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(1/3) This isn’t really abortion related, but I need an opinion. I’m wanting to get my IUD replaced w/ a new one before trump steps into office, but I’m having a problem with my mom. She was already nagging me to get this one taken out when my ex and I broke up, but it had 2 years left so I wanted to keep it since it wasn’t causing any problems. Now I’m wanting to get a new one, but when I told my mom she looked so pissed off and said “you don’t need one” because I’m currently single

(2/3) but I want to be guaranteed to have birth control for the next 5 years. Especially since I’ll be fully covered right now, and the IUD is my only choice for birth control and I can’t shovel out $1000 if I start seeing someone in the next couple years. I have an appt with my OBGYN to talk about it, but didn’t tell her about that. I’m thinking about just getting it replaced without telling her. I’m an adult, I don’t need her permission, but I’m under her insurance. Plus she has a long history
(3/3) of blackmailing me with personal info when shes mad (I asked her to not tell my dad about my IUD and she couldn’t even keep her mouth shut for 2 days). She’s the type to gossip to family and say “she’s not even having sex but she acts like she needs it.” Plus she’s really against abortion and thinks the IUD causes abortions. Should I just get it replaced without saying anything? Will she be able to see it on the insurance? Sorry for the novel, but I don’t have anyone to talk about this


If that’s what you want to do, I think you should go for it. And I think, in some states, if you’re an adult, even if you’re on your parents’ insurance, you can get the bills and stuff mailed to you (though I’m not entirely certain about that). I’m sorry your mom is being so frustrating about this. Good luck!