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RE: Caskett/Karamel - Beckett thought Castle was a jerk solely because she didn't like this wannabe cop all up in her space at first and whilst she found him annoying for that reason, she never, really, hated anything about him as a person. Meanwhile Kara flat out states that he's a jerk yet soon finds herself going back on everything she's said even though he doesn't change. It's so weirdly OOC.

RIGHT?!?!?! And where Castle had FOUR YEARS to kind of change his ways and get serious about him and Beckett as a couple and fall in love with her, Mon-el has had, like, a dozen episodes to do the same and they act like it’s the greatest love story in the history of the universe. Like????? bitch??!!!!?!?!?!!!?

Mon-el is selfish and conceited and he’s no hero. Kara deserves a hero. Somebody who cares as much about saving others as she does. Somebody who admires her desire to help those in need. Somebody who won’t imply that she’s stupid or ridiculous for wanting to save lives at the risk of her own. This is how she’s ALWAYS been and the people who really love her love that part of her as well.

You know, like

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also she’s more of a hero


In This World
And The Next
And All The Ones Before


“Why did you come here?” Nesta asked as he placed his head in her lap. There were a million other places he could’ve gone. Either of his brother’s, his best friend who thought she was stuck-up… And yet, he showed up at her door past midnight with a request.

“Hold me,” he had asked her, leading her to the couch he had once made fun of for being purely decorative and unreasonably stiff. He was stone cold sober, she could tell, and wasn’t sure whether to be surprised or concerned that that couldn’t be his excuse to have appeared at such an ungodly hour. Especially after not hearing from him for over a week.

“I couldn’t stay away,” he murmured. “I know you don’t mind.” He boldly and correctly assumed, then noted, “You’re wearing my shirt.” The one he had dropped off at her office when she felt like she was suffocating in her tight blouse. It was his favorite shirt, but he thought it looked better on her anyway.

“So what if I am?” She was wearing the watch he had given her, too. It was nothing too fancy, but he had grown tired of her losing track of time and using “no watch” as an excuse when she showed up late to dinner and apologized with a kiss. He never minded the apology kisses, though.

“And you’re about to run your fingers through my hair because I’m so irresistible to you.” He teased, but she could hear the exhaustion that coated his already husky voice.

Cassian had found her and it took a lot of courage and pride-swallowing to do it. No one ever cared enough to do that for her. No one.

Tentatively, Nesta placed her hand on his back as he made himself at home on her thighs.


Nesta ran her fingers through his thick ebony locks. Though still long, he had cut it since she saw him last. As though he had freshened up just for her.

Again, she felt like utter shit for yelling at him, saying that he was both scared or incapable of change of any kind. She didn’t want him to change. Not his personality, not his appearance, not his life, not his friends nor his job. Cassian was the best thing she ever had.

She thought herself a hypocrite… Cassian had come into her life- or more accurately she into his- And what? Showed her what honor was? Reminded her of how suffocating her life in the town is? How much potential she has in life…and love? He shook her, woke her up.

Cassian was an old soul, but it was Nesta who truly didn’t like change.

In her experience, change was bad. Change meant her mother dying. Change meant her father losing their money before joining her mother in death. Change meant her baby sister resenting her and fighting with her.


Change with Cassian meant warmth…unconditional warmth. This was unfamiliar territory.

“What are you doing awake?” He relaxed his body, nearly purring at the affection she was giving him. “Your lights were on.”

She didn’t want to lie. She didn’t want to snap. Not when she had shown that he could be vulnerable with her- in his way. “I missed you.” Truth, as she had barely slept since their fight. “I was writing about it.”

“About me?” His belly rumbled with a laugh for a moment. He quickly became serious, not wanting to ruin the moment. “I missed you too, Nes. I drive past here every day when I take the logs to town… I park at the end of your drive before convincing myself that you don’t want to see me.”


Nesta’s hand slid down his back as she leaned down to kiss his shoulder and inhale the pine scent she had so desperately missed. “I did want to see you,” she whispered. “I always want to see you. Even when I’m mad. Even when I’m sad. Especially then.”

“I’ll keep that in mind next time I lose my patience and let you walk out the door.” He meant it. She knew he meant it. In a small voice he asked, “Can we be okay now, Nes?”

In an equally quiet voice she whispered, “I’d like that.” More than anything she wanted him, wanted them. Wanted their present and future.


It only felt natural when Nesta folded herself onto him, covering his body with her own. As if they had done it in a million worlds before, and she hoped they would in the next million.

Silently, she thought of why and how she had fallen in love with him…

He challenged her, though was never condescending. And he let her challenge him without running away scared. People always thought she was a bitch…maybe she was… But he would ride out a conversation with her till the very end.

When they first met, they thought they could hardly stand one another. She secretly liked that he didn't​ treat her like glass. Like she was worth the breath it took to volley an argument or discussion. No matter how angry, he always listened to her, always saw her.

On the anniversary of her broken engagement and one of the worst nights of her life, she had gone out alone and got utterly shitfaced and was unable to reach a cab service.
She didn’t want Feyre to know or Elain to be worried, and she didn’t have much in the way of friends, so she called him. The person whose opinion she thought she didn’t care for…
Staggering out of the bar, he picked her up and carried her to his truck. Didn’t even complain when they pulled over twice so she could vomit.
That was the first night he stayed over. He got the vomit out of her hair and braided it back before tucking her into bed. He slept on the sofa and left her an omelette and smoothie in the fridge before sneaking out, writing her a note with his home number to call in case she needed or wanted a decent drinking buddy, and that she wouldn’t have to go to some dive that scared even him.

