Look at Suho doing it right. Older groups PAVED THE WAY and now their juniors keep spreading k-pop. So i would appreciate if SOME PEOPLE AND FANDOMS would stop trying to ruin Super Junior’s come back. These legends are paving the way to the latin market for YOUR FAVS so chill … 😊

Suho 👌🏻 good boy 😇

SHINee’s Key Confirmed To Make Solo Debut

Key is making his solo debut!

On October 11, industry representatives reported that the SHINee member is in the final stages of preparation for his solo debut.

In response, his agency SM Entertainment confirmed, “Key is preparing a solo album aimed for November.”

The release will be Key’s first solo album since his debut with SHINee in 2008.

What kind of music are you looking forward to hearing from Key?