To Sherlollies out there (and I am purposefully not misspelling because I am actually wondering), I know most of you don’t expect Sherlolly to be canon. But, my question is, if Molly were in John’s place, would you? I was thinking last night about what if John and Molly switched roles. John is the pathologist in the lab and Molly is Sherlock’s partner. The stuff that has happened between Sherlock and John in the show instead happens with Sherlock and Molly. What if Sherlock restarted his heart bc she was in danger after Tom shot him? What if Sherlock googled Molly’s ex “friend”? What if Sherlock had a two inch thick file on Molly with a page where her head is pasted to the Birth of Venus? What if Sherlock looked up Molly’s birth certificate in order to find out her middle name? What if Molly planned her and Tom’s wedding but the whole time acting “terrified”? What if CAM threw Molly in a fire and Sherlock rescued her? What if CAM said “look how you care about Molly Hooper, your damsel in distress”? What if Sherlock left Molly’s wedding early looking super sad? What if Sherlock relapsed after she got married, like…would you all not read those things as romantic? And furthermore would you still not think sherlolly would end up being canon?

I guess my point is whether or not you think Johnlock will happen, we aren’t pulling these things out of our asses, they all canonically happened between these two men. All we are doing is not allowing the fact that they share the same gender keep us from reading typically romantic tropes as romantic.

Anyway I do often wonder about that, I mean you guys see Sherlock congratulating Molly on her engagement as romantic so like if he planned her wedding and then left it early looking devastated I wonder what you would think?

You don’t have to reblog if you don’t want I would be fine with DM as well. Thanks!

idk but I get the feeling that almost everyone who ships Johnlock now thinks it is okay to mock other people for shipping different things…
Going on like, Sherlock is obviously in love with John and only John, because Johnlock looks like it’s about to be canon which seems to automatically make every arguement for other ships invalid
idk but it makes me kinda sad

It’s funny that some of the fans (you know what I mean) don’t want Sherlolly to be canon because Molly is a non canon character but they want the destruction of the most canon relationship this story has, the Watsons. I mean they have been married for 126 YEARS.
So, in the end, it’s not a “respect the canon” thing but a “we want jxhnlock”

Entangled Part 2 - Can’t Walk Out

I figured today was a good day to post the final chapter of my mer!lock story. So there will be something sherlolly in the sherlolly tag that isn’t wank. The whole story is on here and ao3 here. Enjoy!

Two Years Later

Sherlock would never have dared to believe it, but there he was, witnessing the peace-binding between his people and the land-walkers of Molly’s tribe. A peace he’d never been interested in seeing between their two peoples until she came into his life - and glad he was of it, even if it had been only for a few, fleeting days. The happiest of his life, were he willing to admit to so frivolous an emotion. Molly’s act of mercy had caused him to return the favor to one of her tribesman, the man who stood on the shore opposite him - John Watson, a soldier and physician who had urged their new chief - Lestrade was his name - to speak to Sherlock’s brother Mycroft and try to bring an end to their war.

The actions of both men, as well as their words, had not fallen on deaf ears. Sherlock acknowledged John’s slight smile with a nod of his head as Mycroft and Lestrade clasped forearms, signalling that the peace-bonding was complete. Cheers erupted from both land and sea as the witnesses gave voice to their relief and happiness at this momentous occasion.

During the process he’d looked in vain for Molly, and afterwards, when he and John were free to speak to one another, he asked after her. Although he tried not to sound too eager - he’d never told John what had prompted him to come to his aid, keeping true to his promise to Molly - something in his voice or eyes must have given him away. John gave him a hard look, then a short bark of laughter as he shook his head. “It’s you,” he said, inexplicably to Sherlock. “You’re the one - of course it would be you, I should have known!”

“Known what?” Sherlock demanded, wishing - not for the first time - that he could turn his fins to legs in order to walk on land. In this case, he also wished to shake his friend into explaining himself, although he had a sinking feeling he already knew.

Sure enough, John’s next words confirmed that suspicion. “Molly Hooper had an…encounter…with a sea-dweller two years ago,” he said, pitching his voice low in case anyone was listening. Which was ridiculous, as everyone was too busy singing and drinking and feasting to care what they said. “That was you, wasn’t it.”

Sherlock nodded. “Is she here?” he asked, not bothering to hide his eagerness now that John knew the truth.

But the physician shook his head. “No, she’s not - and she’s not on the Death-Minder’s island anymore, either,” he added when Sherlock made as if to swim away.

“Why not? Where is she?”

“She was given an apprentice, and he’s taken over her role - Philip Anderson is his name. Not as good at the rituals as she was, but competent enough, I suppose,” John said. He sounded as if he doubted his own words, but Sherlock didn’t care about the apprentice, only about Molly, and said so in no uncertain terms.

“She’s been exiled,” John said bluntly. “By Magnussen, not by Lestrade.” The land-dweller’s former chief had been given over to the sea-dwellers for punishment when Lestrade, aided by Sherlock and John, had discovered that he had been the true reason for the war. He’d murdered  the envoy Mycroft had sent to broker a trade agreement, as well as one of his own tribesmen who had witnessed the killing, then blamed the sea-dweller for it all.

“Exiled? Because of me?” Sherlock was stunned; he’d not expected such ill news, and felt a surge of guilt and anger at having been the cause of any harm to the woman who counted, who meant so much to him no matter how brief their actual time together had been.

“Don’t worry,” John said, clearly mistaking his friend’s words as concern for himself. “She said nothing, told no one the name of her, erm, ‘friend’. And now, why, it matters not!”

Sherlock ignored John’s words. “Why hasn’t Lestrade lifted the exile?” he demanded, sending a dark scowl towards the silver-haired human seated comfortably on the breakwater and talking to Mycroft.

“He couldn’t, not until the treaty was formalized,” John told him. “But I know he intends to allow Molly to return, now that our people are truly at peace.”

“Where…” Sherlock started to ask but John was already speaking.

“It’s the northernmost island in the chain, the one shaped like a dolphin.” He gave his friend a sly smirk. “I’d offer to take you there, but I’ll warrant my boat won’t travel nearly as swiftly as your fins - after all, I’ve heard love lends speed to even the hardest of hearts!”

Sherlock gave an exaggerated sigh and eye-roll. “Yes, yes, John, your humor remains at the level I’d expect from a land-walker.”

John’s expression had become serious, but before he could do more than open his mouth to give voice to whatever warning he deemed it his duty to give - for surely such a relationship between their two peoples could have no good ending, or so Sherlock been cautioned often enough when his fascination with land-walkers had come to his brother’s attention - Sherlock had already disappeared beneath the waves.

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I made a Funko!Pop Molly Hooper late last year, but I was never happy with her skin tone (I’d had to make due with what I had on hand at the time).  I finally had enough free time to find something I hated a lot less and do a touch up.  What was supposed to be just a simple skin repaint turned into a full body refresh.  Anywho, here’s the redo final product. 

(Her head continues to defy all of my efforts to correct her unfortunate tendency to look downward, and I don’t want to risk damaging the paint by sticking her in a sink full of really hot water again so I’m just pretending she’s shy and avoiding eye contact.)

Removing the Mask

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Molly saw Sherlock cry three times. The third time was the worst.

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in seperate cages, dancing slow

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“There’s a pretty girl standing alone, Sherlock Holmes,” John said, looking pointedly toward the garden. “I think she might like to dance.”

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Series: Part 1 of The End of the World AU

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