She though he didn't love her

A Heart To Love- misshoodoolady (place your fate with me au)


“Miss Devereaux,” Elijah said, bowing over her hand and smiling at her. He didn’t enjoy these balls much, though Niklaus pressed him into going. It was too much like a market for Elijah’s taste. That is, until he met Pasha Devereaux. She was not a lively girl, but she was witty and intelligent. As accomplished as he’d expect a Devereux daughter to be, and beautiful enough to outshine the lights of Paris itself. The celebrated beauties of New Orleans paled in comparison. He was absolutely smitten with her, and only wanted to be sure she was- if not equally taken with him- unopposed to the idea of the connection. He could not, of course, marry her. Law forbade it. But he could place her under his protection; he could live almost openly with her.

But she had to want him, too. He was, after all, a gentleman. and she was Creole like him, and due some respect. If marriage were in question, of course, he would press the alliance if he thought it a good one. But this was something different: this was not wholly a matter of business. Love or something like it had to enter in.

“May I have this dance?” He asked, his smile deepening. “If an angel would condescend to dance with a mere mortal, that is.”

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I like to write stupid little FS stories for my mom. We watch AoS together. In one of them, Fitz has a half sister he hates. One year at Christmas, he got drunk and told her he was in love with Jemma. So his sister decided to seduce her. Which she rubs in his face any time they see or talk to each other. The only thing they have in common is their hatred of their deadbeat dad.

Oooh, that sounds super interesting!! And no story is stupid, in my book. 

 I also love that you and your mom bond over AoS! My mom’s not super into SHIELD, but she does really love Supergirl (and so does my dad), so that’s kind of a show that we watch together and whatnot. I’ve never showed my parents any of my fics, and I think it’s so lovely that you write them for your mom

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FMD meme: Cid Raines, Yaag Rosch, Banzai

“By the Fal’ce….it had to be those three didn’t it?” She sighs lightly. Even though she swing via way of guys might as well answer it. “Much as I hate having to seperate myself from my drinking group, Drink with Banzai I’ve done it once already so fuck Cid and I’m sure if we both weren’t in the military Yaag would have proposed to me a long while ago.


A red silk handkerchief was placed over the queen’s eyes, followed by his soothing murmur against her ear. He’d managed to catch her during one of her free periods, and he wasn’t going to waste the opportunity. With Aliese in the company of her nurses and Feren, he didn’t need to worry about where she was for a few hours. Just enough time to spend with his beloved, which he felt was justified given the stigma of the past weeks.

             “Do you trust me?”

A rhetorical question, really, for he knew deep down that she did. Still, he drew her to her feet, his arms a firm form of support as he guided her out of the throne room and down the hallways. As he led her to the garden, the soft tunes of pan pipes and a harp drifted in, a soothing melody. But it wasn’t until he had her in front of the golden gilded mirror that he drew the blindfold from her eyes.

An all-seeing glass, capable of spanning all living realms. It was difficult keeping such a creation from the queen a secret, but he’d managed it in the end.

                    “I understand you worry for my welfare and
                     that of our children. So…”

He gestured to the mirror so only her reflection was seen, a small smile forming on his features.

                     “All you need to do is speak the name of the
                      person you wish to see, and it shall show you
                      where they are. Quite useful in… other circumstances,
                      I believe.”

The gift was but one part of his surprise, but he felt it was best if he let her enjoy each aspect to the utmost. 

There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that Maeve had utter trust in her king.
He had saved her life, eased her injuries, and lead her own kin to safety, even before he had romantic feelings for her. This was a man of honor, integrity, and was worthy of all respect and trust in the queen’s eyes. So, she saw no reason to answer such a rhetorical question as he covered them on her.

Allowing him to usher her along, she held tight to him, yet did not hesitate to step where he led. 
Of course that didn’t stop her from attempting to guess what he was up to, letting every sound and smell try to be her clue.
However once she was stopped, and set free of her blindfold, Maeve found she’d not anticipated this in the least.

A soft gasp came from her, hands clasping to her chest in a swell of heartfelt awe.
She breathed out, taking a step towards the beautiful and most impressive gift.
   “It’s— oh it is perfection.”
And so thoughtful, knowing how she worried for her family and not wishing to burden her corvids with tailing them constantly.
Though of course were she truly a cruel queen, and dark as some of those she ruled, this powerful device could be quite the formidable weapon as well—-

“I— I absolutely adore it.”
The words came on an excited rush of air as she teases the tip of one finger along it’s gilded frame.