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There they are. Cannot believe Shishikura has lavender hair. lmao

Look at this nerd HAHAHA! (He also likes vegetables. I would imagine he got sick with meat because of his Quirk).

confirmed i k e m e n

Okay seriously here’s the images of the Volume 12 omake:

And some translations I did:

Power Loader

  • 埋島干狩 - Maijima Higari
  • He likes cars.
  • Quirk: Iron Claws

Ms. Joke

  • 福門笑 - Fukukado Emi
  • She likes comedy.

Yoarashi Inasa

  • He likes passion/hot blood. lol (literally 熱血)
  • His costume makes him really look a great man.
  • It’s difficult to draw!!

Shindou You

  • He likes fishing.
  • He’s an ikemen! (a cool and handsome guy by definition)
  • Hori wanted to try having an ikemen (in the story). But he didn’t know how to define an ikemen, so he thought very hard how to make one, and concluded that if the guy has a cool hairstyle, that also makes him a cool guy. And it took him 5 minutes to reach that conclusion.

Shishikura Seiji

  • He likes vegetables. lmao
  • Personally, I (Horikoshi) like him very much.
  • His Quirk can get a little grotesque.
  • I want to draw a meat-lump, warm-hearted comedy following the daily life of Shishikura.


  • 目良善見 - Mera Yokumiru
  • He likes sleeping.
  • A working person chased by hard work. Hang in there! Let’s hang in there!!


Just… why?! This anime didn’t need a couple or shoujo shit!! When Shindo was leaning towards Saraka i really was screaming NO PLS DON’T DO IT MAN NOO but then… i t  h a p p e n e d !!!

First thing: Shindo never showed romantic feelings towards Saraka, so this is bullshit! I really don’t get it… why add this stupid moment in a series who didn’t need this?

Second: if they really wanted to add a couple in this anime they should developed it. That one episode where Shindo and Saraka went out helped us to know Saraka’s point of view on zaShunina, but Shindo wasn’t in love with her, and now that he (apparently) is we don’t know what he likes about her;

AND, (fujoshi desires asideI think the fandom could appreciated more a “romantic” relationship (even if, again, this anime don’t need it) between Shindo and zaShunina ( and in my opinion, that would made the final confrontation more interesting), 

-but noooo, let’s made Shindo and Saraka in love for no reason!!

Uhm, okay, aside that… the episode was pretty ok, and showing at the end Kado absorbing everything was surely surprising, as well as the corpses of Shindo’s clones that zaShunina created: I think he maybe created them after the first Shindo’s clone, trying to search one that can replace the original, but obviously that didn’t work.

I really liked the last part of the episode, when Shindo shows up to zaShunina to talk and-

-really, my heart exploded: this shows how zaShunina is attached to Shindo and how lonely he was without him; I know, I know, maybe I’m just seeing it with my fangirl’s eyes, but It doesn’t matter if he is in love with Shindo or not (even if in this show, everyone seems in love with him lol), but this scene really warmed my heart. 

-And yes, I still hope for a happy ending.