On their first date, he held his hand out for her to take. “In case you get nervous,” he said as she interlaced her fingers with his. “You can hold onto me and hide your face in my chest, too if you get scared.” She did get scared, but he didn’t push it. Though he didn’t have the decency to hide his smug grin when she yelped and clutched his bicep during the big jump-scare scene.
She surprised him by later admitting, “I knew I was safe the whole time.”
He raised an eyebrow, “Because of me? I’m flattered, sweetheart.”
“Because of me, actually.“ She played with the buttons of her coat. “Rules of horror.”
He stopped in his tracks and folded his arms. “I’m not following.”
She felt safe with him, and wanted to let him in. But she wasn't​ used to being vulnerable, so she closed her eyes when she uttered, “I’m a virgin.”
Eyes still closed, Nesta heard Cassian’s soft intake of breath before she felt him.
He put his hands on her shoulders and whispered, “That’s okay.” She opened her eyes and couldn’t stop herself from hugging him. The smug bastard, ex-fighter, lumberjack with a heart of gold. He assured her that there was no shame in her sexual status. “Promise to shield me? I’m definitely not a virgin and I’m not white, so my life expectancy is fucking abysmal. Plus, I probably make too many jokes.“ He shrugged. “I’d outlive Rhys, though, which is a consolation…”
She laughed at him. He made her laugh. She never laughed before him. Not like this, not genuinely.

He made her laugh harder than she ever had before when he karaoked, “I’m the Only One,” by Melissa Etheridge to cheer her up after a long work week. His shamelessness and big heart were the most attractive qualities about this ruggedly handsome man.

When all the trees had been sold because she waited last minute, she went home to find him waiting at her door with the most beautiful Christmas tree she had ever seen in her life. He helped her put the star on top and made his famous eggnog while she baked the only thing she knew how: chocolate gingerbread cookies.

When she needed to talk, he would drive. Even in the middle of the night. Driving until she was ready to open up.
One night he drove to the cliffs just outside of town and they got out. Sobbing and slamming her fists at his chest, she recounted something she never told anyone.
She and Elain had been kidnapped. They had been saved, but not after they had nearly drowned.
A year later, he found them again. Elain stabbed him on sight. Nesta, not wanting her sister to have blood on her hands, finished the job so he could never hurt them or anyone else again.
Screaming in anguish, he held her close. Reminding her that nothing could harm her here, with him. She asked if he was scared of her and he told her he wasn’t, he never could be. He took her hand and placed it on his heart, vowing to protect her and those she loves until his heart stopped beating.
She kissed him that night and she hadn’t been able to stop since.

They took it fast. They took it slow.
She knew he wanted to have sex with her from the first moment they had been introduced. Cassian was passionate, and he let that passion flow into any aspect of their relationship that he could.
For her birthday, he had half-jokingly offered to go down on her. She dragged him away from the party and to his room, telling him that they could both give birthday spankings… They did. Cassian thoroughly enjoyed getting spanked by his birthday girl.
When she lifted her skirt up and removed her underwear she hoped he wouldn’t notice the few and small opalescent marks above her knee, on her inner thigh. But he did. Of course he did. He noticed everything.
“That’s what happens when your adolescent growth spurt mercilessly hits you like a ton of bricks,” she said as he used the tip of his fingers to graze the slight dips in her otherwise perfect skin.
He tried and failed to imagine a time in which Nesta was gangly or awkward, so he pressed his lips on each of the marks before hitching her legs over his shoulders.
And he went down on her. Making sure she was comfortable before he quickly darted his tongue on her bundle of nerves. It was amazing, and she wanted more. So he gave her more. Inserting two fingers and massaging her insides slowly, dragging the tips along the ceiling of her temple.
When he finished her off, she moaned his name and nearly ripped his hair out.
Before rejoining the party, he held her until she stopped shaking. Whispering phrases in Spanish that she didn’t find out the meaning of until much later…
“Eso fue hermoso. Eres hermosa…”
“Eres incluso más dulce de lo que imaginé. Como la miel…”
“Si me lo pidieras, enviaría a todos a casa y te lamería toda la noche.”

Sighing aloud, she continued reminiscing on the reasons she loved him, then and now. Right now it was because he was warming her heart and body with his own.

Unbeknownst to Nesta, Cassian was also thinking of the reasons why he loved her, why he couldn’t stay away.

Nesta was as tenacious as she was magnificent. Quick witted and scrappy. He knew many fantastic women, but Nesta was on a completely different level.

He could be all of the sides of himself with her. It terrified him, to be like an exposed nerve, but he knew Nesta would settle for no less and would not open up otherwise. Nor should she, after all she had been put through in her life. He could be happy with her. He could let his weaknesses be known. He could talk with her when he needed to, or be quiet and contemplative.

He talked about his childhood. His early childhood. He said he was likely “smuggled over the border with bricks of cocaine” and tossed away. Rhys’s mother fostered him, though he didn’t make it easy on them, and then legally adopted him. A few years later, Azriel showed up and everything changed. He never forgot the kindness and generosity she showed him. He mourned her and Rhys’s sister every day and never again wanted to take for granted any good thing that came into his life.
He counted Nesta on the list of good things.

When he hugged her, even in public, she would let him hold her for as long as he wanted. What a sight they must be, he thought, the prim postured princess and the grass stained flannel and bomber jacket clad behemoth with permanently dirt crusted boots.
Goodie Two-Shoes and The Filthy Beast.

