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Words to be Careful Pronouncing

It’s no secret that french is hard to pronounce. From the throaty R to the nasally vowels, you can’t tell if you’re really speaking french or just a bad caricature of Pepe le Pew. I’ve taken french for 9 years and I still make pronunciation mistakes daily. Here’s a list of some words I’ve said incorrectly recently.

Canard (duck) can easily become connard (a**hole)

Cannes (city in France) can easily become con (idiot)

Chat (cat) can easily become chatte (p***y) 

Décidé (decided) can easily become décédé (deceased)

Gare (train station) can easily become guerre (war)

L’amour (love) can easily become la mort (death)

Pêcher (fish) can easily become pécher (to sin)

What happened when I mispronounced these words? Usually…nothing. Either the other person would politely correct me or I would realize later that their sheepish grin meant I probably said something slightly inappropriate. Its okay to make mistakes though! We’re human. And more than likely you will get a funny story out of it (: 

Wild And Unruly by gloria_andrews, 100percentsassy

Length: 124k

“You’re up,” he whispered, his right hand reaching out touch.  He pulled it back awkwardly before finally bringing it to rest on the doorknob, thumb fiddling with the lock button.  “I, uh…”  Harry glanced down, sheepish grin on his face.  His tux was a little rumpled, bowtie loose around his neck and the first few buttons of his ruffled dress shirt undone.  “I didn’t want to wake you.  Just wanted to peek in.”

“I thought you were gonna sleep at Niall’s,” Louis said, voice soft and raspy and full of fondness, cracking a bit.  He saw Harry bite his lip, his fingers shaking slightly as he drew his hand away from the doorknob.

“I couldn’t wait,” he said, simply.  His eyes flicked back up to meet Louis’s, with a stare so intense Louis felt it in his chest.  “I just couldn’t wait any longer.”

He took a step forward.  Louis’s heart jogged painfully when he saw the hopeful smile twitching Harry’s lips, and he felt fragile, all of a sudden.  Breakable.

Harry is a cowboy sitting on the biggest oil reservoir in Wyoming, and Louis is the paralegal assigned to pressure him into selling his land.

Ao3, Chaptered, Complete, Must-Read

The Different Shades of You and Me: Flirt Alert

A/N: Hi guys, it’s been a while but, I think I’ve come up with something that you are going to enjoy. It’s a new series that I hope I can complete but, it’s open ended and has no continuing plot line, just a common theme which is the names. Each story is inspired by a shade of paint and each will be named for them. Now enough of my rambling, I hope you all like it.

Flirt Alert

It was a bright Saturday afternoon when Stiles and Lydia went out to the local coffee house. All around them were several high school and college students catching up on their work. The room smelled like fresh brewed coffee and it made Lydia’s stomach make a grueling sound.

Stiles looked at her from above his laptop screen as she clutched her stomach. When she noticed others staring, her face turned red and a sheepish grin crept on her face.

Lydia wasn’t stupid, however. She knew most of the staring girls weren’t distracted by her growling stomach. The boy sitting two feet in front of her was the apparent center of their attention. His focused eyes and dark hair that matched the very coffee they were drinking were hard to miss.

“Stop that,” she said suddenly.

The boy’s eyes traveled to hers again in confusion. “Stop what?”

Lydia rolled her eyes and he chuckled in response before returning to his note taking. She turned in her seat and lifted her bag which was hanging on the back of her chair.

The girl stuck her hand in the tote bag and groped around before wrapping her hand around the object she was looking for. Lydia retrieved her wallet from her bag and hung it back on her chair, trying to make sure it didn’t drag on the ground.

When she unzipped her wallet, Stiles looked up again. “You need some cash?” he asked before lifting his bum from the chair to reach his back pocket. He quickly pulled out his wallet, but only after Lydia had found a crisp five dollar bill.

“I’m okay, but thanks.”

Lydia stood from her chair and smoothed out the wrinkles in her green skirt. It fell a few inches above the knee, but it was long enough that she didn’t have to worry about her butt being exposed. Stiles didn’t have to worry either.

The line for the barista bar was long, but moved quickly. One of the baristas, Kira, was moving remarkably fast, preparing drink after drink.

At the register was an employee named Scott. Lydia could see him from the back of the line, which meant a lot considering her height of five foot three.

When Lydia reached the front of the line, Scott flashed a charming smile and asked, “Hi, my name is Scott and welcome to the Beacon Hills Coffeehouse how may I help you?”

Lydia stood on the tips of her toes to get a good look at everything in the display case. Breads, sandwiches, and  cookies came in different flavors and variations.

After a good fifteen seconds of contemplation, Lydia decided on a bottle of water and buttered croissant. “Name?” the boy asked.


Scott entered her total and she handed the five dollar bill to the boy. He smiled as he worked the cash register and returned the change to Lydia.

Before going to pick up her order, Lydia placed the two quarters in the tip jar and shoved the one dollar bill back in her wallet. “Thank you.” Scott beamed.

Lydia grabbed her water bottle and tapped her freshly painted fingernails on the marble counter as Kira called out several names.

