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Plance Sirimiri (Spanish) a light rain or drizzle

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Sirimiri, nombre masculino

  1. Lluvia continua de gotas muy menudas

Ever-the-romantic, Lance has spent a not-inconsequential amount of time planning out every detail of the moment:

They’ll be together, walking hand-in-hand down Varadero beach. It’ll be after the war, after they’ve won, and he’ll take her back to his childhood home to meet his mother. His mother will love her - how could she not? - and will shoo them out of the house to go out to the beach. She’ll be too distracted promising his father that she’ll check out the cars he’s been remodeling once they get back; she won’t even notice the way his mother nods to him, won’t recognize the sign of approval when they come back to a tray of fresh cookies made with the peanut butter he’d hidden from her in his backpack.

It will be raining. All the lounge chairs on the sand will be empty, the tourists fled even though it’s little more than a drizzle. Waves lapping the shore, the soft patter of rain, distant music from an old radio: all of them will compete against the pounding of his heart in his ears.

Her hair might be a little longer; he likes it how it is now, but perhaps by then it will be starting to curl at her shoulders. Raindrops will cling to her brown strands, and when the orange glow from the single streetlight at the beach’s edge hits her, it will cast a halo around her. She’ll look perfect, as always, brow dipping a bit as she tries to look pissed at him for dragging her out in the rain. But he knows better. She’ll be fighting off one of those crooked little grins as he wraps an arm around her shoulder, tugs her close, and says-

“I love you.”

“You what now?”

Sure, he’s romantic enough to have planned out a confession down to the second, but he’s also romantic enough to understand context, serendipity, and the importance of the right moment. They don’t call it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for nothing.

“I love you!” he shouts this time, because a round of laser fire’s just gone off not too far from where he and Pidge are crouched behind a Galra storage container, so she probably didn’t hear him the first time.

He’s also losing a lot of blood, though, so maybe he’s a little off on the whole timing of the right moment thing. Pidge confirms his thought a second later when she groans and yells-

“Couldn’t this have waited, like, a varga? I’m kinda busy!”

“I know, and I love you for it,” Lance says, grinning, because now that he’s said it, he’s never taking it back.

Pidge rolls her eyes and hauls him up a little to readjust her hold. He’s leaning heavily against her, favoring the leg currently not shot to shit as she supports him with an arm around his back. She does her best to peak around the container without jarring him much.

“Good news is, it looks like it’s only drones out there,” she says.

“That is good news.”

“Bad news is, there’s like, a zillion of them.”

Lance snorts. “Is that a precise estimate?”

“You put the moron in oxymoron,” Pidge shoots back. Her voice is tense, but he still catches that little waver of sentiment he loves so much. Loves. He wants to say it again, so he does.

“You’ll figure something out, love.”

She glances down at him. Her forehead wrinkles, the worry clear on her face, but it’s not enough to sweep away the curl of her lips on one side. Pidge then sighs and activates her bayard.

It takes her less than thirty ticks to aim her bayard at a panel on the ceiling, electrify it, and trigger what must be the Galran equivalent of a fire sprinkler system. A thin mist of viscous liquid begins spraying from above them. Wailing alarms pierce through the warehouse.

“Nailed it,” she mutters. The laser fire stops. There’s a terrific sounding crackle of machinery, and he envisions the Galra drones short-circuiting all around the warehouse. The metallic thunks that echo a few ticks later confirm his theory.

Liquid drops streak down the sides of Pidge’s helmet. With a grunt, she pulls the helmet off one-handed and stares down at him.

“You frustrate me to no end,” she says, breathing hard with exertion.

“I know.” He shouldn’t be smiling as much as he is, but he figures she’ll forgive him for it soon enough.

Rain, or the closest thing to it, clings to her hair. Her eyelashes shimmer as she closes her eyes and shakes her head. She looks perfect, as always.

“You’re lucky I love you,” she breathes.

And so it doesn’t go all according to his master plan. He supposes his mother and the peanut butter cookies and Varadero Beach will have to wait. But what happens next is, blessedly, just as he’d pictured: Pidge leans in and presses her lips to his.

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I want an episode where Gabriel tries to Akumatize Marinette.

As in: “on purpose”. He did it to Nino, he did it to Simon, he did it to Santa, he can do it to anyone.

And so Gabriel meets Marinette, this passionate kid who really loves fashion, pastel pink, and banana-haired young models, as she is visiting Adrien, and he decides to ruin her day, because it should be about as easy as stealing jewelry from teenagers candy from a baby.

Gabriel has mastered ‘unpleasant jerk’, practically has a PHD in it. It’s second nature. When you look up 'ass’ in the dictionary, you find his picture next to a stock photo of a donkey. So he tunes it up to 'extreme ass’, aka ‘his normal’, and destroys Marinette’s hopes and dreams by, I don’t know, telling her she has no future in fashion except maybe as a costume designer for underfunded live action superhero shows.

She is devastated.

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Something I love about the cluster is that there are the characters who we immediately think of as “the ____ one”, the one who’s clearly the most dramatic or smart or funny one, and sure, they seem like that at first, but then you dig deeper and you see that it’s not them who is that quality. 

For example, the fighting ones. We think of Sun or Wolfie, but look at Riley every time there’s a moment to fight. That girl looks pissed. She is ready to fight and she’s not going to let anyone hurt her cluster. You know who’s blown up more things in this show? It’s not Wolfgang. It’s Kala

We have the smart ones, like Kala and Nomi. Or the ones to get you out of trouble, like Sun or Will. You know who else is smart? Who else helps them get out of sticky situations? Lito. He’s a jack of all trades, and his skills pop up in ways that are small but ensure their safety. Sun needs to kill her brother? Fine, yeah, Lito’s going to ace that drink-making and make sure she’s in the place she needs to be. Sun needs to escape? They need to save Riley? They need a distraction? Lito is going to act his ass off and make sure they can leave or enter a situation with no suspicion around them. 

And finally, the dramatic one. 

Lito’s the first person who comes to mind but you know what? Forget that, he may be dramatic but you know who’s even more dramatic? Wolfgang. Wolfgang “I’m Going to Interrupt a Woman’s Wedding Buck Naked” Bogdanow. Wolfgang who was nervous about meeting with Lila and instead of simply asking for help, went and made sure to dramatically walk past each Sensate. And what’s more, after each asks him what’s wrong, this boy deliberately says nothing and only tells Will he can handle it. And then walks away. He pulls the most dramatic ask for help so yeah Lito may be more vocal with his drama but Wolfgang Bogdanow is just as fucking dramatic. 

And that’s not even really touching on Nomi, or Capheus, or Sun, but it’s there. And it’s amazing that even though each Sensate has a specific role, something we attribute to them, we see the others be just as good as them in it, be just as helpful, or smart, or even dramatic, and it’s a nice reminder that these are 8 people who are connected, and in more ways than one. 

imagine how big and buff Drax’s wife was. like drax has a picture of her and Peter is like “holy shit who’s that giant lady?!?” And drax smiles rlly fondly and is like “that’s my Hovat…” and Peter is like “dude why does she look so…..pissed off.” And he’s like “that was our wedding day. I’ve never seen her so happy before” like pls give me the giant hulking grey lady who hates dancing. She can suplex Drax and fucking hates music. One time some one swore they saw her punch a fucking drum.

Where the hell is the Voltron beach episode

I need a beach episode

Every anime has a beach episode
Where is the VLD one
I need to see Lance in a speedo

I need to see Keith’s pale ass being sunburnt as hell

I need to see Pidge hating the outdoors

I need to see Hunk creating a mfing TSUNAMI with his fukkin size

I need to see Shiro asleep on a towel with some funny bullshit written on his back at the hands of the other paladins

I need to see Coran getting sand in his got damn moustache

I need to see Allura letting her uptight ass go for once
I need to see Pidge refusing to do anything for several hours until finally Hunk splashes her in the face and they get into an all-out war

I need to see Coran and Allura insisting on wearing battle-qualified wetsuits at first but changing into normal things when they finally relax
I need to see everybody but Keith building a sandcastle until Shiro convinces him to join in and when Keith joins in it becomes the most BADASS SANDCASTLE EVER
I need to see Keith pulling out his bayard to fight any and every fish he sees in the ocean and then Hunk jumping on him like ‘KEITH NO’
I need to see Lance saying 'hey Mullet catch me if you can’ and then taking off at top speed but then Keith actually catches up and tackles him to the fucking ground and Coran cheers like crazy
I need to see Pidge/Hunk, Allura/Shiro, Keith/Lance chicken fights in the ocean with Coran fighting everyone on his own
I need to see Lance threatening to kiss anyone who gets too close but then an hour later Keith figures he’s done with that and gets close to say 'oh my god shut the fuck up’ and gets kissed
I need to see Keith with a red as hell face punching Lance to the sand and then falling on top of him for another
I need to see Shiro taking turns throwing people into the water but then he fucking runs when he does it to Allura and she looks pissed but then she just picks him up and throws him in instead
I need to see Pidge and Coran constantly taking pictures to save the day, especially of Keith and Lance


I was messing around, taking some pictures in da:i, so when Lavellan ended up hovering above the table I decided to take a picture. But then I thought to add some effects to it and now it looks like she’s visiting Solas in the Fade?

