Hi I am an Introvert! by Shazzbaa

I think this is my favorite comic explaining introversion. I never really thought about it before, but recently I realized what it means to be an introvert and that I definitely fit into that category.

(I like this better than the Bubble comic beacuse I don’t see extroverts as some sort of greedy energy-sucking vampires and I don’t think that people with introverted personalities should be treated differently. Just respect people when they say “hey I’m not up for hanging out tonight.” It’s really that simple.)

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Ahhhh congratulations!! :D Osiem I know we're all super psyched because we love the work you've done and are excited at the prospect of owning real genes by you, but honestly I hope this job becomes a fun and enjoyable thing for you, too, and not just us!! ;u;

late reply is really late, because I wanted to come up with something more than just thank you, but I failed. I never know how to reply to people being nice and you all are really so nice, too nice :’D

thank you <3

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Okay, admittedly I only saw the one Art Improvement Hell one, and I missed the other one somehow!! But I'm curious -- are the Art Improvement Memes meant to be based on things that have helped you to improve, or are they more a collection of things that many people find difficult so that they'll attempt things they might normally avoid?

The original Art Improvement meme is kind of like a sampler of everything, from anatomy, character design, perspective, background, stylization, observation etc. Most people I assume don’t really know what they need to improve on until they’re tasked to draw it, and don’t have the self-discipline to practice the stuff they hate. Its goal was mainly to get people, who want to improve but don’t know how, to recognize what they’re good at, what they’re not, (hopefully) discover some things they didn’t know they liked/were good at, and most of all just get in the habit of drawing every single day.

But ultimately it’s just like any other art project, where if you want to improve you’ve got to put the effort into each and every piece. I just tried to design it so I’m putting people outside their comfort zone and hopefully tricking encouraging them to think+observe+practice ;P


Comic Con was this weekend! For my first post, here’s all the sketches I got in my sketchbook at the con this year:

Next post will be all the books I got. It will have MANY more pictures.

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hey i'm sorry to bother you with this but i think that pic of cecil being a puppet controlled by strex is actually shazzbaa's, and it looks like they didn't give them credit.

Oh, thank you so much for notifying me, dear anon!
I really do try to avoid reblogging re-posts, etc. But things easily slip.
I’ve deleted the repost and added the original to my queue~


I really spoiled myself for commissions this year. ^^;;;;

1. cryptovolan’s rendition of my fire mage, Jasper, being super sassy. Her watercolors are to die for!!

2. A whole bunch of beautiful things from auroreblackcat! Her annual sketchbook Norigae, reprinted Pixie sketchbook, a lovely print on watercolor paper, and a matted watercolor commission of Gwen!!! *_________*;; I am so happy with it, I can’t even describe. Gwen’s character design is actually based on all the aspects I love most about Aurore’s work combined into one character, so to have this portrait is a dream come true!

3. Inked commission from Shazzbaa of my paladin and her necromancer. I gave her the vaguest instructions ever, but we’ve been playing these two for so long that I knew she would read my mind and just draw them amazingly, which she did. *____*