that’s not something that would ever happen to a villain, is it?

65/365 Days of Outlaw Queen


What can I say about Ari? I may not have known her for a long time but I do know she’s a wonderful and caring person. She is so kind and generous not to mention has a wonderful Lucy RP blog. Trust me when I say that I can hear Lucy’s voice when I read her posts, which is absolutely amazing. But everyone needs to know that she’s human and needs our love and support as well. So if you could take a few seconds and go tell her, preferably off anon, how wonderful and important she is to us or how much she means to you that would be very kind of you. 

    Ƒσяgєт ωнαт нυят уσυ ιη тнє ραѕт
       Ɓυт ηєνєя ƒσяgєт ωнαт ιт тαυgнт уσυ
           Sσмєтнιηgѕ ωιℓℓ єνєηтυαℓℓу cσмє тσ αη єη∂
                   Ɓυт уσυя α∂νєηтυяє нαѕ σηℓу נυѕт вєgαη

I honestly thought people would have seen through the shitpost generator right away because who else would even think of a project so convoluted and have the skills and wicked humor to execute it?

But no one said anything.

Then it started posting minions and I thought “well now this is gonna be it”.

But no one said anything.

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My sister has been dating a flagrant racist for a while, and I feel like it's making her more racist. My original thought was that she deserves better. Starting to think maybe she doesn't.

Yeah, she made her own fucking choices, your sister straight up suxxxxxxxx.

okay but let me take a moment to talk about how much I love winterrosx and the reasons why. one, she is incredibly talented and super creative. two, she is kind and funny and passionate and despite all of the negative experiences she’s put through, she never loses any of that. like her muse, she is a survivor. she is brave, and strong, and independent. she cares for other people and she lets them know —– whether it’s talking me down or taking her mom out for her birthday —— and she deserves every good damn thing this world has to offer. her love for animals, especially sharks, inspires me to reach out and help every furry and non-furry friend I can. she puts a smile on people’s faces, too, and that’s not to be overlooked. along with all of this, she is one of the best writers I have ever encountered and inspires me here as well to better myself and keep my head in the game. this community needs more people like her, honestly, and so does the world as a whole. she is one of the brightest lights in my life and I just want to see her smile (would do anything to know she’s smiling tbh) and I’m gonna name a star after her just you watch. 

I know that SA said that he thought Oliver realized his feeling for Felicity in 2x06. After giving the whole, “Because of the life I lead” speech.

And I totally agree.

This face

has, I just hurt the one girl I never wanted to hurt, written all over it.

And then when Felicity says that she thinks her deserves someone better, we get this face

Which I think has the realization of what Felicity actually means to him on it.

This is the face of a man who has realized how much this tiny blonde firecracker has come to mean to him in such a short time.

Something he never saw coming, when he walked into her office with a shot up computer and bad excuses.

But that being said, I think the moment Oliver truly realized he loved Felicity was in 2x22.

When they’re up in the clock tower and Oliver is telling Felicity how he has failed and she shuts him right down.

Now, I know this isn’t the first time that Oliver has been told that he isn’t alone, Digg did it in the season 1 finale.

But, I think Oliver forgets. I think he is so used to being alone and carrying this huge weight that he forgets. He forgets that he’s not alone on the island (or the freighter or Hong Kong or wherever the hell else he was that they haven’t shown us yet) he has people to help him. He has so much self doubt and self hatred, that he misses it.

And I think this is the first time anyone has told him that they believe in him. That they know he can do this. He can win.

And then we get the hug of all hugs. And I swear this hug, is more important than any kiss, than any love scene, that we will ever get.

Because I think it’s this hug, that Oliver realizes that he truly loves Felicity. (Look at his face!!)

This tiny blonde, who believes in him, who sees something that he doesn’t see in himself.

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MOST ANGST AND RIDICULOUS STORIES THAT SHOULD NOT HAD HAPPEN TO OUR CHARACTERS: Nami -Robin - Law - Brook - Luffy - Sabo. Too much I can't even go back.

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This is our one year old english bulldog Zoey. Recently she has been suffering from what I can best describe as a type of seizure. When ever she exerts herself, whether it’s when she’s excited to see us after we’ve been at work all day or after a walk, she will space out and slowly fall over. When we haven’t taken her to the bathroom yet she will go then. It’s seems like she loses control of her muscles.  I know bulldogs are known for their respiratory problems and unfortunately right now we can’t even afford to get her a check up. We only got her from a family who’s apartments changed their weight limit and gave her to us for free. I’m scared we might lose her one day for something we could’ve fixed. She is such a happy, energetic dog. She loves everyone and deserves a long life. I’ve started a gofundme to help with the medical stuff. If you could please spread the word even if you can’t donate it would be amazing. Thank you 💜

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To that person who's saying that Stalia is better than Stydia, let me clear a few things up for you a bit: A) LYDIA is Stiles’ anchor. B) He’s seen Lydia naked before he saw Malia naked. Plus when he saw Lydia naked he fainted right away, but when he saw Malia, he just awkwardly turned around. C) Jydia is an ABUSIVE relationship, it WASN’T healthy. So no, Lydia shouldn’t have stayed with Jackson because all he would do is end up hurting her. She deserves someone better, someone like Stiles :)

please please PLEASE vote for her !!! she is absolutely deserves this 100%

our girl Tori has been nominated for a TCA !!!  AND I AM SO PROUD 
Tori is the most passionate and hard working person I have ever met and she deserves this more than anything! 

so please vote for her and share <3

Feeling disappointed!

What is going on here? After she doesn’t have a good explanation in the ending, now they are trying to push away Sakura. Seriously? Did really Kishi, who wrote that boruto, one shot?! I’m so damn disappointed and angry at the same time. She deserves to get a better than this. I think all Naruto's readers know Sakura is the heroine. I think most of the Sakura’s fans will feel the same as me, neither narusaku nor sasusaku fans. Damn, I’m so pissed off. And This just makes me feel to start disgust to see naruhina!!!