The End of the Railway | Chapter 3: Snowbound | FanFiction
December 1957, Sheldon embarks on a train trip across the country, from New York to Pasadena, on the way he will meet a fascinating and mysterious young woman who will change his way of think and live, forever. - AU Shamy / M-rated.

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  • media creator: this character is asexual :)
  • ace people: oh wow! that's really neat! i'm really glad to see representation, both good and bad characters, in media!
  • you demons: yea except that character isn't ace they're gay coded bc they've acted flamboyantly and turned down people of the other binary gender before so please don't steal our characters. and if they're not gay they're straight bc they've never shown interest in dating anyone!! don't make things up it's just sad :))

So a few things I loved about this scene:
1. Pretty girlfriend.
2. His woman.
3. Moving his head to touch her hair?
4. Knows every erogenous part of Amy’s body and has them meticulously categorized.
5. I realize this is open to interpretation but… There’s no way Sheldon isn’t making these innuendos on purpose. He’s talking about her erogenous zones and acting way too flirty.


1. Sheldon referring to coitus as ‘making love’ for the first time.
2. Making sure Amy knew they weren’t having sex for the wrong reasons.
3. Being all adorable and shy as he talks about what they’re about to do.
4. Leading Amy on as they walk to their bedroom.
YUP, I’m dead. Bye world.