I said I was not going to write about it, I didn’t say anything about drawing! Haha!

Honestly now, I was feeling so down regarding the anon hate, but I received SO MUCH LOVE from all of you after my post, from Johnlock shippers and non-shippers! Thank you guys so much for the support and you made my day so much better!

(This doodle is just an idea my mother had earlier HAHA)

There is no point on spreading hate guys! We can’t hear you over all the Johnlock love <3

Peace, fandom!

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likE ????

Just you wait when It Happens we’re all gonna be scrEAMING like

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and then all the antis are gonna be aLL BITTER LIKE

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YES, I read the Moffat and Gatiss’ interview

YES, I got sad and fairly insulted because of it but I don’t plan on writing or talk about it on my tumblr blog or facebook page.  

I have received (for some reason?) A LOT of anon hate messages against johnlock and some of my johnlock fanarts. I consider my blog a fairly neutral blog regarding shipping even though I am openly a johnlocker, so I never expected this.  

I am not going to print them or expose them, much less answer them.

Please stop messaging me hate. I only have cute and happy to give. 

Thank you :)

A list of 'historic' possibilities and why they may/may not happen

Basically, if johnlock isn’t history, what is?

1. Sherlock Holmes Dies (really dies)
Can’t really argue with this. It’s never been done before, at least not at the age our Sherlock is. It would make history, killing off your main character and that character being Sherlock Holmes. But really, come on, how likely is this? If they have another season planned after this one AND want to revisit it. Plus, this isn’t something good, something to be excited about. No one would be talking about it like THAT if it was THIS. So I think we can more or less 100% rule this out.

2. John Watson Dies
Although the story could technically continue without John, it becomes a pretty pointless story if it does. So, same as Sherlock, this really wouldn’t allow them to do what they want to do.

3. Mycroft Dies
Much more likely, and really something quite fantastic that doesn’t seem to have been touched on by any MAJOR Sherlock adaptations. However I don’t quite think this is ‘history’. ‘The One Where They Killed Sherlock’s Brother, What’s His Name? Sounds Like Microsoft?’ No denying it, he plays a much, much bigger part in our Sherlock than probably any others, and if Sherlock lost him it would have a great impact, but I don’t think a historic one. So although this is a possibility, if this is what they’re hyping up then it’s kind of lame.

4. Someone Else Close To Sherlock Dies
Sure, it’s possible, but who on earth would it take to die to make history? Molly’s not even in the books. Lestrade, although Sherlock is fond of him, is really just a DI. Mrs Hudson’s great and Sherlock loves her a lot, but she’s not a big enough character for her death to be historic. The fact is; there is no one close enough to Sherlock, at least no one given enough screen time to be that close. No matter how much he cares about them, he doesn’t care enough for their deaths to make history.

5. Sherlock Gets A Past/Redbeard explained
They’ve said he’s not getting one, which obviously means he is. They’ve already had two young Sherlock moments, Mind Palace ten year old Sherlock with Redbeard and overdosed Sherlock with his brother. And they’ve cast another young Sherlock, possibly a young Mycroft for the next season. Plus, they seem all set up to explain about his past drug use and expose him. Would this make history? I suppose so. There’s been quite a few young Sherlocks, but I think (don’t quote me on this) that ours would be the first to explain his childhood within the context and narrative of an adult Holmes story. This one does genuinely seem to make history. Behind just one other 'conspiracy’ (wink, wink) I think this is the most likely thing for them to call 'making history’.

6. They Adapt A Never Before Used Sherlock Story
No way. Barely anyone would even notice. None of the casuals would, and I reckon at least half of us wouldn’t either, until we physically searched for it and found no other adaptations. This is far too lame to make history.

7. They Make A Completely New Story Not Adapted From Anything
Exactly the same as the above. No one would notice. And even if people went searching for it and found it wasn’t there, a lot of people would probably just assume it was referenced in one of the many Sherlock stories. This would DEFINITELY NOT make history.

8. The Other Brother/Sister
This has certainly been done before, especially since Sherlock having another sibling didn’t even come from Doyle. It’s not that exciting. It’s certainly not history.

9. Moriarty Being Back
I suppose, but this has also been done before. Anthony Horowitz (?spelling?) wrote a whole book on it. And I’m sure even he’s not the first! And if this was their great reveal, history-making moment, then why would they spoil it? Why would they let us see all the pictures and put it in the trailer? It’s a bit too late for this to be their history moment, they let the cat out of the bag too easily!

10. Happy Watson Family
Please. Pleeeease. I’m sure even people who love the idea of Happy Watson Family realise it’s not the big reveal. Come on, you’ve seen the trailer, this is not what they’re about!

11. Sherlock Gets Any Kind Of Love Interest
If it’s a woman, then sooooo been there done that. How many times has he fallen for Irene? For any interesting client? For a young girl at his boarding school? This isn’t never-before-done history material. If his love interest is a man, well then we’re getting somewhere. A history with Victor Trevor, maybe? But even so, although this would make history there’s been no mention of Sherlock ever being interested in anyone (well, except We Know Who), and I don’t think they’d go to SUCH lengths to hide it, if Sherlock was just getting a boyfriend. Plus, then it really would 'just be the gay one’. So although it’s kind of making history, I doubt it.

12. William Sherlock Scott Holmes And Doctor John Hamish Watson Admit Their Deep and Reqited Love For Each Other
Well, this is history. It’s been speculated long before our Sherlock, people would really talk. It’s not been done before, it really would be a ground breaking, historical moment. It’s been hinted at, so it’s not just like they’re pulling it out of nowhere. And of all the writers making an adaptation of Sherlock, these two are certainly the kinds of people who’d want to give people this representation from Sherlock. Therefore, this is my top suspect :3

So: Sherlock gets a past - johnlock happens. You choose your favourite, but I certainly know mine!