Kira was about the same height as Lydia with short and straight black hair. Everyone had figured she was filled up with coffee herself by the way she was moving. It was only her and Scott but, she was doing the job of three more people.

“Lydia!” Kira shouted before placing the warm croissant in a paper bag and sliding it onto the counter.

Lydia picked up the brown bag and opened it to smell the warm pastry. She closed her eyes and relished in the pleasing scent.

As she made her way back to the table, she spotted a girl walking past Stiles. As she walked, her hand swiped across the side of his laptop. Stiles looked up at her and gave a friendly smile before picking up a note she dropped on his keyboard.

Before he could open it, Lydia had tucked herself back into her seat and was chugging her water. “What’s that?” Lydia asked not so innocently.

“Nothing. Just a phone number,” Stiles shrugged as he threw it in his backpack.
Lydia rolled her eyes in response as she began to devour her croissant.

Stiles felt her envy oozing from her ears. He grabbed her hand on the edge of the table. “It’s nothing okay. I can’t just throw it away when she’s watching.”

Lydia nodded and continued to eat her buttery breakfast. At one point Stiles tried to sneak a piece from her, but he didn’t have to. Lydia broke off a chunk and gave it to the boy voluntarily.

When she was finished, Lydia grabbed a napkin and wiped her mouth, accidentally smearing her lipstick along with the grease. Her reflection in her computer screen angered her as she searched for her lipstick in her bag.

“I’ll be right back,” she groaned as she trotted to the bathroom with her bag over her shoulder.

Lydia looked in the mirror as she cleaned the red streaks of makeup off of her face. Angrily she searched for her lipstick in her small makeup pouch, trying not to drop it.

When she finally felt a tube of lipstick, she read the name at the bottom and popped off the cap. The color, “Flirt Alert,” was just between red an orange, just like Lydia’s hair. It was one of her most favorite and boldest colors.

Using a paper towel, Lydia cleaned the edges of her lips and stuck her makeup back in her tote bag. She fixed her hair in the mirror before pushing the bathroom door open and walking back into the cafe.

When she entered the cafe, the strong scent of espresso that she had gotten used to flooded her senses once again. However, before she could sit down in her seat, she noticed another girl in her place.

The girl was a long haired brunette who was doing her hardest to get Stiles’ attention. He was trying his best to focus on his work without being rude and ignoring her attempts at a conversation.

As Lydia neared the table, the girl noticed and bid Stiles a farewell. He responded, but only looked up at her slightly.

Lydia sat back down in her warm seat and stared down Stiles from above her laptop screen. “What did she want?”

“She said we have AP Biology together and she wanted notes.”

“You don’t take AP Biology”

“Yeah, exactly,” Stiles chuckled.

Lydia was about to respond but she heard the girl and her friends giggling from across the room. They were all looking in Stiles’ direction, but he was painfully oblivious.

In response, Lydia stood and leaned over the table. In one swift motion, she grabbed Stiles shirt collar and pulled his lips to hers. The kiss surprised the boy, but when he got into it, it turned sloppy and hot.

When she was finished, Lydia sat back in her chair and continued working as the girls sat silent in their booth.

On the other side of the table, Stiles was trying to reevaluate his situation. Lydia looked up at him and laughed.

“What?” the boy asked.

Lydia gestured to her own lips before saying, “‘Flirt Alert’ looks good on you.”

Stiles’ face turned red as he found a napkin and wiped his girlfriend’s lipstick off of his face.

How You Cuddle

Requested by Anon - could you do A visual preference with nat, wanda, bucky, steve, thor, clint, and tony on how they cuddle?


Tony liked having you on top of him whenever you cuddled just so he could see your gorgeous face at all times. He had easy access to your lips, neck and his hands could easily rest on your hips with no issue. It was rare when Tony had free time to cuddle as he always busied himself with random things, but on the rare accounts when he did have time, he made the most of it.


Thor had an issue staying still. He always had to be moving, whether it be tapping his feet to an invisible beat or even moving you into a different position with him every five minutes. You didn’t mind - you found it adorable how he always gave you a sheepish grin whenever he stirred you.


Clint liked to have you nestled into his chest, hugging him tightly. He liked the view he had of your flushed cheeks as you slept and the ability to easily kiss your forehead at any whim. He always ran his fingers through your hair, tugging you closer and closer to him.


Cuddling was Steve’s favorite thing in the entire world. He enjoyed knowing that you were safe in his arms, hence the fact he always had them wrapped tightly around you. It didn’t matter what position you were in - he had his arms wrapped around you securely. 


Bucky always favorited his flesh arm, it was the only one he was sure wouldn’t hurt you. You amazed him by not being afraid of his metal arm, always commenting how hot it made him look instead and how it didn’t define who he was. Eventually he got comfortable enough to not even think about it as he cuddled with you. You always dragged your fingers along the plates, you enjoyed the feeling of his hot body pressed to yours and the cold metal of his prosthetic arm.


With you, Wanda was all about physical contact. She liked having your body tucked against her own as she brushed her fingers through your hair. Being close to you gave her a sense of comfort and security, you made her feel like she wasn’t a weapon of mass destruction. 


