Trump Administration Rescinds Obama Rule On Transgender Students' Bathroom Use

I’m gonna be saying this all day.


Connect with school administrators and remind them that Title IX is still federal law, and they have the power to not abandon the evidence-based guidance designed for the best school environment outcomes for youth.

Remember the power of your zip code - connect with your two US Senators and US House Representative. Tell them clearly that this endangerment is unacceptable, and you expect them to prioritize the urgency of protecting the safety of vulnerable trans children. If you can, do this in person while they are back in home during this congressional recess.

Call your local media to share your story and make your voice heard. Write letters to the editor.

Attend your next school board meeting.

We need to bring visibility to this reckless endangering move and send an unequivocal message that we will not stand to see the lives of transgender children - or any LGBTQIA children - put at risk.



All right scavengers, new question thing for me to get to know y'all better.

What was the first thing that got you into gore? And I don’t mean the first super gory thing, but like…the root of it all. What is the thing that set you on the path, so to speak.

Mine was really liking vampires as a kid, haha. I ended up reading several bloodplay things, because vampires biting people was my thing, and just blood turned into…well, this.

Anyway, yeah, share your stories!!

INTRODUCING: Share Your Story

I believe that every person holds so many memories within that are precious and hold a very special meaning. Here in Reef Mag, we have decided to make a column where you can share your stories. We will be posting a question every week, for you to answer with a memory/story you cherish and submit to us. We will gather them all, and compile a huge article of all your stories and post them every Sunday, for you to read over a cup of coffee.

Hopefully they will make you cheer up if you’re having a bad day or make you have a good laugh reading other people’s stories. Whenever someone tells me a story I feel I have seen a glimpse of their soul, a lovely sight. I hope you do too.

This week’s question is:

What is your favorite autumn memory?

Tell us about your adventures, non- stop laughter, silly memories, anything that makes you love life.

You can submit your story here, make sure to write your name &  country (optional).

This is how we are going to divide each story (not with your tumblr url). Anonymous submissions are also accepted. 

Photographer: Caryn

I got to thinking recently and I realized that Yuri on Ice is the first anime I’ve felt passionate about in years.

It’s the first anime in a long time for me, where I wanted to get involved with the fandom, write fanfiction, support artists and their beautiful art, analyze scenes from the anime and create theories, share memes and jokes and just have fun with people who love the same show.

The new YOI episode is always the highlight of my week, it’s the one thing I look forward to. It’s what I get excited about for 6 days and rave about for the next 6 days until the new one is out.

I probably haven’t felt like this for any anime since 2014.

And finding love for anime when I was beginning to think that I might never find a new favorite, might never enjoy something the way I did at the when I first encountered the medium is a beautiful thing.

I also think that I’m not alone with these feelings. I think this anime means a lot to many people, whether it’s because of the characters and the narrative, the animation, the sport itself, the representation and diversity within the cast, or just their love for their ships and memes and fun.

I know there are many people out there who are already tired of hearing about Yuri on Ice all the time, whether it’s from their friends, on their dash, in the anime community in general or wherever else. I know there are people out there who see the fans of the show, see how much they talk about it and soon label them as ‘stupid’ or ‘childish’ or ‘insane’ or whatever else. But please, try to understand that the reason we pay so much attention to it is because it’s important to us.

I know it’s tiring, I know you may not agree with us on many issues, but please bear with us. All of this will only last for another 7-8 weeks. Please let us enjoy this short period of time with all the fangirling/boying we wish to give it without making us feel guilty for it. As long as no one is getting hurt, I am rather certain that we do not deserve to feel bad just for being excited and enjoying an anime.

Yuri on Ice allowed me to meet a number of great people, it made me want to return to ice skating even though I quit the sport years ago, it made me want to return to playing piano even though I gave up years ago, it gave me hope in the anime industry as whole, and most importantly it made me love an anime even though I thought I stopped being capable of that years ago.

I’m just a queer woman from Eastern Europe but Yuri on Ice made me feel like I matter. I will never be ashamed of being a fan of the show.

Calling all Ace/Aro/Bisexual/Biromantic/ Pansexual/Panromantic/ People who’s identities get erased- People

I’m making a short film at school and I’ve decided I want to theme it around erasure. So if you’ve ever felt and erasure within or out of the lgbtqia+ community for your romantic/ sexual orientation then please tell me about it on anon. I want to get this film as accurate as possible and as I’m only gay and haven’t felt this personally, I’d like other’s to share their stories. When the film is finished, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to share the film on here because of privacy reasons (it might be filmed in our school uniforms), but I will notify and thank all of you for your contribution. So if you would like to contribute your story, then please come to my inbox or messages and share. Thanks :)

I still remember the first time I heard about Yuri on Ice.