(Either that or they’re about to create a Thedosian reboot of The Phantom of the Opera.)

And because I wasn’t paying attention while merging she ended up in a wedding dress to boot.

Cabin // pt.5

A blessed image [(that is not mine, credit to its owner)]


Warning: bro it’s a smut like cmon, but like this gets straight to the point if ya know what I mean.

Authors note: WUDDUP PALS. LOOK I KNOW YALL HAVE BEEN WAITING AND SOME OF YOU ARE PISSED but hear me out. I had to take a small break from writing because I was falling behind in school so that’s why this has taken a million friken years so I’m sorry. But hey at least it’s here!!! Btw this kind of gets straight to the spice bc I’ve been having some Baekhyun feels lately so….

Pt: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

“So…” he turns around to face you, “are you really in love with me?”

You almost choke “wh-what?” 

He takes out the now cooked spaghettios from the microwave and sets the plate in front of your place on the kitchen island. “I said, are you really in love with me.” He casually sits down next to you and spoons some spaghettios plopping a meatball into his mouth, “You said that ‘He’s so easy to fall in love with, especially when you’re his neighbor’  and we both kind of just brushed it off but now I want to know, are you actually in love with me?” 

You were frantically sweating, “I… I don’t know.” Your eyes were focused on your bowl, as if something interesting was floating around. 

He smiles and eats another meatball, “You totally are.”

“Nuh uh!” You throw a crumpled up napkin at him (it was the closest thing you could find to throw at him.)

“Uh huh!” he mocks your voice, still smiling.

“Hey that’s not fair! I was sleep talking okay? It’s like drunk talking, you don’t know what you’re saying.” You could literally feel the embarrassment tricking up your spine.

“Yeah but they’re sober thoughts.” He waves his spoon at you.

You look at him in frustration and go to stand.

His hand lays on your knee, “Baby I’m just teasing you.” The word ‘baby’ sending tingles up your spine. His hand rubs circles on your leg and you try to look not so affected as you continue your meal.

Around 6pm you and Baekhyun decide to take a walk by the lake, breaking you away from your casual “The Bold Type” tv binge you were on. 

The lake looked beautiful at this time of night, the sun was barely starting to go down so the clouds all had a tinge of pink and orange. The only people that were around were maybe a few kids still swimming and some teenagers hanging out on the opposite side.

“I swear it gets prettier every year.” You say, admiring the lake and the scenery around it.

Baekhyun was at your side, looking at the lake too. “Agreed.” 

As you make your way around the lake you pass by the small group of teenage boys, they were about your age, a group of maybe 5. You could audibly hear them going on about football, or maybe basketball? Sports like that have never been your thing.

“Hey beautiful.” You hear behind you. You turn around to see one of the guys staring right at you, unashamedly looking you up and down. He was tall, lanky, his features were attractive but never your type of guy. “Do you want to come and hang out with us?” He looks at Baekhyun and then back to you, “some real men who could show you a good time?” His friends start to laugh behind him.

Baekhyun grabs your hand and holds it tight. “Sorry she can’t.” He looks pissed.

“I wasn’t talking to you, midget.” There was an audible ‘oooh’ from behind him as he stared down at Baekhyun by like maybe an inch, and inch and a half max. “I was talking to the pretty lady.” 

“I’m not interested.” You finally speak up, squeezing Baekhyun’s hand to reassure him.

“Baby I could show you a good time.” The boy smirks.

You start walking away, still hand in hand with Baekhyun, before turning on your heel to face the cocky ass boy “I’m not your baby.” You say in the slickest tone. [The devil wears Prada is my shit sorry]. More ‘ooooooh’s’ come from his friends before you eventually hear a “Shut the fuck up.”

Baekhyun’s hand is gripping really tight onto yours, almost painfully tight as he basically drags you back to the cabin. “Who the fuck do those guys think they are?” He mumbles to himself, “hitting on my girl right in front of me.” You hear him say before you enter the house. 

The ‘my girl’ thing still kind of has you a little bit shook but you brush it aside, “Baekhyun, it’s okay.” You call after the angry boy dragging you into the bedroom.

He pushes you against the door, lips attacking your neck. “It’s not okay. You’re mine,” HOLY SHIT. “And they think they can just hit on you? Oh no no no.” His hands travel to your ass.

Turning you around, you walk backwards towards the bed before falling back onto the soft duvet, his lips still on your neck, leaving a purple mark for everyone to see. You let out a soft whimper as his lips roughly attached to your own, a smirk playing on his lips. Sucking and biting on your lower lip you moan, allowing his tongue to slip inside. His hands travel up and down the soft skin of your sides, slowly riding your shirt up till you eventually sit up to take it off along with your bra. 

“Baby.” Baekhyun impatiently sighs against your collarbone, fingers aching to pull of your shorts. You lift your hips, letting him pull down your shorts and panties in one go. His fingers quickly find way to your center, rubbing up and down “So wet for me,” he says with pride, his fingers starting to now rub figure eights into your clit. 

“Baekhyun” you gasp, forcing his shirt from his body before letting your hands run up and down his toned abdomen. 

Baekhyun sits back to remove his pants and shorts, his member slapping tall against his stomach. You go to touch but he pushes your hand away before you can, “Not today princess.” his fingers increasing in speed on your clit, before they’re gone. You whine and buck your hips up, trying to find some source of friction.

His lips curl into a smirk before he drags his cock up and down your slit, teasing your bud with his head. “Baekhyun please.” You pant, unable to catch your breath at the sensation. 

He slowly enters his tip before pulling all the way out again, teasing you. You squeeze your eyes shut in frustration before he does it again, earning him an impatient whimper. He enters you slowly, knowing that you’re probably still sore from earlier that day; which he was definitely right. You wrap your legs and your arms, keeping him to you. 

His hips draw back before slowly sinking into you, and then again. Your pain long forgotten as you move to meet his hips, edging him to go faster in which he complies, his hips snapping at a pace that has you gripping his hair tightly with moans uncontrollably slipping out of you.

“You like it when I fuck you this good?” He pants into your ear, “My cock pounding into your tight wet pussy?” His words sound so filthy, so unbelievably lustful in your ear, driving you closer to your edge. Fingers dance along your skin, groping everything he can to get both you and him to your highs. 

“Shit Baekhyun.” You practically scream as his cock brushes against that one spot, his fingers immediately coming to rub your sensitive bud. Your eyes squeeze shut as your first orgasm washes over you, his name and profanities spilling from your lips. 

He continues to thrust into you, a hand hooking under your right knee to lift it higher, hitting you deeper than you knew he could. 

“Fuck fuck fuck Y/N!” You could feel him cum inside of you, bringing you to your second orgasm. His heavy panting and post- orgasm grunts gives you tingles all over your body, before he drops to the spot next to you.

He pulls you into his chest, “Are you okay?” His hands brushing your damp hair out of your face.

You nod, “Spectacular.” scooting even closer to him, “Does this mean we have to take another shower?”

He shakes his head, “Nooo, let’s take a nap hmm?“ His eyes already closing. You take up his offer and start to fall asleep as well.

You’re almost fully asleep, Baekhyun’s voice comes in almost a whisper above you.

“I love you too.”

Authors note: Okay okay I know this was kind of short and maybe a little shitty but I wanted to at least get something out to you guys after taking such a long break. Tell me what you guys would like to see in the next part tho!!! And don’t forget to leave thoughts/ requests in my ask box! Thanks <3


Listen if you think Sansa did “nothing” to win BotB and wanted Jon to die I think you are ridiculous. And you are most likely a piece of sexist shit who tends to think men’s contribution are higher than women’s. 

1. Sansa risked her life to run away from Ramsay and that is what started this. She didn’t even know if Brienne would show, she didn’t even think Theon was going to help her. But she knew she would rather die than be with Ramsay. 

