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can you please continue the fic where someone is chasing tom through dreams? i really loved that!

Omg thank you!!!! I totally forgot about that fic. And I had this entire thing planned and I was so pumped and then I forgot. Oh well I remember now hahaha.

read the first one here!

Star spun around in an elegant way and pointed her wand out to Marco, a bubbled went around the two of them and Marco shut his eyes. He didn’t know why he did, it just felt like instinct. When he opened the he looked around, the pink bubble was still around them and they were still in the house. “Why are we still here?” Marco asked.

“We aren’t.” Star told him. “We’re in the dead plane now.” She explained. Marco looked confused, it looked exactly like his house. But when Star dropped the bubble and the pink filter went away he saw how dead it really looked. Everything was gray and ominous, and there were sorts of figures, that ducked in and out of hiding places. Like demons or ghosts or monsters.

“Don’t look at them, Glosseryk said to ignore them and they won’t do anything.” Star warned. Marco gulped and looked away, as a creature with long black hair and dead eyes ducked beneath his couch.

“Tom is asleep upstairs.” Marco reminded. They waited till the demon fell asleep, in hopes that whatever was trying to find him would come back, and they could stop it. The two began to make their way up the steps of Marco’s alternate house. Creatures darted around, and sometimes they even feared that they would be attacked, but it never happened, just menacing glares.

They made it upstairs and Marco gulped. His bedroom looked a lot scarier on this plane. Marco looked over and saw Tom sleeping peacefully on the bed, curled in a tiny ball. “Can he hear us from here?” Marco asked. Star nodded.

“Glosseryk said demons live in both planes at the same time. He can hear and see all of this, as well as everything in the regular world.” She recalled what her teacher said. Marco nodded and looked down at Tom, who was still sleeping. “So… what now?” Star asked.

“I guess we just wait until something shows up to try and get Tom, and then we kill it.” Marco guessed. Star nodded and gripped her wand. The two sat down across from the demon and waited. “If Tom’s father is trying to get him back… we have to protect him. I’m not letting him go back to a toxic home.” Marco declared. Star shook her head.

“Marco, did you see the size of the handprint on Tom’s shoulder? It was way bigger than Tom’s dad’s.” Star asked, who had peaked at the bruise while the demon was asleep. “And it was clawed. Tom’s dad’s hand isn’t clawed… something else is trying to get our friend and… it might be something bigger.” She gulped. Marco nodded and kept peering behind his shoulder to make sure nothing was coming.

“I guess we’ll just have to wait.”


“Marco!” Star whispered his name with urgency and pulled him behind the bed.

“What happened?” Marco asked. He looked over at his friend who was terrified. She pointed with a finger and Marco peered over. Because out from up the steps came a ghastly figure. And it was huge. It seemed to have smoke coming from it and it towered over the entire room. Marco and Star scrambled back as the monster trudged forward.

“What is that thing!?” Marco whispered in fear.

“Look at it’s eyes and horns, it’s definitely a demon.” Star gulped. The smoke and flames from around the monster cleared and Star and Marco saw it was a woman. She was a giant, red female demon with three glowing eyes. It had horrible and sharp teeth as it looked down at Tom, looming menacingly. It reached out a giant clawed hand.

“That’s the same handprint we saw on Tom.” Star recalled. It grabbed Tom tight and the demon whimpered in his sleep. And Marco couldn’t hold back anymore.

“LET GO OF HIM!” Marco jumped out and screamed. The demon dropped Tom and the he shot up awake. Rubbing his eyes confused. What was this monster and what was Marco and Star doing in the dead plane.

“Marco!?” He cried. Marco ran over to stand in between him and the large demon.

“Get back!” He hissed. Marco looked down at Tom, he had another burn on his shoulder of the monster’s handprint, just like the night before. “Tom!” Marco cried. The monster growled something and tried to reach out for Tom again, but Marco stood between the two of them defensively. “Do not touch him!” He growled.

The monster looked at Tom and saw him whimper in his sleep, probably believing the things he was hearing in the dead plane was a nightmare. He looked like he was in so much pain from the burn on his shoulder. As soon as she saw this the large demon clapped a hand over her mouth and vanished, leaving a very confused Star and Marco behind.

“She just… ran.” Marco noticed. Star looked over at Tom, who was now sleeping better.
“She… she looked like she didn’t wanna hurt him.” She tried to piece all of this together. “Let’s get back to our own plane before Tom wakes up.” Star finally decided, lifting up her wand.


“She was huge! And red with three eyes and horns! She was so scary looking but then once she saw Tom was hurt she just… retreated!” Marco rambled. Star laid on her bed, thinking. This whole thing was so much to put together, and it was so much to wrap their heads around.

“A demon can track another demon through the dead plane like a GPS.” Glosseryk repeated his words from yesterday. “But they need a blood connection.”

“Then why did that woman come for Tom, but Tom’s dad didn’t?” Marco asked.

