she can do nothing,
and my breath will hitch.

the feeling of her hand dancing across my thigh,
elicits such a high,
that i think i yearn,
to be touched.

but i have been touched,
but not by her.

maybe i would explode,
maybe i would spontaneously combust.
maybe that’s why,
she’s never touched me,
like that.

or maybe,
it’s because the atoms in her body,
do not latch onto mine,
the way mine latch onto hers.
and that’s okay,
i promise (sometimes).


Nursey gives Dex flowers all the time. And Dex blushes so red. He gets embarrassed if they’re in public, and pretends to give out to Nursey, but Nursey knows he loves it.


“Its free air” xD


Levi and Mikasa get those moments. watch in hd!

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I die every time I watch this, partly because this was me ten minutes ago, ahaha


:) I love stitch. He makes me feel better.