24.03.15 」「shindong’s enlistment
           ↳ words can’t even begin to describe how proud of you i am. you have worked so hard and come so far. you’ve put up with so much hate and so much ridicule that i cant even imagine how hard it must be for you. yet you still push through, every day, working harder and harder, showing more and more people just how talented you are, just how wrong they we’re to ever underestimate you. yes, there were times when it got a little too overwhelming, a little too much to handle and you thought about giving up on your dream, but you fought through it. you fought through all the ‘fan’ hate aswell as all your own self loathing and showed the world the real you, the real shin donghee. you help with choreography for your own group as well as other groups. you run two successful businesses and manage a dance troupe. you are a member of one of the worlds biggest pop group. you are a singer, dancer, rapper, choreographer, dj, host, mc, actor & a comedian. you work yourself into the ground just to help others achieve their dreams. you have 14 brothers who love you and thousands of fans who adore you. you are more than just the ‘chubby guy’ of kpop. you are brave, tough, ambitious, aspiring, determined and committed. you are shin donghee. you are my inspiration. 신동희, 사랑해요♥


Faces of Shin Donghee
A guy with 100 faces and numerous talents. The group’s mood maker, main/lead dancer, a rapper, mc, gagman, choreographer, director. 
We love you because you’re Shindong, our love able teddy bear, and without you I can’t see super junior being the same. Remember ELF love you, the super junior member love you, your family loves you. Please comeback safely.


V`s face as he makes an imitation of an old man`s voice and shindong`s epic laugh :p


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Super Junior won #ChoiceInternationalArtist and ELF won #ChoiceFandom at Teen Choice Awards!