“Perhaps, there was no blood connection.” He replied plainly, examining a chip before eating it. This comment made Marco and Star look up in shock.

“What are you saying?” Star asked, sitting up and swinging her legs off the side of the bed.

“I’m saying that I could take a quick peek into Tom’s mind. See his earliest memories.” Glosseryk told them. “Even memories he may not recall himself. I feel there’s something more to this case we’re not seeing.” He decided. He opened up the spell book and pointed to one of Eclipsa’s spells. “Marco, do you have something of Tom’s we can use? Something sentimental?” He asked. Marco nodded and ran upstairs, he came down with a tiny bunny stuffed animal.

“He told me not to tell anyone, but he’s had this forever.” Marco spoke. “Don’t tell him I showed you guys, he’s really embarrassed about it.” Marco began. Star smiled, thinking it was cute, and Glosseryk tapped the page.

“Star, the spell.” He reminded.

“Right.” Star nodded and pointed her wand at the bunny, before reading the spell. “Into my friend I will see, each lost and forgotten memory. Ones he forgets or left behind, his mind will open and become mine.” Star’s wand lit up and it surrounded the bunny. When the light faded bubbles came from the stuffed toy. In each floating bubble was one of Tom’s memories. Memories he had been too young to remember. Based on them Tom had to have been less than three, no wonder he couldn’t remember them.

But each memory had that woman in it. The big demon who was trying to get Tom in his dreams. But she was caring for him. She was holding baby Tom, and taking care of the baby alongside a human looking man.

“Oh my god…” Glosseryk whispered. “That’s Wrathmelior.” He turned to Star and Marco. “She’s a demon who married a Mewman. They had a child together and the baby vanished when he was three years old… and…”

“Tom is that baby.” Marco finished, with wide eyes. “That woman wasn’t trying to hurt him or kidnap him! She was trying to get her son back! She could never find him in the underworld because Tom’s dad kept him hidden and out of her sight! She was trying to get her baby back!” Marco cried out.

“Do you think Lucifer really kidnapped Tom as a baby?” Star asked.

“Of course.” Glosseryk began. “He was probably furious that Wrathmelior had a baby with a mewman. He didn’t want a half-demon in his kingdom, so by kidnapping him and passing him off as his own son, people would think he was a full demon.”

“And that means Tom’s family isn’t his real family.” Star began.

“And he has a real family… one that loves him and is trying to get him back.” Marco looked up. “We need to find her.”

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This is a bit of an obvios question... (Sry in adviansce for so many questions..) Is the girl in your newest art Loche? If so, what happened to Kee? And I saw how shes holding a spear, so was she killed by Undyne? And one last question, why do she look so scary??? She look so sweet and innocent, last time we saw her, what happened???

The blue child is based off of Kee the cotton candy child. 

Loche was the orange sherbert child.

Also the reason Kee looks so scary is due to similar reasons for this

Although these pictures should be taken with a grain of salt. These are sort of what ifs and don’t really have much bearing on current stories and what not =U

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Oooh, you mentioned that you wish more people requested Imayoshi, let it be then! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Could I have a scenario for him falling in love/confessing/approaching for the first time/whatever you prefer to the really grumpy and quite dangerous looking outsider goth girl who comes out to be simply very shy? You can just ignore it if you don't want to write it but if you do then thank you so much!

This is my first time writing for Imayoshi! I hope it is to your liking!

-Admin Rei


“She looks so scary!”

“I heard she sent a guy to the hospital at her last school!”

“Why does she always look pissed off?”

Imayoshi Shoichi sighed as he looked up from his book at the gossiping students around him. He didn’t know what possessed him to have lunch in the cafeteria today, he usually ate outside.

The words that reached his ears, however, piqued his interest and he followed the gazes of the group of girls that had been yapping all through the lunch hour. He followed them to the window that looked out into the school courtyard.

Under the large tree that was rooted in the middle of said courtyard, a girl his age and clad in black sat reading.  The basketball player recognized you from one of his classes and frowned slightly when he heard the girls continue to trash your ‘look.’

With a loud, annoyed sigh, the male stood up and grabbed the remainder of his lunch. The girls noticed and gasped slightly at the uncharacteristically annoyed captain. However, it wasn’t long before they continued their chit chat.

Outside, you sat under the shade of the large tree and read your book in silence. You were somewhat of a loner, most people found you too intimidating to approach. You didn’t mind it too much, it got lonely sometimes but you’d been a loner for so long that you learned to brush it off.

That’s why you were caught off guard when a book bag landed next to your legs, followed by a student sitting beside it. You blinked when he pulled out his own book and opened it before glancing up at you.

“May I join you?” You recognized him to be the captain of the basketball team and your heart jumped into your throat. He was insanely gorgeous.

“O-o-o-of c-c-course…” you stuttered, your voice soft as bright red coated your cheeks up to the tips of your ears.

