The GOLD collection
This is a premium collection of hand selected crystal pieces which are all 14k Gold dipped or plated.
- Shark Tooth
- Clear Quartz
- Amethyst
- Spirit Quartz
- Obsidian Arrowhead
Price upon Request.
Theses are all beautiful unique statement pieces made with vintage chains and hand embellished beads.

A gorgeously preserved fossil tooth of Carcharocles auriculatus, a shark probably related to the Megalodon but lived about 20 million years earlier.  This tooth was collected from the Western Sahara Desert near Dakhla, Morocco and is 3.21″ long with beautiful enamel preservation and serrations.  It’s extremely rare to find large Auriculatus teeth in such good condition from this region.  Most are found broken and repaired, unlike this beautiful example.

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Everything I’ve handcrafted, I am proud to wear daily because of the amount of time and effort I know I’ve put into making my business grow. Just last year I thought I was ridic for thinking I had enough talent to appeal and sell anything to anyone.

This year, I spend all my free time trying to make my dream of working for myself come true. I am so thankful for the people who have believed in me. You all helped me believe in myself.

Most times I wear a shark tooth and a mini vial of citrine around my neck (both found in my store -, shameless plug, lol) because I am a fighter that hopes to define success over and over again.

I say all of that to say, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. If you have a dream that seems farfetched, do what you can to make it within your reach and then grab it.

The Brklyn Store was just a dream before. Now it’s a startup. One day, I hope it is a household name.