He thought about the time he helped her move out of her shithole and into this new place…

He found a box of old CD’s. He couldn’t help himself pulling out a worn copy of “From Under the Cork Tree” and waving it in her face, her eyes bulging.
“Those are a friend’s.” Nesta flinched at her transparent lie. “I don’t even know how they ended up here.”
“Hmm..” Cassian tapped the CD case and bellowed off-key, “CUT MY LIFE INTO PIECES! THIS IS MY-”
He was cut off by Nesta screeching and fighting to cover his mouth. “THAT SONG ISN’T EVEN BY THEM, YOU UNCULTURED MOUNTAIN MAN!”
Throwing his head back, he howled with laughter as she crossed her arms and asked, “So, Mr. Rompe Will Be My Wedding Song, how do you even know this music?”
“Well, Miss Season Six Buffy Was My Aesthetic,” his eyes gleamed with amusement. “Little sunshine Amren went through an emo phase in her youth as well.” Nesta wasn’t terribly surprised at all by that reveal, but bit her cheek to keep from smiling.
“Do you have mix CDs? What was your profile song? I know you had one.” This was just too good to be true. His mind reeled as he gave a lopsided grin.
“Yes and get over it. I’ll never tell.” Nesta surprised him. She was constantly surprising him. He loved that. He loved her.
He looked at her in a way in which his hazel eyes said, “I love you. I am so in love with you. I am yours and you are mine, and we both know it.” Tilting her chin up with his forefinger and thumb, he kissed her. Slow and steady, but sinking into her completely.
They had passionately kissed before, they had hungrily made out whilst groping each other. When she had gotten comfortable enough, she asked to see his cock that she had raised and made throb. With her permission, he guided her soft hand to it. Experimentally, she pumped it once…twice…It was her first time and she wanted to do it properly for him, so he instructed her through the beginnings…“Lick your thumb and rub it on the tip…FUCK!…Good girl…Tighter!…That’s it…” He hadn’t expected her to finish him and definitely didn’t expect it when she didn’t pull her hand away in disgust as he spilled onto his jeans.
This sort of kissing, the kind they did right there in her emptied house she was soon to be free of, a different kind of electricity sparked when their tongues danced and she pulled herself closer to him by reaching under his shirt to his warm back and fisting the collar of his paint splattered t-shirt.
Toying with the waistband of her skirt for a moment, he proceeded to squeeze her ass with his permanently calloused hands.
They both moaned into each other’s mouths before Nesta broke away. Wiping her mouth and fixing her shirt so that it wasn’t so obvious as to how erect her nipples were, she said, “So are you going to help me move these boxes, or are those tree trunk thick arms of yours just for show?”
Cassian wanted so badly to pick up the bait, but he didn’t. “Sweetheart, I could load all these boxes up within five minutes and still have the strength and stamina to carry you to the truck. Then unload everything without breaking a sweat.“
Though he did accomplish the tasks within the time limits he set for himself, he did break a sweat. Not that Nesta minded.
After unloading the last of the boxes, Nesta led him to the mattress that she had yet to find a frame or box spring for, and slowly removed all her clothing. Then she removed his, kissing each of his tattoos as they became uncovered. Taking his hands in her own with complete trust in her eyes, she laid them down on the bed together.
That night, they christened her new home. It was her first time and she loved that it was with him. He felt honored to be the one she chose. As cliche as it was, they exchanged “I love you’s” before, during, and after.

Nesta had trusted him that night. And again she put her trust in him tonight. One of the many things he loved about her.

Their relationship was constantly evolving and he wanted it to evolve again, so he took a chance. “Move in with me, Nes.”

Not a second later, she responded. “Yes.”



“Take me to bed soon?”


“Love me?”

Again, she kissed his shoulder blade- his “wings”- and assured him, “In this world and the next, sweetheart. And all the ones before.”

pssst, emma canonically sailed on the jolly roger before she was even born.

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At what point in ATLA do you think Zuko started having feelings for Katara? I sort of feel like he was always subconsciously attracted to her but didn't actually start liking her until sometime in the third season. What are your thoughts?

I think sometime before the Southern Raiders he had feelings for her. You can see it subtly slipped in there by the other writers. The way he waited out all night so she forgave him shows a deeper concern than wanting the trust of any ally. I think he felt a spark in the catacombs, but had feelings a little before TSR. I think his actions displayed actual love by the finale, though. I don’t know if Katara loved him back, but the finale screamed love to me when he screamed her name hurling into the air on the brink of death on her behalf. The creators can call it whatever they want, if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck. A rose by any other name, smells just as sweet, etc. Y’know.

  • <p> <b>Character 1:</b> *spontaneously touches head of character two with the finger*<p/><b>Author:</b> :) yay! Nice shot of a simple tou-<p/><b>Fandom:</b> basically the position of the hand was in old times a way to show marriage proposal even though in Ireland the touch on the head meant love when it was touched by a special someone it meant that the two were meant to be together look at the small blush it means its really love by the way i think you didn't noticed that she/he's worried for her that's why he/she leaves the group to after a while check if he/she's doing OK don't you see also forgot to say that touching in that special spot in the front meant woman and the way his fingers are organized meant sex even the author admited it iTS CANNON AND YOU CANT TELL ME ITS NOT MODAFUKER <p/></p>

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Can i have a scenario of Katsuki, Todoroki, and Izuku seeing their long term s/o depressed and crying since one of their close very close family member died and they were the ones to first accept and allow their relationship? Im going through something like that not to get so personal but my Grandmother passed away and I told her that I would date Katsuki even though he's a rude boi and she didn't mind saying all boys at like that at first...

