Sherlock line

s“Is that a raptor in your coat?

“Honestly, Molly, you need to work on your pick-up lines.”

“Sherlock… did you steal that raptor”

“…. No…. I found it an she loves me”

“Sherlock, you’re not keeping a bloody dinosaur in our flat.”

*whispers* “John would’ve let me keep it”

For sirsquidfish-thefirst, who suggested that I draw Sherlock and Molly in Jurassic World

I hope you like it


My kinda…’oh look I look like Irene Adler with my hair like’ this cosplay (?)


  • My laziness and consequent lack of makeup
  • My insanely messy room (with is usually meticulously clean, but wasn’t yesterday)
  • And my awkwardness on camera

*cringes into eternity at these pictures*

anonymous asked:

I prefer Elementary over Sherlock.


Crackiest AGRA Meta

Everyone knows there is an Agra in India. It’s the Agra mentioned in the original canon. Yet did you know there is an Agra, Oklahoma? That there is only one restaurant in town and it is called M’s Main Street Cafe and the town was originally called Queen City before they realized that was a bit pompous for a town that has never had more than 370 citizens? That it is just outside of Cushing, Oklahoma, a major oil pipeline hub on the Keystone Pipeline? That most of the 350 residents work in the oil industry? 

Clearly, when Mycroft mentions the parents are in Oklahoma and line-dancing he is talking about the pipeline as the expansion was a big issue in the US (and Canada) when this episode aired and one arm of the expansion from Cushing to Texas opened in early 2014. I mean Mummy is an expert on combustion. Mary hired for an assassination… based in Agra.

So that is the craziest meta I can come up with. Again all true facts for people who have never been to Oklahoma. No, I don’t believe a word of it. You’re welcome.


“Can I be the phasor to your electron and take you to an excited state?” Sherlock says, pausing at the doorway to wink at you. You laugh and blush despite the obviously bad pick-up line. 

“Sherlock, you do realise that’s used for romantic purposes right?” You reply. “Unless you were trying to woo me” You fan yourself, pretending to be flustered, although the blush on your cheeks help immensely. 

“I know Y/N, I just wanted to see you smile.”