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Fandom: Supernatural

Word Count: Like 4k

Warnings: violence, cursing, triggering topics in the beginning

Request: @megansparrow  said:
Hey there could you do a supernatural imagine where the reader finds out they are the daughter of Lucifer and he ends up saving her from vampires or something like that and to keep her safe he gets Sam and Dean Winchester to look after her and they both end up falling in love with her. Thanks

A/N: This took so long and if it sucks id I’m sorry. Love you lots and thanks for putting up with me!! Here we go!


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I tilted my head back quickly, taking the shot of whiskey, before I slammed it onto the table. The bartender eyed me warily, though I understood why. I had been throwing back shots all night, and I couldn’t deny the slight blur of my vision.

I sighed and pulled out my wallet, placing a fifty on the counter, and stood up. I walked out confidently, my steps sure though a bit faltered. I sighed and began my normal walk home when I was pulled into an alleyway.

I groaned as I was pushed against a wall, a woman towering over me with sharp teeth. “I get it, I’m beautiful and all, but how much more cliché can you get than pulling me into an alleyway,” I spoke, the liquor bringing out my intense sarcasm.

The woman growled lowly and flashed her row of sharp teeth before she was stopped, a man running up to us at supersonic speed. “She’s the one,” he stated before slamming my head into the wall, knocking me out.


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I thought I would share my pets Caddy Kitty and Bandit. I have fixed them up as best and as close as I could. They were good pets in real life and they seem to be just as good in my game and hopefully they will be in yours too. I use default replacement eyes and whiskers so they may look slightly different in your game than mine.

Caddy and Bandit: