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The Pretty Little Liars cast on set

PLL and Mental Illnesses

You know what I appreciated from the finale? Mona’s comment to Spencer about throwing around the word ‘crazy’. For ONCE, after many jabs at Mona’s mental illness and the “nut farm”, we get a mental illness sensitive response. After Caleb saying there are many Mona’s running around in her head, after Hanna jokingly ordering a ‘bipolar martini’ for Spencer, we FINALLY get something sensitive, appropriate and fucking respectable to the fans who suffer or know those who suffer from mental illnesses. “From one Radley patient to another, I don’t think you should be throwing around that word”.

I hope the second child is one of the liars. I mean we were all slightly disappointed at CeCe being “A” as it was so predictable. I want AD to be shocking. I want it to be either Spencer or Aria but idk man I want a shocking ending, we deserve it.