It was the morning of the 26th of March, 2016. I had just woken up and was scrolling through anime news on facebook on my phone when suddenly I saw a video. It began playing automatically and the first thing I saw was a pair of figure skates, skating to a stop on the ice. I clicked the video and fullscreened it, holding my breath. Then the beautiful piano music came and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Men. Figure skating. Followed by a beautiful sequence of Yuuri in Ice Castle Hasetsu. Then Yurio doing ballet and Victor practicing in a hallway. Then came the title and the announcement “Yuri!!! on Ice Coming soon!”

I immediately looked to the description and noticed the words “Original TV anime about figure skating announced”, then watched the video again and then once more until it finally sunk in. After which I released one long scream and then broke down in tears. Because I’ve dreamed of a figure skating anime since Winter Olympics of 2014, and all the more so since I saw the figure skating sequence in Death Parade in 2015. And now it was actually happening.

What also struck me about is that it would be men’s figure skating, which I immediately found amazing because I was certain that if Japan was to create a figure skating anime it would be about women. That was the first surprise in the long chain of pleasant surprises that Yuri on Ice would soon prove to be.

I wondered what sort of story these characters would show us, what sort of people they would be and rewatched the trailer tens of times. As no news came for a few months, the trailer of the figure skating anime faded into the back of my mind and I all but forgot about it until the 21st of August, 2016, when this trailer was released, along with details on the anime’s story and characters. And I could already tell that the anime looked promising - we saw more skating, more of the three main characters and learned more on what the story would be (not to mention the beautiful graphics!). What surprised me was the last scene in the trailer, the one we all immediately branded as “inconsequential fanservice” and “fujoshi pandering”.

Oh, how wrong we were. Though we would only learn of this a few months later, when the anime was well within its run, getting more serious in terms of its presentation of romance between its two male leads with every episode and not showing any sign of stopping.

But back to the trailer - it reignited my excitement and got me curious: what would this anime show us? Why did they choose to show us those particular scenes (including the scene)? I pondered those questions but naturally, had nothing to do with them, so I patiently awaited October 2016 (for that’s when the anime was scheduled to begin) and enjoyed the Summer season while it lasted. And then - it came.

I still remember the day I saw the first episode. I remember being excited as I loaded it up, but also cautious - what if the fanservice would be too invasive and would ruin the story? God, had I known that it wouldn’t be fanservice, but genuine romantic love between two men, that it would not ruin the story but would enrich it in the most unexpected and amazing ways, I wouldn’t have been so wary of the anime.

In any case - I loved the first episode and I had high hopes or the anime, as well as for the reviews it would get. And from the very first episode, reviewer’s reactions were very positive and welcoming, the first ep setting expectations higher than anyone originally anticipated.

And then came the worries, always similar ones, always new ones with each episode: will the anime be able to keep this level up? will it always be this amazing? will it fizzle out at some point and disappoint so many hopeful viewers? will the creators finally sink the gay ship and play everything off as a joke?

And you know what? Yuri on Ice did what it promised already with that first trailer and with the first words of the first episode: It was an unending chain of surprises. An unending chain of the most pleasant, the most unexpected, the best surprises.

It not only rose to the challenge - it surpassed all my expectations. It was all I wished for and more. I know that perfect anime don’t exist but, to me, Yuri on Ice was as close to perfect as a 12 episode TV anime could be.

And just looking back at the journey, at all the announcements, developments and indeed, emotions that brought me here makes me appreciate it all the more.

I still remember the first time I heard about Yuri on Ice, and I still remember the second time. I remember tears and excitement and caution and hope.

And look where we are now. Look how far we’ve gotten from that point.

I will always be grateful for the one-of-a-kind anime that was Yuri on Ice. I will never ever take it for granted. I will always love and treasure it as the anime I initially doubted but which gave me so much I could never repay my debt, no matter how hard I tried.

From the first trailer to the end of the first season, it was a true gift. I will always remember it as such.

Pavel Chekov was 14 years old when he started at Starfleet academy, the youngest in its history, a place which only accepts the best and brightest in the Galaxy…

When I was 14 I ran up the stairs too fast once and face planted my sandwich; which I made with just one slice of bread and cheese because we ran out of bread and butter and I couldn’t be bothered to make anything else.

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Anxiety forced her into paralyzing isolation

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How can I support Planned Parenthood?

Someone asked us:

Love you guys!! You’ve made proper health care possible for many of the women I love, including myself. How can I help support you??