2. SHE decided “there is only one place we can go, HOME.” You know what Jon wanted to do? Go south and get warm. 

3. Jon was never going to fight for Winterfell. Sansa asked him, pushed him. Sansa did not expect Jon to come with her. Sansa asked “where will you go?” you not we. She thought he would choose a separate path. She already knew she was going to come back for Winterfell on her own. She told him “I want you to help me, but I will do it myself if I have to.” And she would’ve. It would’ve taken her longer but she would’ve found a different way to come for her home.

4. Jon wanted to ignore the whole Rickon thing because “you don’t know that.” Sansa told him this is real. Sansa realizing there was nothing she could do to save Rickon at the end did not mean she did not care. She just realized “no one can protect anyone.” How the fuck did you guys think she would react seeing Rickon’s dead body? She would faint? She would sob? She had to stare at her dead father’s head. She had to sit through performances where they mocked her brother’s death. She had been bruised, beaten, cut, raped. You think she reacts to everything by wailing? This girl no longer has any tears left to cry.

5. Jon was not going to ask the Wildlings to fight for him. Sansa mentioned it first. 

6. Jon thought he had no right over the Stark name. He was never going to go from house to house and say look I am Ned’s son, lend me your army. It was Sansa who kept telling him over and over again that he is Ned’s son. That the Northern men are loyal they will fight for him. She was foolish and had more faith in their loyalty. And would you fucking look at that, when the asshole Northern houses finally came around, all of a sudden the Stark blood mattered again

7. Sansa wanted Jon to wait for more men. She asked him so many times. In the beginning she trusted Jon’s judgement as a battle commander so she sent the Creep away. When she saw she couldn’t “trust him” she asked the Creep to come back. Until the last night she wanted more NORTHERN men which Jon said they did not have time for. She didn’t fucking want LF around her again. So if Jon was losing the battle because he did not have enough men that was Jon’s fault not Sansa’s. If you are not prepared, don’t go to battle. “I have fought beyond the wall against worse than Ramsay Bolton…” Instead he valued Davos, and even Tormund who had no idea what any of his battle plans meant while putting down all of Sansa’s suggestions. 

8. Littlefinger also gets credit for winning BotB but this is what the piece of shit wanted from day 1 when he handed Sansa to the Boltons. He wanted to take an army to fight the Boltons, he just COULD NOT do it himself because the Vale does not answer to him. They don’t fight for him. The only reason he could get the knights of the vale this time was because SANSA needed them. Just like the Wildlings fought for Jon, Sweetrobin sent the army for his cousin Sansa. 

8. Sansa was NOT UNHAPPY that Jon lived. Sansa haters think if they repeat this enough times it will come true. Read the fucking script! Read it! Here I will even screenshot it for you. 

She looked pissed because Ramsay was getting away. Again she doubted Jon. Doubting him is not a fucking crime. He deserved to be doubted for his poor decisions.

9. Stop making up shit that are not true. 

“Sansa, she does love her brother. And they have had a conflicted past. Over the course of this season they have come to really rely upon each other she doesn’t necessarily trust him completely. She didn’t tell him about the meeting with Littlefinger, she didn’t tell him she summoned the Knights of the Vale. There is definitely a little hint of conflict there. We see that come out in episode 9 where she is at the war council where no one asks her opinion despite the fact that she knows Ramsay better than anyone. So I think there is a little bit of anger about that, little bit jealousy, and that relationship will be crucial to watch.- David Benioff

Let me break it down for you one more time, because clearly one year was not enough for you understand this. Remember when Jon was not mad at Sansa for not telling him about KotV, instead he told her “WE NEED TO TRUST EACH OTHER” and gave her a very beautiful kiss that basically said trust me. It is because he realized at that time the reason Sansa did not tell him about the army was because she did not trust him. It is not a crime. Sansa did not hide the army because she is heartless and didn’t care. She just couldn’t bring herself to fully trust Jon. Jon as a man, as a player, as a commander. Jon wasn’t mad because he didn’t have a right to be mad at her. 


It doesn’t mean they don’t love each other. But it’s just you know typical sibling tension.” - Sophie Turner. 

No matter how hurt Sansa was, despite everything he is all that is left of her family. She loves him. She obviously wouldn’t fucking want him dead. 

11. Maybe Sansa wouldn’t have made it too long without Jon’s help, but Jon surely would’ve died in 6x09 if Sansa did not show up with the army she “summoned.” So yeah she saved his ass. If you are going to blame Sansa for Jon’s misfortune say because of her he ended up fighting another war where he almost died again. If she wasn’t there he would be vacationing somewhere warm, getting a nice tan, waiting for the White Walkers to come and end it all. She gave him a reason to fight again and he almost lost his life (which he would’ve eventually anyways with WWs coming and all). 

Last but not least, if none of this got through to you please make your own anti Sansa posts to write your own outrageous arguments. Keep it in your own hateful circle. Just like Fox news and Trump, you will realize you have many, many fans. Stop annoying us, we have better things to do than fact check your lies one by one. 

** p.s- In case some Jon fan feels hurt, this is not about belittling Jon, or taking away Jon’s contribution, this is about giving Sansa the credit she deserves for her part (which people always seem to forget). 

One Missed Call Part 3

A/N: Alright here we go! Last part. I’m super excited about this one. Let’s find out what happens to Emma… Enjoy! 

Hey it’s Shawn. Sorry I can’t come to the phone right now, but just leave a message and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible. *beeps* 

Hi, Shawn? It’s me. I feel stupid calling like this, but this is just to tell you to stop calling, okay? I saw you today… saw you with Emma. Thought we could move past this. Thought I could at least. Figured the news of the baby would make you wanna work on things more. Seeing you with her today, helped me realize that you have some unfinished ties that I want nothing apart of. So I’m sorry Shawn. Don’t think I’ll be coming home anytime soon. So again, please stop trying to contact me. Goodbye. *beeps*

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HERE IT IS~ I made sure it’s slightly similar to the roommate au,because I know how you guys love that story so much ,yet I haven’t updated yet T_T I’ll try updating asap oki doki?

Don’t forget to tell me what you thought about it in the comments/message box <3

Genre: romance/fluff/Semi-Smut
Pairing: Jungkook/You
Length: 7735 words
Summary: You and Jungkook gather up with your friends to play truth or dare and it gets a little dirty.

It was a rainy day when you and Jungkook decided to meet up at his place. You were meeting up for a break after the mid-term week that has been keeping both of you away from each other. Jungkook missed you so badly that he blew up your phone with his texting messages for several days. You still refused to meet up with him, because he was being a distraction.

He was finally happy and relieved to hear that you’d drop by for the afternoon and stay overnight. He was so excited and looking forward your little night together. You were very close friends since high school it was not a big deal for neither of you to show up at the boy’s apartment or even spend the night there. Jungkook planned to have a little gathering with you and his friends to lighten up the mood from that stressful week

The boy just came out from his shower and noticed the glistering droplets of rain pouring outside. He was wearing his usual comfy white hoodie and his grey sweats. He was so warm and cozy and he could bet that the second you’d show up at his place you’d jump in his arms for some of his warmth. He looked cuddly for a reason and he knew that you were the type to squeal whenever he wore a hoodie.

Is she going show up in this rain? He holds on his cup of hot chocolate and as he takes a sip

Jungkook dials his friend’s phone number to make sure you were on your way.It rang for a few times and it didn’t take long before the latter replied to jungkook’s call.

“Heyy….” Jimin’s voice says in an unsure tone

“Jimin hyung? Are you picking up Y/N?” he calls his friend

“Bruh, my girl just showed up and she looks quite pissed from the look on her face… I’m sorry but I couldn’t give Y/N a ride” jimin replies on the other line

This hyung better be kidding me!! He left Y/N all alone?!

“Are you saying that she’s walking to get here?” Jungkook yells on the other line

“Well I gave her a tip to take a taxi, but you know how she never accepts money from me” jimin sighs

“That’s because you’re a creep. What would you expect? Who knows if you gave her money for another purpose?” Jungkook scoffs on the other line

“Hey who do you take me for? I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND NOW. I DON’T DO THESE THINGS ANYMORE” jimin shouts

“You still have a past Jimin hyung. Don’t go around giving money to girls…they might get the wrong idea” jungkook sighs

“Is it that wrong to take care of beautiful girls when I have money to spend on them?” jimin argues

“Not when you’re a pervert.” Jungkook replies

“Says the pervert himself” Jimin scoffs

“Don’t include me in your circle, hyung. I don’t own a limited porn magazine collection” jungkook smirks on the other line

“I had money and no girlfriend. Don’t blame me, you little brat” jimin nags

“Sure hyung…sure” jungkook chuckles on the other line

He ended the call and choose to send you a text asking you where you were. As he was typing in his message he could hear two knocks on the door followed by the doorbell ring. A smile was automatically stamped on his face as he ran to open that door. He knew it was you from the second you knocked twice and rang once.

