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Why Britain owes India reparations for colonialism. A brilliant argument by Dr Shashi Tharoor.

They tell me India is an underdeveloped country…I tell them they have no knowledge of history and even less of their heritage. I tell them that if they would only read the Mahabharata and the Ramayana, study the Golden Ages of the Mauryas and the Guptas and even of those Muslim chaps the Mughals, they would realise that India is not an underdeveloped country, but a highly developed one in an advanced state of decay.
—  Shashi Tharoor, The Great Indian Novel 
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This is a TED lecture from the Indian Historian, Shashi Tharoor.  For those holding on to the myth that China and India will become superpowers in the 21st century, that line of thinking is archaic and outdated. The 21st century will more likely be a multipolar century rather than a great shift in global power polarity from West to East. What the Philippines needs to invest in in this great time of change is in Education and in Culture. Of course we need to REDEEM and RAISE the standards of our culture first–our ‘soft power.’

But we need to believe first that we can, as a nation, offer something to the world–the way Koreans believe that their Kimchi is way better scientifically than Yogurt as probiotics.

“It’s not the side of the bigger army that wins. It’s the country that tells a better story.” –Shashi Tharoor


@ShashiTharoor “Who is an Indian? The Politics of Diversity”