Now some of you may remember a grimmfuture!au tidbit, where Ruby was “attacked” by a Grimm species that…well…isn’t canon.

I’d like to introduce you all, to the Whisp…

A very small, around 8 inches (smaller ones are also common, they do grow however), tadpole like creature. With two small arms coming out of their “head”, ending in tiny (but very sharp) claws.
No eyes, but a mouth filled with shark-like teeth, which can open much larger than it should be able to. A single red line going along the length of their pitch black body, which happens to glow when they find their target.

Now due to their size they very rarely attack people outright, since Ruby was easily able to crush one to death in her hands. Rather their form of attack is manipulation, they scurry along shadows whispering evil intentions that are hidden deep within your subconscious (of course they exaggerate them), if you remember they kept telling Ruby to abandon Yang in the forest, as she only dragged Ruby down on her quest to hunt down Cinder.

They work on your deepest natural instinct for self-preservation, say, if you and a close ally were working together to scale a mountain, and you just stumble upon a little hand hold where a whisp happens to be sitting, you’d suddenly begin to hear things along the lines of,
“Your ‘friend’ here is slowing you down, you could’ve been to the top right now.”
As you try to fight it, it digs deeper and deeper into your mind, turning things that slightly irritate you into their weapons
“You’ve seen how much food they can chomp down, and you know how many days worth of rations you could save if you move on without them.”
They do their best to dig deep into your mind, until they’re so far ingrained you can’t tell which is your voice. And which is theirs. The become more violent little by little, until finally.
“Just cut the rope and let them free fall…no one will notice, when you get back…just say there was a bandit group, or Grimm…”

Many huntresses and hunters have fallen to corrupted comrades within the wilderness of Remnant due to these small, small Grimm. They tend to latch onto the person who they gained control over, and begin to eat away at their sanity, and aura, causing them to grow exponentially, the largest was seen to be two feet long.
Little else is known about these Grimm we call Whisps.

However, it is rumored that they all seemed to branch out from the area that houses a village to a certain member of a new Beacon team.

She may know more…if only she spoke.

—  Admin

look at that smile he’s just saying hi


Shark swims by a gopro, Australia

Wildwood Apothecary: Item Collection

  • Item: Shark Teeth
  • Category: Oceanic, Teeth, Bone, Animal
  • Uses: Hunting, Strength, Heightening Senses, Cursing
  • Examples:  Hunting down lost items, finding the path when you have lost your way, giving you strength in social situations, cursing enemies
  • Tips: Find shark teeth along the shores of oceans early in the morning while the tide is low. Sharks are very active at night, and often lose a tooth while biting into flesh, so early morning gathering is highly recommended. Ethically speaking, and out of respect/safety with sharks, you should try to stick to this method instead of hunting the teeth from a living shark. Wait for the teeth to come out naturally, or gather teeth from a dead shark, but do not hunt these beautiful animals for teeth alone. You can also purchase shark teeth in bulk, but I find it more special to use teeth that you have found on your own, as it is more connected to you as a person. I have gathered all of these teeth in my collection while visiting shorelines and ocean states throughout my life, so it is very doable with some incentive. Good luck!