Nat took on the dominant role in the relationship pretty early on. She was a bit taller which made her life much easier when it came to cuddling with you. She got to rest her head on your temple while your legs intertwined beautifully. She felt like she could protect you better with her holding you, as if you were the only thing she cared about in the entire world.

NCT Dream reaction to giving their gf/bf a promise/couple ring

Awkward lil baby that’s probably screaming on the inside internally. He’ll approach you after school one day and hand it to you hesitantly with a sheepish grin. He’s probably really nervous that you think he’s proposing or something. “So what do you say?”

Originally posted by y-ta

He would be so shy about it, he pretends that he doesn’t even know he’s giving you a promise ring. He’ll hand it over to you and look at anything but you because he’s afraid that he’ll die if he looks at your face. Probably really, really nervous. but afterwards he would be so happy. “What’s this Donghyuckie?” “Just open it woman/man.”

Originally posted by honeyxxxmoon

This baby would be so happy and excited to give you a promise ring. It’ll be out of nowhere and he isn’t shy about it AT ALL. He’d be so enthusiastic and say something like “Y/N, look what I got us! Promise rings!!” and startle you. Chenle isn’t afraid to show you how much he loves you lmao.

Originally posted by kunq

He’d be so so so so so so shy and embarrassed. His face would be burning red and he’d be so hesitant, he’s probably this close to running away with the promise rings and pretending he never bought them. When he hands the promise ring to you, he’s too nervous to look you in the eyes and he’s stuttering and he looks like he’s about to hyperventilate, quiCK HUG HIM. “Calm down Jisung-ah, it’s alright.”

Originally posted by zeusmayo

He’s so sentimental about this and he probably thought about giving you a promise ring for a long, long time. He’s most likely nervous as heck but he knows that this is what he wants to do and he knows you’ll like it. He has a small smile on his face the entire time and he seems calm on the outside but he’s screeching on the inside. “Oh my gawd, I thought you would refuse.”

Originally posted by worldwidenct

You two had already had a lot of couple stuff together (shirts, phone cases, etc) but when he handed you a promise ring with the biggest smile ever, it still made you blush. He’d squish your cheeks and say something like “What, you didn’t see this coming? You know I’m gonna be with you for a long time, right? You wont get rid of me that easy.”

Originally posted by nakamotens

He’s like Jaemin and Chenle in one person, honestly. He isn’t afraid to show people how much he loves and cares for you and he’s so, so committed to this relationship. He’d give you the promise ring on your birthday or even Valentine’s Day and he wouldn’t be able to stop smiling for the next fifty years.

“Ey, Jeno are you okay?”

Originally posted by wizardmark

Teasing Tae

This took days to write and I’m still not sure if I’m satisfied with it. But here, take my smut ya thirsty hoes. *sips holy water*

Tae’s fingers tapped gently against the thin layer of lace covering your pulsing core underneath the table. You had tried to pull his hand away with out drawing too much attention to yourself to no avail. He slapped your hand away, and continued rubbing you through your panties.

He leaned in to kiss your cheek softly, “you are soaked, Jagi..” he whispered in your ear as he pulled away, and you shot him a glare. Luckily, dinner was wrapping up and it was almost time to head home. Taehyung gripped your thigh roughly as he pulled his hand away from you with a sheepish grin. He got up from his seat and pulled back yours before helping you up. You both gave Yoongi, Namjoon, and both their girlfriends a hug, and said your goodbyes.

The moment you exited the restaurant you shoved his chest, “Oppa, really?!”

“Oh come on babe. I was just teasing you.”

“Yeah in front of four other people! I should kill you!”

He leaned in to kiss you, but you pulled away. “Jagi-yaaaah! Don’t be mad.”

You left his grip and head towards the car, Taehyung followed suit behind you and the ride home was quick and silent. You walked up the stairs to the apartment, still not speaking, and fumbled with keys to unlock the door. The moment you walked in the door, Tae helped you out of your coat and removed his. “Jagi.. Are you really that mad? I’m sorry. I was just having fun.”

You replied with a few shoves, until he tripped backwards on to the couch. “Mad? Oh no, Oppa. I’m not mad.” you smirked devilishly, “but two can play this game.” you slipped your dress off your shoulders and stepped out of it as it fell to your feet, revealing your matching bra and panties. You climbed in Tae’s lap, straddling him, and he let out a harsh sigh. He attempted to put his hands on your hips, but you shoved his chest, “dont. Fucking. Touch. Got it?” you glared at him and he nodded, biting his lip in a smirk, and growing stiff underneath his black slacks.

You began grinding your hips into him hard and slow, letting out soft moans. You slid your hand down your stomach and into your panties and began rubbing your clit, never stopping the movement of your hips. “Oh fuck, Tae.” you growled. He leaned in toward your neck, but with your free hand you grabbed his cheeks and squoze. Looking into his eyes with a stern look you repeated yourself, “I said.. Dont. Touch.”

He let out a moan and pulled his face from your grip. His eyes fell to your hand as he placed his hands behind his head in an agitated manner, and you continued rubbing at a quicker pace. “Do you want me Oppa?” you leaned in to moan right next to his ear.

