On G-Dragon's Shine A Light Concert before singing 1 year station he said this... "When I was 13, I had a young thought of wanting to do music and not just singing, and so when I stood on stage three years ago with my precious 4 friends, in the name of Big Bang. And lastly 8.18.09 when my first single album was released. Every single moment was valuable and precious to me too, but I have never been nervous and happy like this year. I usually don't cry on stage, it's because I always wanted to show you that I am happy. I didn't want you to feel bad, and worry about me. So I always cried alone, but when I see that so many of you came to see me, it makes me forget the hard times, and gives me strength, thank you. I am expecting the 10 years which I will show in the future, more than the 10 years I've spent. If you keep waiting for me in the same place, I will also prepare a worthy gift and come to meet you again. Will you wait for me? I've done this yesterday too, and they were good. You just need to follow me. Oath. I will wait for you."


  • someone:tell me about yourself :)
  • me:my name's pauline i live alone my husband left my kids are grown in the sixties love was free that did not work out well for me the revolution came and went tried to change the world barely made a dent i have struggled with despair i've joined a cult chopped off my hair i chant i pray but god's not there SO STEVE I'M ENDING OUR AFFAIR
  • someone:...are you okay