Scientists once had a favorite curb in Hayward, CA, but the city accidentally destroyed it. Geologists studied the curb because it lay on the Hayward fault line and was being pulled 4mm apart each year. They enjoyed observing this evidence of Earth’s shifting plates from the 1970s up until 2016, when the city finally decided to fix the sidewalk and unknowingly ruined it. Source

Please know that there is absolutely nothing stopping you from living a life you deserve,
Happiness should be the most abundant thing on this Earth, it should be the first thing to greet you in the morning, be exchanged between person to person walking down the street, around every corner, in every room, across all the shores of all the oceans and seeping from every single tree that grows from our Mother Earth.
We should all feel so unbelievably special as an individual, that we each wake up and wish to share our radiating love and light to it’s utmost potential.
There is beauty in each and every one of us that only each and everyone one of us possess in our own unique way,
Imagine if all of us were the same, how boring a planet we would call Earth..
Well unfortunately at the moment that’s what the case is, majority of us are sleeping, we think change is some impossible task to accomplish because ‘you’ll never find another job’ or 'you’re worried about moving’ or 'you won’t meet any new friends’ or have any faith in the universe taking care of you and your truest intentions anymore.

We are also constantly valuing the materialistic items we possess, who has the latest iPhone, who’s wearing the latest fashion 'trends’, the car you drive, buying a product purely because the logo has a celebrities name on it, how big the TV in the lounge room is, which animal your wearing over your shoulders, the list unfortunately goes on…
So with all of this validating towards the material world, where in the history of our kind did the value for our SELF worth go, especially from within?
No measurement of materialistic false happiness can equate to the amount of pure happiness attained without the falseness of materialism in ones lifetime,

Instead of going out and buying a pair of designer shoes for $1000 which only ends up feeding the ego’s hunger, you can go into a forest BAREFOOT ~ I capitalise barefoot because most of you are aware the Earth is made up of electrons, and our feet are one of four of our main power source intakes along with our hands. Earths electrons + bare feet equals positive intake to the human body.. and guess what it’s all for FREE. Self worth multiplies in the glory of the nature we’ve been gifted, happiness increases.
Spend money on the food thats the safest and most powerful form of medicine, your vegetables, fruits, sprouts ~ instead of spending it on the slowest form of poison, virus causing fast food / genetically modified products filled with nothing but chemicals.
Focus on the water you are drinking and buy a filter, Flouride is not a joke and the fact it can block off your pineal gland is something every single person deserves to know, yet majority don’t. Look up fluoride in water, look up how powerful your pineal gland can be in it’s purest form then put 2 and 2 together and wonder why governments would want such a damaging thing done to us..hmm makes you think right?
Sit in silence as you watch the Suns first unbelievably beautiful ray pop above the horizon and fill your body with warmth, feel the energy run through your veins ~ It’s incredible huh?
When you begin to get a grasp even in the slightest way how perfect our world has been designed, that the tiniest bug is a more perfect mechanism then any manufactured product made by man, colour of flowers that can’t be mimicked with a paint brush, Oceans roar and the cleanse of her liquid, oxygen provided by our forests is the purest intake we could ever taste and to think we as human beings who are only one species out of approximately 8.7 MILLION that call Earth home manage to chop down 55600 trees per MINUTE, we must put an end to the destruction of our main source of life we breathe.
Laugh until you cry, with those who you love with every single 37.2 TRILLION cells in your body, cry with those same loved ones until you laugh.

Our existence in this human form is way too short to be wasted on false happiness, you don’t need all of the rubbish thats shoved in your face everywhere you look, you are so unspeakably perfect how you are and always will be ~ the second you leave your mothers womb you are infinite, perfect, god-like, you are light and you are love ~

It’s time to let go of assuming you need to look a certain way because the Ad on TV told you so, it’s time to stop looking at the number which your body weighs along as your happy thats all that matters and at the end of the day it’s what shines through from within that means the most, it’s time to stop worrying about what this person thinks of you, it’s time to feel the gift of being alive and knowing everything you will ever need is within you and your soul, it’s time to share your happiness, it’s time for you to either be the change you dream to see now, or you can see yourself dreaming of the change you could’ve been later.. be brave in expressing yourself while you do it.

The moment you are in right this very second (which has already passed by the time you’ve read this sentance) can’t ever be lived again,
Appreciate the now, for this moment is just as perfect as any other that has ever been or will ever be.

Love ALWAYS wins.

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Advice for newly awakened ‘kin

You cannot choose to be otherkin - therian - fictionkin - etc. It comes all by itself.

When you have out-of-the-norm experiences, it’s more important to know what they mean for YOU than to try to find if they are “real” or not. Take time to think it through. It is of no use to argue with others to know who has the “truer” experiences because they all are subjective.

Do not enter the “spiritual vs psychological” debate because both path are valid.

Stay true to yourself and your experiences. Do not deny them but analyse them once you have cooled down. Take time to make space for them and live them in a safe space.

Keep a diary of your experiences. Store there all the useful information with their source. You never know what can be of use.

You cannot physically shift. Period.

What is the most important is not your kintype, but to find the word that reflects your experiences the best. If you are multiple so be it. If you have more than one kintype so be it. If you are other-hearted so be it. If you are fictionkin so be it.

Identity is not a fixed thing. You can change kintype with time, “gain” some, “loose” others. It’s normal.

Being otherkin - therian - fictionkin - multiple - etc. will never keep you from having a perfectly normal human life. It’s just going to be a bit more difficult.

If a label does not fit you, do not use it. If you want to create your own label for yourself, suit yourself. BUT, never try to change the already existing definitions!

Never try to “fit in” a label or archetype.

You will not get along with each and every otherkin - therian - fictionkin - etc. that you will meet. It’s normal. It’s okay.

Run away from trolls and haters. They are not worth your time and energy.

Juge people on their behavior, not their kintype.

Do not hesitate to speak up if somebody’s beliefs can put them in danger.

NEVER use your non humanity as an excuse to behave like an asshole.

You can still be otherkin - therian - fictionkin - etc. even if you do not have shifts, phantom limbs, dreams about your kintype, memories about being your kintype… What is important is your feeling of being non-human.

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