Sure thing love! And it’s okay, your personal problems and your thoughts are welcome. I hope you get a lot of warm hugs and I’m sending you one as well. It’s okay, it’s always hard to lose a loved one, take your time lovely and if you want to talk, you’re welcome to message me.


He’s at their side in a rush, drawing them into a tight hug as soon as his partner moves towards him and he wraps his arms around them.

“I’ve fucking got you.” He says, his voice quiet and a bit rough, as they rest their head against his collarbone and Bakugou pulls them into his lap, making sure they’re both sitting comfortably.

When his partner tells him what happened between hitching breaths, he kisses their temple and holds them even closer.

“I’m here for you.” He says and moves to take one of their hands into his, holding on. “I won’t fucking leave you alone. It’s okay. I’ve got you and I’m not going anywhere.”

No matter how long it’s going to take, no matter what comes towards them in the next while or what his partner needs, Bakugou is determined to be there for them and to help them through it.


His hands are gentle and careful, as he brushes tears from his partner’s cheeks and then pulls them against him, his arms hugging them tight, as they tell him what happened.

Todoroki is quiet for a while, hugging them close as they cry. He rubs a hand along their back and when they rest against him, he pulls them close.

“I’m here for you.” He murmurs when their crying quiets down. “I love you and it’s entirely okay to cry. Take your time.” He softly brushes his hand along their shoulders. “And take as much time as you need to grieve, I’ll be with you.”

He presses a light kiss against their forehead before he leans his cheek against their temple. “I’m not going to leave you alone.”

Todoroki keeps rubbing small circles along their shoulders and holds them close as they both fall silent. He’s going to stay with them for as long as they want him to.


He feels his own eyes tearing up a little bit when he pulls his partner close to let them cry against his shoulder. They told him what happened and Midoriya hugs them close.

“It’s okay, I’m here and I’m not going away unless you want me to.” He whispers, brushing a hand along their scalp and rubbing gentle circles over their upper back. “It’s okay, I got you.”

They stay like that for a while, his partner crying before they slowly fall silent and Midoriya rubs carefully over their back with one hand, his other arm hugging them close.

He kisses the crown of their head. “Take your time. I’m with you and I won’t leave you alone.” Reaching up, he gently touches the side of their face. “I’m here for you.”

Midoriya knows that loss is a heavy thing and his partner has all the time in the world to grieve. He’ll be by their side and he’s going to do his best to help them through it.

spider-man homecoming > wonder woman

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okay but a production of Hamlet where Gertrude planned to commit suicide to follow her husband immediately after his death, but learned of Claudius' plans to usurp the throne before Hamlet could make it back from Germany. Though unaware that Claudius had murdered the King, she still didn't trust him to keep Hamlet safe, so she married him in order to hopefully influence him and keep her son safe. It makes Hamlet's actions against her all the more tragic I think

Honestly, I am constantly so torn between secretly mastermind good and secretly mastermind evil Gertrude and I love this interpretation.

It adds an interesting dynamic to Claudius’ niceness towards Hamlet at the beginning of the play. Not only does he want him around to keep an eye on him (or so Hamlet can “accidently” meet a tragic fate), but also to please the ever sweet Gertrude. What if Polonius was in on Gertrude’s plan? Ohhhh….

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I’m torn! I liked the episode but I also feel really anxious about it. Why Oliver doesn't trust her anymore? He admitted that he and Diggle had let her fall deeper and that maybe she didn't feel like she belonged this season and yet he doesn't back her play. Help me understand this please because I don't want to think like this about him. I wanted to enjoy episode 20 but this is upsetting.

Don’t come to tumblr/twitter much because of my job but I love Arrow, though I’ve only been watching it for a year. There are some I’ve been following that were really vocal about 5.19: they’ve basically been saying Oliver isn’t good enough for Felicity now and are angry at him for not trusting/backing her like she has him. Is it them who don’t understand or me? I thought it showed Oliver afraid. No mistrusting. And Felicity asking for equality. I saw a reply you gave once but I don’t know anyone who does them like that.

I wasn’t going to answer these initially because I feel they’ve been answered so fully by the names just below this but… I HAVE AN ABUNDANCE OF OLICITY FEELS THAT CANNOT BE DENIED.

I needed to vent them! Overuse of gifs ahoy!

OK, first? Q2 Anon: I can give you the names of a few people who answer questions FAR better than I ever could if you’d like?

There’s @jbuffyangel (who did her usual amazing review of the episode which should answer all of your questions/worries) @callistawolf and @louiseblue1

There are others that I’m sure you’ll find if you explore a bit ;)

There isn’t really much I can say past what hasn’t already been said by the 3 above.

But I need to clarify (even though you can’t answer) something Anon 1. You liked the episode?

JUST liked?

Well I just about had a mini coronary. Honey, I don’t think you were seeing it properly. Episode 19 was like a piece fanfiction come to life. It was an episode to grin hard about and watch whilst gripping the edge of your seat. Something to feel deep in your chest the next day.

Everything in it – EVERY SINGLE SCENE – was a moment I’ve been waiting on pins to see.

And I mean, purely from the point of view of a fan: how could you not adore the return of the looks and the talking:

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True, I DO think they made us wait a tad too long (kill me now – @scu11y22 knows especially, after episode 9 how close I came to having a full on shit-fit – but just a shit-fit, not a loss of hope) for this but I also believe that they wanted the whole Prometheus Vs Oliver = Oliver’s lowest moment score to occur prior to any progression that could be made between Oliver and Felicity…

It’s because they want them - their steps back to each other - to be part and parcel with Prometheus’s defeat.