“Oh fuck. So bad Y/N.” he grunted, his breathing unsteady and his length twitched beneath you.

“Is it fun being teased like this?” he bit his lip as your eyes met his, “Do you wanna touch me baby?”

“Y-yes.” he muttered between a soft moan.

You brought your hand to his throat and grasped it tightly, “then I want you to beg,” another moan escaped your lips as you rocked harder in his lap.

His eyes grew wide, never seeing such a dominate side of you before. “W-what?” he choked out beneath your grip.

“Beg, Taehyung.”

“Jagi, Plea-”

Your gripped tightened on his throat, “I cant hear you Oppa.. What?”

“Ahh fuck!” he bucked his hips into yours, “please Jagi. Please let me touch you. Please let me fuck you.”

You leaned in and kissed him hard, and he brought his hands to grasp your face. The kiss became deeper and full of lust, as your tongues fought each other for dominance. You dipped your finger in further to your panties, collecting your sweet juices on your middle finger. You brought your hand between your lips, and both you and him licked either side of it, before you decided to let him take the whole finger in his mouth to suck it clean.

“Jagi, you taste so fucking good..” he trembled on his words. At the comment you shoved Taehyung over and stood up to slip your panties off at such a slow pace he hissed irritably.

“So impatient Oppa. Do you wanna taste me?” you bent over to hold you underwear as you stepped out of them, and slid your hands slowly up your legs, before finally making your way back towards the couch where Taehyung lay. At some point he had shed his clothes and laid back down motioning you towards him. You couldn’t help but giggle at his desperation.

As you lifted your leg to climb back on top of him, his hand grabbed it firmly, you looked at him in confusion as he grinned letting go of you so he could pat both side of his cheeks. “Have a seat baby.”

Without hesitation you made your way forward, and placed your knees on each side of his head all leaning on the arm of the couch, and slowly dropped your wet center to his face. He gripped your ass hard as you rocked your hips on his face. He wasted no time delving his tongue inside of you, and out, and quickly flicked it against your clit before repeating the cycle. Moans erupted from you as he devoured every inch of you as you rode his face.

“Oh God, Oppa. Yes! Right there!” your body was shaking with pleasure. Taehyung brought his hand over top over your thigh and began rubbing your clit as he tongued at your entrance. You grabbed ahold of his hair, and your thighs tightened on his face as you neared your climax “Oh fuck Tae! I’m gonna cum!” waves crashed through your body as your center uncoiled and you came undone on top of him. He grabbed your hips to keep you steady as you let your breathing calm. “Holy shit Oppa…”

He lifted you and set you on his chest so he could admire you in the state he put you in. He smirked, and as you locked eyes you could see how hungry he was to fill you with his cock. You scooted further down until you felt his throbbing hard length poke into your ass cheek.

“Babe wait.” he sat up. “Can i do you on the table?” he spoke shyly. You giggled and leaned into to kiss him before climbing off off of him, and pulling him up off the couch. He lifted you off the ground and you wrapped your arms and legs around him tightly. His lips were locked to yours as he stumbled over clothes and made his way to the kitchen.

He kissed his way down your body as he laid you down on the table. His kiss was soft but quick, he was too turned on to waste any time. He grabbed ahold of your thighs and pushed them forward as he inched his way inside of you. His pace was slow but his grip on your thighs grew stronger as he thrust harder into you in a sloppy manner, hitting the perfect spot to make your toes curl.

Tae let out a long and rough moan, and you sighed at how your body trembled when he became this vocal. “Y/N you feel so fucking good around me.” another moan passed his lips, and you reached for the edge of the table in desperate need to cling on to something. Your back arched as his thrusts became deeper and sloppier and a slur of profanities mixed with your name oozed from his mouth.

“Fuck baby, I’m right there.” A high squeal escaped you. He pushed your orgasm to its peak at the sound of him calling you baby, and as your core tightened around him he met his release. His fingers dug into your thighs, surely leaving bruises and you looked up to find him with his mouth slightly open and head tilted back. “Holy fuck Jagi.” was all he could mutter.

“Lets go take a shower Taehyungie..” he bent down over you and peppered you in sweet kisses before meeting your mouth for one long, tender kiss. “Remind me to tease you in public more often.” he smirked between kisses. He lifted you from the table, legs still shakey, “You must have a death wish Oppa.” you laughed, and Tae swooped you up and carried you into the bathroom to shower.

…. now I want to write a high school au with jock!dean doting on his adorable artist boyfriend Cas and Cas comes to all of Dean’s baseball games and actually gets Dean in a fair bit of trouble because damn that boy has a dirty mouth when he’s shit talking the opposing team and Dean goes to every single one of Cas’s art shows and his jokes and teasing keep Cas’s anxiety at bay as strangers appraise his work. Actually he distracts Cas so well that Cas doesn’t even realize his painting sold until the end of the night and he never finds out who bought it… until he’s a senior in college moving into his and Dean’s first apartment and he drops a box of plates off in the kitchen and sees a single piece of art on the living room wall, a painting of two silhouettes holding hands in a sea of green and blue and when he turns to find dean leaning in the doorway with a sheepish grin he launches himself into his fiancé’s arms and absolutely no unpacking gets done that night

chatting about my Outlander fic-writing with my husband just now, and he out of the blue throws in:

“But the series author is really opposed to it, right?” 

