Shelby Fero

“Let me tell you the cautionary tale of an innocent, bright young teenager named Shelby Fero. She saw one of these ‘Write for Us!!!’ posts a few years ago, and signed up. She wrote this article in 2010 – her first published work – and got three million hits. Three years, a shitload of Twitter followers, and several comedy writing jobs later, here she is acting in an episode of Comedy Central’s Key & Peele. And now she writes for the FX show Chozen. You know, the animated show that runs after the biggest hit on their network, Archer? She’s written lines to be spoken by fucking Method Man, and Alan Tudyk (and is now on the writing staff of Comedy Central’s @midnight).”

Help! We’re Losing All Our Writers to Fame and Fortune!

Pete Holmes Explains Water Polo
  • Shelby Fero: I've played water polo since I was like 12 or 13...
  • Pete Holmes: ... Is that with the horses in the pool?
  • Shelby Fero: [laughs] Yeah, you have to give them mouth-to-mouth a lot to keep them alive.
  • Pete Holmes: You have to keep resuscitating them? Why did they make this sport? OK, no horses, but now I'm just picturing water volleyball ... what is water polo?
  • Shelby Fero: You swim around, and you have to use one hand to throw a ball into a net. There are six people, and they play all positions.
  • Pete Holmes: Oh, so pool basketball?

Think X with Shelby Fero. I’m currently convincing Mallory Ortberg to retroactively be Shelby’s sister.