And Prometheus is representative of Oliver’s demons. Of his darkness and his pain. 

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Something he can no longer run from like he has been doing for years. What he needs to face and defeat, to strive beyond.

It’s all so that the penultimate moment, episode 20, can mean so much more and have triple the affect it would have had without this.

Oliver can’t defeat Prometheus with his current mind-set. He can’t even stand against him: Prometheus has broken a vital piece of Oliver’s soul: his hope.

Think about it: Olicity closing the gap between them - healing that breach - each and reuniting possibly leading to the defeat of Prometheus. And what’s necessary for the defeat of Prometheus? For Oliver to step forwards into a light of his own making. A mission of his own choosing.

How much more epic can you get?

But you (Anon 1) (Anon 2, you’re fine girl/boy;)) were referring more to the deceptive lack of trust in this episode, correct?

That supposed absence of trust, the very thing that put a pause on this whole relationship? It’s an Oliver Queen smokescreen. Possibly subconscious on his part, at least initially. A not-so-flimsy cover up for Oliver’s real problem. A problem they’re going to bring about, in GREAT and uncompromising detail, in episode 20.

But let’s get into specifics.

It’s what we’ve been waiting for. And all of it, everything, was good. Everything coming will be better.

I think a problem a lot of people might also be having at the moment is the sudden rise of emotional intensity in the show.

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Yes, I know: random. But.

Arrow has always been intense but it increases with each season: the actors are pushed into doing scenes and playing roles they’ve never done before, into bending rules and breaking past boundaries. Season 5 has been exemplary in this. But there’s been an upswing from episode 16, especially in regards to OTA and Olicity, that wasn’t as present earlier on. It’s been very welcome, but also, a bit of a shock.

They’ve had to wait you see: there’s been too much story to tell first. We got a lot of Olicity before anything else in season 4 so they needed to be true to their other stories first but you all know the other reasons as well. Lord know’s I’ve gone on about them too.

So now, everything feels powerful. Penetrating. Worrying? The script was so forceful in Dangerous Liasons, so intense: every scene featuring Oliver and Felicity was a scene that left a mark on the audience. People are feeling the heat - the kind of heat exhibited in 3.20 - and it’s such a burn that it people might consider it an omen.

Don’t feel anxious about it: not at all. It’s about facing the truth. About Oliver and Felicity facing each other. About facing themselves…

And they found themselves in each other once upon a time.

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That still holds true. There was no way in hell that they were going to get to the root of each of their issues without them coming back to each other.


There’s no one he trusts, respects and admires more than Felicity Smoak.

But being honest with her - telling her about his 5.17 revelation (something he had to understand himself first) about his reasoning behind why he’s done what he’s done over the years - is something he thinks will make her fall out of love with him.

But it also might save her from becoming him.

This has absolutely nothing to do with trust.

For the first time, Felicity is the one he and Dig have to worry about… and like big tough Alpha males, it throws them completely out of whack.

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It’s not about a lack of trust or a deliberate choice not to be there for her when she has been there for him every single time he needed someone.

He can’t possibly be ok with her behaving like him because she’s more. She’s better. She’s the example he measures all other acts of goodness and evil against. No other woman (or man) has come close.

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And that’s just some of the examples and only the women.

But there’s been a lack of understanding between these two for the past year (A year… Christ, it’s been more than a year) and they need to hack it out but they wouldn’t be able to without a stimulus.

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Boom baby!

Now, Felicity TELLING Oliver that he doesn’t trust her was soooooo deeply satisfying, not because I agree with her. I don’t. She’s wrong. But I only know that because I’m the observer.

I loved it because she was finally being honest about how he’s made her feel. And how he’s made her feel isn’t just like she isn’t trusted:

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It’s lonely. Alone.

Originally posted by felicitysmoakq

She’s felt like she can’t go to him and ask for the assistance she needed, the help she wanted. The kind of love she deserves. Honestly, I’m pretty sure she didn’t want his help either. Not at this stage. She wanted to rely on herself. To decide for herself. To make the choices he and Dig have always made for her. To be their equal.

What she wanted was for him to say:

“I don’t like it. I don’t want you to do it. You’re asking me to stand back and watch you sell yourself because of a problem I caused. I don’t want it. It’ll hurt too much… but I’m going to. I’m going to because I trust you. You already know I love you. And now I’m going to prove what that actually means to me. I’m going to place all my trust in you because I believe. In. You.


Wonderful, right?

But this is from the point of view of a woman who doesn’t fully understand Oliver Queen, through no fault of her own. She’s the closest any woman has ever come to truly knowing him: she DOES know him the best of everyone, even Thea…

And that is something he - subconsciously - can’t allow. He can’t have Felicity - the person he loves the most - close to his darkest demon. Can’t have her touched.

If she’d been ready at the time of their break up, maybe she would have seen something else and NOT a man who simply doesn’t trust her the way she craves to be trusted, the way she’d trusted him and still does trust him. Even after everything.

But she couldn’t help missing that because Oliver is emotionally stunted and very unaware of how his father’s promise and his survivor’s guilt have deepened that chasm inside him.

Oliver is also a man of his word.

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“We can protect her.”

He made a promise to himself and Dig and he was vehement in that promise.

It was a declaration of intent: I want her in this but not at the cost of what makes her… her.

Do you think that ever goes away for someone like Oliver? And do you think he ever forgets about that promise? No. It just grows stronger. It was crucial to him; especially right at the beginning of it all.

And for Felicity Smoak it is an absolute - a requisite - STRONGER than his need to protect Thea.

