mfw i spend $40 on psn cards to get guilty gear xrd but i forget that it’s $50 and instead think it’s $40 so i get home and redeem my two $20 codes only to discover that plus the 6 dollars i had before and my new $40 i have $46 now making me 4 dollars off from being able to get it and there’s no such thing as a choose your own value card that i can get under $20 so i either have to spend a whole other $20 just to use $4 of it to get this stupid fucking game just so i can see the sexy evil white haired girl with the sexy shark teeth OR i can fist my own ass until i die and am released from this life of frustration and suffering free of charge


if you thought i wasn’t going to do horuss, you were wrong

after i finished, perniciouslizard said that the straps on his head would be placed differently if he didn’t have horns so now she isn’t allowed to look at anything i make ever again

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wolf-makes-deadman-tell-no-tales asked:

How did you make them and how long did it take?

“Shark Teeth” Tutorial

There are TONS of tutorials out there for shark teeth. (Just Google “grell teeth”) But I did a few steps differently. I’ll give you a quick run down.

UPDATE: Someone has more information on my tooth tutorial about the products I decided to use, saying that it might be dangerous to your health. I used what I used because others before me had used it and the label “non-toxic” was good enough for me. Please remember if you choice to use this method that is a risk you have chosen to take. You can read their post here.

This project should cost you about $25-30 dollars. You are gonna need:

  • A non-toxic mold-able plastic. I used U MOLD and you can buy it at RadioShack. DO NOT JUST BUY PLASTIC FILLING BEADS. Like you would buy to fill a stuffed animal. Those are not the same thing. Also if you try to go to a random art store, the chances are they will have no idea what you are talking about and will try to sell you the filling beads.
  • A clear non-toxic silicone paste. I used this brand at Home Depot. It doesn’t really matter what brand you get as long as it is NON-TOXIC. Check the products website. LiquidNail (also HomeDepot) will work too. If you get another brand most are non-toxic after they dry but the label might not say it is.
  • Fake nails of your choice. I suggest a nail that is not pure white. Try for a tinted white/yellow-ish. I think it makes it look more natural.
  • Nail clippers, cotton swabs, metal nail file (optional)
  • A stove or kettle for hot water.
  • A bowl and a clean work space.

First make your retainers.

  • Brush your teeth before and after.
  • If you buy the U MOLD at RadioShack it will come with instructions. Put some beads in the bowl. Add your hot water. Don’t just use hot water from the tap. Boil/kettle your water. Wait till the beads become clear.
  • Take your bowl and go to a sink with a mirror. Now some tutorials call for you to ROLL the plastic into a tube. Do not do this. It makes your retainer bulky. I suggest pinching off a little bit at a time and pressing it to your teeth. This makes for a thinner more comfortable fit. (Photo above, thin retainer on right, bulky retainer on left.)
  • Cover most of your teeth except your rear molars. (Don’t want you gagging every time you put it on.) Whatever is most comfortable to you. Now you want to, like, close your mouth and suck in. This is so the plastic can cling closer to your teeth. I’m sorry that was poorly description IDK how else to describe it.
  • Let the plastic sit on your teeth until it starts to turn white-ish or tighten on your teeth (trust me you will feel it). Carefully take it out and set it a side to finish hardening. Do your bottom teeth.
  • YOU MAY HAVE TO TRY MORE THEN ONCE. This part can take anywhere from an hour to 20 mins.

Detail your Retainer

  • You can choose to detail your retainer in two different ways: 1) When it is halfway hardened. It is easier to cut during this stage but you might also accidentally change the shape of your retainer and have to start again. 2) After it is completely hardened. It is harder to cut in this stage but you won’t accidentally mess up the shape.
  • Using the nail clippers (or mattering on the size of the area, wire cutters or scissors) to trim away any unwanted excess plastic. This can include areas that are covering too much of your gums and making it uncomfortable. If you have any sharp edges that are poking you can file them down with the metal nail filler.
  • If you are finding that you have a lot of detailing to do, I suggest just remaking your retainer.
  • This part can take up from 30 mins.

Adding the Teeth

  • You are going to use the fake nails to make your teeth. Use the your nail clippers to shape your teeth. I suggest making your two front teeth a little bigger then the rest. Make sure there is enough room so you can stick it on the retainer and the sharp part sticks above the retainer. Put on your retainer and hold each tooth up to it to see where you want to place it.
  • Now time for the silicone. Put a dab of it on the back of the tooth. Then put a dab on the spot you want to place the tooth. Be generous with your paste. Place your tooth where you want to put it. Adjust the position and use the cotton swab to get rid of an unwanted paste that oozes out. Continue with each tooth.
  • I suggest 7-8 teeth per retainer. But its up too you.
  • DO NOT PUT YOUR RETAINER ON DURING THIS PROCESS. Most silicone pastes are non-toxic AFTER THEY ARE DRY. Once you put the paste on do not put it back in your mouth until it is fully dry.
  • Let them dry for 24 hours.


  • If you have any loose teeth just add a little more paste and let dry again for 24 hours. From time to time teeth will get loose.
  • After you are completely done I suggest GENTLY brushing your fake teeth with a soft bristle tooth brush and a toothpaste of your choosing. This is to get rid of any chemically taste.
  • TOTAL RUN TIME: 2 days

I hope that was helpful. If you need any other help message me. If any instructions are not clear I will be happy to make a video for you or video chat with you.