Alright, kiddos. For those of you who haven’t seen the teaser (and I guess for fans who need to watch it repeatedly because of the feels), here is the first official Sherlock season 3 teaser.


About #SherlockR3VEALED

Sherlockology was informed in advance by the BBC of the intent to run a promotional trailer at the conclusion of the repeat airing of The Reichenbach Fall, and so with the blessing of Sherlock producer Sue Vertue devised a simple and mysterious countdown campaign to run across our social media sites. We launched with five pictures from Monday, with the expectation that it would countdown to the number 1 on Friday - instead, the final image revealed the time that The Reichenbach Fall would air, at 20:30BST in a deliberate confounding of those expectations. Still, it’s better than waiting an extra day!

 The campaign was entirely our own creation, with no involvement with the BBC itself, so what took us by surprise was the gigantic response everyone had to it, particularly the hashtag #SherlockR3VEALED, which ended up taking on a life of its own and (at the time of writing) has now surpassed over 12 million unique viewers worldwide on Twitter alone! That’s a lot of Sherlock fans!

We’re sorry we couldn’t really answer questions during the week (due to various issues of confidentiality) but we hope the brilliant teaser trailer is reward enough for the five days of guessing and speculation everyone has been taking part in using the hashtag. And we’ve a funny feeling #SherlockR3VEALED may return in some form in the future, so stay tuned!

I’m not sure whether it’s just the lighting/angle of this particular shot, but I was struck by how much Sherlock physically resembles his Series 1 self.  His face seems thinner, almost gaunt, and he’s got that ethereal, porcelain-doll-esque look to him.  He’s missing the sturdy/healthy/well-fed appearance of Series 2 Sherlock. He also somehow looks younger.

(Edit) I desperately hope this was a conscious decision to show how Sherlock suffered/did not take care of himself for three years.