Shawne Williams

With Kenyon Martin and Louis Amundson looking for more money than the Knicks can offer, we’re probably going to have to look elsewhere for forward depth.

Former Knick Shawne Williams has expressed interest in returning to MSG, and I think he’d be a nice fit. He may have betrayed us last year, but I’d be willing to forgive him if he brought back the same toughness and outside shooting he had the first time round.

The Heat have signed Shawne Williams.

The worst thing I can say about Shawne is that he has played for the Lakers, Pacers, and Knicks, three of Miami’s most hated adversaries.  Despite being a journeyman, he’s still only 28.  Famously, the Lakers waived him last season right before he was supposed to do a sign-and-greet with fans, then they resigned him weeks later.

Shawne is a versatile player.  He’s legit 6'9" with terrific athleticism, shot blocking ability, rebounding, and 3p range.  He’s the kind of versatile player that Riley loves because he can be used in different ways.  What this signing really means is that Shawne will be the backup PF while UD continues to play the mentor/bench coach role.


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