So, I know a lot of people who were really disappointed that in infinity war there was no sherlock reference, namely the “no s***, sherlock” quip between RDJ & Benedict, but most people don’t actually realize that there was one, and it was so subtle and I loved it.

RDJ turns to Benedict after suggesting they meet thanos on titan, and he goes “Doctor, do you concur?”

And that actually is a Sherlock Holmes line.

Thought we wouldn’t notice. But we did!


All though that this is no surprise to anyone? Proof that Robert Downey jr is a literal child!! Part 2

peter p: hey what do you guys recommend for watching sherlock

strange: (same time as tony) the show

tony: (same time as strange) the movie

tony & strange: . uh wrong

everett ross: sorry i agree with stephen

christine palmer: i agree with tony

peter, watching his two dads fight: uh

The Doctor: *regenerates*

Sherlock: *dies and comes back*

Sam Winchester: *dies and comes back*

Dean Winchester: *dies a lot and comes back*

Castiel: *dies and comes back*

Loki: *dies and comes back*

Harry Potter: *dies and comes back*

Professor X: *dies and comes back*

Buffy: *dies and comes back*

Superman: *dies and comes back*


Merlin: …Arthur?

Arthur: *loading please wait*


Basically Sherlock

Person: *dies*

Lestrade: The Yard can fix this!

Sherlock: Bitch no u can’t

Lestrade: No we can’t. Sherlock help!

Sherlock: Already on it. Started it without your consent. John come along!

John: I don’t want to go!

John: *goes anyway* *the two of them gay- I mean go*

Sherlock: *solves crime*

John: *probs saves his life*

Sherlock, all ominous-like: It was Moriarty.

Moriarty: Hehehe

Lestrade: Sherlock, listen to me!

Sherlock: no

Mycroft: Sherlock, listen to me!

Sherlock: no

Anderson & Donovan: Sher-

Sherlock: no

Mrs. Hudson: Sherlock, dear-

Sherlock: no

John: Sherlock.

Sherlock: Yes John? What is it, John? Are you hurt, John! Whatever it is JAWn!