That is so amazing to hear and we love that you want to give back and support our work! There’s so many things you can do. Here are just a few of them:

  • Volunteer - Got a few extra hours a week to give back to your community? Reach out to your local Planned Parenthood health center or check our listings for positions in your area.
  • Spread the word - Tell your family and friends that you’ve had a great experience at Planned Parenthood. The more people who know about our services, the more people we can help.
  • Donate - We know not everyone has extra cash, but if you’ve got a few bucks to spare, consider donating it! You can give once or even become a monthly donor. We appreciate it all.
  • Say thank you - If you’ve had a good visit, saying “thank you” goes a long way. The health center staff work so hard, and deserve all of the high fives.
  • Show off - We’ve got swag for purchase in our online store. Walk the runway. Hit the catwalk. Literally wear your Planned Parenthood pride on your sleeve.
  • Keep using our services - A lot of our health centers accept insurance plans. A lot our health centers offer financial aid, payment plans, or sliding scales. Sometimes you can get services for free or low cost. Keep coming back and we’ll keep providing you and the people you love the basic, affordable care that you need and deserve.

-Chelsea @ Planned Parenthood

PS. If you want to support our political work, you can learn more on the ppaction tumblr blog.

when I was in elementary school, this author came to our school for a picture book reading and idr what happened exactly, but i think i wrote him a letter thanking him for coming to our school and i wasn’t expecting him to reply, but he did and told me to ask my mom if it would be okay for him to send me a book, so i wrote back and said yes and the next time he wrote, he included a free autographed copy of the book and i was so excited?? we kinda kept in touch and every time he released a new book, he would send me a copy with some extra goodies like stickers and stuff and he still does to this day and one time he even sent me an autographed copy of one of his friend’s books because the cat’s name was victoria and he “thought of me” and i’m just like THAT’S SO NICE

anyways, we added each other on FB a few years back and i totally forgot because he’s not really active on it, but he just created and added me to a facebook group for his dog and books and i’m just like this is it, i’ve made it LMAOOOO

Welcome to Letters From New York City!

Thank you for those of you who have contributed and shared your stories with me the last few months. I can’t wait to show you the collection of letters I’ve accumulated, and I hope you are inspired and moved by them as much as I am. 

This is an ongoing project, if you wish to submit: or


Ok, I know this is a Japanese lesson but I found it interesting and very useful for those who want to learn Chinese. Please share your experience/story of learning the complicated Chinese characters. It may help those on their way learning. 

anonymous asked:

Please share when you started shipping Sherlolly. For me, Sherlolly started in S1E2, The Blind Banker, in their 2nd scene (not the lunch scene where he is clearly manipulating her), Sherlock cannot seem to take his off Molly in morgue when she is showing him and the other detective bodies of the dead goons. It is a penetrating unwavering gaze at her. Not to mention that he notices all the little things about her appearance since S1E1– lipstick, how she parts her hair.

“What do you need?”


Right there, right then. That was the moment.

Arospec Awareness Week at AroAceFaq

We are very excited to reveal our topics for this year’s Arospec Awareness Week, which starts tomorrow, February 19th, and goes through February 25th! We have our submissions opened and would love to see your posts on these topics! Submissions can be made through our submissions tab (preferred) but also via asks, or by tagging us on your posts. 

This year’s themes are: 

  • Feb. 19th: Coming Out stories! Share your tips, experiences, and advice with others. Have questions on how to come out as arospec? Let us know! 
  • Feb. 20th: Things you want non-aros to know. Sometimes people get things from, or there are misconceptions about arospec identities and lives. This is your chance to address these! 
  • Feb. 21st:  Arts and Crafts. Show off your arospec themed arts and crafts- they can be any kind of medium.
  • Feb. 22nd: Humor. Its a well known fact that aspec people are the masters of puns and other humor. Tell us your favorite arospec joke here! 
  • Feb. 23rd: Types of love and identities. The aromantic spectrum is a diverse place, full of different experiences and identities, some of which get less attention than others. This day is for sharing those experiences, and bringing more light to them! 
  • Feb. 24th: Advice. Since arospec awareness is such a new thing, and irl communities can be hard to find, online advice is essential for many arospec individuals! This day is for giving advice on things you’ve experienced, or asking others for it. 
  • Feb. 25th: Affirmations day. You’re allowed to be proud of who you are. This is a day for all things positive, including selfies, text posts, etc. Be proud of your identity, and share it with others! 
I made the choice to be a mother because Planned Parenthood helped me feel like everything was going to be okay and that my health mattered. I can’t imagine my life without my perfect boy, and I can’t imagine a world without the caring folks at Planned Parenthood who take care of women like me every day.