Unwritten rules of Tumblr by :Me

Rule #26 We can read smut fanfic’s like fucking bosses and I mean with no emotion- but reading fluff can cause us to break down and cry

  • What we got from the 4th season : main character death, family problems, unsatisfing scenes and dissapointing ending.
  • What I wanted : Moriarty coming back.
  • Moriarty introducing Sebastian Moran.
  • Moriarty explaing Sherlock how he drugged him in T6T, and maybe in TRF.
  • Moriarty explaing how he survived.
  • thankfully we had Moriarty dancing and flirting

Imagine: Video chatting with Sherlock and him “comforting” you after a breakup with your boyfriend.

You: Sherlock! *sobbing* I just don´t know what to do. 

Sherlock: Oh for God´s sake! You´re better than him.

You: *stops sobbing* Really?

Sherlock: Of course! Just forget him, he´s and idiot.

You: *laughs* Thank you.

Sherlock: *winks*.

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【 0908 // Happy Birthday Martin Freeman!】

2016 45th ///


附上2015及2014年的  沒甚麼進步而且動作都還差不多哈哈哈(爆笑