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Would mason and (f) Avery with sorta bad depression/anxiety issues be cool? As a scenario? (Btw yall are doing awesome work here you all rock! ❤)

Anything’s allowed as a scenario here, Anon! We want to do our best to provide you all with the scenarios, headcanons, etc, that you’ll enjoy. Note: I do not have depression or anxiety so this scenario may be off. As stated in previous notes, I still do these ones as I want you readers to feel happy with your scenarios and nobody to feel left out. - Admin Rachel

Avery wasn’t as enthusiastic around the staffers as usual, and Mason had noticed that her focus was off. She hadn’t seen this before with Avery at work apart from when she was flustered or studying. She didn’t want to intrude or invade with questions, but she knew she wanted to help out.

“Avery.” Mason’s voice called out, causing Avery to tense a little before realizing it was just her coworker. She nodded, knowing what was coming and made her way into the kitchen once more. Avery had been called her quite often on Jelly Donut days, but today she wasn’t expecting this sudden call-over.

“What is it, Mason? Is it about the coffee bean stock?” Avery was hiding her situation under a layer of false confidence and a cheery tone. Mason knew Avery, though, she had seen how unfocused and uncoordinated they were today. A lot more was on her mind than cafe work.

“Avery, you’ve got a lot on yer mind. Take yer shift off. Talk if it’ll help.” Mason continued to scoop icing onto one of the cakes, seeing Avery shift restlessly on the kitchen stool, unsure of whether to admit this to Mason or leave it unsaid. After a few minutes she spoke up.

“I’ve got depression, Mason. I managed through the cafe work for a while but. I’m at an incredibly low point.” Avery shifted again as Mason continued to decorate the cake, her response taking some time as if she was trying to find the right words.

“Take the day off. Don’t want ya pulled out of focus too often. Nothin’ I can do t’ fix the situation. Nothin’ others can either. What we can do is try t’ help ye through it, Avery. We’re here for ya if ya need us. I know it won’t change a thing, but I’ll bring ya up a cake.” Mason turned around and embraced her into a hug. She knew this was part of Avery and rough for her to be going through

but she would have the rest of the staff join her to try and help her coworker through it. They were like a big family now, and helping Avery through this low point reflected that. They’d try their best for their small trash witch.