Reason #578764359 to Stan CROSS GENE

That one time on Vapp when Seyoung was talking in English and he said he likes all men and then Casper called him gay and then Seyoung fucking lost it and was laughing so hard and in between laughs he was saying he wasn’t gay(still in English) while yongseok yelled in English “GAY FANS WELCOME” And sangmin in a low monotoned voice pointed at Seyoung saying “Gay.” Then Casper proceeds to read a comment saying “ Sangmin is a lesbian” Meanwhile Takuya was laying in Shin’s lap and they were about to make out at any moment and finally Casper puts the camera on them and says “Those two are the most gay.” Then Shin started to suck on Takuya’s neck. And Casper says “Those two do that all the time, we’re used to it” Then Takuya gets up and shows off his hot pink panties with a flamboyant pose. Seyoung ends the live stream with “We’re not gay.”