He grew to accept at the end of season 3 - after choosing for her for most of the season - that Thea’s life was her own, that her actions were her own, her body was her own to throw it onto fire if she wanted to.

He’d hate it… but he’d get it.

He can’t do that with Felicity because she’s his cornerstone.

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Even after they broke up, even months later with this distance between them, she’s still the person who balances his world, who gives him structure.

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When she first joined the team, she enabled his night work in a way he didn’t think possible and she was as safe as he could make her. Behind her computers. In HIS Foundry. Perfect.

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She was where he could keep an eye on her and control how deep into the life she was. In fact she only ever touched close to danger when she was in the field, which was few and far between for this exact reason.

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Even when she opted – even when it was her choice – Oliver (and by extension Dig) only agreed when they could control the danger level.

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But even then, things can still go wrong.

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The problem is that Felicity has always been just as ‘in deep’ as the boys.

But she’s their precious gem: their lucky charm. Their lighthouse, their way home. The heart of the team.

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What happens when a lighthouse goes dark?

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The way home – your eyes – vanishes.

You loose sight of reality.

It was taken for granted, Felicity’s natural light. Her faith. He thought if he left it alone, it was stay exactly as it was…

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The light on Oliver’s path – as pitiful and as small, as narrow and filled with thorns and without forks and choices as that way has become – was, in his head, taken fully away in episode 19. He was left asunder and confused.

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Adrift. Lost at sea…. he’s already lost at sea.

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He was lost at sea for years until he chose to stay away from Starling (I prefer the name Starling City to Star City btw).

After his return, she became his anchor. Slowly.

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Moment by moment.

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Until she became irreplaceable.

And he didn’t realise just how deep that went… until he broke her heart. Until she left him. Alone.

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They’re as alone as each other. Even when they’re with others. Even in a crowd. Even as they reached out to others, romantically or otherwise and it didn’t heal them.

Case in point: look at where they are right now. He thinks he’s a sociopathic serial killer and she’s willing to destroy her life to bring down the man who made him feel that way.

She is doing for Oliver what Oliver did for Thea in season 3.

All she’s asking is for him to let her.

But he can’t.

He promised Dig he’d protect her. Just her. 

Not Laurel or Thea or Sara or anyone else, not even Dig… Felicity was the one whom he’d never have twisted. The one neither of them could or would sacrifice. IRREPLACEABLE.

Most importantly, he can’t have her become him. He’s been protecting her from that since day 1: he can’t fathom its possibility.

Oliver has paid a lot of prices, sacrificed so much of himself. And he’s lost things and people.

Her soul is the one price too high to pay.

Yet Oliver feels like everything he has touched, every person who’s into contact with him, has suffered because of him.

And now? …He feels what’s she doing with helix, how she’s behaving is because of him. A darkness that never comes out created by him. To Oliver, he has created this path of a deepening darkness for the woman he loves. Now he has to put up with what she’s been putting up with for years. And he doesn’t like it.

Drink it is:

Like a husband who’s argued with his wife, had his words royally and correctly thrown back at him and in the dog house. Big time!

What Oliver doesn’t realise is that light can alter over time. It can grow warmer or more distinct. Stronger. Can shift and shine a new way. A better way. A softer way. Some lights can draw weaker ones out and strengthen them.

Has anyone noticed the increased use of both purple and green this year on Arrow? Oliver’s and Felicity’s colours. 

Not a coincidence.

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When he sees her for who she really is, when he finds out how her view of him – in walking in his shoes – has changed, has grown, when he discovers that his confession doesn’t have the affect on her he thought it would, when she actually gives him a new and brighter understanding of herself… he’ll see her light for what it is. For the beauty in it. And he’ll love her all the more for it.

I think he’s going to tell her – when their air is ruining out, whilst he’s hurt and she’s defenceless – his painful truth and he’ll be waiting for the worse case scenario reaction from her.

And… I feel like he’s going to be given the shock of his life. Or something to that affect. (Am I just desperate?)

Whatever happens, it’ll make him view her as an equal in every sense of the term – he thought he already did, but there was still that last layer of bubble wrap for him/her to pop.

And in walking in her shoes – in trying to move on, in watching her make the hard choices and being powerless to stop her, in being on the other side of the fence and being the one who doesn’t get listened to – his understanding and already super high regard for her will shoot past the stratosphere.

Like Wendy said:

“She’s been through something now, and she sees him in a different light — and he also sees her in a different light. There’s a lot more mutual understanding, and even though I think it’s hard to top the mutual respect they already have for each other, that goes up as well.”

Won’t be surprised if they leave the bunker shooting each other awed, heart-eyed looks and thinking ‘wow’.

Remember the song?

I am so sorry that I bothered you
Now I know why you have to hide
I didn’t know what you were going through
All I could see was my own sign

I will just fade away
I will let you be here
I won’t say a word until you come to me
Until you come to me
Until you come to me

They just tell me what you’re in there for
How could I know you did not say?
But now I know what I am living for
Tomorrow will be just another day

I will close my eyes
And I hear a quiet peep
I will wait in the shadows until you come to me
Until you come to me
Until you come to me, oh

Ah, sweet youth will all too quickly end
And we will never be this free
So all I ask is that we look again
Before we grow too old to see

I will fall alone
My elm was sweet and envy
Still I will be crying until you come to me
Until you come to me
Until you come to me, ah

Understanding. Readiness. Love. Trust. Heart.

I’ll be waiting for you. Until you come to me.

It’s a mutual thing (though I do think this refers to Felicity more than Oliver).

And then it’ll be almost as easy as falling, his new ideal. I think she’ll give him a new point of view. Or, at the very least, a way to see it differently.

