Recent commissions I purchased! In order from top to bottom, Matie by jovaline​ , Apollo by sharkbomb​ , and Forty by ginsengandhoney​ ♥ ♥ ♥ They each did such an incredible job that I can hardly stand it *-* Apollo really isn’t that yellow on paper but I kind of ?? enjoyed the weird effect the photo had on it ?? So I guess it’s ok. Thank you each so much for lending me a little piece of your beautiful art!

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That sounds difficult. I’m sorry, dude! Have you thought about ordering food online? You want to be healthy, great! Also, your worth as a human being isn’t determined by your just your looks. you’re amazing

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I know you can buy groceries online and they deliver these days if you have the money for it! I’m sorry your dad makes it harder. Just think, when you get your license a whole bunch of new freedoms will open up! <3 Hang in there.

Oh my god I had no idea online groceries was a thing!! It totally makes sense that that would exist doesn’t it wow. I will definitely be looking into this thank you guys so much ; u ;)/

sharkbomb asked:

Fool, the tower and the magician

Based on the asks of this questionnaire!!

The Fool:
Oh boyyy…i do remember freshman year when one dude really was into me but i wasnt interested~~i just wanted to be pals;;; One time after a group gathering in the apartment, we were joking around- all of a sudden he bets that he could carry me upstairs??? I wasnt buying it so i neglected his ability. Nope he actually carried me bridal style two flights of stairs!! I was so confused but i congratulated him for his strength??? IDK it was weird afterwards…

The Tower:
I want to live in the One Piece Movie 6 world…
if that isnt paradise and adventure i dunno what it…

The Magician:
can roll my tongue, can do some art, i can animate, ummm uummmmmm.;;;;;;