A heckler asked Bishop Sheen a question about someone who had died. The Bishop replied, “I will ask him when I get to Heaven.” The heckler replied, “What if he isn’t in Heaven?”
The Bishop replied, “Well then you ask him.”

(Sheen decorated this year per Fatigue’s request. Fatigue of course was thrilled to bits)

Happy Valentine’s Day from your fave bedfellows!~ <3

Special thanks to our awesome voice actor Sean Chiplock!


Another successful BedFellows Fan Art Friday!!!

You guys seriously are so amazing and it warms my heart when you send us all your crazy and fun artwork.

Piece 1: Sketchypuppos-sketches
Piece 2: The Ultimate Cog Gear
Piece 3: Alpha Wolf               
Piece 4: PaintFox34              
Piece 5: Marshmallowbab     

gryphinhusky  asked:

Playing through Breath of the Wild, I knew immediately that Revali would be my favorite character. I didn't exactly know why at first, but when it comes down to it, it's the fact that your voice acting is astounding. And to find out that you voiced Sheen in Bedfellows...holy shit. That's too good. I laughed about that one for a while because I couldn't not imagine Revali doing the crazy things that Sheen does. You're a godly voice actor and I hope you get more high profile roles in the future!

Link is Fatigue, just excited about all his new Sheikah tools to play with and eager to help everyone he comes across.

Revali is Sheen, inexplicably attached to Link but defiant at every opportunity as he tries to assure people it’s not a mutual relationship, and getting angry at everyone who doesn’t think his poop smells like Mighty Prime Meat and Seafood Fry.

(Also, thank you! I’m working hard as we speak.)

Three Gators for Gon’ E-Choo’s 3rd Anniversary Today.

Above: A boastful inkwell type gator by Sheen.  Yes, of “Bedfellows” fame.  I can’t show you the first one he drew of Gator and Otter wrassslin’ (Gator was winning).

Hugo’s rendition of Casey from the recent Foggy Fox comic strip run.

Gator of Clay from Tomorrowsphere.