Shelving Units

Be sure to notice the fine tuning of the shelving on your right side…
A unique floating and centered shelving layout acts as a simple accent focal point to the room.

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These Shelves Are Like A Backpack For Your Books

These Shelves Are Like A Backpack For Your Books

Sturdy and minimalist, Backpack uses nylon straps, wooden boards, and careful engineering, and we love it.

We’ve seen shelves that rely on tension for support before–they often use leather strips or belts, and almost always look sloppy and unstable. But that’s not the fault of the idea! Flexible material pulled taut as support is a good concept, just one that needs to be done in the right way.…

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If you are thinking of organising your garage, then consider buying shelving units. They will help you keeping tools and equipments in the right place so that you can find them easily when you need to. Shelving solutions will also protect you most expensive things so that they dont get damaged. Consider buying shelves that are made of steel. They will stand the test of time and also allow you to store more heavier things without making them collapse. Get in contact with your nearest shelving store for more information on how you can save time and money on a more organised home.