He opened the door and the first thing he saw was you being all drenched and wet from the rain. That white dress shirt you were wearing was sticking onto your skin and half of your hair was wet. You held onto your bag while slightly shivering from the cold.You were seeking for heat and Jungkook was going to give you enough heat for the rest of the night.

“Y/N? Don’t you carry around an umbrella sometimes?” He furrows his brows “What if you catch a cold?” he suddenly pulls you in his warm embrace and closes the door with his foot

You surround your arms around his waist tightly and jungkook slightly gasps from how tight you’re hugging him back. His face softens when he feels you burying your face in his warm cozy chest. Jungkook’s chest was the perfect pillow and spot to press your face on when you felt sad or cold. You snuggled your face on his chest and jungkook can’t help but chuckle at how clingy you are from the moment you stepped in his apartment. Your nose was cold and jungkook’s warm comforting chest was warming you up. Your fingers grasped tightly onto the fabric of his white hoodie and jungkook surround his manly arms around you in protection. You were so cold and he was going to make sure you never catch a cold. His fingers would touch your cold ears from time to time to warm you up.This man was like a heater and you only needed heat from his body right now.

“Did you missed me that much?” he suddenly asks “I thought you’ve been avoiding me for a while because I was supposedly a distraction”

“You’re so warm kook, can’t I stay in your arms forever?” you look up at him with your red nose

“I don’t know about forever, but you can stick to me for a few more minutes” he replies “what’s with the romantic pickup lines, missy? “He asks

“I need heat and you’re hot, so I’ll stick to you, okay?” you smile at him before hugging him tighter

“Oh okay…so now I’m hot? I didn’t knew you saw me that way…” he raised a playful brow

“Hot as in heat, idiot” you chuckle “I’m cold to death and you just happen to provide lots of heat”

“I’m still pretty sexy, don’t you agree?” he raises his brow sexily

“You’re cute Jungkook” you suddenly lessen your hold on him “So cute I’d bite you” you tap his cute nose

I’m cute? Just cute? Nothing else? He unconsciously pouts

Jungkook could feel his little word shatter for some reason.Of course you had to see him under the’ cute’ light .He was a man that worked out a few days a week. His body was hot and everyone who saw it couldn’t agree more. He had the biceps and abs that any girl would drool over, yet you were there calling him adorable. Why did he has to be constantly called cute by you?Was isit his doe eyes and his innocent facial expressions or was it simply the way you saw him?  Sure you were his friend, but you were still a girl and he wanted you to acknowledge him like any other man.

“Girl, I’m still a man. Isn’t it sad to think that you always come to this grown man’s apartment and make yourself so comfortable? Don’t you feel nervous around me, the slightest? “He stares at you as he hold tightly on your shoulders


“Not at all” you reply “I trust you way too much to be nervous” you brush it off

This girl don’t get the clues at all *sighs* let’s just play along with her…

“I’m a spontaneous man “he makes a sassy pose

“Of course you are “you laugh “Can you lend me one of your 24 white shirts or something, I’m dying of cold” you shiver

“Who’d ever saw this would think you’re my girl” he chuckles

How much I wish you were my girl…*pouts internally*

“Oh ho.” You punch his chest “Are you going to push me away once you find a girlfriend?” you glare at him

“Do I look like the kind of friend who’d do that?” he sends you a questioning gaze “I thought you trusted me, I’m feeling a little sad now” he pouts

“Baby please stop being a drama queen and go get me a shirt.” You ruffle his hair “Or, you know what? I’ll just go get one myself” you sigh and walk to his room


“W-Wait!! No one is going through my closet!!” he stops you

“Why? “ You blink before tilting your head to the side” Do you have something to hide in there” you smirk


“My white shirts are PRECIOUS.” He retorts

“So what? You won’t lend me a shirt” you frown “I’m so disappointed! I thought you loved me” you pout

Jungkook could feel his heart jump for the sudden ‘love’ word that just got out of your lips.

“LOVE is a big word.” He stares at you

“Insensitive jerk. I’ve been walking for 15 minutes in the rain to get here.” You fake a sob “Are you really going to treat me that way?”

“Do I look like a man that’d do that to a girl?” he scoffs

“Of course” you glare

“RUDE” he replies in a very offended tone before ruffling his hair

He sighed before he grabbed the hem of his hoodie to slightly pull it up.This how your eyes wavered and panic started arising through your body.You were nervous at his unusual behavior.Why was he going to take it off and in front of you on top of it?

“W-W-What ARE YOU DOING?!” you hide your eyes “Don’t strip tease Jeon Jungkook. I’M W-WARNING YOU”

Jungkook takes off his hoodie as it sticks with the white shirt he’s wearing under it. Part of his skin and his abs gets exposed but the guy does not waste time to pull down his white shirt while removing successfully the white hoodie. You seem a bit disappointed as you didn’t get to see the entire thing. You were peeking through your fingers and you could tell that jungkook has been building something under these white shirts.

“Calm down woman, I was going to give you my hoodie instead. It’s already warm so you’ll warm up faster.” He replies as he throws the white hoodie on your figure

“Why do I feel like you actually wanted me to take everything off.” he replies “You were disappointed because I was wearing another shirt under it, right?” he nudges you

“N-NO!” you stare at him before putting on the hoodie “Ahh…” you exclaim as the warmth invades you “Your hoodie is so warm and cozy” you rub your cheek on the fabric

“Of course it is, I’m hot” he winks at you

“Oh gosh, International playboy.” You roll your eyes “So what’s your plan for tonight?”

“I thought we could play a little game” he wiggles his eyebrow

“Oh no, I don’t like where this is going” you stare at him

“You’ll see. Let’s just go watch something while waiting for Jimin hyung and the rest of the guys to come”

You both sat on his couch with his arm around your shoulder as you all snuggled up on his chest like his puppy.Jungkook would pet your hair while making all sorts of weird sounds.He was like that and you had to live with his weirdness. Whoever saw both of you, would be thinking that you’re an item. Jungkook would play and ruffle your hair with his large hands in order to make you the most hideous looking hairstyles in history. He giggles and finds it funny, but it’s not that funny in your perspective.

“Jeon, I beg you. Stop ruining my hair” you sigh

“I’m just having my fun. Please let me.”

“You really want to disfigure me before Jin Sunbae shows up?” you reply

“Oh, so you’re self-conscious because jin is probably going to show up?” Jungkook gives you a glance

So she still had something for him * pouts* Damn, I thought I had a chance this time…

“You still like him?” his eyes widened

“Not that I like him, but I don’t want to seem like a loser after seeing him for so long”

It’s official. She still likes him. Our chances are doomed Jeon, just forget it…You don’t stand a chance against the perfect Kim Seokjin from the Biomedical Departement.

“Y/N, don’t lie. You’re totally crushing on him” he replies bitterly

“Stop. It’s not like you’re any better. You fell for that library girl because of her boobs.”

I don’t even look at BOOBS. I AVOID BOOBS LIKE AN ILLNESS. WHY IS SHE BRINGING THAT UP?!Aaaiishh…now that she brought up the boob subject I feel like blushing * internally scolsd himself*

“I just said she looked cute!!I never crushed on her and her boobs have nothing to do with this” he blushes

“YOU LIAR” you point at him

The doorbell suddenly rang and the door opened on its own.Jimin was the culprit and he had the keys for some reason which didn’t even surprise jungkook. Followed by jimin was Taehyung with his casual grin stamped on his face, Hoseok who seemed way too hyped up for nothing, Yoongi who seemed to be unaware of why he was even invited, Namjoon who shot you a smile and Jin who was there in all of his glory.

“Who’s a liar?” jimin giggles “I bought some beer, guys!”

“Y/N is already there!!!!!” Taehyung shots up from the back and runs to get a hug from you

“How’s it going, Tae?” you chuckled as his soft hair would tickle your neck

“I’m doing better now that you hugged me” he grins

“Awww you~” you ruffle his hair “I should adopt you, where are the papers to adopt this child!!” you laugh

“This ‘child’ is actually a perv Y/N” Namjoon sighs “I saw him exchanging numbers with Kim Hyuna from third year. You know that girl –“

“With the big boobs” you sigh “Yes I know “you face palm “Why are you guys so obsessed with boobs? You really need to get over it.”

