Thalia hugging Percy at the end of Titans Curse, saying he is her friend and as  handing him the position of hero of the prophecy, bc she was too fed up with all the bullshit from the gods,  being a tree and loosing a brother  and she wanted to be alive

i would give anything for the complete Thalia story

Happy Birthday to my lovely friend [and a mermaid in disguise] , Ari! @arikafd

She is such a lovely person and I’m so so glad to have met her! She is an awesome artist and a very funny and beautiful person! She deserves so much love! Thank you, Ari for being such an amazing artist and such an amazing friend to have! Happy birthday!

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we all kno alyssa kicked tati out bc she was a real threat and not cuz she actually deserved to go like its pretty obvious

right lmao that excuse she made was ridiculous like anyways sis.

  • What she says:I'm fine
  • What she means:Is Eleven ok? Is she in the Upside Down? Why was Will able to survive but Barb wasn't? Was that egg Hopper discovered another Demogorgon? How did Will escape from the Demogorgon the first time? Where are the other 6 people who were taken? Are they dead like Barb? What's really going on at Hawkins Lab? Are there 10 other superpowered kids? Did Dustin ever give Will that comic?