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I was molested when i was a kid multiple times around the age of 8-15. I became bisexual and I was born and raised in Saudi, Jeddah. I ended up liking it and had to fight the fight of faith and sexual pleasures as the muslim community makes you feel ashamed of who you are. I’m 21 now and ive accepted myself as a bisexual person. I remember before i got molested that I liked my classmates’ looks in my first grade till i graduated. I traveled the world and fell in love with a girl.

I just want you to know that we appreciate you sharing your story with us.

You are brave. 

Thank you and we love you. If you ever need to talk, please don’t hesitate.

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Hey if it makes you feel any better my car recently broke down so I borrowed a car from my boyfriend’s parents to go on a solo road trip, and I totally busted the transmission on it. So in the very least, at least you own the car you broke? Haha, in all seriousness I hope it gets fixed!

They’re working on it now! Thanks for sharing your story. I actually just dropped $600 on my car earlier this month to get it to pass inspection! So I’m so bummed

INTRODUCING: Share Your Story

I believe that every person holds so many memories within that are precious and hold a very special meaning. Here in Reef Mag, we have decided to make a column where you can share your stories. We will be posting a question every week, for you to answer with a memory/story you cherish and submit to us. We will gather them all, and compile a huge article of all your stories and post them every Sunday, for you to read over a cup of coffee.

Hopefully they will make you cheer up if you’re having a bad day or make you have a good laugh reading other people’s stories. Whenever someone tells me a story I feel I have seen a glimpse of their soul, a lovely sight. I hope you do too.

This week’s question is:

What is your favorite autumn memory?

Tell us about your adventures, non- stop laughter, silly memories, anything that makes you love life.

You can submit your story here, make sure to write your name &  country (optional).

This is how we are going to divide each story (not with your tumblr url). Anonymous submissions are also accepted. 

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Some quick Tabletop Roleplayng tips for newbies

With the popularity podcasts like TAZ or Critical Role have gained I’ve been seeing many people start getting into tabletop roleplaying which is so nice and fills me with hope since I’ve gotten used to be the youngest in groups at 23. 

So here’s some tips for people who are interested in getting into tabletop roleplaying: 

  • Your first session is not going to be what you expect. Unless you and your peers have a theatre kids background, you’re probably going to be shy and it’s going to be awkward. It’s normal. You’re not an actor or a professional entertainer. You’re having fun sharing a story with your friends, not recording a podcast for a living. 
  • Long campaigns are good but it’s usually difficult for adults to commit to one and it’s sad when they get abandoned. Give one-shots and short campaigns a chance! They are honestly really fun for a night with friends and don’t usually require hours of building a character.
  • Speaking of characters, my recommendation is to start with a character whose personality and beliefs resemble yours. Choosing to play a charming and outspoken character who loves public speeches can put a lot of pressure on you if you’re shy. 
  • If you go to a LARP do a bit of research on who is organizing and who is attending, if you don’t know them make sure it’s in a public place. If there’s softcombat let the GMs know if you’re allergic to latex and if you have any lesion they should be aware of. 
  • D&D and high fantasy are not the end-al be-all of tabletop roleplaying (in all honesty I find it kinda boring?), give other universes/systems/lore a chance, you might find something that suits your interests more than D&D. 
  • Don’t stress over rules. Also, a good GM should not make you stress over rules. 
  • Villain campaigns might sound cool, but I wouldn’t recommend them if this is your first campaign. ESPECIALLY if you don’t know the people you are playing with. 
  • A good GM should not make fun of your triggers and will work around them . 
  • Trust your gut. You are here to have fun, if you are feeling uncomfortable it’s time to get up and leave. 
Familiar but Unexpected

One Shot: Jungkook Best friend!AU x Reader

Word count: 9.5k 

Genre: Fluff, Angst and NSFW! Smut. 

A/N: I recommend you read this in one sitting - strap yourself in for one heck of a rollercoaster ride, boys and girls. I’m back to ruin your life temporarily. @jeonjungrude @author–nim @btsbangtansarmyv

Summary: Jungkook, your ‘best friend’ needs a place to stay since his older brother unexpectedly came home. You try to fix their sibling relationship but that ends up costing you your friendship with Jungkook- a trade for something better or for something worse? 