“Um….yeah….that’s true–how the heck do YOU know that?” 

“I saw something about how Amazon has a program for turning fanfictions into e-books. Apparently she won’t give permission.”

Gawping. “Babe…you researched getting my fic published??”

Sheepish grin. “Yeah.” 

Eva-centric POV. Slow-burn Chris/Eva.

A Family We Chose For Ourselves

Chapter 2: Penetrators (3122 words)
The girls make paper mâché sex toy decorations for the Christmas tree and Chris is missing.

The Penetrators and Yakuza rivalry run much deeper and more dangerous than anyone thought possible, until one of them ends up paying a heavy price. Chris was on his way to the Kose group Christmas party that night.

He never made it there.

Canon relationships. Ensemble cast. Friendships all round. Whump-Hurt/Comfort holy trinity. Injured Chris. Worried William. Worried Eva.

[ch1 / ao3]

“So you and Chris, huh?”

The question comes as an eerie déjà vu, but instead of the guilt she felt when she heard it the first time, Eva has to physically supress the sheepish grin threatening to emerge. She remembers the same voice telling her not to long ago to break up with her boyfriend and hook up with Chris. She’d been taken aback and offended at the time, angry even. Like who did this person think she was, telling her to do something like that? But Sana had been straightforward and factual in her argument and despite feeling slightly insulted by the suggestion, Eva really could find no fault in Sana’s reasoning.

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crazygaze  asked:

IVE BEEN THINKING ABOUT YAMA BITING THINGS TOO BUTS ITS DUMB SHIT LIKE if he's hungry and he sees one of his senpai's eating a bun and then god damn it before he even knows it he's RIGHT THERE READY TO TAKE A BITE and honestly they've learned to dodge and chide him and he gets embarrassed but IT JUST KEEPS HAPPENING HE CANT HELP IT

Or like if someone happens to reach across him and he just sees bare skin in front of him, neck, arm or leg, he’s lightly clamped on it and damn it now he has to apologize AGAIN and at this rate he’s going to give Asahi and Hinata heart attacks

Also plz consider like, Tsukki lightly chopping him on the head like Oi, what are you? An untrained puppy? And Yama just grins all sheepish with his Sorry Tsukki!

It’s so impulsive, he can’t control it, but it’s so cute?? He doesn’t bite hard, when he bites people, just gnaws. Tsukki thinks it’s so adorable but he also doesn’t want Yama to be biting random people (bc he’s almost done that). It’s a struggle. I am passionate about this now. 

Going on a Date with Sirius Black Would Involve:

