Curve Ball Time!

Sophia develops a crush on Jude when they meet again during the Father’s Day episode. Connor also attends with his father, and is happy his dad is starting to warm up to the idea of his only child being gay. Jude has yet to officially announce his sexuality to anyone, including his boyfriend. He and Sophia begin to talk and Sophia takes a liking to Jude, even though Callie may or may not have dropped the news that Jude is with a boy.

Connor not knowing this at all, sees Jude and Sophia hitting it off from afar and becomes distraught but isn’t vocal about it. Adam sensing his son is misinterpreting the situation because he was near Sophia and Jude, sits next to Connor and has a heart to heart conversation. He finally sees where and who the real Connor is, and that he was just doing what he did before to make him happy.

Adam feels remorse for what he put his son through and they have a private moment where Adam breaks down yet again on screen. Father and son begin to make amends as Adam realizes just how much his son cares for Jude, and how emotional he became over what he saw from afar. And understands how true Lena’s words were when she came to talk to him at the hospital several weeks earlier.

Connor meanwhile realizes that this is how Jude felt like all those times he was with Daria or wanted to hang out with Daria instead of him.

Things to do until The Fosters Season 3 June 8th Premiere

1. Read fan-fiction. There’s like 250+ stories just on Archives of Our Own. Dozens if not a couple hundred on Fanfiction.

2. Write fan-fiction on Jonnor or your other favorite ships. Hell, write new scenes and new characters if you want. Make it your own world.

3. Make cute gif-sets, simplified scenes (We love these at work!)

4. Come up with new theories, share your theories.

5. Make up scenes of your favorite characters about conversations you as a viewer of the show weren’t privy to.

6. At 42 days out, watch one single episode of The Foster’s each night in addition to the corresponding AfterBuzz episode. Here is the playlist for all The Fosters episodes.

7. If you’re a die hard shipper or lover of the show in general, over-analyze everything. A lot of easter eggs have been thrown at viewers, many of which are still undiscovered.

42 Days Remaining!

 Hello The Fosters Fans!

There are now 42 days remaining until the June 8th premiere of Season 3 of the beloved show we all just love to death, The Fosters! It’s now time yo watch a single episode of The Fosters each evening and the corresponding AfterBuzz recap video (playlist at the end of this post)! It’s going to be a super-fast 42 days, so hang in there!


Stef and Lena || Kisses Part 2