“She’s a C cup!! It’s rare to find this in my faculty” Namjoon sighs

“That’s because there’s not that many girls in engineering” you comment

“Try talking to me about it” Namjoon replies

“You exchanged numbers with Kim Hyuna? GIVE ME HER NUMBER TOO BRUH!! SHARE IT!” Hoseok pulls taehyung to his side

“Oh guys please…” you sigh

“Are you proud of me? I’m not perverted like them” jungkook smiles at you innocently

“You’re probably ten times worse, you just know how keep it inside your pants” you smirk

“OUCH.THAT HURTS” jungkook pouts

“I don’t care about boobs, someone tell me where I can find a relaxing spot in this apartment” Yoongi asks “I don’t even know why I came here, but I’m planning to take a nap anyways”

“There’s a couch over there hyung” Jungkook guides Yoongi to the couch

On the other side Jin had showed up  

“Hey Y/N, it’s been a while” Jin smiles at you

“O-Oh…hey” you blink awkwardly “Yeah, it’s been quite a while! I’m happy to you here” you blush

“Your shirt is so oversized” jin chuckled “you look so tiny”

“I bet Jungkook went dirty on you and he gave it to you as a present “Hoseok wiggles his eyebrows

“Ew. NO. Guys what is wrong with you?” you cringed your face

“She came all drenched because of some irresponsible hyung who didn’t gave her the ride she needed” jungkook frowns

“Okay, bruh, that last sentence sounded kind of wrong” Hoseok sips on his juice

“Oh gosh” jungkook rolled his eyes “Jimin hyung what do you have to say for your defense?”

“I don’t want to talk about it” Jimin’s smile fades away  

“Where’s your girlfriend?” jungkook suddenly asks

“Don’t even bring her up” jimin sighs

As the mood became slightly awkward, jungkook decided to change the topic and this is how you were now bond to play this game he’s been craving to play for so long. All seated in the living room in a circle with beer in the center, you were feeling nervous about what game you were going to play.

“So what is it?” You nudge jungkook

“Truth or Dare” Jungkook smirks

“Bruh, why did you invite us?” Hoseok whispers “You should’ve played that game alone with her…if you know what I mean”

“Shut up, HYUNG” jungkook would slap hoseok’s arm “So…who wants to start?”

“Me~” Namjoon raises his hand “Truth for Hoseok, Did you ever had sex with a teacher for a grade?”

“Ooooh~ bruh , you’re going quite hard from the start” Jimin laughs “No one would, I mean I never hooked up with a teacher so I bet that no one in this squad—“

“Okay, maybe once—“Hoseok replies

Everyone’s eyes rounded in astonishment.

“OMG HOSEOK. You got laid with a teacher??!!”  jimin shouts

“It was just that one time! Plus, she was a TEACHER ASSISTANT not an actual teacher!” Hoseok replies “She was cute. It was two birds with a stone to be honest”

“Was it good?” Taehyung wiggles his eyebrows

“What happens in class stays in class” Hoseok smirks

Everyoone ‘woo-ed’ at how savage Hoseok was being with his replies.You were feeling nervous about this game and about how daring the questions were.What if they asked you some awkward questions in front of Jin.You could tell that Jungkook was fidgeting in his seat.He may have chosen the game, but he was also nervous about what kind of wild ideas would come out of his friends.

“It’s my turn huh?”Hoseok asks “This is one is a Truth for Park Jimin. How many freshman have you slept with?”

“THAT’S NOT EVEN FAIR!!” Jimin points at hoseok “How do you expect me to remember that.”

“Oh Jimin” Jin chuckles

“Why am I befriending them again?” Yoongi stares at you

“I bet it’s close to the entire female population” Taehyung chuckled

“Five…” Jimin replies

“Jimin…please. This is truth or dare, not lie or dare” you face palm

“OKAY FIFTY. I SLEPT WITH FIFTY FRESHMANS. DON’T JUDGE” Jimin takes a shot “Your turn to Suffer Kim Taehyung, THIS IS A DARE FOR YOU. Go and lick the wall”

“Lick the wall?” Taehyung raises a brow “Alright, I’ve licked lots of stuff in the past anyways”

“Ew. HELL NO. I’ll have to clean it up” Jungkook cringes his face “NOT ON MY WALLS!!”

“Okay then, go out the balcony and scream to the entire neighborhood that you’re a hoe for jungkook while twerking” Jimin chuckles

“Everyone is a hoe for Jungkook” Taehyung smirks

“Oh man, this is going to be embarrassing “Jungkook sighs

It wasn’t long before Taehyung went out in the balcony. He started off by warming up his deep voice and made a few booty shakes to practice his twerking. It gave you the shock of your life when he suddenly screamed out of his lungs.


“Hyung, please shut the f*ck up, what will my neighbors think??!!” jungkook shows up behind taehyung as he claps his palm on the latter’s mouth

“Sorry, I just felt like it was appropriate to embarrass you along the way” Taehyung laughed

“Can I go back home? Please” Yoongi pleads but no one listens to him

“Congrats Jeon, you got yourself a Hoe Fan club” you laughed while nudging his shoulder

“You’re part of the fan club too” he winks at you

“In your wildest dreams” you send him a flying kiss

“My question is for Y/N” Taehyung giggles at you

“Please tell me it’s an innocent one” you laugh nervously

“If you had to Pick one of us and dress him up as your roleplay fantasy, who would it be?”

“Role playyyy~~~ Hmm, I like these kind of things” jimin giggles while nudging your arm nonstop “Now I’m feeling more curious”

“Why would you ask that?!” You chuckle “what if I said I don’t have a roleplay fantasy?”

“Oh baby, you do. Everyone does “Hoseok replies

“You guys are perverts” you groan “I don’t have a role play fantasy

“Why don’t you tell them about your cop fantasy—“Jungkook is about to reply but you put your palm over his lips

“SHUT IT.” You sent him a death sentence through your eyes

“Damn girl. Cop roleplay? That’s kind of naughty. I didn’t expect you’d be into that” Jimin giggles

“Are you into handcuffs in all those kind of stuff” Taehyung asks

“I’m not replying to this” you stare at Taehyung “AND YOU ARE DEAD” you glare at jungkook

“Hey, I had to say something” Jungkook chuckles “It’s not that embarrassing. It’s kind of Hot actually” he reassures you

“I think that Jungkook is already making plans for his Halloween costume” Hoseok smirks

“Shut up hyung” Jungkook flushes

“You didn’t reply who you’d pick in the squad to make this fantasy come true” Taehyung pouts

“I’m not picking any of you” you laugh sarcastically “Now let me make you suffer Jeon Jungkook” you stare at him

“W-Why me?!” jungkook blinks at you

“This is a dare for you. Give a kiss to Jimin on the cheeks”

“Sorry to disappoint, but I don’t kiss guys especially when they’re Park Jimin” Jungkook replies

“I feel offended now” Jimin puts a hand over his chest

“Oh shut up with ‘I don’t kiss guys’ ish, I’ve seen you kiss Taehyung that other time” you nudge jungkook


“Bruh you guys kissed?!” Hoseok put his palm over his lips “TAEKOOK SAILED!!!”

“We did NOT!!” jungkook argues

“ I helped Jungkook to pretend he had a Girlfriend that one time, so we acted out a little scene” Taehyung replies “We did not kiss, you don’t have to freak out Y/N” taehyung would pat your arm

“Who’s freaking out? I’m not freaking out!” you furrow your brows

“I just figured you might be a little jealous of me” Taehyung grins

“Yeah, obviously” you chuckle “Jungkook must be one hell of a good kisser then.” You smirk

“Tell me about it” Taehyung gives you a perverted glance


“Sorry Jimin, but Taekook sailed…” Hoseok taps jimin shoulder

“Why is my life so pathetic…?” Jimin took a shot “I just broke up with my girl and now Jungkook rejected me”

“Don’t be like that hyung” Jungkook would pats jimin’s shoulder “I’m sorry for your girlfriend. I promise you’ll find the right one soon.”

