Sheepish grin

You can leave a penny but you can't take a penny.

I rushed from my car to the school bookstore. I was late for my final in history and had forgotten my scantron and backpack at home. I grabbed my wallet, handed the bookstore clerk my credit card with a ‘help me with this quick please’ sheepish grin. The clerk she said “no” and pointed to the minimum purchase sign next to the cash register.

I apologized for the oversight and reached in my pocket to grab loose change and pay for the scantron. As I counted out my change I only had 18 cents. No problem! They had a “take a penny” dish next to the register so I reached over and grabbed the remaining change and tried to hand it to her.

The lady again held her hand flat out and said “no” again. I asked why not and she said “you can leave a penny but you can’t take a penny”. I tried to explain that I didn’t have another way to pay for the scantron. She wouldn’t budge and physically moved the penny jar out of my reach like I was some sort of thief.

At the point it hit me that for whatever reason this cashier was getting off on making my life difficult and had no sympathy me.

Now I’m not the kind of guy that gets mad and starts yelling or crying, so I did the only thing I could think of. I smiled and said “of course, you know there were a few things I need to grab for next semester”. I grabbed an overpriced bag of m&ms, a soda and $400 worth of merchandise from every corner of the store. I again pulled out my card and she begrudgingly rang everything up.

When she was through I pulled out my scantron and handed her my remaining articles and said “I’d like to return these items please”.

She went ballistic. She started yelling and called campus security. I explained what had happened to the officer and he told her that she had to honor the return.

I then went to class feeling like a rock star and got a solid B on the test.

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Help - Peter Parker x Reader

Requested by Anon (Dialogue prompt) “I may need your help”

It’s so hard to find Tom Holland Gifs. (Not mine) 

“Hey (Y/n).” Peter’s voice echoed through the phone once you picked up.

“How are you?” He asked, trying to make it seem like it was just a normal conversation.

“Good thanks. How are you?” You asked, leaning against your bedroom wall.

“I’m good. Good. Well, actually listen. I was experimenting with something and I.. I may need your help.” He stopped babbling abruptly and you could almost ear his sheepish grin through the phone.

“Oh god. What have you done this time?”

“Hey! I’ll have you know I am very responsible- Ah!” You heard a dull thud and curses through the line.


“I’m fine! Just, please come help me.”

“It would be nice if you explained the situation.”

Peter sighed, “I’ll send you a photo. It will sound ridiculous if I explain it.”

“Alright.” You laughed, “I’ll be round soon.”

“Thank you, (Y/n).”

You hung up and were immediately greeted with a photo of Peter apparently stuck in the top corner of his room with his hands glued with webs. You had no idea how he’d managed to take the photo.

When you knocked on the door to Peter’s apartment, Aunt May greeted you.

“(Y/n)! Peter didn’t tell me you were coming around. Come in!” She held the door open for you. “Did he text you to come around?”

You nodded, “The power of modern communication.”

She laughed and led you to Peter’s room.

“Have fun studying.” She smiled, leaving you to knock on his door.

“Come in!’

You opened the door and were confused for a moment as to where he was. But then you saw him in the corner in line with the door, firmly stuck to the ceiling.

“You alright?” You asked, stifling a laugh.

“Yeah of course, it’s not like I’ve been stuck here for like an hour and I’ve lost feeling in my left leg.” He winced, “Not at all.”

You laughed, dragging his desk chair over to the corner so you could reach him more easily.

“And who’s fault is that?”

“I was just trying to strengthen the web formula. I did it.” He grinned while you pulled out a pocket knife, trying to cut through the string.

Peter chuckled then, “I tried that.”

“What should I do then?”

He glanced around the room, flushing slightly red.

“It should wear off after a while. Especially if you put some water on it. I was kinda hoping you could just.. uh.. keep me company until then?”

I Can’t Make You Love Me

Summary: Dean is in love with the reader, but will not confess it to her. When she gets a boyfriend, he is forced to keep quiet about his feelings.

Character: Dean x Reader 

Word Count: 1,354

Warnings: None.

A/N: I’m thinking of making a part 2 to this. Please let me know what you think ^^ 

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→ The X-Files college au (x)

In his beat up car, Mulder has six eight tracks dedicated to Elvis alone. Scully is reminded of how he is never quite in the present; always either in the past, bobbing his head to Elvis with a sheepish grin and banging on about Roswell, New Mexico 1947 or else is so far ahead of everyone even she has trouble keeping up. 

By the end of their first year, she can’t remember how many weekends they spent out of town. He buys her strange trinkets (he has a particular penchant for gifting her keychains from every state) and takes her to even more peculiar places. In an outer-space themed bar he orders them double drinks with something neon green dripping inside that looks suspiciously like alien goop. They spend a drunken night in a motel room avoiding each other’s lips.