  • Him telling you that the date of the date is to be determined only to sneak into you room a little past midnight and announcing it is time
  • Him sneaking you both through the school with the help of the Marauder’s Map
  • Him taking you to the Shrieking Shack so you both can talk without having to worry about being caught
  • A blanket on the floor of the shack with an assortment of food and butterbeer that you have no idea how he got his hands on
  • Him talking about his adventures with the other Marauders
  • Him wanting an excuse to touch you and making one by challenging your dancing skills 
  • Him being engrossed in all of your stories you tell
  • Him letting you touch his hair
  • Him not being able to contain himself anymore and kissing you mid sentence 
  • Him pulling away with a sheepish grin and apologizing for interrupting 
  • Him accidentally falling asleep as you talk to him and play with his hair with you following suit
  • Both of you having to sneak back into school the next morning due to you both oversleeping
  • “Next time, I’ll get you earlier so we can stay longer, I didn’t spend nearly enough time as I wanted to with you.”
Switched luggage at the airport : brohm
  • (Bryce calls Ohm on skype through his computer)
  • Bryce: ohm? you there?
  • Ohm: yeah im here! sorry it took me so long, the wifi here is really fuckin' slow. *moves phone around trying to get a good angle of his face*
  • Bryce: I'm guessing your still at the airport due to all the noise *giggle*
  • Ohm: *soft laugh* yeah, the waiting queue is taking forever god damn it.
  • Bryce: thats sad.
  • Ohm: i know right!
  • Bryce: so I guess that means you have your luggage still on you then? *gives him a questioning side glare*
  • Ohm: well yeah, i have to pull this heavy piece of shit with me everywhere. *tilts phone so Bryce can see the suitcase at his side*
  • Bryce: Great! now about that luggage.. *sheepish grin*
  • Ohm: Bryce? what did you do? *scolds him while talking to him like a child*
  • Bryce: i might have done a bad and switched our luggage. *talks softly*
  • Ohm: Bryce! *facepalms* you didn't go through it did you?
  • Bryce: ahhh I may have just a little bit. *squints eyes*
  • Ohm: fucking hell Bryce. Then who's do i have?
  • Bryce: Well I'm hoping mine, otherwise someone gets to take my Micky mouse ears home and gift them to their grandchildren.
  • Ohm: well we don't want that now do we Brycey?
  • Bryce: *crosses his arms across his chest* absolutely not!
  • Ohm: *laughs at Bryce's child like antics* alright let have a look, just hang on a sec. *puts the phone down on the floor as he opens the suitcase*
  • Bryce: I can't really go anywhere so yeah, i guess I'll hang for a sec. *comments smart assly*
  • Ohm: *picks phone back up* you're in luck my friend. *turns camera toward Bryce's open suitcase to show his mickey mouse ears sitting on top*
  • Bryce: phew *wipes imaginary sweat off his forehead* i guess that's that fixed. *giggles cutely*
  • Ohm: that's great and all Bryce but, what the fuck am i going to do now?! my flight is about to lift off, the line to even get your tickets up is taking 3 years, I just found out I have the wrong luggage and need to find a way to get to your house, come back to the airport, line up in the queue for another 5 hours and get on a plane that is already half way across the sea?! *he lists complaining*
  • Bryce: ohm. *looks into the camera reassuringly*
  • Ohm: what? *looks back panicked and way less calm then before*
  • Bryce: you need to calm your tits and think for a minute. there's no way you'll be able to come to my house and back in time for your flight *he began listing off his fingers* even if i decided to bring your luggage to you there still won't be enough time and the only other option is you take my luggage with you and the next time we meet up we give each others stuff back.
  • Ohm: but who knows how long that might be?!
  • Bryce: *shruggs* sorry bud not much i can do about that.
  • Ohm: there's gotta be another option? *he says as he finally takes a step forward in the line*
  • Bryce: well... *scratchs under his chin*
  • Ohm: What?... well what?! *he says in anticipation*
  • Bryce: i guess you could hang at my house for a little longer.
  • Ohm: YES! *says so loud the family lined up in front of him turned around startled*
  • Ohm: i-i mean, yes please.
  • Bryce: *laughs sweetly at ohm's excitement* well then, it'll probably be best if you get out the line dont you think? *smiles wildly*
  • Ohm: oh yeah i guess your right. excuse me miss, pardon me. *Bryce watched as ohms phone swayed as he tried to get out of the queue*
  • Bryce: oh and about your plane tickets, we can exchange them for another flight. *he says in a plain tone*
  • Ohm: What! why didn't you tell me that before?! *makes it to the back of the line and walks towards the exit doors to the drop off parking lot*
  • Bryce: i forgot, sheesh. *runs hand through hair while looking to his right as something catching his eye*
  • Bryce: hey ohm? *reaches down to grab something*
  • Ohm: hmm? *hums not even looking at bryce's cam*
  • Bryce: i also forgot to ask you about this. *holds up an 'i love Bryce McQuaid' t-shirt that he found in ohms suitcase*
  • how long have you had this exactly? *smirkfull grin*
  • Ohm: *looks at Bryce through his phone a little blush on his cheeks but Bryce didn't notice* oh my god, Can you just come pick me up?! *he says passive aggressively*
  • Bryce: alllright, I'll see you soon then buddy. *puts the shirt down on his lap* but I still have some question for you like.. why is my face on that pillow.
  • Ohm: *rubs his forehead in frustration* I'll tell you later, just get your ass in the car before i get to the exit.
  • Bryce: im on it dont worry, i'll be there before you can say i love Bryce McQuaid.
  • Ohm: wouldn't even say it if my life depended on it. *he jokes smiling*
  • Bryce: right? that's why you have a shirt to say it for you, got it. *smirks devilishly giggling*
  • Ohm: okay im gonna hang up im almost at the door. it would be unfair if i didn't give you enough time to beat me to it?
  • Bryce: a challenge? oh your on!
  • Ohm: *chuckles* bye Bryce.
  • bryce: see you in a bit. *whispers* fangirl.
  • (hangs up call)
Help - Peter Parker x Reader

Requested by Anon (Dialogue prompt) “I may need your help”

It’s so hard to find Tom Holland Gifs. (Not mine) 

“Hey (Y/n).” Peter’s voice echoed through the phone once you picked up.

“How are you?” He asked, trying to make it seem like it was just a normal conversation.

“Good thanks. How are you?” You asked, leaning against your bedroom wall.

“I’m good. Good. Well, actually listen. I was experimenting with something and I.. I may need your help.” He stopped babbling abruptly and you could almost ear his sheepish grin through the phone.

“Oh god. What have you done this time?”

“Hey! I’ll have you know I am very responsible- Ah!” You heard a dull thud and curses through the line.


“I’m fine! Just, please come help me.”

“It would be nice if you explained the situation.”

Peter sighed, “I’ll send you a photo. It will sound ridiculous if I explain it.”

“Alright.” You laughed, “I’ll be round soon.”

“Thank you, (Y/n).”

You hung up and were immediately greeted with a photo of Peter apparently stuck in the top corner of his room with his hands glued with webs. You had no idea how he’d managed to take the photo.

When you knocked on the door to Peter’s apartment, Aunt May greeted you.

“(Y/n)! Peter didn’t tell me you were coming around. Come in!” She held the door open for you. “Did he text you to come around?”

