Perks of Being A Stark (Peter Parker x Reader)

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Hey can we get a fanfiction on Peter x Reader, where the reader is Tony’s daughter and it’s just super cute and fluffy.

(AN. Hi! this is basically just Peter fluff o k I love it and dad!Tony is just killing me)

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Being Tony Stark’s daughter is overrated.

It was just a huge, chaotic mess of helping Tony prevent the world from going into a more chaotic state. It’s not that (Y/n) doesn’t like her father or anything, it’s because she loved him so much she was worried half to death everyday that he wouldn’t come home in one piece after a mission.

But like everything else in the world, being a Stark has its perks. (Y/n) grew up with the Avengers, meaning that when she was a little girl, it was Natasha and Clint who told her how to fight, Steve who told her bedtime stories, Bruce who tutored her, and Thor who comforted her when she was afraid of thunderstorms.

But that was years ago.

Now (Y/n) is 15, too old for bedtime stories or to be afraid of thunderstorms.

The events of the Sokovia accords broke her. What she knew as her family was now separated into two.

She would give anything to hear another bedtime story from Steve.

“(Y/n)?” Peter called, noticing that (Y/n) had a blank stare in her usually lively eyes,“Are you okay?”

(Y/n) snapped out of her train of thoughts. “I’m fine,” she sighed quietly.

They sat on the couch together, watching the Hobbit as their hands tangled together, (Y/n)’s head on Peter’s shoulder.

Of course, the Sokovia Accords also has its perks. She met Peter.

At first, Peter was just a stuttering mess who didn’t know how to act around her. Given time, they bonded over their love of Star Wars their similar intention of saving the world. It wasn’t until one night while watching Return Of The Jedi that Peter suddenly blurted out that he liked her.

That was two months ago.

And no, her father didn’t know.

Honestly, (Y/n) wasn’t really sure how he’ll react when he finds out.

“You’re doing that again,” Peter said softly. (Y/n)’s nose crinkled in confusion, “doing what?”

“That look with your eyes. Like you’re thinking, you know? What are you thinking about?” he asked with genuine curiosity and fascination.

“Just how dad will react if he knew,” (Y/n) said, chuckling in the end.

Peter grinned, kissing her nose playfully. “He’ll kill me when he finds out.”

“Who’ll kill you when who finds out what?” asked a stern voice from the back of the room, causing (Y/n) and Peter to jump in their seats.

Tony had ‘the look’ in his eyes, meaning that he could go off anytime now.

He stepped closer to Peter. “Don’t tell me it’s what I think it is.”

Peter sank down in seat. “I-I think it is what you think it is…?” he answered uncertainly.

“Okay,” Tony said, forcing himself to say the word.

“It’s okay?” Peter asked, a tint of hope in his voice.

“No,” he replied. “I’m giving you a five-minute head start.”

Peter’s eyes widened like tennis balls as he ran to the door, giving a pleading and apologetic look at (Y/n).

As soon as Peter was out of sight, Tony sat next to his daughter and gave her a grin. He laughed out loud. “He’s going to be so pissed when he finds out I’m just messing with him.”

Yes, being a Stark definitely has its perks.




the thing I love about Alex Turner being in love are the lyrics that comes everytime with his feelings like he associates the girl with the weather (Alexa), the space (Arielle) or seasons (Taylor) and he’s so lovely and delicate when he’s expressing what he feels in the moment like he’s the ultimate cinnamon roll here ok


“I remember writing this one when there was a storm going on. They get like mad storms over there [in New York], like, apocalyptic. I’m always trying to think of different interesting ways to like describe somebody but compliment them too. So in that one, I like the idea that she’s not even a thunderstorm, she’s more than one. I quite like the fact she’s plural. ‘Thunderstorms’ meaning just, y’know, awesome!” — Alex Turner

Glass Dome || Peter Parker

Prompt - Y/N is a young Avenger like Peter and has weather/elemental abilities, she created a small glass dome with a forest inside and the weather in the dome represents her mood or the weather outside and Peter notices that the dome has been raining a lot lately when it’s only been sunny outside.