Very soon they’ll be ready for each other. The right fit.

A hero for a hero.

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She has to open the door but he needs to make her want to first. Strip each other down to the core.

And, come 5.22 (?) he needs step on through it all on his own.

They’re going to fall in sync.

And by 5.23 we’re finally going to breathe that breath of sweet relief.

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Zen and Jumin's baby momma in the hospital and after they give birth, how are the boys with their babies and baby mommas. Can it be a daughter too please? I love imagining them with little baby girls <3


•Zen is crying in the birthing room, most definitely. He wants to hold the baby as soon as possible, even though he knows his baby momma should hold their daughter first

•His face hurts from smiling so much, and he’s wiping his eyes so much trying to regain composure but it’s so difficult when he’s staring down at his little girl’s face. He can’t believe it!!! His little girl!! She’s finally here and he’s so happy to finally see her

•He’s also so incredibly proud of his baby momma. He grabs her face and kisses her head and cheeks, tells her, “You did it, ______. You did it!”

•Someone is going to have to tell Zen to calm down though. All he wants to do is pick up his baby and squeeze her, she’s just so damn cute. He just settles for nose snuggles and gentle forehead kisses for now though. He ends being incredibly gentle with his baby girl, almost too gentle. Once he realizes how fragile his baby is, he’s incredibly cautious. He’ll probably end up going through one of those “Please use hand sanitizer before you pick up my child and before you even step into her nursery, thank you” 

•Zen doesn’t sleep at all the night his baby is born though. Whether they go home or stay at he hospital, he literally just stands over the baby as she sleeps and watches her. He seriously can’t take his eyes off of her. He’s in love from the first moment he sees her

•He gets scolded a lot by his s/o because he always wants to wake the baby during nap time to hold her. He has withdrawals if she’s not in his arms at least every hour. So nap time and bed time are the worst because he JUST WANTS TO HOLD HER he can’t help it

•Zen still needs to work, even in the first few weeks they bring the baby home. If he’s frustrated with learning new lines, he just takes a break and goes to hold his baby girl or watch her sleep. He finds it very relaxing and it never fails to calm him down


•Jumin made sure that everything was in place for this birthing. Made sure his baby momma had the best doctors and nurses, the best hospital room, the most comfortable bed, etc. Everything was perfect. He was there, right at her side, trying to soothe her through the pain. Jumin is very encouraging and comforting, not too over the top and not too insensitive. Best baby daddy you could ask for to be at your side tbh

•When his baby girl is born, Jumin is content letting his s/o hold her first. No matter how badly he wants to hold his baby, he wants his baby mamma to have her first. She deserves it, after all

•At first, Jumin is highly concerned about making certain his baby and his baby momma are healthy before anything else. Before he can indulge in spending time with his new baby, he needs to talk to the doctors and make arrangements for his family to come home. He wants his baby momma to be catered to 24/7 back at home, and wants to make sure the nursery is all set up, all of that jazz

•When everything is settled and he does get to hold her for the first time, he’s just silent. Silent and smiling down at her for the longest time. Just sits down and makes a point to memorize all her little features

•He likes to kiss his baby’s hands. They’re just so small and cute he can’t help it. Kisses the back of her hand like the little princess she is too

•Sometimes people tell you to leave your baby alone if they’re crying, just to let them calm down on their own, but Jumin can’t. The second his little girl cries, he hurries to pick her up. Even in the middle of the night when she cries, it’s like a privilege for him to be the one to go calm her down. Because that’s his little princess!! His baby girl!!! The future flashes before his eyes as he thinks about how much he’s going to spoil her. Little princess Han will have nothing but the best

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: we've gotten an entire season with multiple scenes showing Clarke grieving for L.exa, a girl she knew for like 2 months who repeatedly tried to kill her and her people, kidnapped her, and who she generally just had a really unhealthy relationship with, but we've only gotten like 10 seconds of Clarke grieving for Wells Jaha, her best friend since childhood, who let her hate him for something he didn't do just so she wouldn't hate her own mother even though he loved her so much he literally got himself arrested to make sure he could come down to earth to protect her, whose attempt at keeping her safe was ultimately what got him killed and still she spends like 0.5 seconds acknowledging what he did or his death and clarke why are you lending your loyalties to people who only care about you when it's convenient when you have a shit ton of people who care about you and what are you doing girl wells would be so ashamed of who you've become he deserved better

After Sana told Yousef yesterday that she hasn’t been very good this Ramadan he tells her: “There’s still a week left of Ramadan, though. You can spend this week making up for it.”

If this last week shows us the girls (+ maybe other characters) individually, they might all get a text from Sana telling them what she loves about them like Vilde did.
This way we’d have Sana ‘making up’ for not being good the past weeks while we get to know the other characters a little better.

I can’t stop thinking about my lesbian Tabris talking to Cyrion and being like “but I don’t wanna get married” and oblivious elf dad being like “Ha ha, I was like that too before I met your mother.” And then she shows up at the Alienage again with Leliana and Cyrion sees them interact for like .5 seconds and is just like “Oh.”