He takes her to a museum of oddities, where there are precisely three Fiji mermaid look-alikes, nine pieces of bug wings claiming to be scales of prehistoric beasts still roaming deserted swamps, and twenty-six identical moulds of clearly fake alien bodies. He grabs her hand as they stare into the glass cases of mystery creatures. Neither of them say anything about it.

They argue frequently, about what is real and what is not, about what he wants so badly to believe he’ll see anything and about what is under her nose but she refuses to acknowledge. But they keep driving, keep moving in a way that makes them both feel like they exist outside of time and space and there is nothing among them but a few bright lights above, the tapping of her nails on the dashboard, and both of them trying desperately not to fall in love.

Catching up

Summary: The reader decided to help Bucky to catch up on everything he missed out on in the past 70 years by introducing him to Star Wars

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1,570

Warnings: None, it’s just fluff

A/N: This was so much fun to write and I really hope ou like it! Also I can totally imagine Bucky doing the Solo Smirk ;)

Tagging: @felteppsters @buckynatsaha @anthonysfark @bovaria

“Do you really want to do that again?” Bucky asked you as he followed you through the shared home of the avengers. Everyone else was on their current mission, leaving the building to you and Bucky. 

“Of course! It’s not everyday that we have all rooms for us,” you replied with a sheepish grin on your lips and headed straight to Steve’s room. It all had started a few weeks ago when Bucky had caught you as you were rummaging through Tony’s clothes. He’d asked you what you were doing and you’d only blushed and told him that you were really curious and had planned to use their absence as the perfect chance to snoop around a little bit. Bucky was hesitant at first but had joined you eventually. 

Since then you’d done it not only with Tony’s room, but with several others too. Today it was going to be the room of the one and only Captain America. To be completely honest, you’d been looking forward to do this since you’d heard about the new mission.

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Change of Heart

Summary: AU!Professor!Sam where Sam Wesson is falling for his student, but their relationship is forbidden, and not only because she’s his student.

Characters: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 2,310

Warnings: None.

A/N: This is for therealcap, whose fic was long overdue! I hope you like, darling! Here is one of your many requests ^^ Thank you to my dear one inlieus for her help, I wouldn’t have done it without you! I want to continue it, so let me know what you guys think! Enjoy!

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Oppa, That’s Mean [Suga/Yoongi] ft Jaebum (Got7)

Genre: Mild Angst; Fluff

Members: Yoongi x Reader(You); Im Jaebum (JB) of GOT7; Mild mention of Jin

Part: Oneshot (Requested)

Summary: Yoongi hears a lot of news about himself through gossip sites. He wasn’t expected to hear about his girlfriend having a baby with Jaebum of Got7 through one though.

Originally posted by monsterguks

He frowned at your oblivious state, hand reaching out to firmly grip your wrist and pull you back from the busy curb. Several feet in front of you both, a taxi sped by, cutting the curb in its rush to catch the light. “Ya, are you even looking!?” Jaebum hissed. He tugged on your arm until you looked up at him, a sheepish grin tilting your lips.

“Ah, sorry Oppa.” You mumbled, glancing back across the street,”I was looking at the sales sign across the street.” Jaebum had suggested loading up on baby items like diapers since you and Yoongi would be flying through them in nine months time. You were grateful that he was rather level headed when you had called him at three this morning freaking out over the positive test. Yoongi was away on tour and wasn’t answering your calls so your best friend was the next best thing.

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How You Cuddle

Requested by Anon - could you do A visual preference with nat, wanda, bucky, steve, thor, clint, and tony on how they cuddle?


Tony liked having you on top of him whenever you cuddled just so he could see your gorgeous face at all times. He had easy access to your lips, neck and his hands could easily rest on your hips with no issue. It was rare when Tony had free time to cuddle as he always busied himself with random things, but on the rare accounts when he did have time, he made the most of it.


Thor had an issue staying still. He always had to be moving, whether it be tapping his feet to an invisible beat or even moving you into a different position with him every five minutes. You didn’t mind - you found it adorable how he always gave you a sheepish grin whenever he stirred you.


Clint liked to have you nestled into his chest, hugging him tightly. He liked the view he had of your flushed cheeks as you slept and the ability to easily kiss your forehead at any whim. He always ran his fingers through your hair, tugging you closer and closer to him.


Cuddling was Steve’s favorite thing in the entire world. He enjoyed knowing that you were safe in his arms, hence the fact he always had them wrapped tightly around you. It didn’t matter what position you were in - he had his arms wrapped around you securely. 


Bucky always favorited his flesh arm, it was the only one he was sure wouldn’t hurt you. You amazed him by not being afraid of his metal arm, always commenting how hot it made him look instead and how it didn’t define who he was. Eventually he got comfortable enough to not even think about it as he cuddled with you. You always dragged your fingers along the plates, you enjoyed the feeling of his hot body pressed to yours and the cold metal of his prosthetic arm.


