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I think Grell's brown hair is his natural hair color, what do you think

Hello Anon! I’ve always had this headcanon that in life Grell’s appearance and personality were more like that of butler Grell. So, while still human, Grell would have had the brown hair, normal teeth, and nervous attitude. So, in life brown could have very well been her natural hair color.

Now, what about about since being reborn? Well, if Grell was going to dye her hair any color, it most certainly would be red since she’s obsessed with the color. So, it’s possible that Grell’s hair could naturally be brown.

My personal theory is that a reaper’s appearance can be altered upon rebirth. While Grell had been alive, she had been shy, timid, and mousey, but that was her true self. Inside, she was always the same. When reborn, the fiery, passionate side emerged, and it changed her appearance - crimson hair, shark like teeth, etc. Of course, that’s just my thoughts on it.

Thanks for the question, Anon.

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🌊🏊Sharks are nice!🏄

Since its summertime and people are gonna be hitting the beach to swim and/or surf, i decided to make this informative shark post.
In the media sharks are portrayed as mean bloodthirsty and vicious creatures. Such as in movies like “The Shallows” and “Jaws”. But are sharks really that vicious? The answer is no. No they are not. Sharks are really nice and sweet creatures. I am a surfer and have been bitten a couple of times by sharks but i still know the truth… sharks aren’t evil creatures.
You may be thinking “but you’ve been bitten by one! How can they not be evil!?” Well the answer to that my bro
is simple, its all a misunderstanding. You see, sharks dont have great eyesight. They are blind as fuck. So they rely on other senses to find food. They see the silhouette of us surfers on our boards and they see it from a below angle and they think we kind look like seals, their favourite meal (as seen in the pics above). So they take just a nibble to see what the fuck we are. Once they realize we aint a seal, they go away. Why? Sharks HATE the taste of human meat. We disgusting af to them. Thats why the majority of shark attacks are just sharks bitting once and then leaving. They just wanted to know what the fuck we are bro. Its a case of mistaken identity. A misunderstanding. Have there been shark attacks where the shark bites more than once? Yeah. But thats rare and it only happens if the shark is either
(1) feeling threatened or provoked.
(2) very hungry. Like, i mean STARVING.

Sharks just wanna eat but they dont wanna eat us. Its just a simple misunderstanding. As you can see in the photos above, people can swim with sharks and nothing happens. Its totally fine my dudes. So there you have it, sharks are homies, not hostile.


The Shallows-

The likelihood of being attacked by a shark is thought to be 1 in 11.5 million, and only 4 or 5 people in the entire world die each year from shark attacks.[1]. If you’re still nervous about meeting one of these ocean predators, check out these guidelines to help you further minimize the chances of an encounter-


This here is a modern-day Great White Shark tooth. It’s razor sharp and pretty scary…

But it’s puny compared to the tooth of an ancient Great White…

And that ain’t got nothing on the tooth of the Megalodon, the largest shark to have ever swam in the oceans!

Megalodon teeth have been known to be almost 8 inches in length, while the Megalodon itself could reach up to 50-60 feet in length and up to 100 tons in weight! Compare that to the 3 ½ tons of the largest modern Great White. That means the Megalodon was bigger than 28 Great White sharks combined!!

Photo Credit: Fossilera