The Mellerio Shell Tiara (created in 1867) resembles both a shell cradling its treasures and a rolling ocean wave, complete with pearls and briolette-cut diamonds dripping below. There’s a removable diamond drop suspended beneath in the center – highlighting the waves on the base – which is not used these days. The piece comes from famed French jeweler Mellerio, whose delicate work has contributed pieces to many a royal house.

I’m Here

Pairing: God!Chuck x Reader

Category: smut

Prompt: “You really think it’s a good idea to sass God? You know that can get consequences.” 

For @bloodstained-porcelain-doll‘s Challenge of Raven! Had fun writing this, so thanks! 

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evergloriousoverlord  asked:

What are, or should be, the aesthetic differences between the armors of the different kingdoms, in your opinion?

Well, when it comes to aesthetic differences, there are two things to look at. The first and most obvious would be what designs would be used, but there’s also the question of what techniques are they using to ornament their arms and armor. We already know that Dorne paints shields, as Dunk tells us in The Hedge Knight. Depending on the skills of the craftsmen and the materials available in each region, we can see what techniques they would use.

A note about these pictures, these are from different eras during armor development, so they are used as conceptual pieces. Much of these are late medieval period, which might be just a touch beyond where Westeros is at the moment.

The North - I’d imagine that the North would be a place of very few frills. Catelyn mentions that Northmen like Ser Rodrik disliking frills. However, we do know that Rickard Stark’s armor was finely designed, as Jaime describes us during his recollection of Aerys burning him and talking specifically about the melting of the precious metals. I’d imagine that a lot of Northern ornamentation would be metal or fur. I could see the armor itself decorated with gold on the rivets and inlaid with any house crests. Here’s a nice example of a decorated rivet on a Scottish targe:

The Riverlands - Well, the Riverlands are a large area and you’d expect regional diversity between the different areas of the Riverlands. So, of course, you’d see more Westerlander-influences in places like Pinkmaiden, whereas places closer to the Bloody Gate might see more Valemen styles. However, I’d look for probably something closer to the styles of Bavaria for the Riverlander armor, with a nice patterned texture as you see here to evoke gently cresting waves.

The Iron Islands - While the culture itself would probably mock painted lords in their fineries as weak, buying fine ornaments with the gold price, the Iron Islands has too much metal and enough sensibility to understand symbolism that their armor would also be decorated. I’d imagine that Iron Islands armor would, rather than use precious metals, would instead use embossing techniques to put designs into the metal itself. This is a bit fancier than I’d expect the ironborn to use, but there would definitely be these sort of embossing on the nicer pieces of Ironborn armor, though most ironborn raiders would probably use lighter armor.

The Vale - The austere, highly rigid culture of the Vale would almost certainly be reflected in their armor. I’d imagine the armor would be ornamented rather simply, mostly with house crests and wings, while the rest of the armor would be gleaming white, perhaps silvered in places. Given the knight’s spend a good deal of time going against the mountain clansmen, developing a solid harness and a good suit of cased steel plate would be a high priority for the Vale to make themselves relatively invulnerable against the poorly-armed and poorly-armored clansmen. I’d imagine the Milanese style would suit the Vale, and here’s what it looks like:

The Westerlands - Almost certainly, Westerlander smiths would be considered the pinnacle of Westerosi metalcraft, since their region is rich in metal both functional and decorative. This is the easiest kingdom to determine decorations, since their vast mineral wealth would lead to gilding and silvering their armor, decorating them with gold and silver. This would probably be done through mercury-gildening, which is a durable process meant for things like armor. For large areas, gold foil would be adhered with mercury, while smaller, fine areas would use a melted gold-and-mercury paste in a 1-to-8 ratio, which would be painted on with a brush. The gold was typically applied over a layer of copper for better adherence, so it’s steel-copper-gold. Once this was applied, the piece was basically ‘cooked’ in an oven to vaporize the mercury and voila, finely gilded armor. For an elaborate piece, you can see here for the armor of the 3rd Earl Cumberland, George Clifford, which might be used for someone like Jaime if you add a couple lions:

The Reach - Given the high importance of mounted combat, the most distinguishing feature of Reachmen armor would be a very flexible skirt for use in horseriding (this would obviously be important in all kingdoms, of course), and of course, fine ornamentation. I’d imagine Reachmen would have rather ornate engravings on their helmets and armor, with fine embellishments, crests, and gildings, something that looks like this:

