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I recut Night at the Museum into a horror trailer… and it is terrifying

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Bad Drug | Shawn Mendes Imagine

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Based off of the Norwegian Show “SKAM” of William & Noora’s relationship. I started the show online two days ago and I’ve already watched four seasons of it. It’s actually fucking fantastic. Have you seen it? Let me know! 

Pairing: Shawn x Reader 

Rating: M 

Word Count: 2,000 + 

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author of this story. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any previously copyrighted material. No copyright infringement is intended.

“Y/N he’s looking over here again..” Jenna whispered softly as she pushed a loose strand of hair behind her ear as she tried her best to not make it obvious that she was staring. It was obvious. I let out an exasperated sigh as I glanced up from my Jane Austin book to meet her extremely thirsty eyes. “So?” I questioned with a slight attitude. It was like this every lunch hour or our breaks in between classes..well honestly she was like this any time of the day when we were around Shawn. Jenna would lose all of her integrity and practically melt at his feet. She’s been like this for the past year when he bumped into her at a party and saved her from a glass of wine and a terrible stain. She’s been putty in his disgusting, degrading, slimy, hands.

Jenna let out a very whiney sigh as she grabbed my hands from across the picnic table. “Y/N it’s like the fifth time he’s looked over here. I think he’s looking at me, what do I do? Do I look okay?” Jenna panicked as she squeezed my wrists tightly. I pulled my hands back and stood up grabbing my book. “You do nothing Jenna, he doesn’t deserve someone like you” I smiled softly as she covered her face with both of her hands and let out a frustrated groan. “I’ll see you in French” I giggled as I turned around with my bag slung across my chest to be met with two dark brown eyes and a broad chest that felt like I was running into a wall of bricks.


“Jesus Christ” I huffed as I adjusted my bag on my shoulder and looked at him confused. “Hi!” Jenna popped up next to me excitedly as she looked up at Shawn. I glanced at her and back to Shawn and then back to Jenna who looked like a puppy who just wanted to be thrown a bone. Or boner. I chuckled at my internal thought and shook my head as I noticed Shawn’s eyes were focused on me instead of Jenna. 

“What’s up Shawn?” Jenna stepped forward pushing me slightly to the side making me smile at how ridiculous she was acting. I rolled my eyes as Shawn replied with a simple “Not much” before his attention was back on me. “I have to go to Chemistry” I nodded at Jenna who didn’t even acknowledge my statement making me laugh before I spun on my heels and headed into building C. 

“Chemistry, I’ll walk you” I heard Shawn speak up from behind. “No - No you stay with Jenna i’ll be fine” I nodded with my hand in a shooing motion. “I have Chemistry with you” Shawn spoke as he opened the door in front of me. How did he get in front of me so fast? “No you don’t Shawn” I pushed past him as I walked through the door. “I do you just never notice, you’re face is always stuck in some book. What is it today, another classic Jane Austin?” He smirked down at me as he kept up with my fast pace. 

“What do you know about the classics” I scoffed as I turned around the corner to walk up the stairs to the second floor. “I think you’d be surprised with all my knowledge on the classics” He said as he glanced down at me stopping right before my classroom door blocking the entrance. “Move” I sighed as I put my hand on my hip, as I started to tap my foot on the floor impatiently. 

“Fucking hell” Shawn groaned as he leaned against the door as his gaze never left mine. “You’re so beautiful” This guy has the nerve to just say shit like this outloud? Who does he think he is? He does look really hot in that hoodie and leather jacket though. What did I just say? What the? I broke out of my thoughts as I heard a deep chuckle from the back of Shawn’s throat. “Cat got your tongue beautiful?” He smirked as he glanced up and down my body like the disgusting pig he is.

I rolled my eyes and put my hand on his arm and pushed him slightly away from the door before I walked inside and over to my seat in the front. I placed my bag against the wall and grabbed my book from my bag and flipped open to the page I had left on. I knew he was staring at me, I could physically feel his eyes burning into my body. I shifted slightly in my chair as I uncrossed my legs and recrossed them. Why is he making me so fucking uncomfortable? I placed my chin on the palm of my hand as I glanced up slightly to see if Shawn was still staring at me. Big mistake. He was leaning against the door frame with his arms crossed against his chest and a smirk glued across his lips. He was dressed in black jeans, black boots, a white plain shirt, a hoodie and a leather jacket over it. His hood was draped over his head pushing a few of his curls into his face making him look absolutely irresistible - which was infuriating.

