• Titans
  • Erik Scerri (feat. Michaela Nachtigall & Stephan Wells)
  • Harmony of Heroes Final Smash

Tonight’s second VGM of the Day is Titans by Erik Scerri featuring Michaela Nachtigall and Stephan Wells. This song is my favorite from the Final Smash album. It’s a remix of the Xenoblade Chronicles main theme and a remix of the Gaur Plains daytime theme and it is fantastic!

  • robin: hey samus,i've got this problem and i was wondering-
  • samus: screw attack
  • robin: no,but if-
  • samus: shinespark
  • robin: well-
  • samus: zero laser
  • robin: do you know any way to solve your problems that doesn't involve blowing up an entire planet
  • samus: well i was orphaned at the age of 3,trained and modified into a perfect warrior by bird people,and have forged no meaningful attachments in my life save those built upon the value of my physical abilities.
  • robin: ...
  • samus: so no

Harmony of a Hunter - Desperation (Metroid 25th Anniversary) (by Mozzaratti)

Another of my favourites from Harmony of a Hunter.


We have just released our second trailer to our Super Smash Bros fan-arrangement album, Harmony of Heroes! Please check it out and let us know what you think!


Vomitron- Doppelganger

from Shinesparkers’ Harmony of a Hunter: 101% Run


Path of Ruin - Darkesword

Remix of Chozo Ruins


Altar of Aether (by FluteLink)


Because the first Harmony of a Hunter album was too awesome stop there…


Like Metroid? Love Metroid music? You might just like our second preview to our upcoming expansion Harmony of a Hunter: 101% Run!

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the enemies in Shooting Star are all a group of intergalactic PMCs called the Black Star Fleet. if i were to sum up the organization in a sentence i’d call them ‘cutthroat cyborg dino-pirates’ but that sounds goofy, so let’s pretend like i never actually said that and that these guys are intimidating

that said at ground level the black stars are a fuckin terror; even jobby mcplasma-defender here has tactics that involve gunfire barrage combos and later in the game he’ll suddenly, without warning, start jumping twice his height into the air and just fuckin sit there in space to get different angles on you. they’re nuts

dont let that stop you from punching him in the dick, though. lots of your moves have either armor or out-and-out invulnerability. shinespark and the first couple frames of your dashes come to mind

(do dinosaurs have dicks?)

these bigger guys are less like the good ol axe soldiers from armored dove and are closer to their own thing where they’re just a raw more dangerous enemy then their goon compatriots. if one is after you, you have to fight him, or else you’ve got an enemy with a rush attack (it actually is remarkably similar to your own shinespark) that can hit from miles away

he’s not very midbossy- he’s actually just a normal enemy type, designed to allow for a greater variety of challenges when used with the other enemy types. the trick to fighting him- spoilers, by the way- is, because he has so much health but is very easily interrupted with even the weakest attack, is to nick him with one of your multihit air attacks while you dive over a crowd

he basically works on shark rules; if you get him right on the nose he’ll get all worried and panic a little bit and suddenly reconsider his choice of action. once that happens, you can take the opportunity to strike

by the way, the sound he makes is exactly the sound you want him to make: an 8 bit recreation of that one hanna-barbera scooby doo sound effect. you know, the one that’s all scabba-da-dabba-da-dabba-da-zooOOOM