夫はお医者さま~新堂先生は変態です~ (Otto wa isha-sama 〜Shindou-sensei wa hentai desu〜)

Kzentertainment has announced another CD to be added to their lineup! In this volume, you are the wife to a surgeon (and you were formerly his coworker nurse).

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

Although your husband, 瞭 (Ryou), behaves rather recklessly when it comes to you, and despite the fact that you are often surprised by him, you both have gotten along as husband and wife, and have had a happy life together as a married couple.

One day, after Ryou has to suddenly depart for a business trip, you go to take his luggage to him, but Ryou doesn’t let you go back home immediately—?

CV: ルネッサンス山田 (Maeda Takeshi)

Release Date: October 29th, 2016.

So Shindou has been making quite an impression on the fandom. I wanted to show off the kanji for his name so we can start speculating about his quirk.

His name is written with 真堂. 真 (Shin) means “truth” or “genuine.” It can also be an abbreviation for 真打 (shinuchi) which means “star of the show,” or “headliner.” 堂 (Dou) means “temple” or “shrine.” The word 堂々(doudou) can range in meaning from “confident” to “impressive” to “brazen.”

So make of that what you will! Personally I have no idea what Shindou’s quirk will likely do. But, I will say this: I doubt those handshakes are merely an enthusiastic greeting. What do you guys think his quirk can do?



(sorry for butchering it into three parts but it’s the only way you can see it properly here, please click to see details and all!!)

I will have this available as a poster at cons, but it is also available at my Society6! 

This took me forever but I really wanted to draw a big fanart tribute to inago’s two final seasons. Inazuma will always have a special place in my heart<3

#Shindou My impression after reading BnHA chapter 104. Darn I was so curious ‘bout his quirk that made him wear such exposed costume. Turn out it has totes not thing to do with it. It’s such an amazing and powerful quirk too. I like him so much already (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

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