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That One Night (Shawn Mendes x Reader)

Summary: Y/N and Shawn are both friends of Y/F/N (your friend’s name) and are each in a serious relationship they’re unhappy with. On one night, they are both invited to Y/F/N’s beach party and…

“For I have never seen true beauty till this night.” William Shakespeare


Shawn sighed as his girlfriend of two years was complaining about something again. Today, it was about the public transportation.

“I mean why can’t they just stop in front of my house, it’ll take one minute? Don’t bus drivers have one minute of their lives to spare?”

Her name was Emma. She was the same age as him, she was a model. They had met online through various flirtatious Twitter encounters and soon began to date.

A beautiful appearance did not mean a beautiful inside.

They got along well, they cared for each other. Shawn would be able to tolerate marrying her and spending every day of his life with her.

But that’s not what a relationship was supposed to be right? A relationship was beyond tolerance, and compromise. Hell, if he had to choose a girl to spend the rest of his life with he would choose Aaliyah over Emma. Because Shawn loved Aaliyah and their sibling bond was unfortunately stronger than whatever relationship he and Emma had.

He did not hate Emma, of course no, but he did not love her. However, he stayed with her, because it was comfortable and it was familiar.



“Yes… a break.” Y/N said slowly, stretching out each letter of that last word.

“Why the hell would you want to take a break from us?” Brandon, Y/N’s boyfriend said aggressively.

“Seriously Brandon? You can’t see the reason? Our relationship is far from perfect, hell it’s far from happy!”

“Is this about me cheating on you last spring because I already apologized.”

Y/N bit her tongue, blinking the burning in the back of her eyes away. Cheating was regarded so normal nowadays in relationships, when it should be the opposite. It has become common and easier to forgive, even though it is the biggest act of infidelity. And Brandon did it, not even under the influence.

“Noo. It’s not about spring break last year. I just feel we need some time apart to, rethink how our relationship really is.”

“C’mon babe. I know we have our downs. but we’re okay yeah?” Brandon said, exiting the room.

Y/N sighed. She wished she felt something for him like she had in the beginning of their relationship. But whatever love there used to be, was gone.

Her phone beeped. It was Y/F/N, Her best friend since high school.

Y/F/N: Hey, down to hit the beach tomorrow night?

She typed vigorously: fuck yes.


Shawn’s phone beeped. It was a text from a good friend from work who was into journalism.

Y/F/N: Hey, down to hit the beach tomorrow night?

Shawn: please.

Y/F/N: Do you mind not bringing Emma? Nothing against her, we just a little tired of your bickering lol

Shawn: haha you’re not alone my friend.

Y/F/N: Feel free to invite other guys 😉


The next day, Y/F/N went over to Y/N’s with the whole gang of old high school friends. They spent the day chilling, telling old stories, binge-eating and binge-watching.

Afternoon rolled around and they climbed into Y/F/N’s car to drive down to Y/F/N’s beach house, which was about a half-hour away.

“We gotta pick up some guys by the way girls.”

“Noo problem.” All the single friends sing-songed. Y/N swallowed guiltily at the fact her stomach tingled with excitement at the idea of meeting new guys as well.

They drove down to a house and Y/F/N went out to knock on the door.

Shawn answered the door and he, Niall and Geoff came out the door.

Y/F/N whispered in his ear: “Niall too? Dang thanks Shawn.”

Shawn smiled and walked out the door as well.

Y/N stared at her phone inside Y/F/N’s car, not daring to peer at the guys Y/F/N invited.

The guys climbed into Geoff’s car and tailed behind Y/F/N’s car. Soon they arrived, and the whole gang pulled towels, umbrellas and coolers out of the cars.

The girls found a spot in the warm sand as they waited for the guys to carry the heavier stuff over.

