mchanzo prompt #5

anon asked: If you’re okay with another mchanzo prompt how about mccree taking hanzo horse riding but sth happens and now they both have to share a horse to return? Cue flustered hanzo and mccree about to burst from happiness bc horse riding, showing off his skills and getting to cuddle his bf at the same time? Priceless

I am SO INTO THIS IDEA, thank you anon!! i hope i got the spirit of it /)(\


“Now, all you’ve gotta do is keep your balance…”

“What kind of advice is that? What if it moves?”

“She ain’t gonna move ‘s long as you don’t squirm about too much.”

“Easy for you to say. You’ve been riding since you were a boy,” Hanzo muttered, eyeing the mare suspiciously. He still wasn’t sure how Jesse had coaxed him into this… just that in the moment, he’d been quite helpless against the man’s enthusiasm.

“You can do it. Step up, take the reins… Daisy won’t budge, she’s a good girl.”

Hanzo gave him a look that said he wasn’t at all convinced before hoisting himself up onto the stirrup and falling off again, landing in the dirt.

“This is impossible,” he grumbled, dusting himself off while McCree laughed. “You—shut up. You told me this would be enjoyable.”

“It will be, soon as you get your ass on the damn horse.” McCree wiped his eyes and moved behind the other man, holding his hips. “Just… sorta angle yourself t’wards the saddle. Once you get up, all you’ve gotta do is swing your leg around.”

“That is exactly what I have been doing.”

“Naw, you—”, he started to laugh again, “—you get about so high and kinda… well, fall off. Look, lemme help ya…”

Taking Hanzo’s hand, he prompted him to lift himself up again and kept a firm grip, guiding him carefully upwards.

“There ya go… see? Ain’t all that diffic—whoa, now swing your leg around!”

With a wobble and a few curses Hanzo regained his balance, lifting his leg over to finally flop into the saddle with a huff.

“…I am never doing this again.”

“We ain’t even left the paddock yet,” Jesse snorted, giving Daisy’s rump an affectionate smack. “Besides, I’ve gotta show ya somethin’.”

“Is it worth falling on my ass for?”

“Sure is. Hell, I can’t believe a Shimada boy wasn’t ever taught how t’ride.” McCree clicked his tongue to call his own stallion over, jumping up and onto its bare back with ease. At Hanzo’s disgruntled expression, he smirked. “Woulda thought high society expected that kinda thing.”

“I ride exceptionally well,” the man sniffed. “Just not horses.”

He was rewarded with a splutter and red cheeks. “A-alright, alright… s’pose we better get movin’.”

After a few pointers on the basic commands it was easy enough; Daisy was patient and didn’t seem to mind being stopped, started or quietly cursed at… for which Hanzo was grateful. Once McCree was confident that he could handle himself they left the paddock and began riding, a gentle canter, towards the rocky outcrop that stretched just on the horizon. It was early afternoon, warm but not uncomfortably so. Jesse was quick to point out that these were ideal riding conditions, and that back home he would have spent a good few hours just galloping around to enjoy the wind in his hair. This time, he was happy to go slow.

“Aren’t you at all uncomfortable, without a saddle?” Hanzo asked as they crested a lazy dune.

“Naw, I learned how t’ride like this years ago. Probably couldn’t go back t’using a saddle now, even if I wanted.”

Hanzo held tightly to his reins, pursing his lips. “Did you come out here often? While I was—before I joined?”

“Often as I could, without foregoin’ our mission.” McCree met his eyes with a smile. “Just about the most peaceful thing in the world, getting out into the open with nothing but you ‘n a horse.”

“I can think of easier ways to get there…”

The man laughed, riding a little closer to shove Hanzo’s shoulder. “I’ll convince ya, by the end ‘f this trip. And, hey—you ever want a lesson, and I mean a real one… we can always do that, too.”

Hanzo gave him a flat look. “You would laugh at me.”

“Swear I wouldn’t, sugar.”

“I’d hurt you. Badly.”

“Exactly. Wouldn’t even think ‘f it.”


They reached the foot of the mountains an hour later, and McCree hopped off.

“See… what’d I tell ya? Made it.”

“Just barely,” Hanzo groaned, shimmying his way down. “I can’t feel my—”

“C’mere… I’ll help ya stretch yourself out.”

