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Look Down

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Assassin’s Creed AU where everything’s the same except the characters are named after their voice actors

Featuring memorable characters like the Syrian Master Assassin Philip

And the Italian Mentore Roger and his best friend, the famous Renaissance painter Carlos

Among many other interesting characters such as

and, lastly,

(Images from Assassin’s Creed wikia)

Alison Dilaurentis-Fields

I LOVE the fact that Alison the bully of all bullies who tormented Mona disgustingly, did not even revert back to bitchy Ali when she found out her ex nemesis killed her sister, sorry her cousin.. I love the fact Alison was the first one to apologize to Aria, I love the fact that even though you could see worry in her eyes, she didn’t resist when she saw how hard Emily was trying to keep her happy, calm and safe. I love the fact at times she was the calming voice of reason, I love the fact she didn’t become bitter and hateful again after hearing Mary confess to killing Jessica..

That is called character development, but the haters would call it “she’s putting on an act”.


★ countdown to 7b ★
          ≈ “tick tock, bitches” (7x01)


★ countdown to 7b ★
       ≈ “wanted: dead or alive” (7x06)

Me trying to explain Pretty Little Liars to someone

anonymous asked:

How do you think the assassins/templars would react if they find their SO sleeping in their coats?


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I hope you don’t mind, dear anon, but I didn’t stay strictly to your prompt. Satisfaction is key, and if I failed to write something how you wanted it, please let me know!

Thanks to a dear page supporter, I’ll now be adding Mary Read/James Kidd to the list of assassins. Let me know what you think!

Altair: He’d been searching everywhere- he could not find his coat, which was necessary for his day. Unaware of where else to look, he decides to go to your quarters, hoping you’d know where the coat was. Without knocking, he barged into your home, but halted abruptly where he stood. There you were, peacefully sleeping, however not in your normal robes, but in his own coat. Still frozen in your doorway, he slowly and silently backs up and leaves. He would just steal one of Malik’s for the day.

Ezio: Your moment of silence had been disrupted by short, loud, and raspy chuckles. Slowly, groggily, and annoyed, you began to wake from your euphoric rest. Unsurprisingly, there was Ezio, lying by your side, laughing like an idiot. Not only were you tired and irritated, but now confused; that is until you figured out why he had been laughing. The night before, you’d been so lonely, knowing Ezio couldn’t be with you. To feel content and whole again, you reached for his coat… one he never wore, and the one he wanted you to keep. Unintentionally, you’d drifted asleep, the cloths contorted around your body. Ridged with realization, you hastily and unsuccessfully attempted to take the coat off; Ezio’s laughter subsided. He grabbed your hand, his eyes crinkled with delight. “You’re just too beautiful, mi amore.”

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Pll 7x19

First of, this episode was so damn.
Second, I love Mary Drake. I think it was brave from her to save the girls’ asses especially for Spencer and Ali.
And third, it was so evident that Mona killed Charlotte, I have and we all have seen it coming. Also I’m not even going to be able to watch the finale as I’m travelling next Tuesday🙄😩

Every theory I come up with keeps circling back towards you.