Another personal fav Oscar award winning Shinhwa film.

Villain Kim Dongwan is an A+ but BABY baby bird kills me.


I know it’s been only 3 weeks that I know these guys. But really.really. I really love them!!!

and I can’t wait for their show in vapp!!! it’s going to be 2d1n camp, right?!

btw, I love their resolver, eusha-eusha, t.o.p, wild eyes, Hey come on, perfect man, brand new, venus, this love, sniper, touch. Any other recommendations for a newbie like meee?????

I decided to try this out and ??? I’m in love with it???

And can we talk about how amazing Hyesung looks?? It’s a little blurry, but he’s still working it

(Dat pose tho)

I was tagged by @sassysavagesanha (thanks you little shit) to spell out my url with Kpop songs.

So without further ado, here I go!

E - Error by Vixx
A - Angel by EXO
T - Tt by Twice
S - Save Me by BTS
L - Liar Liar by Oh My Girl
E - Eyes, Nose, Lips by Taeyang
E - Evanesce by Super Junior
P - Perfect Girl by Monsta X
B - Blood, Sweat, and Tears by BTS
R - Rainism by Rain
E - El Dorado by EXO
A - Aing by Oh My Girl
T - Trespass by Monsta X
H - Hard Carry by Got7
E - Evening Sky by Ailee
K - Knock Knock by Twice
P - Perfect Man by Shinhwa
O - Overdose by EXO
P - Playboy by EXO

I tag anyone who wants to do it! ✌

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Song stuck in your head: NCT 127 -  Heartbreaker

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When did your blog reach its peak: Idk tbh in 2014? I was close to 10k but then I decided to take a break and change my blogging style, because I wasn’t happy anymore. I lost about 2k followers but that’s okay, because I enjoy blogging like this way more than before.

Do you have any other blogs:My first blog.. and I have no acces to it anymore and I am really sad about this..

Do you get asks regularly: I used to, but now I am not

Why you chose your URL: I had a kpop url for most of the time and I still love it, but I wanted my current url to be personal so I changed it into the english meaning of my real name

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Shinhwa's V Live +

It’s nearly the end of February so where is this show? I don’t have VLive+ or at least I think I don’t, that is the paid service right? I assumed that screen caps and things would be out or Shinhwa Company would announce it when it comes out, so I’m guessing it’s not released yet… But where is it? Shouldn’t it be released by now?


Shinhwa’s Instagram Update:

Oranges 🍊See you in Daegu this week~

Cr: hearts_shinhwa(eng-trans)

anonymous asked:

11:44 am . I'm happy that I have the same birthday as Kang Ha Neul & I'm wondering what other Korean celebrities have the same birthday. I'm also happy about them having the same birthday month for example Rap monster & J Hope .

Happy birthday anon!! ❤️🎉I loved Kang Ha Neul in Angel Eyes! One of my favorite dramas! He fit so perfect for the roll and did so great when he had to cry for his mother. I started to watch it for seungri but it ended up being a really great story line and I would watch it again! I know a few people who have bdays in February. Rose from BlankPink, 2pm Chansung, Ikon yunhyeong and jinhwan, jongup from BAP, Ravi from VIXX, NCT jaehyun, ERIC FROM SHINHWA!!! There’s many more but thats just to name a few. Also I feel happy too because I have the same birthday as Wonho!

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Tell me what time it is and what you are thinking

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Song stuck in your head: Jay Park - All I Wanna Do

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How many blankets do you sleep with: 4

Dream job: music promoter/ community worker

Dream trip: Thailand

Just watch me tag 20 blogs because there are actually so many ppl I want to get to know: everyone tbh 💕


About me falling for Shinhwa…

it feels like a dream, in more or less than 3 weeks after weekly idol episode, I already watched most of their variety show appearance in 2012 2013 and 2015 such as win-win, radio star, healing camp, and others. And SHINBANG! and for 1998-2011 I can only watch a little part of X man when they’re playing of course game.

And what can I say about them?

Eric : The leader, 4D. At first after watching them in 2 dramas, he really doesn’t appeal to me. For discovery of romance, I like sungjoon’s character more *but now i love kang tae ha moreeee*. And for AOHY, park dokyung’s like gloomy all the time and kinda ruining haeyoung’s life, so… nope. But then in 2017! finally! I can see his handsomeness, his coolness, his 4dness, his awkwardness, his dorkiness, his everything! And yup, I fall for you, Eric Mun~

Lee Minwoo : really tho, he’s usually not my type of guy. BUT! OUT OF NOWHERE! it was Shinhwa broadcast episode with Sistar, and minwoo’s paired up with Bora. They’re like shopping for their cooking and in the car Bora asked him “oppa, are you 34 this year?” and while chewing his gum, he answered “wae? do you want to marry me?” and i was likw “AGHHHH NOOOO WHY ARE YOU COOL WHILE TALKIN LIKE THAT LEE MINWOOOOOOOO!!!” And that’s why i fell for lee minwoo, kekekeke

Shin Hyesung : oh! he’s so shy and awkward and everything in 2012>, but why is he so easygoing in 1998-20xx? anywayyyy~ I love when all the members teasing his acting. His gun pose. BAMBAMBAMBAMBAMBAMAMBAMMMM. His appeunya?! Nadoo appeuda!!!!! making me ROFTLHSFKJSJBFJSGFHVW F. And his voice? don’t ask.

Kim Dongwan : ah… my kind of guy. his joke. his smile. his wrinkles. his everthing. ahhh, when i watched one way trip with junyeol, jisoo etc last year, he’s there too!!!

Junjin : he’s my kind of guy too. And his laugh is sooo authentic, I can even hear his laughs in my headdddd. He’s like the heart of shinhwa in variety/talk show appearance with his little lies, and i loveee them

Andy : uuuh, shinhwa’s baby ogu oguuuuu. My zomdy. There I already said it. My Zomdy