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The doorbell rung simultaneous to the sound of constant knocks on your door. You opened your bloodshot eyes and reached over for your phone that sat on the bedside table. Who in their right mind would visit you at 4 in the morning? The violent knocking intensified and you groaned with frustration, peeling yourself away from the warm bed. You shuffled yourself over to the front door and swung it open while rubbing your tired eyes. Of course, only Jeon Jungkook, your best friend, would have the nerve to barge in at such an ungodly hour.

Jesus woman, I thought you were dead,” Jungkook’s voice sounded relieved at the sight of you in front of him, in your nighties that consisted of merely a singlet and terribly short running shorts. It exposed your supple skin to the handsome boy.

“Jungkook what the fuck do you want? I’m tired, it’s 4 in the bloody morning-” you sighed and wobbled with fatigue.

“Hello to you too, sweetheart,” Jungkook scoffed and entered your apartment with a small suitcase in his grip. “My brother came home unexpectedly just then, I need a place to crash until he leaves.”

You nodded without much thought, you knew his brother was always a sensitive topic for him so you understood.

“That’s fine by me. I’m going back to sleep,” you announced to the noir haired boy with a loud yawn. He merely snickered at your exhausted state and jumped onto your sofa- where he usually crashed after his nights out.

You glided back into the comfort of your bedsheets and closed your eyes to drift off into dreamland.

Morning came quicker than expected. You woke up to the sound of shuffling and fidgeting from the kitchen. It was unusual for Jungkook to wake up so early, early being 9 o’ clock since it was a Saturday morning. 

“Good morning,” you said in a nasal voice as you poured yourself a cup of coffee Jungkook had brewed. You peaked over Jungkook’s broad shoulders to see sizzling pancakes on the pan. 

“What’s the special occasion?” you murmured behind a hazy sounding giggle and Jungkook showed no emotion, a thin line across his lips. 

“Nothing..” Jungkook sounded inaudible as his chest grew with the inhalation of his breath. He let out a loud sigh and you gulped at the boy’s condition. It was rare for him to look so serious. He was normally always making the most inappropriate jokes and comments. 

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A bit of a warning for young female roleplayers.

This is something I, normally do not do. But with the things that are happening I think it is best to share this with others so they can be wary of the guy. The guy being one who goes by Theherooftime68, from what I know he mainly messaged minor females -myself included- asking about roleplaying, wanting to well roleplay NSFW kinda things. I be putting some of the things he done under a readmore, since it probably will get long.

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So! Here’s the thing!: I was thinking about this: We all love DL and good stories right?
So how about this? Let’s all share our story with Diabolik Lovers!
Like how we discover DL
What was our first impression
Did we like it at first or not
What made us fans (and when we realized it)
What was the first thing we saw (anime, manga or the translations)
How was our first favorite character and if it has change now
As fan what you do or want to do for the fandom (like you have a blog, an OC, you draw or you translate…)
Do you recommend DL? To your friends and family? Or is it a secret of yours?(guilty pleasure?)
Why you love DL? (In general)

I would really love to read your stories with the DL fandom!! Besides I think it would be fun and interactive!!
Use the #shareyourDLstory so not just me but everyone would get to know your story!!
It isn’t an event so whenever you like to write your story is totally fine. NO STARTING DATES NOR ENDING DATES!
Just have fun! The extent also won’t matter (the longest and detailed the better for me!!) You can also send them in as an ask as anonymous if that makes you feel better!
The only rule for this to work is to respect everyone’s stories and opinions!! For must people is very difficult to open themselves (even through a little writing piece because not everyone is good at writing)
Ready? Set… GO!!

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We’re happily announcing the return of the Stranglethorn Bonfire Bash for Summer 2017! Last year was such a blast that we HAD to do it again! Join Poeful the half-elf and Obasi the troll for an evening of beach-related fun:

  • Show off your best beach wear and take a selfie with the hosts!
  • Dip your toes in he'ethraze, the ancient troll sport of surfing!
  • Gather your teams for the debut of Bassball, the new competitive beach-front sensation – with prizes!
  • Or just grab a drink and party the night away!

When: Saturday, August 26th, 5pm server time on Wyrmrest Accord. (cross-server players welcome)
Where: Yojamba Isle, Northern Stranglethorn Vale. (map below)
Who’s Welcome: Everyone! Bring a friend, bring a date, anything goes. (We do not discriminate against lore-bending. All are welcome! Just have fun and be respectful!)
Join us for a night of drink, dance, and delighting in each other’s company. Let’s celebrate the summer!

