She though he didn't love her

I keep seeing Melissa on here from that cop show. But I remember her from soap operas. One life to live. Adriana and rex. I loved them. They were so hot. I actually miss them.

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phoebella soulmates au!

send me an au & a pairing

Sibella had hoped it would be Monty. He was adorable (though unfortunately quite poor), and was always willing to tell her how beautiful she was, if only with a little prompting. It would have been so easy to love him. But no feelings of love and adoration could change the words written on her skin. No ammount of scrubbing at her skin, or attempting to alter the inked words would change the fact that Monty was not her soulmate.

She’d known as soon as they’d met. His first words to her, an “Excuse me, sorry,”as he bumped into her in the middle of the crowded coffee shop, failed to match the neatly printed “Oh - you shoudn’t touch those, they’re poisonous” written on the inside of her elbow. Perhaps she could have lived with them not being soulmates. People did it all the time - found love and started families with people they shouldn’t. And so they tried, at least for a little while. Until trying just wasn’t enough, and they both were left wondering whether they would ever find their true soulmates.

The split was amicable enough, both Sibella and Monty deciding that the relationship was no longer progressing - and that they’d both be better off searching for their respective soulmates. The last she’d heard-Monty had found his-a rich Lord named Henry. Lucky. He’d even invited her to his “soulmate reveal” gala, an ages old tradition that, for many people, had turned into an excuse to get drunk rather than celebrate ~the magic of soulmates~.

It had been a lovely event, she had to admit. Monty and this … Henry certainly did seem happy together. She tried (and failed) not to feel the slightest bit jealous. Monty truly was lucky. His soulmate was fairly attractive, seemed like a decent person, and was very rich - judging from the extravagence of the gala, and the well-kept garden she was currently strolling through.

A small cluster of violet flowers caught her eye, and she reached her hand out toward one, as if to pluck it. Just before her hand touched the petals, she heard a voice call out “Oh - you shoudn’t touch those, they’re poisonous”. Sibella turned around toward her, for she knew it was a she, and smiled.

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❁ For Azra of course.

Send “❁” for a flower that my muse relates to yours!


A flower that represents true love and a wish to never be forgotten. Much like his feelings for Azra, Link correlates the wish to be remembered by her, and in turn he knows that he would never forget her. She was the very first to make his heart flutter in ways he had never known possible, and so this very special flower is related to someone equally special to him.

It was this very same flower that he had given to her as a gift, the symbolism behind it not being thought on at the time, but relating entirely to them moments thereafter. It’s also one of his favorite flowers, and so who better to relate it to than one of his favorite people?

It’s a small flower, usually overlooked or disregarded, but holds a great meaning.

Okay, so.. so far :

  • Carter seriously rules and is absolutely gorgeous in her red dress and that scene where she tests Steve’s shield is awesome
  • I deeply like Bucky even though we don’t see him much
  • Hugo Weaving is in this film. I didn’t know! I love Hugo Weaving. But he’s got a really weird face. Looks like some Play-Doh shit.
  • Howard Stark is amazing
  • edit : I know Bucky’s alive because well I saw Winter Soldier’s gifs everywhere but I am sorry there’s no way he could have survived his fall
  • double edit : okay so mini-trailer for Avengers at the end of the film and Tom Hiddleston appeared!!! He was there! He popped from nowhere I wasn’t prepared my Hiddleston-radar is on now **

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Send me a ♥ to find out how my muse feels towards yours [accepting!]


       The first word to enter his mind upon mention of the dark woman. He did not know her, but he knew of her, and what she had done. How she had left. Left them.


       She could not know the damage she had unleashed. Half their force had followed her lead, abandoning their master, the one who created them and offered them purpose. The Gerudo King could have left them all to rot, but no, he had given them a chance. Life. And she refused to repay such a generous gift?


       Now here he was, created and tasked to clean up her mess. Rally the loyal. Gut the traitors. They all hated him, saw him as the betrayer, the favorite
“son” [who in reality was not favored at all]. He had fought tooth and nail to get his master’s army back into unity, but there was one rat left. One weak link. He looked forward to making her bleed for bringing this dreaded existence upon him, for abandoning them [him], for everything.

                                      [did she really not care at all?]

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❤ { Stella/Zico - for giggles }

{ send me ❤ and I will bold all that applies to your muse }

i would kill for you. • i would make love to you. • i would fuck you. • i would protect you. • i would hurt you for a selfish cause. • i wish we had more in common. • i want nothing to do with you. • i want to see you cry. • i want a future with you. • i want to destroy your future. • i do not care what you do. i am indifferent towards you. • i want children with you. • i love you ( platonically ) • i love you ( romantically ). • i love you like family. • you are my family. • i could fall in love with you. • i would lie for you. • i would fight by your side. • i will never let you go. •i would hold you while you cried. • i would hug you. • i want to kiss you. • i would stay by your bedside if you were ill ( and laugh ). • i want to fall asleep with you in my arms. • i want to forget you. • i will never forget you. • i only want to make you proud. • i wish i could make you happy. • you deserve nothing. • i will never forgive you. • you confuse me.

That’s love, man. 

To do everything in your power to lessen the pain of your other half or future other half. Even without them knowing. Without needing to tell them the tales of your heroics.

To comply with whatever they want when they need that the most just to give them some semblance of happiness. That is love. 

I wish I didn’t get so jealous over the ones I love :( it’s ugly and it shows my worse insecurities. It’s just so bad. I hate bringing out my bad side. I wish I could just accept that he is going to flirt with other girls and compliment every pic she uploads even though we are not together. Especially because we aren’t together. Any guy who does love you will prove to you by not doing shit like that. Maybe I should give this one guy a chance. He’s fun and cute and he is in love with me already. 😋😅

memory meme.

♣ — a fading memory

Hazy though it was, it was still clear enough to remember. With one hand clenched around his project and the other open to push open the door, he pressed his way into his mother’s makeshift laboratory, calling for her. No answer, but he could see the sheen of her hair over her bench. She was staring off, eyes distant, her latest project scrapped all about her. He stood as silent as she sat, and long moments passed between mother and son.

Indeed, this happened far too often. His mother was too frail, and relied too heavily on techmaturgy to keep herself sane. His father was terrible to her. Most of the time, though not all, Edgar was completely unsure whether or not the demolition of her projects had been his father’s doing or her own.

This time, it seemed to be her.

“Mother, are you there?”

No response. No glance. Nothing.

He knelt before her, pinched her, shook her, groveled to her. None of it would help. He thought about getting a doctor to help her, but the Piltovian doctors readily available would be far too expensive for the Lawson family. It cost enough, as it was, to keep a roof over their heads.

So, a teenage Edgar Lawson scooped up his mother, brought her to her bed, and prayed she would come around. The next morning, she would get up, alive again, as if nothing had ever happened. It was all Edgar could do to forget, if nothing else, to free himself from worry.