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Beautiful Words - Benedict on Sherlock (via Doctor Strange)

So this is what Benedict said in a Berlin interview X when asked about similarities between Sherlock and Doctor Strange. Which is quite telling because Sherlock must be the exact opposite of what Benedict has to say about Stephen Strange (special thanks to @ebaeschnbliah for pointing this out):

“I didn’t find it too similar. This guy is a New York bred and born superhero. And he is a neurosurgeon who while, like you say, arrogant and smart, is also somebody who’s very trapped by the material success of his profession. (…) He drives fast cars and has fast relationships and yet it’s all very hollow. He lives in a beautiful apartment with a stunning view but no one to share it with. He drives a rather beautiful and very fast car (…) but there is no one in the passenger seat (…). But he’s alone. What he becomes at the end is someone who chooses that aloneness in order to do what he has realised is his calling, to become a sorcerer. Yes, I think there are huge amounts of differences.”

So according to Benedict Sherlock is:

  • not interested in material success
  • does not have a (fast) car
  • does not have fast relationships
  • his life is not hollow
  • he has (when driving) someone in the passenger seat
  • he is not alone
  • he does not choose being alone

We all know who he shares his flat with. We all know who sat in his passenger seat the one time we saw him drive a car. We all know Sherlock never chose to be alone, he felt forced to do so by Moriarty. I think Benedict has managed to give a beautiful characterisation of Sherlock even while talking about a completely different character. 

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When Johnlock becomes canon, the writers are going to be obviously hit with “you just changed the story to service fans”. These writers are smart, though, and they know that’s coming. So to combat this they’ve filmed scenes within the last 7 years to absolutely show this romance has been brewing since the beginning. The gay bar scene is one example. You all remember, it’s the scene they filmed but then cut and never put out on the BHS, in an episode they were trying their hardest to stretch and add content to because they were always coming up short. Episode 3 of series 4 will absolutely absolutely contain clips they’ve filmed since 2010. It’s the foolproof way of dispelling any “you just changed your mind as you went along!” accusations. And these writers are not fools.

Love conquers all

How cool if we get to see John coming to Sherlock’s rescue like he did in TAB only it’s the real. deal. Captain Watson in the flesh. and John is much less eloquent but oh so authoritative like no, NO. fuck all of this bullshit, YOU are coming with me, and he whisks Sherlock off into the sunset. just the two of them. and the next morning Sherlock breaks his violin string cause he’s remembering the passionate night he just had. fin.