Shin Mazinger


That’s right! No matter what, no matter what I’ll bet my life on this single strike! That’s my way! The way of Kabuto Kouji!

Come! God Scrander! Open wing!




Behold this power! Rending the earth! Parting the sea! This fist is the genesis of all!

That’s right! That’s the way! Kouji, you are now surpassing the limits of humanity! Now, go!


New Chapter of Shin Mazinger Zero confirms that the manga version of Shin Mazinger Zero can become an omnipotent God. Basically Mazin Power has 7 levels

Level 1 regeneration
Level 2 eats up it’s enemies to become stronger.
Level 3 self Upgrade
Level 4 Precognition
Level 5 is Transformation ability (Big Bang Punch)
Level 6 is combines all possible realities into one singularity
Level 7 Majin, Mazinger loses control destroys universe after universe after universe. There you have it folks, the author of the manga made Mazinger Z the strongest being in existence

There you have it, a Machine that can beat anything from Anime to Manga to… well anything! Shit’s more broken than Demonbane or Bellcross


It came out, right? “Super Robot Wars: Party In Jigoku”. Waa~ it’s so much gamesoft!! We’ve been busy. Therefore, let’s discuss the ways of various lovely robot friends. It’s first our good friend. “Majin Robot.”

This gamesoft’s “Majin Robot” is “Shin Majin Robot! BAM! Z Part”. Please enjoy “Burn it Up Kage-chan” Version.

Mazin Go!! You won the matchless power!! In arcade gamesoft.

In the first episode of Shin Mazinger, Boss says a line similar to this and I thought it was a cute gag.  Reading the original Mazinger Manga . , .  well, this scene happened in Volume 2 and pointed out to me that this was ALWAYS THE CASE!  Boss is just Boss.