Y/N was happy. She was positively glowing. Thinking to herself, she decided to have fun for the first time in a long time today.

She pulled off her shirt and shorts to reveal a strappy red one-piece. She didn’t care Brandon forbid her to wear it.

Shawn held the umbrella and its stand in one arm and his bag in the other. Spotting the gang, he walked over to them, his feet brushing the warm sand. His eye landed on a girl in a bold deep red swimsuit with flowy (your hair color) name.

His eyes wanted to look at her but at the same time he didn’t let himself to, thinking he was not deserving to witness such a venerable piece of art without asking.

Instead he dodged her and set his towel beside Niall’s.

He played it cool, but he secretly sneaked glances at Y/N every few seconds to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. He watched her splash around in the waves with Geoff and a couple of other girls.

“Hey Y/F/N.” he said, sitting down beside her on her towel.

“Hey Shawn, how’s it going? By the way did you read our interview on Billboard?”

“Course I did, it was wonderful. So um say who’s the girl in red?” he said in what he hoped was an aloof casual tone.

“Oh yeah! My bad I didn’t introduce you to anyone. Well I see Geoff and Niall are already getting to know them. One in red’s Y/N, and the two on her right are Cloe and Veronica.”

Shawn, not having asked for the names of the other two and who was not remotely interested in them to be honest, turned deaf after hearing the name of the girl in red.


Y/N swam in the waves, having a couple laughs with her girls and the guys she just met. Deciding to dry off and sunbathe a little, she left the four others and ran back up to shore.

She nearly tripped in the smooth sand when she saw the guy sitting beside Y/F/N.

She made eye contact with him for a second and immediately looked away. With pink cheeks, she took a seat on her towel, which was on the other side of Y/F/N’s.

Shawn, in alarm, having never felt so infatuated with someone, got up rashly and ran to the water. Best he not say anything to her without thinking about it first if he didn’t want to embarrass himself.

“Holy shit Y/F/N who is that?” Y/N exhaled as Shawn ran out of earshot. It’s not like she was holding her breath or anything, it was more like she forgot to breathe so much she thought about him.

“Haha that’s Shawn, he helped me get the job at Billboard.”

“HE’S the pop star that got you that job?”

“Yeah, I’ve told you a thousand times about him!” Y/F/N exclaimed shaking her head.

Y/N merely shrugged. How could she not pay attention to that! She gazed at him. He looked like a Greek god. There was no other way describing his chiseled jaw, and his beautiful tall body.

“I’m going into the water.” Y/F/N said, taking Y/N out of her reverie.

“Hmm oh yeah kay.”

Y/N watched from a distance. Shawn was an angel. He smiled at Y/F/N, splashed her playfully, and didn’t even mind holding the huge seashell Y/F/N found.

If THAT’S how he treated a friend, imagine how the hell he would treat a girlfriend… No, don’t go there Y/N, those thoughts are trouble. Were these even normal thoughts to have on a complete stranger?!

She was in such a daze that she didn’t notice Shawn running up to her and putting the huge ass seashell on Y/F/N’s towel.

“Hi.” He said.

“Hey.” Y/N turned around, and nearly had cardiac arrest when she saw who it was. “Nice seashell.”

He laughed. “Yeah Y/F/N found it and said she wanted to use it as a decoration or something. It’s Y/N right?”

“Right-o.” Well this is a good time to use that term for the first time. “And you’re?”

“Shawn. Whatcha reading?”

“Hmm oh this is only the best book in the universe. Not counting Harry Potter of course.”


“ME TOO!” Y/N exclaimed, the way a potterhead does when they recognize another one. ( A/N: a potterhead is a huge Harry Potter fan. I, you can guess, am one.)

They both laughed.

“Well um anyways, this is Les Miserables.”

“You speak French?”

“Yeah I grew up in Canada.”

“No way me too! Pickering, Toronto.”

“Me Montreal.” Y/N smiled. Wow they had way more in common the she thought they would. “Anyway yeah, it’s a French classic, it talks about the June rebellion. The main character is an ex-prisoner who changed his view on life from hate to love because he adopts a girl named Cosette- Sorry I must be boring you.”

