Wildwood Apothecary: Item Collection

  • Item: Shark Teeth
  • Category: Oceanic, Teeth, Bone, Animal
  • Uses: Hunting, Strength, Heightening Senses, Cursing
  • Examples:  Hunting down lost items, finding the path when you have lost your way, giving you strength in social situations, cursing enemies
  • Tips: Find shark teeth along the shores of oceans early in the morning while the tide is low. Sharks are very active at night, and often lose a tooth while biting into flesh, so early morning gathering is highly recommended. Ethically speaking, and out of respect/safety with sharks, you should try to stick to this method instead of hunting the teeth from a living shark. Wait for the teeth to come out naturally, or gather teeth from a dead shark, but do not hunt these beautiful animals for teeth alone. You can also purchase shark teeth in bulk, but I find it more special to use teeth that you have found on your own, as it is more connected to you as a person. I have gathered all of these teeth in my collection while visiting shorelines and ocean states throughout my life, so it is very doable with some incentive. Good luck!

Sea Magick Charging and Diffusion Box

1) Get a clear box. A pretty one from an antique store or second hand store is best
2) Collect items associated with your intent such as: seashells, shark teeth, sea glass, coral, crystals, dried herbs or flowers, driftwood, or lava rock
3) Fill the bottom of the box with sand or sea salt and place your collected items inside
4) Find a shell which has a hole that can be filled and essential oils of your choice. I chose jasmine, rosemary, and eucalyptus for awareness and truth in a relationship
5) You can use a piece of tissue rolled up, fabric scraps, or cotton balls as your diffuser. Drop your essential oil combination (you only need 1 drop per oil, or 2 for a lighter scent) onto your diffuser padding. Then stuff this inside the shell. Be careful not you get the oils on your hands because it could cause an allergic reaction. You could use a stick or pencil to push it inside. Don’t push the padding too far into the shell or you wont be able to remove it.

Leave the lid to your diffuser box open to scent your space or keep it closed to charge the items inside. You can place a stone, charm, sigil, or other object you wish to charge with you intent inside the box.

An alternative is to use sage essential oil and use sea salt instead of sand. The items inside the box will be cleansed


Talismans that protect against shark attacks include:

  • Coral
  • Pearls
  • Found, naturally shed shark teeth

Carry or wear as suits you best, however the traditional method is to attack the talisman to a cord and wear around the ankles. Remember to charge magical objects prior to their initial use.

(from The Element Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells by Judika Illes)



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•in the kitchen, bitty is baking. he takes a pie out of the oven and closes it. he has not made any more pies. he opens the oven. he takes another pie out.

•jack is watching the history channel. there’s a documentary about world war two on. that’s all that’s ever on. he presses the channel change button on the remote. it turns to the history channel.

•shitty is naked. he cannot remove any more clothes. he starts taking off his skin.

•lardo is painting. there are stains on her hands. when she tries to wash them off, she realizes that’s just how her hands look now.

•ransom is studying. he has moved beyond biology; he has studied everything. he’s absorbed the wisdom of the universe. he knows all. he has become god.

•holster is singing. he tries to speak and realize he can’t stop singing. there are no sentences. there are only show tunes now.

•dex is fixing the dryer. he has always been fixing the dryer. he will always be fixing the dryer.

•nursey has tripped over every chair in the kitchen. he’s crashed into the table and fallen off the couch. by nighttime, every piece of furniture is broken. the next morning, it’s all back to normal.

•chowder is talking about the sharks. he is wearing his sharks sweatshirt. his teeth are getting sharper. slowly, his teammates realize that he’s become a shark. how did they not notice earlier?

•tango is asking questions. no one is sure what he’s asking. if they do, they don’t know the answers.

•whiskey is silent from the corner. he is watching. waiting.


I haven’t seen anyone on tumblr put up the wanted images/posters yet so here they are!

Note about Futaba’s: Hers says Navi for that is her codename in the JP release of the game. I’m pretty sure that the eng release of the game just uses her poster as is so I put together a version with her eng codename here! Hope I did ok putting it together for I am not a professional lol. Feel free to use that and the ones above as you like! Enjoy!

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