You nodded, “The power of modern communication.”

She laughed and led you to Peter’s room.

“Have fun studying.” She smiled, leaving you to knock on his door.

“Come in!’

You opened the door and were confused for a moment as to where he was. But then you saw him in the corner in line with the door, firmly stuck to the ceiling.

“You alright?” You asked, stifling a laugh.

“Yeah of course, it’s not like I’ve been stuck here for like an hour and I’ve lost feeling in my left leg.” He winced, “Not at all.”

You laughed, dragging his desk chair over to the corner so you could reach him more easily.

“And who’s fault is that?”

“I was just trying to strengthen the web formula. I did it.” He grinned while you pulled out a pocket knife, trying to cut through the string.

Peter chuckled then, “I tried that.”

“What should I do then?”

He glanced around the room, flushing slightly red.

“It should wear off after a while. Especially if you put some water on it. I was kinda hoping you could just.. uh.. keep me company until then?”

Food Fights (Calum Smut)

Summary: Calum’s disastrous cooking results in a mess that can only be erased with a steamy shower session 

Warnings? Smuuut, blowjobs, shower sex

Word Count: 2.4k

Masterlist | Request

As you stare at the mess spread across Calum’s kitchen you can’t help but wonder two things; why did you assume he’d know how to cook, and what possessed him to make such a mess?

“I can explain…” He holds up his hands, a sheepish grin spread across his face. You snort as you notice the strands of raw egg scattered through his hair, “Please do.” Calum begins to rinse his hands in the sink before answering.

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Don’t Be So Butt Hurt - Johnny

Can you write a scenario for NCT Johnny where he gave his jacket to some girl forgetting that his girlfriend is there and she feels cold too. Angsty/fluffy. Thanks💜💜

A/N: Whew, this is the only non-smut request in my inbox so I wanted to do it right now ahaha, enjoy~

Word Count: 573

You hurried back to Johnny after thanking the clerk and grabbing the drinks from the counter. The cold air hit you when you stepped outside making you suck in a breath between your teeth.

The dark night was illuminated only by the streetlamps. It was quite cold outside, but surprisingly many people were still out.

Johnny sat in one of the plastic chairs in front of the 7/11. You set the drinks down on the table, gingerly pushing his toward him. You blinked in confusion a few times when you saw he wasn’t wearing his jacket.

“Where’s your jacket?” you asked worried.

He gave a sheepish grin before looking over his shoulder, pointing to a girl walking to the bus stop. Your jaw dropped.

“You gave her your coat?!”

“She looked really cold” he retorted.

“B-But I really liked that coat on you, it was expensive too wasn’t it-” you fretted.

“It’s not a big deal” he said, giving a flick of his wrist.

You plopped down in your chair, crossing your arms. He laughed at you as he reached for his drink.

“I don’t see why you’re laughing; you just gave your coat away to some random girl in front of me.”

“Are you jealous?” he taunted.

“Let’s just go inside” you said, standing up.

Your chair scraped against the ground as you stood up, grabbing your drink.

“Why? Are you cold?”

“Yes” you answered curtly.

“Aww~ I’d give you my jacket, but…” he teased, erupting into a fit of laughter.

You made sure to ‘accidentally’ step on his foot as you walked past him. He didn’t have to rub it in your face like that. You felt slightly hurt on the inside, the thought of your boyfriend giving another girl his coat while you were just as cold made you frown deeply.

“Wait for me!” he called, jogging to catch up with you.

“Go to your own house” you murmured, putting distance between you and him.

He rolled his eyes at you. You let out a screech as he picked you up and tossed you over his shoulder.

“Don’t be so butt hurt” he sang, giving your butt a light tap.

“I hate you…”

“No you don’t~ (Y/n) stop lying to yourself.”

He carried you all the way to your apartment, dropping you down gently in front of your door. You quickly entered the lock code and opened your door. His figure loomed behind you.

“What do you want?” you asked, trying to sound intimidating.

He ignored you and pushed in, making you stumble inside.

“Stop bullying me!” you exclaimed, glaring at him.

His gaze softened as he watched you angrily kick off your shoes. Before you could step into the living room he grabbed your elbow, dragging you into his arms.

“Baby,” he said gently, making you melt a little, “don’t be upset with me.”

You knew you shouldn’t be, he was just too nice for his own good. You broke down and hugged him back, a muffled apology escaping your lips as you buried your face into his sweater.

“I couldn’t leave my girl mad at me” he chimed, swaying with you as he kissed your hair.

“Don’t leave” you protested as he released you and took a step away.

He raised his eyebrows at you, waiting for you to say something more.

“You don’t have a jacket, you’ll get sick” you said while grinning slyly, a similar grin forming on his lips.


anonymous asked:

This goon was in drive thru for breakfast and it had just hit the 5min mark for his order when I handed out the order in front of him. I see his car tires look funny and he pulls up and I give him the total. Asshat of the year here gives me a sheepish grin and a laugh as he tells me, "I was just about to bolt." FUCK YOU. Out of all drive thru customer sins that's the worst. It had only been 5min and u were ready to make us ring up and hand out wrong orders cuz u can't wait 5 fucking min. Jfc.

