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Inkotober 24th: one dozen. Just twelve left alive (not sure about Ymir and Annie but- I WANT TO BELIEVE) I am not okay

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I agree with you about Ymir. It's a little frustrating that two of the most interesting women in the overall plot, Ymir and Annie, have been backgrounded for so long.

I personally think the most interesting female character is Historia, but as far as Ymir and Annie go, I’m probably not as frustrated by their absence as most people seem to be.

I’ve said it before, but Attack On Titan is definitely a ensemble cast story. Mikasa got her time in the Trost arc, Annie got her time in the Female Titan arc, while Armin was pretty on-the-side in the Clash Of The Titans arc and Eren wasn’t there for much of the Coup arc at all. Reiner and Bertholdt were entirely absent from the Coup arc and got a lot of time in the Shiganshina arc. Levi and Erwin didn’t get any extended character focus until the Coup arc and Shiganshina arc. Different characters become relevant in different times, the important thing is that their presence makes sense and is well-written.

Currently, Eren’s father finishing his story and Annie and Ymir becoming a focus again makes a lot of sense.

Ymir passed a letter to Reiner and is very important to some of the foundation stones of the story and getting Annie out of the crystal has benefits now, instead of potentially working against the Survey Corps.

Thinking about Ymir, while I wouldn’t be happy at all if her final prescence in the story is ultimately a letter, I would be pretty fine with it if her death would illustrate a point.

(Chapter 84)

This isn’t the only case, either. This also goes about Hange herself, Reiner, Eren, Mikasa and Grisha, as well. Grisha couldn’t move forward from his grief for his sister (which is why he is so interesting in the first place - whether he ended up repeating the cycle with Eren or not - his grief is very human and therefore the basis of his actions always has that human element). Perhaps this is also true for Annie, if her father really is dead.

I would prefer more Ymir and I know there will be a bunch of yelling about the story being homophobic if Ymir does end up being dead, but the important part here is what kind of connotation her death would have. Would it be to have Historia have a forced relationship with a guy? Then, that’s an issue! But for example, would it be to develop Historia and show her coping and moving forward from that? That’s great! No matter how much you twist it, as said before, Ymir is already an extremely important player just because she has a connection to the very foundation of the story’s plot and no matter which way her story is told and whether she dies, she will remain extremely important even after her death, if not for anyone else, then definitely for Historia.

I think Ymir’s death would definitely be one of the cruelest ones, too. She is endlessly important to Historia and it would definitely drive in the “anyone can die” aspect of the story.

At the same time, after what Ymir went through, would she go and die just like that, without a fight? Would she not remember that Historia told her to live for themselves? Perhaps she was offered to stay alive if she’s willing to work for the Marleyans?

Thinking back at how she was shown in the extra pages of chapter 50, chapter 66 and how Reiner treated handing over the letter it could be read both ways, too.

(Chapter 50 extra pages - knowing what we know now, this might just have a really sad connotation, especially looking at Bertholdt’s tears.)

I hope the Horse Titan is a separate Titan and she’s still alive, though.

Thank you for the ask!