luke is muke af..

ok yeah but warden qunari tho

warden qunari who find a purpose in the grey wardens where there were none in the qun. who believe in the grey wardens no matter what and do whatever it takes to accomplish their goal. 

warden qunari who still believe in the qun. whose mission is to learn more about the wardens and report back to the arishok or their superiors. who believes their place within the wardens and within the qun are one and the same.

warden qunari who find family within the wardens. who look at their comrades and think “brothers and sisters” even though they dont look the same at all

warden qunari who dread the deep roads. who fear the calling and the caves as much as any other warden in their ranks. 

warden qunari who give hope to the others in their group. who lead their fellow wardens and protect them and destroy the idea that the qunari are beasts who only want to invade and conquer

warden qunari

  • Ricky Whittle:*being bullied by JRoth* *Ricky's mom even speaks about it*
  • CL stans:protect ADC from blarkes,pls
  • Bellarke stans:*attack JRoth for shitty writing and NOT Alycia* *we stand with Ricky!*
  • CL stans:but protect adc :(

and finally uploaded! the AMAZING lauren patten (emily u/s) performing changing my major at the uswnt parade on july 10, 2015.