She's half Puerto Rican

I forget i got like a half-black puerto rican cousin lmao like she and i haven’t talked since i was like 15ish i think? and before that since i was 10

she is cool tho

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do you have an idea of who could play the 18 to 20 year old daughter of zoe saldana? i'm drawing a massive blank on faces.

Zoe Saldana is extremely hard to do family for since she’s a large mix of races and she’s sort of a controversial case since she claims to identify as black and has black roots SO if I am wrong about any of these please, please let me know. 

Zendaya Coleman

Aisha Dee

Vanessa Morgan 

Sessilee Lopez- She’s a bit old but she’s half puerto rican

Zoe Kravitz- ??? Maybe

Little scared to post this but oh well, I tried! These are mostly half white-half black actresses but she’s really hard okay.


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hi i saw one of your answers and victoria justice IS NOT white therefore she can play kendall jenner's sister

Okay, so I may be Dilemma and not Mother Chucker but I feel I can speak on this. We all know Victoria Justice is Latina (Puerto Rican) but to quote from her ethnicelebs: 

“Ethnicity: *Irish, English, German, French (father), *Puerto Rican (mother)”

Which makes Victoria half white. And in Mother Chucker’s response when she listed Victoria (here) she literally said:

Victoria Justice [22, could play younger, could only be a half sister due to being of puerto rican descent]”

She literally said they could only be half siblings, meaning only sharing one parent not both, because of Victoria’s Puerto Rican side (well, mother). Please check your facts before sending in things like this!

Inet 6 WSTR Radio 17th Year Anniversary

1. Tell me a little about who Neezy and Kee are?

Neezy&Kee is a Female Pop Act, Born in New Hampshire but raised in Salem Massachusetts. We are half sisters, who grew up together in the same house raised by our mother. Neezy is the older sister and she is half Italian and half Puerto Rican and Kee is the younger sister half Italian and half Cape Verdean. Neezy is the hardcore Funky Rapper MC and Kee is the sweet innocent edgy song singing vocalist.

2. Who are your musical influences?

Our musical influences range anywhere from Aaliyah, TLC, Michael Jackson, & Salt N Pepa

3. What was the process like recording your first EP (studio, writing, recording ect..)

Its not easy ill tell you that. It takes a lot of work and focus. It all starts with the beat we all have a writing session and talk about the topic of the song and the things that we are trying to say. From there we come up with a catchy hook and Kee would lay down the main vocals. For the verses Neezy would come back to the studio and show what she has for the song and Nazz Travagant would guide her to make sure the flow was delivered perfectly. After the hook and verses are recorded we all would give ideas on what ad-libs needed to be added to give the song more feeling and fullness.

4. Who are the producers on the EP?

The main producer on our Its Takes Two EP Is Nazz Travagant  with additional production by D-Nero & Mr.Frost

5. I see you were selling music on the street, Do you find that more beneficial than having a company distribute it? And tell me some stories about the people you sold to?

We find selling our music helps create a fan base. Not everyone gets to meet the artists that they listen to. Our method gives people an opportunity to get to know us on another level that company distributing doesn’t provide.

Our favorite is when little kids buy our cd! We had a time when we were selling our music and a little girl came up to us and asked us if we were singers, we told her yes and she got all excited she came back with 3 of her friends and they all bought our EP with their own money. We took pictures with them and singed their cd’s. It was a great feeling how happy and excited they all were. 

6. Any shows coming up?

Yes! We are on a school tour called the Pace Tour. Pace stands for Promoting Academics Through Creative Expression, Keeping kids in school and also anti -bullying.

7. Do you plan to tour or open up for anybody?

We would love to open up for someone but no plans as of now. 

8. Any podcast or radio appearances?

 we are planing on it very shortly.

9. What are the future goals for Neezy & Kee?

We are woking on a Neezy&Kee clothing line. A collection of t-shirts and tank tops.  We would love for that to go global. As for our music career  we would love to win awards and keep our act going for years to come!

10. Lastly, what advice would you give to other artist about trying to come up in the game?

Believe in yourself, confidence is everything! Never let anyone tell you that your dream is too big, you can achieve anything if you work hard!  Were living proof! Keep going and never give up no matter how long it takes. It will pay off. 

The Mix Avengers Blended (This show is for promotional use only)


1. Your Dress (Playa cover intro)- TreV/St/.\r
2. Ain’t Hard To Tell – Nas (Blend by Trevor Banks)
3. Jay- Z/ Timbo beat (Blend by Trevor Banks)
4. Lil Wayne & Lauryn Hill blend
5. Jonzen Drop for Inet 6 WSTR Radio
6. Biggie/Jay Z blend
7. Freek-N-U (Jodeci coverlude)- TreV/St/.\r
8. Mad Anxious – Drake (Blend by Trevor Banks)
9. PLO Style (Trevor Banks Wu Tang Blend)
10. Yes,Yes, Ya’ll- (Trevor Banks Rap A Lot Blend)
11. Got To Give It Up- Aaliyah (Musiq Man / Aaliyah Archives)
12. Ms Mello- Aaliyah (Musiq Man/ Aaliyah Archives)
13. Man In Black- Will Smith (Musiq Man)
14. Guard Down- G.No/ Smokey (of Playa)  #SmokeDigglera
15. Twitter Lover – Tre Buggs

more will be coming with my Jodeci fans interviewing me…

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I've never even heard of that but I'll look it up. Well I'm Puerto Rican from my moms side and she's half Spaniard but dad is Welsh and Puerto Rican. We're the definition of a mutt family lol.

I was gonna guess some sort of Hispanic that’s dope thoo yum food