• Titans
  • Erik Scerri (feat. Michaela Nachtigall & Stephan Wells)
  • Harmony of Heroes Final Smash

Tonight’s second VGM of the Day is Titans by Erik Scerri featuring Michaela Nachtigall and Stephan Wells. This song is my favorite from the Final Smash album. It’s a remix of the Xenoblade Chronicles main theme and a remix of the Gaur Plains daytime theme and it is fantastic!


Harmony of Heroes (the very big Super Smash Bros. Remix album released a few months ago) is getting an expansion album: Harmony of Heroes - Final Smash

You can get more details on the Harmony of Heroes facebook page ( but the main info is this: 

There will be 20+ New Tracks, with a focus on songs based on the Smash 4 newcomers (Mega Man, Punchout!, etc)! And, the album is due out around the end of the year!

Stay updated!

Facebook // Tumblr

( Download the 100+ tracks of the original Harmony of Heroes free here )

* the image above was taken directly from the facebook page


Harmony of Heroes - From the Depths (Metroid) - Theophany ft. Laura Intravia

(Video source)

(Harmony of Heroes)

Celebrate 30 years of the Metroid franchise here at Radio Nintendo! Right now we have a 24 hour radio stream featuring music from the games plus arrangements and remixes from fans around the world. And coming soon we have a show that will also promote the many awesome fan projects, communities and relevant content in an effort to share relevant content to our listeners.

We have additional live shows planned for the future where we hope to bring in special guests and focus positively on Metroid entering its 30th year. Stay tuned to Radio Nintendo and our social media accounts for more information!

You all really need to check this out, as it’s a fantastic way to get your Metroid music fix!

Listen to the music directly on the site, or download this playlist to listen to it on a music player of your choice.

The cover art to the fan album Harmony of a Hunter: 101% Run, containing fantastic remixes of music from every game in the Metroid franchise.  Find out more at!

Defending Corneria
  • Defending Corneria
  • Sean Haeberman
  • Harmony of Heroes

Today’s VGM of the Day is Defending Corneria from the Harmony of Heroes fan album.

With the major success of both Harmony of a Hunter albums. This album was created to celebrate the music of the Super Smash Brothers series. This album covers music from Smash 64 all to the way to Smash 4 ranging from digitally produced music to live orchestrations. This album is the perfect tribute to the Smash series as a whole and it’s the best in the “Harmony of” series so far.

Coming up is the download link for this fantastic album. There’s even the option to download the music entirely or by series as well in mp3 and Flac format. There’s even artworks for each of the series involved that are very wallpaper worthy.



We are happy to announce our brand new album


An album celebrating the music of Super Smash Bros, coming in 2014


Gravity by Theophany

Far and away my favourite track from Harmony of a Hunter: 101% Run. So much to dig about this thing, not the least the well-placed sound effects.

Download it and the rest at Shinesparkers!


Harmony of Heroes - Preview Trailer

From the makers of the Harmony of a Hunter Metroid remix album…

Harmony of Heroes: A Super Smash Brothers Remix album! This will feature rearrangements of both original ‘Smash’ songs and some of the various Nintendo tunes represented in the series. This is only a small preview of what’s to come, and the album won’t be out until sometime in 2014. Still… get hyped, and if you’re into that kind of thing keep yourself updated with the facebook page!


Harmony of a Hunter - Desperation (Metroid 25th Anniversary) (by Mozzaratti)

Another of my favourites from Harmony of a Hunter.


Vomitron- Doppelganger

from Shinesparkers’ Harmony of a Hunter: 101% Run


Path of Ruin - Darkesword

Remix of Chozo Ruins


We have just released our second trailer to our Super Smash Bros fan-arrangement album, Harmony of Heroes! Please check it out and let us know what you think!
Download | Harmony of a Hunter

Harmony of a Hunter - A Metroid Arrangement Album 

Again, not OCReMix exactly. Again, very cool and worth it and related to the Metroid 25th Anniversary. There’s a lot of work that went into this album, and they eventually released another album, Harmony of a Hunter 101%, which had even MORE content. I’ll get to that later. But in 2011, it was just the original, and that was enough - two discs, 36 tracks, and a truckload of artists and styles to sample from. Something for everybody!

The original album is at the bottom of the following page, and you’ll easily see 101% at the top if you don’t want to wait for my post about it (seriously though it’s great check it out)

[Released 8/9/2011]


Altar of Aether (by FluteLink)