She though he didn't love her


and i wonder if you know,

how it feels to let you go?


“He’s trying to be my friend because, technically, I asked for that. I need so much more though.”

The Next Morning; Pete’s World AU
♫ Let me lie in the curve of your body tonight, and I will hear you tumble into sleep.  I will watch you heal. I will watch you heal with me. (x)

does anyone else want to see Alison go off on Paul for how he treated Beth because I’m pretty sure that’s a thing I need to see right now.


Marvel Cinematic Universe appreciation - captured in gifs

The Incredible Hulk - yet another proof that Marvel always leaves the best scenes on the cutting room floor


"I just miss him.
And hate being so alone.
Does he miss me?
He must.”


Dragon Age+Myers-Briggs (5/16)

Introverted Sensing Thinking Perceiving: The Crafter

Fiercely independent, adventuresome. Don’t like much attention, more interested in their own pursuits than others. Do not believe in rules as they prohibit their ability to do their own thing. Often learn best by doing, and like to take things apart to understand them. 


Here You are at Last, Jack

Having him finally show his true face beneath the thousands of masks that he wore to protect himself, Jack is shocked to feel the presence of a person he’d thought he would never see again.

Although she truly loved him, at the same time she was also very afraid of him because she didn’t know the first thing about who he was. And yet even after he had confessed to her that he’d been lying to her the whole time, rather than feeling angry or sad, she honestly feels a sense of relief in her heart.

Finally he’s standing right before her without hiding behind words of platitude or flowery speeches. A stark-white, pitch-black, and hopelessly lonely person wanting to simply exist in this world…her beloved and foolish Jack.


It’s not like he was going to go anywhere. After all, he just got here. Where is your mind, Carolina? Even though she was stiff at first— well, so was he. It took a few moments for him to adjust his body into a more comfortable standing-leaning position as if he was going to dip her. 

Because when you’re upset, all you need is York. He is your Fix-It Felix. That was the worst joke ever written. The kiss wouldn’t get any more delicate— oh no, he stayed with that rough kiss and even moved to bite at her bottom lip as an added measure. 

For once, she’ll follow his lead. Oh, but when he went for her lip, she pushed back, even when he shifted as though to dip her to the side. Let him take control, sure, but that hardly meant she’d go limp. No, she’d open her lips just slightly as he went to bite at the lower one, one leg raising just a bit to brush against his, pushing forward just a bit, just a slight bit of resistance - a quiet challenge.

No matter how you put it, he was absolutely in control - and she loved it. Loved it enough to put forward that quiet challenge, that silent dare… If she weren’t mid-kiss she’d be smirking something fierce.

Okay so about the new Steven Universe episode “Open Book”

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if the dudes in XV act differently with a woman around then I hope SE doesn’t put any of them in a relationship with a female character because POOR MAN WILL SUFFER IF HE CAN’T BE HIMSELF even though she’s prob supposed to be the love of his life or something

               she was in love with carlos. she thought he could
               be the man that would set her free. after all he was
               the man who severed those chains in the temple. 
               she thought he would have showed her the world.
               but he changed…

               even after she shed the layers beneath her skin.

              & instead of seeing the world, she remained a captive.
              & though she loved him, it wasn’t the same.

              all she wanted was to be free.

kingsmanhart asked:

I love you.

‘’Harry I?’’ She can’t tell if he’s being serious or not and she certainly can’t tell how he means it. Her head tells her to assume that it’s in that friendly way. Which it must be it has to be. Her heart tells her to just get off her chest the weight she’s been carrying round though. 

‘’Harry I-’’ The but will linger in the air because she doesn’t think she can actually vocalise those thoughts and feelings without breaking down. Charlie has wrapped herself up in so much barbed wire and so many stone walls that it’s hard to break them down. How is she supposed to let him know that she actually loves him too, really loves him. If she could would she have a relationship with him? Probably. Is she happy just being friends with him though? Of course, she lives to see him smile and just being happy. 

She’s emotionally crippled though, it’s haunting, all these people tell her oh yeah if you fancy someone you should just go for it. It’s not that simple for Charlie though because the mere thought of kissing someone, someone she likes, with feeling, with everything that comes with it. Fills her with a dread and panic like she’s never known in her whole life and she still doesn’t know where it all comes from. 

Charlie looks back up at him and gives him a gentle smile. ‘’I love you too.’’ She says and all that unspoken guff remains unspoken for another day. 


lipstickcartel asked:

Larry's message did tug at my heart strings a little bit. Eh. He still not my favorite twin lol. No shade. At least Gi's mom didn't go over board. She was there for her and didn't take it too far. Just enough. Myra told her a truth she wasn't ready for.🐸 😏. *Sigh. I love your writing so much. Even though you show Larry as a fuck boy you show his good side to try and reel us in. Thats why I wear Larry repellent. You will not catch me slipping ma'am. I have to wear extra when I read SWBF. 👀CU

thank you so much. you loving my work means a ton.

and i LOOOOOVEE writing Larry as a fuckboy because i have a feeling he’s more than likely one in real life. 

i’m tryna be the pioneer behind the endearing fuckboy. Larry is definitely the supreme.

so sweet the nigga makes you forget that he aint shit. >_>

SWBF Larry will devour you… be prepared.

the more I think about xillia’ sending the sadder I get