As for the rest of their armor, I’d say they probably would take after the Southern French style, again, finely detailed and engraved. Reachmen would probably also have richly decorated cloth to decorate their scabbards and the finest woven surcoats to showcase their wealth

The Stormlands - I’d imagine that the Stormlanders would invest in fine quality armor, to better resist Reachmen incursion. They would probably use coloring to color their armor. The color of armor depended on when the armor was removed from the flame (as in, what temperature it was), with the most desirable being a deep, rich blue, hence why it was called “bluing” the armor. The Stormlanders would probably have richly designed and ornamented armor as befits their warrior culture, and it would probably look like something in the German style, so like this:

Dorne - Fortunately, half the work is already done with Dorne. We’ve seen that Dorne prefers to use painting rather than metal coloration and stains. We also know that they wear robes over their armor to help with the heat, which helps give us a very distinct image that reminds me a little bit of Turkish janissaries:

The Dornishmen would probably decorate their robes and silks finely for ornamentation rather than their armor; it’s easier, more visible, and less resource-intensive. For their finest spears, they probably inlay their hafts with bone, horn, and tortoise shells for poorer houses, and mother-of-pearl and ivory imported from Essos for the richer houses.

Thanks for the question, Overlord.

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Do whatever you want with this lot, but do not reupload it to the Gallery. If you use it for your gameplay, feel free to tag me ! I love to see other simmers playing with my creations.

Note : It’s an empty shell ! This house is a renovation from @pixelb0mb Daisy Hoven starter. If you don’t have Spa Day and/or Spooky Stuff Pack it’s okay, I only use one item from these packs :)


(your hands tremor with all you are afraid of grasping)

My darling, most beloved Sue. Look what I finally finished!!! I wrote you this thing because a) I wanted to, b) it was your birthday and you deserve nice things, and c) I found screenshots of a convo we had that I kept on my phone as a reminder to write The Thing and laughed and laughed and laughed, so.


This is a remix/sequel to @bluefurcape‘s fic Regret.

Warnings: unreliable narrators, angst, swearing, smut, length (7,000+ words).

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When he finds her in the bar, it’s like all his failures come home to roost.

If he could go back, if he could do it all again, would he turn around the moment that chalkboard eraser hit his head and never look back? Would he tell the Sandaime “No, I will not. Give them to someone else, to anyone else”?

Maybe if he had, maybe if Kakashi had done something selfless for once in his fucking life, he could have spared her this.

Someone else, anyone else, could have taught them, guided them, ensured that Sakura never ended up here in this dive of a bar, so drunk she can’t sit up straight let alone muster the ability to stare at the pale band of flesh where her wedding ring used to sit.

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anonymous asked:

Sorry to bug you but what are your feelings on Fleur?

I love Fleur a lot. I think she’s an overlooked badass, and the kind of person who tosses blankets over you when you sit down on her couch. 

I think she loves more deeply than Harry ever notices and wants the best for herself and her family. 

I think she takes great pride in being bilingual - and that she thinks about her history in French and her future in English. 

I think she loves Bill - not just his cool, calm demeanor, forehead kisses, and ponytail, but all of him. All the parts he doesn’t show anyone. All the parts that need the same safe harbor he offers to his family. She loves those parts and tries to be that for him. 

I think that being a Veela is something she deals with every day and her feelings on it change with the weather. 

I think Olympe Maxime took her under her under her half-monster wing the second she was registered for Beauxbaton. 

I think she’s a hell of a Beater, and a fair chaser if she can communicate well with her partners on the pitch. 

I think she loves all her sisters, blood or not, and would go to the ends of the earth for them. She values girls and female friendship, and it broke her heart initially that no one wanted her at the Burrow. 

I think she loves the smell of paint, but has no artistic ability to speak of, so she repaints the walls of Shell Cottage in varying shades of beige and blue at least once a year. 

I think she’s a terrible liar, and she and Bill decided to make Shell Cottage a safe house during the war, rather than wasting anyone’s time as spies. 

I think her house is always neat and her fireplace is always burning and she finds comfort in braiding her hair each morning and taking it out at night. 

You’re never bugging me by asking questions on this blog EVER, and I tag super liberally, so if you’re curious about feelings on a certain character, search them up! I have a lot about Fleur in her tag :) 

Let’s face it, not everyone we meet will see our beauty. Most will go solely off the surface, not bothering to dig deeper. And each person has their own specific criteria for what they consider to be aesthetically pleasing. So your freckles, while adorable to me, will be met with distaste by some others. My big nose might be viewed as giving my face character to you, while others will call it a ‘honker.’

