alright okay literally hux and kylo use science (NOT MPREG THIS IS SCIENCE) to combine their genes and make adorable force sensitive skywalker babies also hux is already emperor or something THEIR NAMES ARE SHEEVA AND BREXIT HUX and they are human disasters like their fathers before them heres a quick rundown of their personalities and just go through my twitter if you care to learn more about the royal hellspawn

I WANT T O STRESS THAT THIS ENTIRE THING IS BASICALLY A HUGE SHITPOST kylo and hux are awful parents to these spoiled evil twins but by god do they try  im accepting questions about them here and on twitter

Burnt Ochre

Sheeva from Mortal Kombat, fourth in my series focusing on (and redesigning) the ladies of the MK series.

The Shokan warrior, Sheeva is of a proud race, half human and half dragon. I can honestly say she is my least liked female but I enjoyed painting this picture more than any of the others. Twas a headache trying to find a setting for her, I started painting fellow Shokans which I didn’t like so I replaced it with Sindal’s throne room which then changed to Shao Kahn’s, then to the Shao Kahns arena, then the arena with lots of other fighters, then a training ground for Shokans and then a Shokan army, not too far removed from the original concept ha ha Oh well. The concept of half dragon inspired the toothy pieces to her design and she is ever so slightly less manish, softening her features somewhat compared to her original, standard look from the MK (2011).

Next up … the US Army gal …

© Sheeva - Mortal Kombat, Netherrealm Studios

© New design belongs to me, Michael Lewis