“Wha- no not at all!” Shawn said. Really, he meant it.

“Sorry, it’s just people don’t read as much as they used to because of cell phones and stuff, and books are now viewed as boring and long and only meant for school.”

They spoke to each other as if they have spoken to each other two thousand times before. Before they knew it, they were both talking about their relationships. They were both saddened when they heard of each other’s dissatisfaction with their current partners. They were both unaware however that their sadness was also caused of the other not being romantically available.

Shawn was hypnotised when Y/N talked, his ears being filled by only her voice, and his vision being filled by only the way her mouth moves, her hair in the ocean breeze, her body language. And Y/N was the same for him.

It was soon sunset and Y/F/N pulled cans of beer and Palm Bay (its like a Canadian cocktail drink with vodka). Y/N drank fast, wishing to leave her boring tied down regular life.

Shawn decided not to indulge and kept his eye on Y/N.

The lifeguards came down to them and invited them to a party that night. They happily agreed and set off for a bite to eat first.

The whole time, Y/N and Shawn were inseparable. They acted like long-time friends, chasing each other down the boardwalk, and trying on silly accessories at open boutiques along the way.

Shawn collapsed in laughter as Y/N was screamed at by a shop owner, for she accidentally walked off still wearing a fuzzy orange hat Shawn put on her head.

They had never laughed this much in their lives. They sat down beside each other at the restaurant and shared their food with each other.

“Jesus Y/N and Shawn seem to be getting along.” Y/F/N muttered to Niall.

“Yeh really looks like it!”

They then all drove to a drugstore, the girls all needing gum, and elastics and other toiletries. Y/N and Shawn raided all the magazines to find one Harry Potter themed. Y/N shivered in the cool AC and Shawn quickly lent her his hoodie.

On the way to Y/F/N’s beach house, the duo finally separated.

It was the boringest quiestest fifteen minutes of Shawn’s life. He missed Y/N, he actually missed her even though he was gonna to see her again in a couple minutes.

They all got to the house, and began pre-gaming for the lifeguard party. All except for Shawn of course, who wanted to think crystal clear with his limited hours with Y/N.

Y/N however went hard, wanting to forget and forget about life at home. By the time they got to the lifeguard party, she was wasted.

They all danced and moved to music, and Shawn the entire time, had eyes only on Y/N.

He had never seen anyone so pure, so majestic as her. He watched out for her, since there were a couple guys on the lookout for pretty drunk wasted girls. Toward the end of the night, it was only Y/N and Shawn standing. The others were all sitting, half asleep on chairs.

Y/N and Shawn swayed together to the beat of the music, and by the way Y/N looked at him, she was intoxicated, but no longer of alcohol.

They looked at each other and locked lips.

Two days later

The idea of each other tormented each other. The morning after when they all had to leave, Y/n and Shawn hugged goodbye and exchanged phone numbers. Five minutes after parting ways, Y/N wanted to text him.

Shawn felt the same way, and he let a couple hours pass before calling her.

They texted and called each other non stop. There was no stopping them from keeping in touch with each other.

One week later

The idea of each other tormented them.

Two weeks later, they finally decided to meet up. The sight of each other lit their already on fire insides. Y/N ran to him and they held each other tightly in a hug.

« hey » Y/N beamed up at him.

«  hey best friend what’s up »

«  I broke up with Brandon »

«  Are you okay?? »

« Yeah »

«  Well I remember you telling me you were unhappy about him back at the beach, but what led you to it in the end? »

« I think I love someone else »

« Really? »

«  yeah »

« I think I love someone else too. Actually, I’m sure of it. I was somehow sure of it the moment I met her. »

« Me too. »

« I love you Y/N. »The two kissed. The fact that in that one night, they met each other and fallen in love each other was pure magic. It was a very rare thing that happened almost never. Love at first sight is very unbelieved nowadays because of the overuse of it in Hollywood, but it remains existent. Shawn and Y/N were like Romeo and Juliet, but they were going to have a happy ending.

 what do ya guys think??