And I know what it’s like to be teased and bullied for something as vulgarly superficial as my appearance. While growing up, I was laughed at; made the butt of jokes; and simply overlooked because the looks of me weren’t deemed good enough. I was well acquainted with the adolescent mean boy act where they told their target (me) that one of their crowd liked me…then riotous laughter and I’d-rather-be-dead denials from the supposed ‘liker’ followed. Just because my outside wasn’t beautiful in their eyes, it somehow made them think of me as less than human.

Now I’m starting to finally feel beautiful. I’ve come to realize it doesn’t matter if you have a stunning face and figure–the mind, heart, and soul are the true indicators of beauty. And knowing I have so much to offer inside, I’m learning to appreciate the shell that houses it all. These eyes have a depth that is eye-catching. This mouth speaks kindnesses more often than not, and is waiting with the biggest smiles to feel the lips of my one and only. These hands, though not at all delicate, tenderly hold and help raise a sweet, precocious little girl. And though my outer appearance doesn’t define me as a person, it’s an added bonus knowing someone still thinks I’m gorgeous without a drop of makeup and my hair undone.

—  They say love is blind, but I say love sees best of all

Tony Stark and Wanda Maximoff have in common many life-changing events, most notably the creation of Ultron. However, they react to these occurrences in completely different ways. Here’s a quick analysis of their actions and reactions after the events they have in common :

1)      Getting hit by a Stark Industries mortar shell:

TONY: Has his chest filled with shrapnel. Is tortured by terrorists by means of invasive surgery without anesthesia, followed by waterboarding. Sulks for five minutes. Talks for another five minutes to Yinsen and that’s all he needs to convince himself to fight back. Rises from the ashes. Becomes Iron Man. IMMEDIATELY shuts down weapon manufacturing upon his return home. Ultimately kills Obadiah Stane, who was probably the one who sold the bomb that killed Wanda’s parents to the people who fired it.

WANDA: Loses her parents. Becomes homeless. Becomes a rage-fueled rebel. Vows revenge on the man who owns the factory that built the shell that destroyed her house, but not on the people who fired said shell. Joins HYDRA, a secret Nazi death cult. Lets HYDRA experiment on her to be able to fight Iron Man. Is finally presented with the chance to kill Tony but instead messes with his mind, making him create Ultron. Joins Ultron when HYDRA is defeated.

2)      Parents death:

TONY: Thinks it was an accident. Mourns only his mother, because his father was always a dick to him. Tries to cope, but fails. Becomes a party guy and ginormous asshole as a defense mechanism… until Afghanistan happens. Always tries to make his father proud despite their strained relationship. Meets the man Howard would never shut up about during his childhood, who immediately dislikes him. Is willing to put their differences aside for the greater good on more than one occasion. Finds out in the worst way possible his parents’ death wasn’t an accident. Understandably loses his shit. Tries to avenge them by killing ONE MAN, who… well, is clearly their assassin, despite Rogers yelling “It wasn’t him, Tony!” (It was, brainwashed or not. There’s video proof of that). Also finds out that Cap knew the truth and never told him. Is beaten to a pulp by a supersoldier. Receives a letter from said supersoldier which deserves a place in the Guinness World record as the worst apology ever conceived in the history of mankind. Is still willing to help his former “friend” by subtly telling Ross to fuck off.

WANDA: Is scarred for life by the event (fine, I would be too, but wait before you judge). Grows to hate Tony Stark. Vows revenge (see above). Plans her revenge on the wrong man for something like fifteen years. Grows to hate the other Avengers by association. Decides she not only wants Tony Stark dead, but also all the people he holds dear. Forces Tony to create Ultron instead of killing him. Joins Ultron, whose crimes and other horrible actions she is totally FINE WITH as long as she gets to see the Avengers burn. Understands the errors of her ways upon finding out Ultron’s plan involves Armageddon (big shocker, even Loki or Red Skull would have jumped ship at that point). Decides to join Captain America, but not before warning him that Stark is the real bad guy in all of this… despite her actions being the primary cause for the whole mess.