“I believe we’re in the same chemistry class. ___-san, correct?” He questioned as he looked straight at you. The deafening sound of your heartbeat in your ears was the only thing you could hear but you nodded rapidly in response to his question.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Imayoshi Shoichi.” He tilted his head slightly and offered you one of his famous closed-eye smiles. You looked down and away from his face as your face burned a bright crimson.

“L-l-likewise.” He could barely hear your response, his smile widening. You weren’t weird or scary at all, shy maybe, but you were cute as all hell despite the heavy make-up on your face.

It wasn’t long before the school bell rang and he stood up, offering his hand to you. Shyly, and still with your never-ceasing blush, you took his hand and got to your feet. His hand was warm and much bigger than yours causing your heart rate to go through the roof.

“Perhaps we can do this again tomorrow?” He offered you another dazzling smile before reaching for his book bag and giving you a small wave. You waved back as your heart thudded against your rib cage. You were looking forward to tomorrow.

Little did you know that this was going to be the start of a wonderful friendship, and then a passionate romance.


6x05 “She’s No Angel” Canadian (M3) Promo

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"Gone to the dogs" prompt: Belle and Gold talk about their little kiss and go on a date, they bring their dogs to "chaperone" them...

Hope you enjoy this one, anon!  (And others!)  Was hoping to have this done for Valentine’s Day but better late than never!  Enjoy!  :)

This is Part Six of my GoneTo the Dogs series. 

Dinner Date

“What do you think they see in each other?” Gold asked as he and Belle sat on the park bench watching Stewart and Sophie play. He was back to wearing his three-piece suit once again.

“Haven’t you heard the phrase ‘opposites attract’?” Belle asked.

“That isn’t opposite, that’s – ridiculous.” Gold said.

“Why?” Belle asked. “Their personalities click somehow, and they both spotted that instantly. You can’t help who you’re attracted to. Besides … beauty is skin deep, right? It’s what’s on the inside that counts. I know that Sophie is a bit awkward and different, but – that’s part of what made me love her. She’s a beautiful soul, very kind and gentle. No one else wanted her, did you know that? I was volunteering at the shelter, and she’d been there for nearly a month. She was the sweetest thing, but no one that came there looking to adopt would even give her a second look. Some of the volunteers were afraid to play with her because she looked so big and scary but she wasn’t like that at all. She just wanted someone to love her. Anyhow – no one had claimed her and no one wanted her and I didn’t want her to be – you know. So I decided to adopt her.”

“Well, apparently Stewart sees things as you do.” Gold said.

“And you don’t see past what’s visible? Why not?” Belle asked.

“Never had much of a reason to.” Gold said. “Things – and people – tend to be just as they appear to be in my experience.”

“I don’t think that’s true at all.” Belle said. “I’ve been hearing things about you, Ronan. I try not to listen to that sort of gossip but people have seen us together and they tell me things.”

“What things?” Gold asked.

“Oh – it’s nothing really. Nothing I believe.” Belle said.

“Well, you can’t just leave it at that. Tell me.” Gold insisted.

“Just that you – you have a lot of money and power in this town and you got that by being ruthless.” Belle said. Gold chuckled a bit.

“That’s it?” Gold asked. “I honestly expected worse.”

“Well, most people said you’re – a bit of a beast.” Belle admitted. “But I just don’t see that. I mean – you obviously love Stewart very much, you take wonderful care of him. And your son – he loves you and I can see that he’s everything to you. If you were a beast – none of that would be true.” Gold didn’t say a word in reply. “I um – I have a confession to make. About when I came into your shop a couple weeks ago.”

“Did you break something else and not tell me?” Gold asked, and Belle smiled.

“No, nothing like that. I just – I didn’t come to see your shop. I came to talk – about – what happened that day the young man came here with his beagle. I mean – after he left.” Belle said.

“You don’t have to talk about that, I know why you did it.” Gold said.

“Do you?” Belle asked.

“I am not immune to understanding that I am, in fact, the butt of quite a few practical jokes in this town. Don’t flatter yourself to think that you’re the first to try and taunt me in order to get a reaction. You’re not.” Gold said.

“Taunt you? I – I kissed you because I wanted to.” Belle said. “I like you, Ronan.”

“Nobody likes me except for my son and Stewart.” Gold said.

“And me.” Belle replied. “I thought maybe you – felt the same way. I guess I was wrong.” Belle stood up, feeling a bit embarrassed. “I should probably go. Sophie! Come on sweetheart, we’re going home!” Belle called out. Both dogs came running toward them. Belle clipped the leash onto Sophie’s collar. “See you next week.” Belle said quietly. Gold hesitated for a moment as Belle and Sophie started to walk away.

“Belle, wait!” Gold called out when she was halfway to the gate. Belle stopped and turned around, and Gold put Stewart on his leash and walked toward her. “Would you like to have dinner this week?”

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