With you, Wanda was all about physical contact. She liked having your body tucked against her own as she brushed her fingers through your hair. Being close to you gave her a sense of comfort and security, you made her feel like she wasn’t a weapon of mass destruction. 


Nat took on the dominant role in the relationship pretty early on. She was a bit taller which made her life much easier when it came to cuddling with you. She got to rest her head on your temple while your legs intertwined beautifully. She felt like she could protect you better with her holding you, as if you were the only thing she cared about in the entire world.

You’re going to call me cute, and I’m going to smile because I haven’t heard something so innocent in a while. You’re going to call me every night before I rest my eyes, and you’re going to ask me millions of questions because you find me slightly mysterious. I’ll answer most of them reluctantly, some I’ll stay quiet indicating to you that you shouldn’t ask again. You’re going to find me interesting. You’re going to look at me with hearts in your eyes and I’ll return them with a sheepish grin. You’re going to melt into a puddle when I trade the late night calls for knocks on your window at 3 am, because I’m lonely, or maybe a little fucked up. Or both. You’ll let me in and you’ll grasp the sheets and I’ll prove to you that girls really do know how to make girls feel good. You’re going to feel like you’re on drugs afterwards, the best kind. You will kiss me all over for hours, but never attempting to touch me in the ways I did you because I wince every time your wandering hands go between my thighs. You’re going to wonder why I do this, but never ask. Because you know I don’t like answering questions. But this will make me far more interesting to you. So you’ll begin to pick me up every morning after I sneak back to my house. You’ll drive me to the prettiest places, and I’ll stare because I’m amazed and wonder exactly why you haven’t taken your eyes off of me. One day you’ll tell me you love me, and I’ll smile a sad smile and I’ll tell you that I love you, and I do. But I’ll silently wish love was enough to make me change my ways. I’ll silently kick myself for collecting another girls soul, when all I meant was to find someone to pass the time with. You’ll hold my hand every chance you get. You’ll soon, be unable to spend one night away from me. And your moms going to be angry when you tell her that you’re in love with a girl, she’s going to say she won’t be a mother to a wild lesbian that puts permanent scratches all over her reputation. You’re going to scream and cry, and thirty minutes later you’ve packed your things and found yourself in my bed screaming, though might I add, for entirely different reasons. You’re going to wonder how, the fuck you got so god damn lucky because you found me. You’re going to picture our whole lives together, but wonder why I mention that I can’t even picture tomorrow. You will think that I’m so confusing, but you’ll smile and kiss me and I’ll smile and ill kiss you back because my lips are cold and yours are so warm. One day you’re going to find me on the phone with the pretty blonde girl from my literature class. You’re going to feel a deep Crimson washing over your eyes, your whole body. You will jump in your car before I can stop you and drive for hours looking for her house while I sit at home and wonder why I ever really try to stop hurting people. I’ll convince myself that the pain I cause is inevitable. And you will come home two hours later with puffy eyes and a scattered brain. You’ll try to slap me but I’m too strong and I hold you in my arms, and we will end up making the sweetest love you could have never even imagined. And you’ll forget about the pretty blonde girl, because you figure that I could never love anyone other than you, after feeling the way that I love you. Until you go through my phone, and find the secrets I have hidden away. And you’ll feel a deep Crimson again, and finally when you’ve stopped seeing red, you realize I have a black eye and your knuckles are bruised. So you’ll apologize and kiss me in every crevice of my body. And I’ll finally let you inside of me, because I never love anyone that doesn’t hurt. And you’ll be so happy and feel like you’re on top of the world, whilst also wondering how I could ever let you touch me after you had let your anger control you, and left me in colors of black and blue. But you’ll be so thankful that I didn’t leave you, you’ll forget about it, even while my phone is ringing and I tell you I have to go to the bathroom. Months will have passed by, and you’re still following me with puppy eyes. You can’t turn your face a fraction of an inch without feeling immediate despair. You will always have to be fucking touching me. When I move you will coordinate your movements with mine, because it doesn’t feel right if we aren’t completely aligned. You will stop crying when you see my phone light up, because this is normal now, and you understand that I am the way that I am, for reasons that you will never know. And you will realize trying to change me would only result in me leaving you empty. And you can’t even stomach the thought so you stare at the wall with blank eyes and convince yourself one day things will be perfect, and you will pat yourself on the back and realize you are in my bed every night. And I’ll feel despair in every crook and cranny of my body, and wish I hadn’t been raised to be such a destructive fuck. You will start to want to fuck me every second. Because you enjoy making me feel things, you enjoy seeing my body shaking and also seeing me completely vulnerable. And ill silently wonder how you could ever find me vulnerable whilst my hands are always around your neck.
—  you don’t have to go through this, you can leave me without a second glance. this is a warning -