#1 Sebastian Aho

For @leafstrashtm ily alana

Song suggestion of the day: Pull me up by KYKO

Originally posted by dyllarkin


You almost fell out of bed when you opened your eyes to find your boyfriend’s face inches from your own. He giggled as you jumped slightly and whispered out a small. “Sorry.”

You groaned gently. “You nearly gave me a heart attack, Sepe.” He sent you a sheepish grin that you couldn’t help but giggle wearily at. 

“No. No. Nope.” he laughed as you closed your eyes and tried to get a few more minutes of sleep. You groaned as he began peppering your face with kisses, and instead buried you face in your pillow.

“No, Sepe, please.” you grumbled.

You felt him jump onto the bed beside you and begin tickling your sides, making you let out a squeal of laughter. “Stop!”

“Wake up.” He whined.

“I’m up! I’m up!” you protested and he finally let you go as you gasped for breath. “Good morning to you too.”

You knew full well why he was so excited. Today you were finally going to look for a puppy to adopt which you both had wanted to do since forever. You both were so excited that you ended up eating breakfast in the car on the way to the dog shelter while Sepe did his best to avoid potholes to make things easier for you. 

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Avengers Preference: How they wake you up


Clint: Loud grunts pull you from peaceful sleep. You wake to find Clint doing pull ups on the doorframe with nothing but boxer briefs on. He pretends he doesn’t see you gawking because he loves to watch the color rise your cheeks. He drops to the ground and blows you a kiss before sauntering off into the shower to wash away the sweat clinging to his toned muscles. You quickly follow.

Pietro: Pietro is not a morning person by any means. The few times he does drag himself out of bed before you are spent impatiently flitting about as he waits for you to wake. By the time he knocks over your hair products in the bathroom and accidentally rouses you, he has already been on a morning run, devoured breakfast, and zipped in and out of the shower. You glare at him irritably through messy hair and he just shoots back a sheepish grin.

Steve: Sweet nothings are always in order for the early morning. Steve runs a gentle hand through your hair and softly tells of the sun coming up and the breeze that’s blowing outside and other quiet things as you become conscious of the world through his calm voice. His warm smile never fails to bring a mirror one to your lips.

T’challa: T’Challa knows how to perfectly play the line between firm and sweet, urging you awake by slowly dragging the covers down off of your form, but making sure to press warm kisses in its wake. Soon you are in no mood to sleep and instead want to lay your body against his.

Tony: While it could be any number of songs, “Walking on Sunshine” is a particular favorite of Tony’s to serenade to your sleeping form in a too-cheery way for the morning. JARVIS tries to apologize for being made to disturb you but you can’t really hear over the handsome bastard singing in your ear.

Scott: He won’t. He will place a tender kiss to your temple before silently slipping from the bed and going about his morning. He cherishes watching you sleep and loves when you finally wander into the kitchen with bleary eyes and a pout on your lips that he quickly kisses away. You two huddle over fresh yogurt from the market batting heavy eyelids and exchanging dreams.

Thor: Thor’s days are scheduled down to the second, so if you don’t wake up before he has to leave in the mornings, he will flop down on top of your sleeping form and wrap you up in a bear hug. You wake up giggling, mussing the long blonde hair he worked so hard to tame. He’ll hum and kiss you deeply so that you think of him all day. By the time you two part, his advisor is beating down the door, chastising the prince for being so late to his meeting.

Bucky: No stranger to rude awakenings, Bucky will gently rub up and down your arm until  you finally wake up enough to see those bright eyes gazing lovingly down at you. Not a word is exchanged as you two prepare for the day, just soft brushes and lingering kisses that more often than not have you removing the clothing you just put on.

Sam: The smell of that damn good food down the hallway that he’s cooking. Just wait till he brings the plate of bacon to your bedside. You spend the morning feeding each other and slowly greeting the day, that is until a food fight breaks out.

Family — Wonho AU | Part Four

A/N: Here is part four for you lovely readers! Thank you again for your patience and interest in the story. I’m aiming for one more part but it may turn into two if I get too carried away. But for now, I hope you all enjoy this part! and quick side not: YA’LL THOSE MX TEASERS GOT ME SO SHOOK

Length: 4398 words

Parts: Prologue | One | Two | Three 

You sit across from Ahreum as she browses the menu of the café you two have chosen. She catches you peeking at her and smiles. You return with a sheepish grin. “Sorry, it’s just…not weird but nostalgic to see you?”

Your words come out sounding more like a question as you struggle to find the word that fits the feeling. Even nostalgic doesn’t quite put all the emotions together. Despite your struggle Ahreum’s smile grows.

“I’m sure it’s jarring. Thank you again for agreeing to talk to me. I know it’s weird but I found you on social media and figured it was a sign for me to contact you.”

You nod not really know what to say to that and then Ahreum excuses herself to order the food she’s chosen. You sit with the cheese and fruit platter you’d ordered earlier. After running into Ahreum in the lobby you’d lost some of your appetite, and now sitting with her in the café you barely wanted to look at the food.

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