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This is a bit of an obvios question... (Sry in adviansce for so many questions..) Is the girl in your newest art Loche? If so, what happened to Kee? And I saw how shes holding a spear, so was she killed by Undyne? And one last question, why do she look so scary??? She look so sweet and innocent, last time we saw her, what happened???

The blue child is based off of Kee the cotton candy child. 

Loche was the orange sherbert child.

Also the reason Kee looks so scary is due to similar reasons for this

Although these pictures should be taken with a grain of salt. These are sort of what ifs and don’t really have much bearing on current stories and what not =U

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whats up with the sixpence heals thing?

So sixpenceee,who clearly isn’t a professional, is scamming mentally ill teenagers for “therapy sessions” for $30/each. I never liked her anyways but geez speaking as a mentally ill teen I wouldnt get help from her since she makes us look scary. So yeah don’t do it. Her “apology” is terrible too.


6x05 “She’s No Angel” Canadian (M3) Promo

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"Gone to the dogs" prompt: Belle and Gold talk about their little kiss and go on a date, they bring their dogs to "chaperone" them...

Hope you enjoy this one, anon!  (And others!)  Was hoping to have this done for Valentine’s Day but better late than never!  Enjoy!  :)

This is Part Six of my GoneTo the Dogs series. 

Dinner Date

“What do you think they see in each other?” Gold asked as he and Belle sat on the park bench watching Stewart and Sophie play. He was back to wearing his three-piece suit once again.

“Haven’t you heard the phrase ‘opposites attract’?” Belle asked.

“That isn’t opposite, that’s – ridiculous.” Gold said.

“Why?” Belle asked. “Their personalities click somehow, and they both spotted that instantly. You can’t help who you’re attracted to. Besides … beauty is skin deep, right? It’s what’s on the inside that counts. I know that Sophie is a bit awkward and different, but – that’s part of what made me love her. She’s a beautiful soul, very kind and gentle. No one else wanted her, did you know that? I was volunteering at the shelter, and she’d been there for nearly a month. She was the sweetest thing, but no one that came there looking to adopt would even give her a second look. Some of the volunteers were afraid to play with her because she looked so big and scary but she wasn’t like that at all. She just wanted someone to love her. Anyhow – no one had claimed her and no one wanted her and I didn’t want her to be – you know. So I decided to adopt her.”

“Well, apparently Stewart sees things as you do.” Gold said.

“And you don’t see past what’s visible? Why not?” Belle asked.

“Never had much of a reason to.” Gold said. “Things – and people – tend to be just as they appear to be in my experience.”

“I don’t think that’s true at all.” Belle said. “I’ve been hearing things about you, Ronan. I try not to listen to that sort of gossip but people have seen us together and they tell me things.”

“What things?” Gold asked.

“Oh – it’s nothing really. Nothing I believe.” Belle said.

“Well, you can’t just leave it at that. Tell me.” Gold insisted.

“Just that you – you have a lot of money and power in this town and you got that by being ruthless.” Belle said. Gold chuckled a bit.

“That’s it?” Gold asked. “I honestly expected worse.”

“Well, most people said you’re – a bit of a beast.” Belle admitted. “But I just don’t see that. I mean – you obviously love Stewart very much, you take wonderful care of him. And your son – he loves you and I can see that he’s everything to you. If you were a beast – none of that would be true.” Gold didn’t say a word in reply. “I um – I have a confession to make. About when I came into your shop a couple weeks ago.”

“Did you break something else and not tell me?” Gold asked, and Belle smiled.

“No, nothing like that. I just – I didn’t come to see your shop. I came to talk – about – what happened that day the young man came here with his beagle. I mean – after he left.” Belle said.

“You don’t have to talk about that, I know why you did it.” Gold said.

“Do you?” Belle asked.

“I am not immune to understanding that I am, in fact, the butt of quite a few practical jokes in this town. Don’t flatter yourself to think that you’re the first to try and taunt me in order to get a reaction. You’re not.” Gold said.

“Taunt you? I – I kissed you because I wanted to.” Belle said. “I like you, Ronan.”

“Nobody likes me except for my son and Stewart.” Gold said.

“And me.” Belle replied. “I thought maybe you – felt the same way. I guess I was wrong.” Belle stood up, feeling a bit embarrassed. “I should probably go. Sophie! Come on sweetheart, we’re going home!” Belle called out. Both dogs came running toward them. Belle clipped the leash onto Sophie’s collar. “See you next week.” Belle said quietly. Gold hesitated for a moment as Belle and Sophie started to walk away.

“Belle, wait!” Gold called out when she was halfway to the gate. Belle stopped and turned around, and Gold put Stewart on his leash and walked toward her. “Would you like to have dinner this week?”

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Showing my dad the OOTW mv
  • Him: why are there so many trees growing
  • Him: why is she looking so scary she's supposed to be sweet
  • *Scene with fire*
  • Him: is this transitioning to bad blood now?
  • Him: look at the special effects *is enamoured*
  • Him: she should be an actor
  • Him: *sigh* that was intense