“That’s true Jimin-ah. We can get a drink together sometimes. Don’t feel so destroyed. You’re an amazing man” Jin would reassure jimin

“That girl doesn’t know what she’s missing” Hoseok replies smugly “You got so many hoes and she’s just one of them”

“Hoseok, can you just shut up please?” you glare at Hoseok before petting jimin’s hair “She probably had her reasons. Remember that we’re always there for you Chimchim” you hold onto his hand

“B-But I loved her so much” Jimin would bury his face in his hands

“There are many girls waiting in line for you. It’s okay! Just think like the old Playboy Jimin would.” Namjoon tries reassuring him

“I thought she was different…That girl changed me” Jimin sniffed “I thought she was the one”

“Don’t let her break you down like that” Taehyung smiles before adding “Girls act out weird sometimes”

“Excuse me?” you gave a stare to Taehyung

“Hum. Yeah. No. I think I’ll just drink and shut up” Taehyung giggles

“Come here “you pull jimin in your arms as you cuddle him and play with his hair “I’ll tell you a little secret” you whisper in jimin’s ears

Not fair. She never cuddles me like this, Jungkook pouts

“Girls may hold grudges for long, but she will eventually come back” you whisper in jimin’s ears

“How do you know that?” jimin stares at you

“Let her time to cool off” you ruffle his hair “And then impress her”

“Y/N, please give me some attention too” Jungkook tugs on your sleeve

“Jesus, you’re such a child!” You chuckle before staring at him “I dare you to stay silent for the rest of the game till someone chooses you for another truth or dare” you reply

“RUDE.” Jungkook replies in an offended tone “Do you hate me that much?!”

“I do it because I adore you” you pinch his nose in between your fingers

“Sure” jungkook sighs “I’ll stay shut but before that, I’ll ask a little question too” he replies “My question is for Jin.”

“Yes?” Jin blinks

“If you had a chance to date Y/N, would you do it?”

Your eyes rounded automatically and you slapped his arm aggressively while communicating with your eyes. You and Jungkook could understand each other with your facial expressions.

Why would you ask him such an embarrassing question?!!! You stare at jungkook

It’s about time he knows you like him! I HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS. He stares back at you


GO AHEAD, YOU THINK I’M SCARED?!!! SORRY.BUT WHAT IS DONE IS DONE, he gives you a mocking face

I’LL KILL YOU, your eyes threaten him

I LOVE YOU TOO. He smiles sarcastically

“Y/N is a sweet girl! Who wouldn’t want to date her?” Jin smiles sweetly

“That’s not the question. Would you date her?” Jungkook adds fuel to the fire



I’ll f*cking murder you, you grit your teeth

“I would date her. She’s really cute” Jin smiles at you

OF course he’d say that, jungkook internally rolls his eyes

“O-Oh….yeah…t-thank you” you blush before staring at jungkook “Now you better shut that pretty mouth for the rest of game” you tap jungkook’s lips with your fingers

“I’ll ask one question to Yoongi then” Jin suddenly comments

“Did you just include me in this game?” Yoongi glared at jin

“Of course you should participate, you’re still our close friend” Jin smiles “So I have a dare for you”

“Oh no, you did not go there” Hoseok gasps

“Tie your hair into apple hair” Jin chuckles as he stares at yoongi

“He will murder you” Taehyung shook his head

“RIP Jin Hyung” Jimin sobs

Yoongi stares at everyone lifelessly.

“You can expect to go to hell for making me do this” Yoongi threatens and all guys gulped on their saliva

“Do you want me to lend you a hair tie” you poke yoongi with a smile and he only gives you a sigh of exasperation

“I don’t even know anymore” Yoongi sighs “Why am I even here in the first place?”

“I’ll make your hair for you” you smile at yoongi as you tie his bangs into apple hair “So KYUUUTTTEEE” you squeal and clap your hands

She never tied my hair and said it looked cute. Please give me some love and attention too. jungkook internally pouts

“I get to give a dare this time?” Yoongi sighs “Jeon Jungkook. This one is for you”

Why is he choosing me? Do I look like a Pokémon you can just pick?! WHY IS IT ALWAYS ME??!!! Jungkook only sighs in response since he’s supposed to keep quiet

Yoongi on his side had a plan to finish up this game and go back home as soon as he could.

“Oh I forget to mention that it’s a gift for Jungkook and a dare for Y/N” yoongi clarifies


“A dare for me?” You blink this time “How come my dare is a gift for this kid?” you poke jungkook’s arm

“I don’t know where this is going, but I’ll just sit back and watch the genius do his job” Hoseok sits back while sipping on his beer

“The dare is to sit on Jungkook’s lap for the rest of the game.” Yoongi smirks at you


“Sit on his lap? How is that supposed to be a gift for Jungkook? He’ll only get burdened” you chuckle “I mean, I’ve been eating quite a lot of sweets nowadays” you giggle

“Just hop on it and I promise you’d understand what we mean” Taehyung winks at you


“Sure. I mean Why not?!” You smile at Taehyung “As long as it causes no harm to anybody I’m cool with it”


You grabbed Jungkook’s hand and his eyes wavered from your eyes as he tried staying composed from your touch. His eyes laid lower to check out how you were dressed again. Here is was, his worst nightmare. The damn Booty shorts. It was so humid outside and you chose to wear these when you came here.

HOLY MOTHER OF THE BOOTY SHORTS * cries* we’re f*cked for real this time.

Jungkook didn’t noticed because he always does his best to avoid looking at exposed areas of your body. He can’t believe he hugged you so casually a few hours earlier. Your shorts were a detail he always avoided to look at and this time he won’t have a choice but to give them a second closer look.The cut of of these destroyed jean shorts were the kind that he hated. The kind of shorts that had busted holes in the front since they were fashionable. That was not the main problem.The real problem about these shorts was the fact that whenever you’d bend or sit, they’d get magically shorter. That was the reason why you would usually tie your vest around your waist, but this time your vest was drenched and in the drying machine.

Might as well just play along with it and treat her as if she’s a plant.Yeah, jungkook, she’s a green plant and you’re not the kind of guy who’d get horny over a plant, right? *cold sweats*

He crosses his legs in an open position as he chooses a more comfortable way for you to sit. He thought that sitting like a chair would prevent his worst nightmare from happening. A position that won’t drive him over the edge every time you move or shift on top of him. Well that’s what he thought.

Yeah, if I sit like this it won’t be a problem right? He’d reassure himself

“Can I?” you ask first

Jungkook suddenly pulls your body to sit on his lap with no warning. You feel like you’re sitting on a chair and Jungkook gasps at that sudden extra weight on his crotch. You tried adjusting your seating position on his lap and jungkook suddenly freezed. He’d hold his head to the side while staring at the ground while gulping on that knot of saliva in his dry throat. .He was f*cked and that position he just choose was going to make him suffer for hours under you. Your shorts already started riding up a bit and he couldn’t even bare to look at you. Having drank one bottle and half of beer for the past half hour wasn’t going to help him out at all. He was already feeling the heat rise in his body.

“Look at Jungkook” Hoseok chuckles “He’s all tense”

“Oh, it must be my fault” you pout “I’m sorry, I gained a little bit of weight” you turn around to look at juingkook’s face


Jungkook simply nodded to assure you that it was okay with an awkward smile. Unlucky as he was, the boy had to bear with your butt on his lap for the next hour. One wrong movement and he’d be screwed. Sitting on his lap was a thing but your attire was going to make this ten times harder for him in every sense of the word. The fabric of your shorts was thick while his sweatpants were thin enough for him to feel everything. He was going to suffer while you weren’t going to feel anything. It was his lap after all. He could already feel himself suffering from thinking of how horrendous and frustrating it must feel whenever you’d shift a little bit and the rough fabric of your jeans would simply create friction against his sensitive pants. He was going to suffer for the rest of the game and this was just the start.

“I actually never expected Yoongi hyung to throw a dare like this one” Jimin giggles

“How does it feel to have a girl on your lap jungkook-ah?” Taehyung nudges jungkook

Jungkook only stayed silent while staring at everyone with his does eyes. Bitting his poor victimized lips that would turn red by the end of the game. He had the look of someone who’s guilty of something and his hyungs could tell from the first glance.

“Why are you guys asking him so many weird questions” You raise a brow “Leave him alone?”

At least she’s taking my side *sighs*

“Y/N, we’re just playing” Taehyung chuckles


“You guys are making me do all sorts of thing” you nudge taehyung

“Blame Yoongi Hyung! I didn’t do anything” Taehyung lifts up his hands in defense

“My dare is for you Taehyung-ah” you smile sarcastically at him

“Cruel woman”

“I dare you to kiss Jimin on the lips” you smirk

It’s in these moments that I’m glad she can’t see me and give me a dare.

