I’ve come to realize that,
You’re all I’ll ever want,
You’re all I’ll ever need.
Even when it may not seem like it,
I love you,
I’ll always love you.
No matter what.
—  Adela’s Writing.

Okay so my mom is like the raddest sweetest most lovable little puff pastry ever and she comes into my room this morning holding something behind her back and she says, “okay, so, if you don’t like it I can take it back, okay? But I was out this morning and saw this and just had to get it for you.”

So I’m like “ooh what what random present??” and mom says “close your eyes” so I close them and then she says “open” and I open my eyes and see STILES STILINSKI’S BEAUTIFUL BLUE HOODIE TOP which I immediately grab and hug and I’m like “MOM are you magical wtf seriously like how did you know–???!”

and my mom (the perfect supportive angel that she is) shrugs and is like, “julie, I’ve seen all your drawings for Home and I know Style–”


“–Stiles, whatever, is your favorite character–”

“–yes but so is Derek.”

“Right, shh, whatever, but you said he wears hoodies and this looked just like the one you’re drawing for chapter 15.”

And that is the story of how I now own this beautiful comfy ultra-soft hoodie in like the exact color Stiles owns it and it has a cute little pocket and slightly too-long sleeves and that same adorable hooded neckline (and I wear it while I write because I love it so much and in order to write Stiles Stilinski you have to be Stiles Stilinski, right)? *Happy seal clapping*