If I could, I would bake Taylor an appreciation pie (whatever her favorite flavor is) and send it to her with lil festive candles and some homemade knitwear or whatnot because I just want to send her a warm hug of appreciation and that collection of items seems like the best physical embodiment of said hug.

This is the most pissed off I’ve been at Lapis ever

Like, fine, leave, that’s her choice, but she took everything Peridot had and built for herself. The barn, her tv show, her meep morps, everything that Peridot had first and shared with Lapis. She took it without asking.

This is the worst she’s ever done.


I remember the day I came to the rainbow room and you were gone. So, when my gifts were strong enough, I used them to escape, and I ran. I ran away as far as I could, and it was there, far away, that I found a place to hide, a family, a home, just like you and your policeman, but they couldn’t help me. So, eventually, I lost them, too. So, I decided to play the part, to stop hiding, to use my gifts against those who hurt us.

Can we talk about how Drogo only “loved” Dany because she was beautiful and was pregnant with HIS son.

Daario only “loved” her because she was beautiful and because of her dragons.

But Jon loves her not because she is the most beautiful woman in the world, but because she has a good heart, he sees her for what she really is and because she’s not like everyone else.

Now excuse me while I cry in high valyrian, dothraki and the common tongue