“A REAL KISS?” Taehyung blinks


“I bet it’s a revenge because you didn’t pick her up and she had to walk in the rain to get here” namjoon laughs

“Or maybe Y/N is just into yaoi stuff. I mean this girl has a kink for police uniforms so I wouldn’t be surprised that—“Hoseok chuckles

Her kink is still sexy as f*ck, why does he keep on bringing it up? It’s not like something she should feel ashsamed of.  jungkook rolls his eyes

“Do you want me to include you in that dare too?” you raise a brow at Hoseok

“Okay no, I’ll shut up” Hoseok sits straight in a formal position

“Ok I’ll kiss Jimin, but NO ONE TAKES PICTURES!” Taehyung warns


“That’s not fair!” Taehyung whines

“JUST DO IT” you lay your head back and jungkook’s little panic was starting to rise


If he could he’d lay back his body away from you as much as he could. Everytime you’d turn around and shift on his lap he’d suppress a sound to come out. You only added up the fuel to the fire by turning around. He could smell your fruity scented hair and for some reason it was starting to build up this frustration through his body. He was in a position where he’s so close to you but still can’t do anything. He’d curl his hands into fists while constantly biting on his lip, killing himself and praying that you won’t move much for the rest of the game.

F*ck NO.WHY DOES SHE SMELL SO DAMN GOOD. *hides in a corner while sobbing endlessly*

“Come here jimin and kiss me” Taehyung pleads jimin

“HELL NO” Jimin’s eyes rounded

“PLEASE! I’LL CALL YOU HYUNG!” Taehyung pouts

“Of course, call me Hyung and I won’t mind a kiss” jimin smiles

“Really?!” Taehyung blinks

“You think I’d say THAT??!!” Jimin scoffs

“I’ll be part of your hoe fanclub “Taehyung pleads

“He has a hoe fan club too?” Your mouth forms a ‘o’

“I don’t need more hoes” Jimin frowns “You’re NOT EVEN WORTHY OF BEING MY SIDE HOE, SO —“

Taehyung takes the opportunity to peck jimin’s lips fast. Everyone’s jaws drop to the floor, including yours.You did not even expect Taehyung to do it, yet he still did.Taehyung just blew everyone’s minds with his act. Jimin was the most shocked.His lips that were usually stained with the various lipsticks of many girls were now stained by Taehyung’s lemon chapstick.

“WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING??!!” Hoseok steps back

“OH MAN HOLY SHIT!!!!!!” jungkook suddenly shouts “THEY DID IT FOR REAL!!!!”

“F*ck this shit. I think I’ve seen enough for tonight, I’m leaving” Yoongi gets ready to get up

“You’re staying here, sugar” Jin pull yoongi to sit down

“I’m not your sugar” Yoongi glares at jin

“You’re my sweet ingredient so you stay here” Jin pats Yoongi’s back and yoongi sighs in defeat

On the other side it was another story for jimin

“How DARE YOU??!” Jimin put his hand over his lips as a blush started to form on his cheeks

“Sorry Jimin, I just had to make you shut up” Taehyung sighs “On another note, I think you should change up your chapstick.It tastes like rotten apples”

“I think I’ll go get some water” Jimin fans himself

“You’re savage Tae, I didn’t expect that at all” you whisper to taehyung “Can’t you see how hot and bothered Jimin looks now?!” You blink

“It’s okay! He’ll get over it, eventually!” Taehyung giggles “So it’s my turn this time to ask a question~”

Everyone stares at him in disbelief.

“Okay so my question is for Y/N” Taehyung stares at you

“Why did you pick me again?!” You whine

“Does size matters for you?” he smirks


Jungkook suddenly feels himself flush and tense up for some unknown reason. He had no idea why these questions were so dirty and so awkward, but this mood was making feel quite hot in this shirt.What if you could feel his size by accident while sitting in this position? What if he’d have trouble staying in place for the next hour and you’d get to know about the heat that has been rising in his pants.What if you could feel him and be disappointed? In fact he was curious about your reply but afraid at the same time. What if your reply makes him ten times more frustrated?

“Size? I mean, a girl can expect something up to her standards. As long as the performance is good…” you reply slyly “I’m just kidding “you blush as you cup your cheeks as you realize that Jin is still in the room

Jungkook felt this weird feeling in the pit in his stomach and he chose to shrug it off by commenting and playing along with you.Maybe it’d make him less nervous and it’d help him forget about this constant frustration that has been building up.

“You make sly comments and then you blush” Jungkook chuckled “Girl, get a grip over yourself”

“Shut up Jungkook, you’re obviously enjoying this” Taehyung giggles

“NOT” Jungkook fans himself awkwardly

The thickness of your shorts rubbing on him was making his breathing hitch.His lips were aching to let out a sound but his teeth were sinking so deep down his bottom lip that only little whimpers could be heard.You’d chuckle and clap your hands while playing and he’d casually have to bear with the pain to stop his raging desire to take over him. The fabric of your jeans would create that sinful friction on his crotch area whenever you’d move from side to side.


“Oh I have another one for Y/N! Who do you think has the biggest size in this room?” Hoseok smirks

WHY WOULD YOU ASK HER THAT??!!! Of course they’d make my life ten times harder… *digs a hole for his own funeral*

“Do you really want me to answer this?” you raise a brow “Man, I never saw anything, how am I supposed to know”

“Girl, just answer with the feel. There’s probably a guy in this squad that you’re expecting something from” jimin chuckles

Of course, she’s probably expecting something big from Jin, Jungkook would sigh in his inner thoughts

“I’ll go with Hoseok…”you tilt your head to the side “I’ll give you this one, cause’ you asked me the question” you chuckle “Happy now?”

“I’m quite satisfied” Hoseok laughs

“From what I personally saw, the biggest one here is the guy sitting beside you” Jimin suddenly shows up with a smirk


“The guy sitting beside me?” You turn to your left and meet eyes with Yoongi

“Do I look like the kind of man who’d show my privacy to these worthless strippers?” Yoongi stares at you in disbelief

You blink at him for a few seconds before bursting out in laughter. Yoongi really didn’t want to be there and it showed all over his behavior and his facial expression.

“We’re NOT STRIPPERS” taehyung reply in a very offended tone “Maybe Hoes, but not strippers”

“Someone put some tape over Taehyung’s mouth please” Namjoon face palms

“Okay I’ll be more precise. The guy sitting under you” Jimin giggles

You chuckle at yoongi’s hilarious response and turn to you turn around before meeting eyes with a very shy jungkook who’s awkwardly sipping on his beer as if it was apple juice.Red cheeks and very active eyes who’d glance everywhere but in your direction. Jungkook was nervous and he did not want to hear a response from you.It was already killing him to know that you’re now aware of this embarrassing information. Not that it was an embarrassment for him, he was rather proud to have the biggest size, but it was awkward in his perspective to tell you about this.

“Boy, why are you so red? Are you drunk?” you put your palm on his cheek and you can feel the heat radiating from him


“Come on Jeon, why are you acting all shy now? You’d always show it off and brag when we’d be in the locker rooms” Hoseok rolls his eyes

“Shut it” Jungkook glares at his hyungs

“You actually brag about it? Whoah kook, I’m learning all sorts of thing from you today” you raise a brow “I didn’t expect you’d have the biggest size either” you punch his arm “You’re quite the man, huh?” you chuckled

Your jeans rode up and he could see from the side of his vision your exposed skin. Being dazed from your scent, your skin exposure and your proximity, it was currently driving him over the edge. You were so close yet so far. Beads of sweat along his side burns were glistering and falling right down from his jaw to his neck. Jungkook was nervous and anyone could tell from the first glance that he was suppressing himself to not move.

Let’s stay cool and not make this too obvious *puts professional mask on*

“I don’t know if I should feel offended by this comment or be happy, but thank you anyway. Can we please pass to the next question and stop talking about my size? ” Jungkook cringes his face

“Embrace it, BRAT. It’s not every day that you get to have that kind of size! “Hoseok replies

“Freaking embarrassing” jungkook face palms

“It’s okay jungkook-ah. Don’t be ashamed. I can brag about you now” you nudge him


“Should I see it?” you smirk

EXCUSE ME?!!! Jungkook’s eyes almost dropped out of their sockets

Your comment just made his blood rush with anticipation and his sweatpants feel a bit tight for some weird reason. His heart jumped and he was suddenly pulsating with desire. He was restraining himself from breathing heavily because for some reason he found this straightforward side of you kind of aggressive and sexy. You were slowly turning him on and he was slowly starting to lose control over himself.Heat was rising everywhere on his skin and he needed a freezer to cool down.  