Warning - just mega fluffiness, and reader being sad, little bit of kissing.

Reader’s Powers - weather manipulation, elemental manipulation.

A/N: I got this idea while watching Harry Potter, I don’t know why but yeah…enjoy the garbage! (not my gif)

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Y/N was a powerful girl, in a matter of seconds she could create a deadly tornado or a humongous storm cloud. She had a mastery upon her powers that not many people had, she found peace in her abilities. The sound of the gentle rain that she created, the booming of the thunder that even Thor himself would envy.

Peter envied her. She was pure and innocent, living in a world that wanted her for her power. Since the day he met her, he felt a sudden urge to protect her but realized she didn’t need his protection when he watched the young girl spar with the Black Widow herself.

Y/N may have been innocent, but she was no damsel in distress.

That’s one of the millions of things that Peter loved about her.

Another was her glass dome.

Y/N had created a glass dome years ago to help channel her powers, it made her happy. Inside the dome was a tiny ecosystem, an array of Y/N’s favorite trees, oak, willow, sequoia, etc., lesser trees surrounding them, tiny flowers, a tiny pond.

She absolutely loved it, she’d create small natural disasters inside of it and watch everything be teared down only to build it back up herself, she created thunderstorms inside of it, she created rainbows. She played with it all the time.

The other Avengers loved the dome too, it took them awhile to realize that watching the dome was extremely calming.

Whenever Bruce got angry he’d find Y/N’s dome and just watch it, he’d watch the leaves sway on the trees, he’d watch the water in the pond move. It’d calm him faster than anything else would.

Everyone used her dome, and Y/N loved it.

A few weeks ago she had caught Peter watching a rainstorm inside the dome, he had been stressed about midterms and needed an escape. Her dome was perfect for that.

But recently Peter had noticed that there was only rainstorms inside the glass ball, it was weird to him because it was bright and sunny outside.

He decided to ignore it thinking that Y/N was just experimenting, but then for the next few weeks or so all he had seen inside that glass dome were rainstorms. Day and night, a rainstorm.

Which could mean only one thing, Y/N was sad.

She had gotten mail from her parents a few weeks ago, the same parents that gave her the powers she used every single day, the same parents that terrorized her and broke her down instead of building her up.

Peter was curious, he wanted to help her, but he also didn’t want to upset her by asking about whatever had happened. So, he just decided to find the letter that her parents had sent her. He snuck into her room while she was training with Natasha.

He carefully looked through her things, trying not to mess anything up. She was a very tidy and clean person, she’d notice if anything was out of place.

He finally found the letter under her pillow. He hesitated to read it, he respected Y/N’s privacy but she was his friend and he wanted to help her. He slowly opened the letter and read the typed words. Y/N’s parents were scientists and both of them were horrible people.

They both associated with HYDRA and experimented on Y/N ever since she was a kid, she never had a childhood and she was accustomed to being treated like an experiment instead of a child. She was accustomed to being caged. 

According to the letter, two years ago her parents had another child - another girl - and they were doing exactly what they did to Y/N to the child. Her parents wanted Y/N to know about this, to taunt her. Because there was nothing that she could do about it. Peter read the letter, anger bubbling inside of him. 

He moved to put the letter back under her pillow but the door opened just as he was lifting her pillow up. 

“Peter?” Her soft gentle voice said, he sighed already feeling guilty about violating her privacy. 

He turned back to her with a fake smile to make it seem like he hadn’t done anything, “Hey Y/N, how was training?” He was trying to come off as nonchalant but he was an open book to her, she could always tell when he was lying. 

“Fine, until Steve needed to see Natasha about something. What are you doing in my room, Peter?” She was suspicious, she still hadn’t seen the letter that he held behind his back. 

