
동완이형 솔로 10주년 축하해요!!!
형 팬분들이 보내주신 커피차와 무려…스테이크카!!!.

#2017 #일상 #시라노 #cyrano #김동완 #솔로10주년 #축하 #👍

A post shared by Sung jin_ (@iris_lovej) on May 26, 2017 at 4:48am PDT

iris_lovej: 동완이형 덕분에 가스콘부대 신났습니다 ㅋㅋㅋ
너무 잘 먹었습니다!!
#2017 #시라노 #cyrano #가스콘

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Daily (mini) Reco Entry 1249: Friday, May 26, 2017, AM

Wild Eyes, originally by 신화 (Shinhwa), covered by SEVENTEEN (“세븐틴”)


[#앤디] #달콤하고_귀여우신_앤깨비 VCR 현장 비하인드3, 앤디가 감동받은 책의 정체는?
불금에도 #앤디_하세요
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these adorable men <3

First thing first. I don’t generally listen to KPop.But I really really do like Shinhwa.
This is the part of my life that includes Shinhwa.
Shinhwa waa huge and still gives out an impact in the world of KPop.
You think EXO and BTS are huge,like never seen before?
Then, you have missed out that time when Shinhwa was huge. They and Rain first broke through Asia.
I mean, they made the path for the junior groups to ease into the Asia market, and than to wider world.
I first heard aboutthem in 2006, I think. I was about 13 and my friends in school were completely crazy about them. They played Shinhwa’s songs and hung the posters in their room, put tiny photo portraits in their pen boxes and in their schook bags. The success of drama Phoenix helped the impact.
The drama about Nine-tailed fox with JunJin was also a hit in my country.
I wonder how things would turn out if social media was available like today. It’d be a storm.
I think I stayed away from things that are potentially obssess-friendly.
Because I focused on study, I didn’t pay much attention to music. But my impression on Shinhwa was already huge.
So, after high school and before starting my fresh year in med school, it’s 2009 and Shinhwa was already startes their mandatory military service.I remembered some of my friends getting depressed, which I laughed at (very unkind of me).
I was a regular viewer of Arirang channel and they have that K Pop programme, and that s where I found the Chair dance of Wild Eyes. A very attractive girl group covered Wild Eyes. They showed some clips of Shinhwa’s original choreography before showing the cover, and I was hooked.
I never knew that they were this good.
Anyway, there came 2012 and Venus came out. It’s a pity that I was very busy with my studies and only knew Venus, and for the first time in many years, I like a K Pop song. both musically and visually.But their album was not available in my country (I like CDs because I can listen in the car)
Also, I was obssessed with Taylor Swift at that time (Still do.). So, I didn’t give much thoughts into Shinhwa, apart from the knowledge that I truly like them.
Then. I missed out 2013 The Classic and 2015 WE because of the studies and my internship (I couldn’t even listen to music properly). But I happened to be able to catch their performance in KCon 2015 in LA, which I like, very very much.
I graduated in 2016 and started to have time for Social media and youtude videos and everything I neglected due to my studies.
Two months ago, I stumbled upon a video clip named BTS version of Perfect Man (Shinhwa). I know BTS and EXO (who wouldn t in an Asia country with K Pop obssession) and have friends who are huge fans, which is a telling that I have seen their music videos and live performances, which I m sorry to tell to my friends, I don’t like them. I don’t even like Big Bang.SNSD is the only K Pop group I occasionally checked out for, but I don’t like all their singles.All their music videos are fantastic and good, but they don’t hook me with just listening.
Of course I checked the original Perfect Man. And luckily. Shinhwa performed Perfect Man and Brand New in KBS gayo festival. I was obssessed and am still obssessing with Shinhwa today.
Worse, I checked Shinhwa Broadcast and now, I’m crazy about them.

Shinhwa's Eric and actress Na Hye Mi hold private wedding photo shoot

Shinhwa’s Eric and actress Na Hye Mi have reportedly already held their wedding photo shoot in private.

The couple’s photo shoot was held in Seoul on May 18. Na Hye Mi looked beautiful in a wedding dress while Eric demonstrated his manly posture.

The set was a rather relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere as Eric made his new bride laugh with his humorous and witty charm.

Meanwhile, the two began dating in 2013 and are looking to tie the knot at a church in Seoul with the attendance of family and close relatives this July.

Source: allkpop