So @nikkutz ♡ tagged me… rules: lockscreen,homescreen, last listened song, last selfie.
I think I did it once… but it changed so I was like..why not… but one thing stayed the same..(ithink) the last listened song is still the Sheep. Okay if I say it’s my fav..it will be my fav for a long time :))
Im going to tag (i dont wanna tag the same people i tagged before…:/) : @xiuminniesittybittytiddies @kasszandra03 @cutieyoungbin @valenjagi @yeoleow @shootfortheestrella @astro-lovelies and anyone ♡♡♡


Shared a table with @chuppicreations at a local festival yesterday.  Most of our stock is leftover.  My etsy shop has been updated with most of what is available (dinos, octopuses, one foozle, and the tiger tsum still need pictures taken and have not been added to the shop).  The left side of the table is all my plush and most of the right side is by @chuppicreations (minus the frogs, fox, dragon and one bat).  Be sure to check out her stuff as well!  She will be updating her etsy with available plush soon.


anonymous asked:

Hi, I have recently seen the youtube video "The Wool Industry EXPOSED (What They Don't Want You To Know)" and I'm not sure what to think. I'm not really familiar with things in the wool industry but something about the video seems staged. I have also seen other videos of sheep being sheared were the sheep was completely cooperative with the handelr, which wouldn't be possible if it was always like in the video. Can you provide something useful for me?

Here’s my two-cents on the matter. Put under the cut because this will be pretty long.

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