  • what she says : i'm fine
  • what she means : kara and lena actually hugged it has probably been 84 years since lena has been hugged by someone who cares about her and kara believes in her even with all the evidence against her and lena and kara would be so perfect for each other they would balance each other out so perfectly but the writers keep forcing k*ramel and they even made alex push kara to try and have a relationship with him even though he's manipulating and guilt-tripping her because she has said multiple times that she isnt into him and she was going to date him just to prevent his Man Pain™ and it sets such a bad example to all the young girls (everyone but especially the young girls) of what is to be considered a healthy relationship and people will still defend his crusty ass even though he started dating someone a few days after confessing his undying love for kara but he didn't even bother to check up on her after the white martians attacked the deo he just asked her in passing like "hey i heard you almost died how about that?" and it looks like the writers are setting them up to be slow-burn and that makes me want to fling myself into the sun why cant the supergirl writers just treat supergirl right and like the strong independent woman she is and not like the woman who has to do everything to make the White Male™ better i deserve better we all deserve better kara zor-el deserves better

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What If Jieun didn't lie/insult Bum and only said that she was hurt because she didn't get much attention and confessed her love for him (again?). Would Sangwoo treat her differently, even though he gave much effort for his plan? He kind of find her annoying, ignored her texts, and she is not as submissive as Bum, so I'm not sure If it would change his mind. I think he also knows that she wouldn't be in love with his real self. Your perspectives are really helpful, thank you for taking your time

Thank you for reading my KS rambles! They are not too long and elaborate these days but I still hope they would help people to understand my view of the story!

Regarding your question, I think if Sangwoo wasn’t sure about what kind of person Jieun is, he would never carry out the plan in the first place. He first approached her because he was aware of her situation & status: the hot girl on campus who is socially known and loved by everyone. For all we know, he started talking to her because he wants to confirm his take on her personality. And he was right, to Sangwoo, Jieun was a spoiled, shallow girl who was praised so much by others that she actually thought she was better than everyone else and gave herself the right to openly look down on people like Bum. You see, it’s not about her insulting Bum, it’s about her thinking that she could just go and insult others because she deemed them ‘lesser’. Sangwoo knows that and thus, her talking shit about Bum wasn’t a surprise to him. Rather, it was just an extra annoyance and a bonus to his ‘plan’ (to kick start Bum’s murder intent). Hence these lines he told her:

Notice how he says ‘‘disgusting to the end’’. Sangwoo already found Jieun’s personality to be ‘disgusting’ from the start, now she just proved it once again, nothing special. He fully trusted her to insult Bum.

We also have to talk about Sangwoo’s huge ego. Notice how his interaction with other people usually highlights his disdain for them, like how he called the hotel receptionist ‘perverted granny’, or told the husband from the old apple couple: ‘you don’t need to impress your wife, old man.’ Sangwoo is very good at seeing the bad in people and focusing on them as a defining trait of that person. Does he see Jieun as ‘a poor young girl who was too in love and spoiled by receiving too much attention for her own good?’. No, to him she’s just ‘annoying vain bitch who wouldn’t hesitate to put down someone else for her ego’. Like how we see Bum as ‘poor boy who was abused and look down on so much his whole life that he really needs love and help now’. But to Sangwoo, he’s ‘weak homo who is an isolated freak and also too submissive to even fight back his abuser’. In a way, Sangwoo is not too different from Jieun. He thinks he is superior to people and allows himself to judge their worth, and to ‘choose’ his next victims just because in his mind, they failed to be a decent human being.

So with that ego, even if Jieun were to never insult Bum, Sangwoo’s impression of her personality already cemented and he would have treated her the same.

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Imagine this scenario: Akashi falls in love with a nun and she returns his feelings. What would happen then?

He had found himself at church more often, sitting in and listening to the prayers and hymns. Akashi was by no means a very religious person, but being in the chapel on a near daily basis had begun to give him some sort of comfort. It was as if he could begin to understand why so many people sought solace in a calming place like this. Though if he had to guess, he’d venture that none of their reasons were as selfish as his.

“You’re back again today.”

Turning in the pew, Akashi came face to face with the object of his fixation. She was a beautiful woman with a kind smile, one of the youngest in her line of work. Her calming voice was one of the few things in the world that could soothe him into a sense of ease.

And she was devoted to her religion.

Akashi knew that being in love with a nun was a fruitless effort; she’d sworn off all relationships except one from the moment she joined the church. Despite this knowledge though, that didn’t stop him from coming by as frequently as possible in attempts to get to know her.

“Yes, I felt like I needed some peace today,” he answered her, sliding over and offering some space for her to sit.

“I’m glad this place can offer you that,” she said, smiling as she took the offer.

Akashi’s response was almost immediate. “It’s more like a person who is offering me that.”

Though she wasn’t looking directly at them, her eyes focused on the few pews ahead of them, Akashi could see the faint whispers of a blush on her cheeks. She knew what he was talking about and she wouldn’t be the one to deny it.

“I was thinking about talking with Father, our priest,” she said, clarifying, and Akashi wondered what had brought this on all of a sudden. As she turned to him, eyes sparkling, he had somewhat of a clue. “I was thinking, though this place will always be my first love, it may be time for me to move on from the church.”

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Sansa has been happy to see every member of her family and is working to make sure the northerners survive the winter, dumbasses: omg my god Sansa is so irrelevant, what has she done? She's totally gonna betray Jon even though she's shown multiple times she's had it with Littlefinger and only didn't want Jon to leave because she thought he may get killed and was better off in the north.

I know!!! All she wants is her family to be safe!!! She wants her people to survive the harsh winter!! She wants to provide for them !! She has been through so much but there is still so much love and kindness in her !!! I love her so much!!


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Remember in season 2, Eva was feeling a little jealous about Jonas being with another girl. But we never saw how he actually felt about Eva. This clip we saw like okay he is hooking up with Emma but he still admires Eva so much. He probably always felt like that too, even in season 2, when she didn't think he would anymore. I love how he respects her and just loves her always, even though they aren't together anymore.