There they are. Cannot believe Shishikura has lavender hair. lmao

Look at this nerd HAHAHA! (He also likes vegetables. I would imagine he got sick with meat because of his Quirk).

confirmed i k e m e n

Okay seriously here’s the images of the Volume 12 omake:

And some translations I did:

Power Loader

  • 埋島干狩 - Maijima Higari
  • He likes cars.
  • Quirk: Iron Claws

Ms. Joke

  • 福門笑 - Fukukado Emi
  • She likes comedy.

Yoarashi Inasa

  • He likes passion/hot blood. lol (literally 熱血)
  • His costume makes him really look a great man.
  • It’s difficult to draw!!

Shindou You

  • He likes fishing.
  • He’s an ikemen! (a cool and handsome guy by definition)
  • Hori wanted to try having an ikemen (in the story). But he didn’t know how to define an ikemen, so he thought very hard how to make one, and concluded that if the guy has a cool hairstyle, that also makes him a cool guy. And it took him 5 minutes to reach that conclusion.

Shishikura Seiji

  • He likes vegetables. lmao
  • Personally, I (Horikoshi) like him very much.
  • His Quirk can get a little grotesque.
  • I want to draw a meat-lump, warm-hearted comedy following the daily life of Shishikura.


  • 目良善見 - Mera Yokumiru
  • He likes sleeping.
  • A working person chased by hard work. Hang in there! Let’s hang in there!!

Inazuma GO - Character Names

As every Inazuma fan knows, many characters in the series are given names that specifically relate to their personality or physical appearance. I’d like to talk about my interpretation of some of the most prominent GO characters. I’m going to order them from easiest to most difficult to write based on stroke count (if same number of strokes, I’ll order them based on difficulty of kanji), and also include how common their last names are in Japan in real life using their specific kanji. Names will be written in the order: family name, given name.

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