Serious stuff here guys...

Find a best friend:

Who you can talk to about absolutely everything.

Who you could call at two AM.

Who will cry with you.

Who will laugh with you.

Who laughs at the same stupid things you do.

Who will call you out on your shit when you need it.

Who laughs at your jokes and thinks you’re hilarious when no one else does.

Who genuinely wants to text you.

Who hates when they have to go hours without hearing your voice.

Who says things like “Suck it up buttercup” when it’s necessary.

Who makes your problems their problems.

Who coddles you when you need it.

Who is sarcastic as hell.

Who can cause havoc with you.

Who will push you to be your best self.

Who will give you tough love.

Who Celebrates you when you’re at your best.

Who loves you when you’re at your worst.

Who understands where you have been.

Who accepts you for where you need to go.

Who supports you unconditionally even if they don’t agree with you always.

Who makes you laugh till your stomach hurts.

Who you’d trust with your life. Who puts up with you when you’re a brat.

Who will stand up for you no matter how small the situation.

Who will make you strong when you are weak.

Who walks in your front door without knocking and makes themselves at home.

Who would go to the ends of the earth for you.

Who is more than a best friend their family. 

When you do: 

Hang on to them.

Keep them.


I cant believe a girl in a girl group just came out as bisexual this is so amazing and so wonderful and im so proud of Lauren and I’m just thinking of all the girls out there who are fans of fifth harmony being so unsure about their sexuality or being ashamed of it and lauren helping them and that’s so beautiful and wow im tearing up