He didn’t argue.

“It’s worth it now, eh?” McCree smiled, rubbing the man down. “This view, these mountains… ain’t anything ‘s nice closer t’the city.”

Hanzo glanced around, resisting the urge to roll his eyes. If he was being fair—and he was very reluctant to—it was… interesting. The earth was red, freckled with long grass and hard edges, closer to an African Savannah than a desert. Blue sky yawned over them. Here, there were even trees—frail things, but plentiful enough to dapple the light into sharp shapes. If he climbed a little higher, he wagered he would see all the way to base and possibly beyond; certainly the mountains further along and the dusty open road they’d followed to get here.

It was so unlike Hanamura, where the sun was softer and the landscape–in his eyes–richer… but the difference wasn’t so bad.

He swept his hair back and sighed through his nose, admitting defeat. “Alright. It isn’t… terrible.”

“I knew I’d convince ya,” McCree chuckled, removing his serape to lay it beneath one of the trees. “Care t’join me?”

“…you came out all this way to have a nap?”

“Well, if you don’t wanna…”

“I thought you said you had something to show me?”

“Oh, yeah.” The man gestured around with a pleased grin. “Here it is.”

“…this is it.”

“Aw, don’t say it like that. Quiet out here, ain’t it? Relaxin’?”

“I am going to murder you,” Hanzo muttered, flopping down onto the makeshift blanket.

He was joined soon after—and really, he could have quite gladly punched the amused look right off the other man’s face if he wasn’t worried about finding his way back—who wrapped him up in his arms and laughed.

“You need to tether the horses.”

“Naw, they’ll be fine. Daisy’s a clever girl but she’s timid—she won’t go far.”

“And yours?”

“Well, Dusty’s just plain dumb. He’ll probably fall right asleep.”

Hanzo snorted, rolling onto his side. “…are there snakes, out here?”

“Sure are.”

“If one bites me, I will make sure it bites you, too.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” McCree yawned.


A few hours later, night was drawing close.

Dusty had disappeared.

“I told you we should have tethered them!” Hanzo glared, shoving McCree’s chest. “Look how late it is—we’ll never find the stupid creature now!”

“It—it’s alright,” McCree swallowed. Drawing a breath, he gave a loud whistle. “Dusty! Hey, Dusty! Where the hell’re you at, boy?”

“He’s wandered off into the desert and now we have one horse”, Hanzo snapped. “How are we going to get back?”

For a moment longer McCree tried calling for his horse—to no avail.  At Hanzo’s thinly-veiled panic, he turned, brow arched.

“What d’ya mean, how’re we gonna get back? We’ll ride.”

“The saddle fits one. I cannot properly ride. Where do you suggest I sit?”

“Is that what you’re worried about?” Jesse snorted a laugh, giving Daisy a pat. “C’mon, I’ll show ya—we’ll both fit. You just sit in front, I’ll take the reins from behind… we’ll be back at base before you know it.”

“I never should have let you convince me…”

“Quit bein’ so dramatic—here, just watch.”

McCree took Hanzo’s hand again, just as he had earlier, and guided him up onto the saddle without trouble. Giving Daisy another friendly pat, he swung himself up just behind the other man: not quite on the saddle, but close enough that he could sit comfortably and reach the reins at the same time.

“Well… now I’m thinking we shoulda done this from the start,” he grinned, kissing Hanzo’s ear.

“Stop it,” the other man grumbled, batting him away and holding tightly to Daisy’s neck. “This is the worst thing that could have happened to us, and it was all your fault.”

“It ain’t the absolute worst thing.”

“You’re right. I could still kill you.”

McCree rolled his eyes with a smile and nudged both heels, encouraging Daisy to start moving. If they went at a steady pace, they could probably make it back in the hour… if they didn’t get lost.

“What happens when it gets dark?”

“Well… I ain’t exactly made a plan for that, yet, but there’s scrub along the way, probably rocks that we could shelter under—”

Hanzo went stiff, leaning back into McCree with a mutter. “You are never taking us anywhere again.”

“We ain’t lost yet, sugar.” Jesse circled his arms around the other man as best he could, resting his chin on his shoulder apologetically. “And once we’re back, swear I’ll make it up to ya.”

“If you think you can,” Hanzo snorted.

“I will, don’t you worry. I will.”