Shingeki no Kyojin

if Levi died

all the annoying fans who’re just reading the manga to watch him be OP will go away… 

they’ll rage quit and whine and then they’ll leave all huffy…

Say it’s ruined and there’s no point in reading it if Levi is dead. 

And they’ll leave the manga to those who actually care about the story and read it because they care about everyone and not just one Gary Sue. 


Lettelle is here again for this week’s video to tackle a popular YouTube challenge: the Girlfriend Does My Makeup tag! However, being cosplayers, we (of course) had to put a cosplay twist on it. xD She brought along her makeup kit and wig to turn me into one of her favorite characters to cosplay: Eren Jaeger from Attack on Titan!

Let us know which character (from my own cosplay closet) you’d like me to transform Emily into next time we see each other~! :DD