“Oh, uh I was just…watching the dome, I was feeling a bit stressed,” he explains himself, he wasn’t lying though. He was stressed; stressed about what Y/N was going through. 

“Oh, okay.”

She wipes some sweat off of her brow with her small towel, and plops down next to Peter on her bed. 

“Now, why don’t you tell me what you have behind your back?”

She looks at him with a raised eyebrow, “Wha-what are you talking about? I don’t have anything behind-” his attempt at lying was cut off by Y/N lighting her fist on fire and holding it threateningly close to him. 

“Okay! Okay!” He moves his hand from behind his back and reveals the letter that he was holding, her eyes widened when she sees the letter that was meant to be private. 

“Peter!” She exclaims and snatches the letter out of his hand, she gets up and places it inside her nightstand. 

“That was supposed to be private!”

“I know, I know. I’m sorry, but I was worried about you. The dome kept raining, and I was worried that something was going on with you, I know it was uncalled for but…” he tried to explain himself by rambling an apology and reason for why he did it, but Y/N had already forgiven him. 

She knew that he would eventually find out about the letter and her parents, they were best friends, they couldn’t keep anything from each other for that long without someone finding out eventually. She didn’t blame him for being worried about her.

“Peter, it’s fine.” She stopped his rambling mid-sentence, he looked at her suspiciously.

“You’re not mad at me?” He asks, she shakes her head. 

“No, I knew you were going to find out eventually. You always do.” A chuckle leaves both of their lips. 

“Do you- do you wanna talk about it?” He asks her softly, she sits next to him again and lays her head on his shoulder. 

“I was so happy when the team rescued me from my parents, I never thought twice about it. I never thought that they’d go off and have another kid and do the exact same thing to her, they wouldn’t have had to have another kid if I hadn’t left. This is all my fault.” Her voice cracked and she sniffed trying to hold in her tears, Peter hated seeing her like this. 

He hated hearing her so broken, his heart clenched at the very thought of Y/N blaming herself for the procreation of her baby sister. 

“This is not your fault, your parents- they’re sick people, they probably would’ve done it whether or not you had left, they’re mad for power.” He tried his best at comforting her, but he was never so good with words as he was with his actions. 

“But, Pete-”

“Hey, look at me,” he gently grabbed her cheeks in his cold hands, her warm skin contrasting his. 

Her sad eyes looked into his, her eyes were rimmed with tears and Peter felt like crying with her, he detested knowing that Y/N was hurting. He just wanted her to be happy. 

“This isn’t your fault, we’ll find a way to help your sister, I don’t care what we have to do. If it brings a smile to your face, I’ll do it,” his thumbs stroked her cheeks and a small smile appears on her face when she hears his words.

“You’d really do that for me?” Her voice was soft, he could listen to it all day. 

“I’d do anything for you,” he smiled. Unbeknownst to him, he had just declared his love for her. 

Their faces had inched closer in mere seconds, their noses touching, and breaths fanning each other’s faces. 

Their lips touch and suddenly Y/N wraps her arms around his neck, his hands moving down from her soft cheeks to her waist. They kissed slowly, almost passionately. She sat on his lap to be more comfortable as their lips melded together. 

They pulled back for air and chuckled to each other, they rested their foreheads on one another’s. Peter glanced at the glass dome and smiled when he sees that the once raining dome was now bright and sunny just like outside. For the rest of the day, Peter and Y/N don’t leave each other’s side. They just lie on her bed, kissing the day away and watching the sunny glass dome. 

A/N: omg this was so cute guys! I hope you liked it!


In which the reader is deathly afraid of thunderstorms. She gets woken up by a particularly loud crash of thunder followed by a blinding bolt of lightning and cannot for the life of her fall back asleep. She debates whether or not she should wake her boyfriend, but she needs him to talk to her until the thunder and lightning subsides.

warning: thunder & lightning storms

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