3)      Creating Ultron:

TONY: Loses JARVIS, the most constant presence in his life for God knows how many years. Sulks. Nearly has a hysteric attack. Takes the blame from everybody (Thor even gets physical) despite only being a tool in Wanda’s hands. Tries to reason with them and justify his actions. Doesn’t tell anyone of the Scarlet Witch-induced hallucination that was his main motive. Doesn’t EVER blame Wanda, not even once. Goes to work to try and fight off Ultron. Sulks with Fury. Keeps trying to fix a mess that is only partly, and indirectly, his. Finds out JARVIS is still alive. Is willing to sacrifice JARVIS to create Vision in order to eliminate Ultron once and for all. Creates Vision. Is willing to sacrifice himself to stop the meteor city in Sokovia. Feels responsible for all the destruction Ultron caused. Retires from the Avengers, with Captain America being the ONLY ONE to wave him goodbye. Takes the blame for the death of Charles Spencer without uttering a single word. Signs the Accords because he wants to be held accountable.

WANDA: Is, without question or shadow of doubt, the real responsible for Ultron’s existence. Is never blamed by anyone. Immediately joins Ultron because he sees him as the instrument of Tony’s demise. Fights with him in Africa. Storms the U-GIN facility in Seoul with him. Finds out his true intentions. Runs away instead of fighting him. Takes her sweet time before joining Captain America into fighting Ultron (and in the meantime Black Widow is kidnapped). Still thinks Tony is the only one responsible. Tries to stop Tony from building the only thing that can stop Ultron, and that also happens to be her future boyfriend. Joins the Avengers only because otherwise the world would end. Half assedly fights Ultron. Understands she’s at least partly guilty (Boy that took long enough) and crawls in a fetal position until Hawkeye talks her out of it. Is trusted with keeping Ultron away from the meteor’s core. Goes off to destroy Ultron Prime, abandoning the core and allowing another Ultron to activate it (Dammit Wanda, you had ONE JOB!). Formally joins the Avengers without anyone questioning, because “poor girl, she was angry and misguided and she just lost her brother”. Is conflicted when the Accords are presented to her despite wanting Tony to answer for his actions (actually his company’s actions, or more probably Stane’s actions). Ultimately goes for the “fuck accountability” line of thought. Keeps prancing around and basking in her supposed moral high ground despite having caused every major disaster in the Avengers’ lives since Project Insight.

4)      Sokovia Accords:

TONY: Agrees to be held accountable for his mistakes. Immediately signs the Accords. Goes with Ross to Avengers facility to try and reason with the others. Confines Wanda to the facility but tries to make it as comfortable as possible for her, even leaving Vision to keep her company. Tries to be the mediator and the voice of reason. Bends over backwards trying to find a middle ground that Rogers would at least hear out. Convinces Ross to let him try to bring Team Cap in after Barnes goes haywire. Is double-crossed by Romanoff. Almost loses his best friend. Doesn’t frame Romanoff. Admits he was wrong to not listen to Steve as soon as he finds evidence of Barnes’ innocence in the Vienna bombing. Takes all the shit Barton, Lang and Wilson throw at him in stride, being considered the only responsible for their imprisonment in the Raft (Ever heard of something called “preventive detention”, guys? What did you expect, a suite at the Hilton?). Immediately goes against the Accords to try and help his “friend”. Ultimately gets his ass handed to him by said “friend” as a result. Moves on trying to fix Rhodey. Doesn’t frame Team Cap. Doesn’t try to get a rematch when given the chance. Basically tells Ross to go fuck himself.

WANDA: Is unsure she should renounce to her independence despite blowing up a building full of people not a month earlier. Reluctantly accepts being held in the facility… until Barton arrives. Talks with Barton for TEN SECONDS and immediately changes her mind. Wastes Vision. Escapes. Joins team Cap. Fights Team Iron Man no holds barred (“you were pulling your punches”). Gets imprisoned. Scowls at the security cams with a murder face as if they were in the wrong and she was in the right. Gets busted out by Rogers. Is granted asylum in Wakanda. Never pays for her part in the events of Leipzig. Or Lagos. Or Sokovia. Or Seoul. Or Johannesburg.

5)      Blame:

TONY: Is blamed for even existing. Never fights back. Only tries to explain his motivations. Always does all he can to make up for his mistakes.

WANDA: Is never blamed. Never apologizes, EVER, to ANYONE, about ANYTHING. Only apologizes to Vision - after he apologizes first - and only because she has the hots for him. Never does anything to make things right.

Draw your own conclusions.