Want to share your stories and artwork? Use the #stvbb tag!

taylor swift ask game

the best day: how did you discover taylor’s music?
love story: how would you define love? 
never grow up: what’s your favorite childhood memory?
shake it off: tell us about an experience that made you stronger.
speak now: say something you wish you could tell someone.
long live: what’s your favorite taylor-related experience?
style: what’s your favorite taylor look?
the way i loved you: tell us about your first crush.
fearless: share the story of your first kiss.
fifteen: tell us a memory you have from your freshman year.
everything has changed: what would you tell your younger self?
all too well: how do you take your coffee?
stay stay stay: name someone you hope to keep around forever.
…ready for it? what’re you most excited for this era?
begin again: what’s a life lesson you’ve learned recently?
clean: how are you stronger than you were ten months ago?
hey stephen: tell us about your crush.
if this was a movie: what’s your favorite romance film?
new romantics: what’s your dream friendship-date?
picture to burn: tell us your most embarrassing moment.
treacherous: what’s something you’re nervous about?
wildest dreams: what’s your biggest aspiration in life?
the way i loved you: write a short message to taylor.

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Are you comfortable to share your coming out story with us? Much love from a tiny baby bi that's peeked out the closet a couple times but hid again.

(( OOC: *chokes* 

… Welllll… *sweats* Um… Okay. So, here’s the deal. 

Years ago, I went through the process of figuring myself out and exploring my sexuality (which is a continual process, lemme tell you). 

I had two co-workers who were both bi. They had been talking to me about it, a lot, and urging me to experiment. 

Sooo… one night, at a company party… at my house… I got a little black-out drunk. This is the ONLY time I have ever gotten that drunk (please drink responsibly children, it’s not fun to get to that point. Not fun at all.) and I guess… at some point, I decided it would be a great idea to make out with my co-workers S.O.

I knew that the S.O. was bi, and I guess somewhere in my drunk brain I decided, “HEY! GREAT IDEA!” 

I have no idea who initiated, pretty sure it was me… but don’t worry! They were both perfectly alright with it and it was completely consensual. 

So… yeah. That happened. 

The next day, I woke up with a terrible hang-over and had a bit of a panic attack as it all came flooding back to me. 

I kind of sat there for a while, debating with myself as I tried to figure out how to tell my parents. I’ve always told my parents everything, and I wasn’t about to hide this, but I was terrified

I went upstairs and pulled my mom aside, then kind of just blurted out, “I don’t know how to tell you this, so I’m just going to say it really fast. I made out with insert-name-here last night.” 

My mom just kind of sat there for a minute, then sighed really loudly and went, “Really… insert-name-here?”  

What a relief.

My mom then went downstairs to dish to my dad, and I heard my dad laughing hysterically two floors below me… 

He then proceeded to tease me for the rest of the day… and that was pretty much it. 

So… as far as coming out stories go… mine was pretty alright. ;) )) 

Calling all Ace/Aro/Bisexual/Biromantic/ Pansexual/Panromantic/ People who’s identities get erased- People

I’m making a short film at school and I’ve decided I want to theme it around erasure. So if you’ve ever felt and erasure within or out of the lgbtqia+ community for your romantic/ sexual orientation then please tell me about it on anon. I want to get this film as accurate as possible and as I’m only gay and haven’t felt this personally, I’d like other’s to share their stories. When the film is finished, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to share the film on here because of privacy reasons (it might be filmed in our school uniforms), but I will notify and thank all of you for your contribution. So if you would like to contribute your story, then please come to my inbox or messages and share. Thanks :)

I’ve been busy shooting and working on my portfolio, but I still feel like I’m not doing enough, not making enough, not being enough. This feeling of inadequacy is stifling and more exhausting than I can begin to describe, but I’m still pushing forward. Right now I have five shoots booked for July and many more in the works. I can’t wait to continue sharing this crazy journey with you guys.

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i just graduated undergrad and i literally stopped asking guy classmates questions unless it was an emergency because they were so thoroughly incapable of not answering like they were talking to a 5yo, and i just didn't have the energy

i have had a similar experience, and with certain men in particular. i don’t even want to ask questions anymore bc of the condescension and, tbh, an inability for them to actually teach, or give a shit about the person they’re talking to actually understanding the information.