The boys let out ‘whoos’ and screams in excitement while jungkook’s jaw is dropping on the floor.How in the world did these kind of words managed to slip out of your tongue.Who knows? Maybe you really wanted to see something.


“I’m just kidding guys” you chuckle “I think I’m getting too drunk” you cup your warm cheeks “Sorry, I thought It’d be cute to tease Jungkookie”

“Man, she just called you cute” Hoseok shook his head “Y/N, we just told you he had the biggest one yet you call him cute?”

“B-But he’s still my cute little Jungkook” you pout “Right, kookie?” you pinch his cheeks

“I ask for a re-match, I refuse to look at my dongsaeng being called cute when he has the biggest size in this room!” Hoseok stands up

“H-Hyung, DON’T DO IT” jungkook glares at Hoseok

“I choose the next dare” Hoseok says in a definitive tone “Go ahead and ask your two questions Y/N, because I’m choosing the next dare”



My Hadestown Experience

Act 1

Long post sorry.

  • I was in the front row and center
  • The cast just all showed up together and started with Road to Hell
  • Persephone carries that suitcase throughout the whole show and when she opens it it’s full of flowers
  • Hades drops her off and Hermes is just like “Him? We’ll get to him” Because Hades is wearing shades and he just goes and sits at a table in the back
  • Many lyric changes, nothing to major. But I can’t write it all down listen to the audio that was posted.
  • Any Way the Wind Blows was next. The Fates are kind of scary
  • Hermes interrupts the hmmms and just goes “Alright we get it. It was a road to hell, it was hard times.”
  • Hermes narrating Eurydices life as she comes on stage asking for a match and Orpheus takes out a box and she grabs it going “give me that!” And starts an actual fire on stage
  • Come Home With Me starts and when Orpheus asks Eurydice to go home with him she starts laughing hard.
  • The lyrics in this song are different too.
  • He shows her his home and she goes “its in the middle of nowhere”
  • When she goes “what else you got!” It reminded me of a rapper starting a battle or something
  • Wedding Song was cute. Hades and Persephone sit in the corner watching. So do the Fates
  • Next Hermes starts saying “The boy said spring was coming” and Orpheus and Eurydice are trying to find the spring aka Persephone and they’re saying she was late this year.
  • Hermes says “her train was delayed by her husband Hades. “ and he’s standing by the table where Hades is sitting and he just opens a newspaper and doesn’t give a shit about what’s going on
  • Livin It Up. A dance party. Persephone opens her suitcase and the ensemble takes flowers and place a few at the end of the stage.
  • There’s also only 4 ensemble members and they were amazing
  • That little tune from Livin It Up is cut out. Idk how to describe it. That tune before Hermes says “that is how the summer went!” You probably know what I’m talking about. But it comes back in act 2 more on that later.
  • “The workers brought the harvest in”

“Anybody wanna drink!”

“And turned it into wine!”

  • Cue big dance party everyone is trying to impress Persephone for a drink. The ensemble is good okay.
  • Eurydice starts dancing and pulls Orpheus and they start dancing together.
  • Sadly, Epic I was cut out.
  • There’s a “sex scene” with Orpheus and Eurydice. They take each other’s clothes off and kiss and fall asleep on the ground together.
  • All I’ve Ever Known begins. Eurydice wakes up and runs to the other end of the stage, kind of frightened at what she did. As she sings to the sleeping Orpheus she gets more comfortable and runs to him and wakes him up “Say that you’ll hold me forever.” And they make the vows to stay with each other.
  • Reeve was right in front of me asleep on the stage oh god I love him.
  • When Hermes comes on stage they frantically get up and gather all their clothes.
  • Persephone looks pissed. She holds her flask and points to the audience and says “that was not six months.”
  • During that little piano part before Persephone starts singing she’s hunched over all the way and dancing to the edge of the stage it looks kind of funny and then she pops up like “WINTERS NIGH”
  • Hermes holds a tin of morphine as she sings the line and shes reaching out for it as he holds it up high and takes it from him
  • The Fates start singing to Eurydice. “Everybody dresses in clothes so fine…” all that. She looks so intrigued at what they’re saying and Orpheus is on the other side of the stage watching and he look so scared and stressed out
  • “Everybody’s hungry…” that whole line he points and stomps his foot trying to get Eurydices attention
  • Then the Fates pull her in again “Every little penny in the wishing well…” Orpheus looks so scared that he’s losing her
  • That little dance break Orpheus tries pulling Eurydice to him and she just goes “sorry” and starts dancing with everyone else.
  • “Mr. Hades is a mean old boss!” Pulls her back to him. She looks a little scared, but still fascinated.
  • Hades shows up in the shades™️
  • There’s a little pause after “Kind of makes you wonder how it feels…” and Hades just stares at her. Longer than I thought he would.
  • Eurydice starts saying “do you hear that?” And the Fates start humming and she’s like “it’s the wind.”
  • She tries to convince him to leave like everyone else and he doesn’t want to because it’s his home
  • She goes to get firewood and urges him to finish the song
  • Epic II. Did I mention I love Reeve Carney. No lyric changes thank god
  • Chant. The ensemble come out in work clothes and covered in coal dust. They’re stomping to the stage and Persephone looks at them and she looks scared of what her husband has done.
  • “Why is it so hot down here?” She takes off her cape and gives it to Hermes.
  • Hermes is there to narrorate and take props.
  • Eurydices lyrics change in this song. She says things like “do you hear the wind. You said it would never change.” The Fates grab at her clothes and chase her off stage as she says “the wind, the wind, the wind.”
  • Hades and Persephones fight is causing a bad storm on top
  • Eurydice comes back and calls for Orpheus but he isn’t listening. The “storm” gets her. Which is really the ensemble and the fates and they hold her up. They put her down on the ground and leave her there.
  • Lyric change. “Lover what have you become. I don’t know you anymore…” and Hades is about to start crying he’s shaking
  • When they fight they stand opposite to each other on the spinning stage it looks cool
  • “Of you.” He looks at Eurydice here.
  • Hey Little Songbird. Eurydice is a little flattered at his words. Only when he holds her hand does she pull away and look frightened
  • “See how the vipers and the vultures…” the Fates block Eurydice’s path and wave at her. It’s kind of creepy.
  • That jingling noise at the end is Hermes shaking a bag of “tickets” which are coins.
  • When the Chips are Down. The Fates? Yeah I love them.
  • Gone I’m Gone. Hermes shakes the bag and Eurydice puts the coins in. And the fates are smiling at the end of the stage.
  • Gone I’m Gone. Visually stunning.
  • Orpheus runs onstage. Hermes is tossing the bag back and forth in his hands.
  • Hermes sounds annoyed and angry at Orpheus but when he hears how desperate Orpheus he’s ready to help
  • “That’s a start”. He has a radio clipped to his jacket and he pulls it off and starts giving instructions.
  • The Fates and the workers get lights and hang them up and once the chorus kicks in they swing them front and back on either side Orpheus. This part is absolutely beautiful.
  • “Don’t give your name you don’t have one!” They shine the lights in his face
  • Why We Build the Wall. Not gonna lie, I got a bad headache after this song. Very loud.
  • Everyone is facing towards the audience. Through the whole song they look at the audience. There’s a new back drop with stairs and a door at the top.
  • Once it’s Eurydice’s turn to sing, the door opens and she appears.
  • Hermes sees her and takes off his hat
  • They go downstairs to sign the papers and Persephone does the iconic “Anybody want a drink?”

Part 2 coming soon

WOULD YOU LOOK AT HER OH MY GOD <3 Nolluska did the best breathtaking job on her face gosh <3

So yeah, Kendra, Goddess of Wisdom is partially done - her wings need a paint job and I have Bory Zeus claws on my way :B

But she already looks so pissed at everything and espcially at Pazuzu… cause those two don’t ever get along.

@seed-arts Wol/LUTS KDF body/Soom Nor wings
Faceup: Nolluska
Wig: Iplehouse
Eyes: Chocodecadence
Outfif: AyuAna


Uh yes A.V Club, it totally looks like she is pissing fire?

“Besides making us squirm uncomfortably in our seats just looking at it—seriously, Diana, you should probably get that checked out—the poster raises a number of questions. Did a single woman look at this poster before it was released? Did anyone look at the poster, for that matter, or is Zack Snyder just throwing these together on Photoshop in his spare time? Why, oh why, did it have to be orange?”

The fuck is wrong with the media?